Ears are almost healed..

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Автор Sir Classic ( назад)
Nice Pitbull. can't wait to get mine soon.

Автор 253and206 ( назад)
Yepp i feel u caliswagg!!.(: shout put 2 calilswagg!.

Автор caliswang ( назад)
awesome dog man looks just like my pup!! your pup looks a little thin which
is what my pup looks like right now and I feed him wilderness dog food did
you pup end up filling out more?? but beautiful dog bro love the cropped

Автор jay46s ( назад)
Rosco the rat... how bout I just came at u cutting your balls off because I
felt like it?

Автор Amanda Pimentel ( назад)
Poor creature. I hope someday it has a better educated owner who will
actually care for it's well being and not mindlessly chop off it's needed
body parts. The only thing that should be chopped off a dog is their nuts!

Автор Amanda Pimentel ( назад)
Unless you want your dog to be in sever pain, I wouldn't crop your dogs
ears. It can even cause life time of damage to your dogs ears. Check out
StopTheCrops (dot) com. Please educate yourself instead of hurting your dog!

Автор Amanda Pimentel ( назад)
Really? Cutting ears off a dog is not only painful, it doesn't even benefit
the dogs life. When you fix a dog you are benefiting its life. Cropping and
docking is EXTREMELY painful and can even damage your dog in the long run.
How would you feel if I came at you cutting your ears off just because I
feel like it?

Автор MrAUFANATIC ( назад)
I got WHITE & BROWN red nose pit at 2 yrs old. I wanna get mines
done....But how?

Автор jay46s ( назад)
Why is cropping inhumane? And getting your pet fixed pefectly ok? Why is it
humane to curcumsize a newborn child? Seriously???

Автор jtrevino24869 ( назад)
hey bro lookin to crop my red nose what crop did u chose

Автор karen jones ( назад)
after thestitches were out didi you have topost them or just tape?

Автор tina smith ( назад)

Автор Smith Kim ( назад)
how long does it take to heal completely?

Автор Simon Flow ( назад)
what do you do if you crop the ears wrong??

Автор J.T Burris ( назад)
man I dont no I have three pits I left their ears but I see the reason to
do it, but amazing looking blue nose

Автор Park Meters ( назад)
its actually amazing how some of the youtube experts can just LOOK at a dog
and spit out what breed/mixed breed a dog is after looking at a video
LOL... anywayz... GORGEOUS BLUE NOSE ;) the vet did a really nice cropping

Автор Tubenuub ( назад)
That looks awful, unnecessary and really painful. Thank god this shit is
banned in my country.

Автор Tezzotezzo ( назад)
nice ass crop job n great dog

Автор mhrreplicacarbon ( назад)
Nice UKC style dog. It's no pitbull though, it's an amstaff and it's cur.

Автор Rayray Washington ( назад)
off the chain!

Автор Rook806 ( назад)
Damn thats a badass pit especially with the ears croped

Автор Rachel Plank ( назад)
@Taud well then I see no promblem with that. All long as it has a purpose
and someone iisnt doing it just as a trend!

Автор Danielle Hébert ( назад)
I think that you dog is gorgeous! What a cutie! :)

Автор Rachel Plank ( назад)
@jun25jun well I think it is animal abuse. Its pain that the dog really
doesnt need to go through. And its even worse if you adopted them! The dogs
went through enough and dont need to go through some dogfighting ritual.
Dogfighters are what started the trend of ear cropping. The owners used it
so the opposing fighting dog couldnt hold on to there dog and win. Plus
pitbulls with natural ears are cute... croped ears are ugley. How would you
like someone doing that to you? The dog had no choice!

Автор Cheddar323 ( назад)
@jun25jun dude u were circumcised?! that sucks.

Автор Isaac Murphy ( назад)
get the fuck over it dude, if u think its animal abuse then thats ur
fucking opinion dumbass. and the fact is that its not animal abuse or it
wouldnt be fucking legal dumb fuck

Автор Naquan Smith ( назад)
how Much did u pay?

Автор Abby Rieyn ( назад)
beautiful puppy! its so cute!:)

Автор matt vids ( назад)
poor dog looks terrified....I believe opinions are opinions....the proof of
what is going on is in the dogs eyes and the dog is terrified....our
society treats their pets like they do their kids....possessions and
symbols of status....no regard for the feelings of either

Автор izzy1482 ( назад)
they did a nice job on those ears. checkout my dogs getting their ears

Автор josh cercea ( назад)
no one gives a shit about your negitive opinions..it looks better with the
ears trimed..if you dont like dont do it to your dog..by the way dont
humans get circumsized???

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
Thats your opinion, but many others will fault you for having the ears
cropped as well. Most well named and reputable show rings are against ear
cropping. The only ones who are for it often have bad reputations as well.

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
I dont need to look it up. I show my dog, cropped ears are accepted in the
show ring but no prefered. There ARE some where they prefer cropped but the
majority do not. the AKC actually takes off points for cropped. Maybe you
should do some research.

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
well if that isnt the biggest load of bullshit i've ever heard. I dont even
think 1% of what you wrote was fact.

Автор Thall7308 ( назад)
I love the uncroped pit ears Gracie my pit she has Natrual Ears lol..

Автор channelview25 ( назад)
hey bro that leash look a little tight on him or her

Автор brewcardi99 ( назад)
hey, i think i love you. I know we fought like cats and dogs (no pun
intended) at first but Its like the old saying goes, you never know who
you'll fall in love with. Will you marry me?? we are meant to be. Love you

Автор brewcardi99 ( назад)
still love you babe... opposites attract :P

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)

Автор brewcardi99 ( назад)
i love you

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)

Автор brewcardi99 ( назад)
why are you trying to get the last word... real mature... plus I said that

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
Speaking of the pot and kettle.

Автор brewcardi99 ( назад)
i'm a kid but just look at the things you've wrote. Pot meet kettle, oh and
i've been done with you just wanted to see how far your ignorant ass would
take it

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
lmfao. i'm done with you, kid.

Автор brewcardi99 ( назад)
you call me unintelligent and then your very next word is 'fucktard'...
WOW, thanks for proving my point. Its bad to crop dog ears but its alright
to use the word retard as an insult... you need to re-evaluate your
selfrighteous attitude

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
wow. Did i say you were stalking me? no. re read my message you
unintelligent fucktard.

Автор brewcardi99 ( назад)
yes i do know what an opinion is but your statements were matter of factly.
And how am I stalking you when you replied to my post first? Wow, talk
about a victim mentality

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
you dont understand what an opinion is do you? Why are you still talking?

Автор brewcardi99 ( назад)
I didn't start a fight with you. You called me out of my name for saying
that cropping ears is not as bad as circumcision and after a couple of days
feel very little to no pain. It was you calling people names who decided to
crop "their" dog's ear, i mean it is "THEIR" dog and its legal... so you
lose. Come back when it becomes criminal... like NEVER

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
i have no intrest in argueing with a child tghat has nothing better to do
than start fight over the internet.

Автор brewcardi99 ( назад)
silly assumptions, you're the one that said cropping a dogs ear is worse
than circumcision. Like I said, you love mutts more than you love humans
just admit it

Автор Alicia Wiggins (1268 лет назад)
Your silly assumptions are never ending. Keep trying to get the last word

Автор brewcardi99 (1526 лет назад)
well i'll be expecting a call or a visit to my school library... thanks
again for even attempting to waste tax payers money. Like I said get a life
and start to love humans as much as you love mutts

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
You go ahead and believe that. Just makes your ignorance all the more

Автор brewcardi99 ( назад)
HAHAHA, " you were reported"... this isn't high school.The FBI dont give a
crap about what someone says over the internet. Plus this is a public
computer and you have no way of obtaining the IP address on a school
computer. So how did you do it? haha LOL. On top of that all I said was I
fight my dog, i may fight my dog with puppets you idiot. call your bluff
and raise you my facts. What they ought to do is fine you for even
attempting to waste tax-payers money. Grow up and get a life.

Автор Alicia Wiggins (1828 лет назад)
I dont take anything related to fighting animals as a joke. You were
reported, guess you shouldnt make "jokes" like that then.

Автор brewcardi99 (656 лет назад)
Wow, you couldn't be more imperceptive haha. Aren't you the person that
just tried give me a lesson on sarcasm but you can't even recognize when
someone is being sarcastic. Man where's your antenna

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
The presumptious of you. You know nothing about me. And honestly, i just
won this argument, weather you reply or not. You just copped to fighting
your dog, NO ONE will think highly of you for that, You are lower than a
dog. And you just dug your own grave. I hoep you are not in the states,
becauseyour IP address has just been sent to the FBI i and i've been
promised a full investigation will take place. Do yourself a favor and stop
talking while your ahead.

Автор brewcardi99 (99 лет назад)
well i fight my dog. that's what they were bred for. fighting animals is a
4,000 yrd old sport and no stupid animal rights movement is going to change
it. You're the type of person that hears about a family's house being burnt
down and dont give a f*ck, but if you hear about a dog not having a home
you go on a full crusade to save the animal. People have the agendas all
f*cked up these days. Yes I agree that animals need protectors but not over

Автор Alicia Wiggins (1783 года назад)
They dont NEED to fight, in fact that is the last thing they need. I stand
by what i said, ear cropping is animal abuse. And by all means, if your
determined to try and make yourself seem right by attempting to constantly
get the last word in, keep talking. You only continue to make yourself seem

Автор brewcardi99 ( назад)
oh and in case you dont know, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit... like i
said you're funny in a retard way

Автор brewcardi99 ( назад)
the only abuse with tail docking is that it causes a pit bull to lose its
balance. They need their balance for when they are fighting... so i guess
we agree on that point

Автор Alicia Wiggins (839 лет назад)
Oh that staement just proove your statment is fiable. Oh and in case you
didnt get it, thats they art of sarcasm,

Автор brewcardi99 ( назад)
you're funny too but in a retard way

Автор pbdude725 ( назад)

Автор Alicia Wiggins (959 лет назад)
I completely agree with you when it come to PETA, though i would go a bit
furthur when it comes to calling them out on there crimes. However, your
opinion on what is abuse is just that, your opinion. And that does not make
it right.

Автор tredizzle83 (298 лет назад)
Jun how old was your puppy when you had her ears cropped l'm interestes my
blue nose is about 10 weeks old. Thanks

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
I didnt compare it to neuturing. And no i am not an expert on pain, but
sense my dog was whimpering profusly and pawing at her ears, yeah i'd say
she was in pain. I am 100% against spaying/neutering unless for absolute
medical reasons. And befor you say anything i am for Making it illegal to
breed without a licence. And befor you go on about it, no it's not
impossible. You really should just stop talking. You are in no way going to
change my mind or discount my beliefs.

Автор Jon Perreras ( назад)
Please, now your an expert on pain? Do not compare ear cropping to
circumcision..I was circumcised at age 12 and it was very painful. I'd like
to know what's your stand on neutering?

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
your funny.

Автор brewcardi99 ( назад)
You're right i'm not a vet but the person who wrote that comment is. AND
POPULATION since that's the percentage of babies getting circumcized. Just
get over it, its a tradition that been going on for centuries and no stupid
ass bitch that cares more about animal rights than human rights is going to
stop it. Just like piecings and tribal tats. I guarantee this, that ear
cropping hurts a lot less than circumcision

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
Your video upset me, and i stated my opinion. I do indeed think you are a
douch for doing that to you dog. I'm not going to apologies for feeling
that way.

Автор Jon Perreras ( назад)
then what was up with the name calling..i take offense to that..

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
Your assuming i am pro abortion. My page only says that i am again the pro
life movement.

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
oh i'm sorry, i wasnt aware this thread was about abortion.

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
I never took the love you may or may not have for your animals into
question. I stated my opinion. Ear cropping is animal abuse.

Автор Jon Perreras ( назад)
i understand how people can think it's animal abuse..i really do.. but
wouldn't you rather care if the dog was in a good home where people cared
for him/her...but instead you judge me by the ear crop???i have 3 dogs that
i have rescued from the pound which my family loves..so please spare me
with your self-righteous remarks about how inhumane i am...you don't know
me or my dogs..

Автор Jon Perreras ( назад)
so it's ok to have an abortion but not ok to ear crop your dog?

Автор Jon Perreras ( назад)
my point is that you ridicule people that ear crop but you're for pro
abortion?? sounds inhumane too me..

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
Did you have a point? Or did you just wanna make yourself look silly?

Автор Jon Perreras ( назад)
wait this is coming from someone that is pro-abortion?? Below is what I got
from your page.. About you; "If you cannot get your point off without using
uneducated phrases and words, please dont even bother, i will make you look
like a fool. If you are an all around, uneducated, illiterate, dog
fighting, anti gay, anti Abortion, inhumane son of a bitch please do not
even bother speaking to me or replying to my comments and such, you will
only make yourself look silly : ) "

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
well your not a vet, at all. Thats aobvious. It pretty easy to pretend to
be someone over the internet isnt it?

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
Actually there are ALOT of medical reasons for circumcision. Unless you
like have penial infections on a regular basis. Circumcision is nothing
like cropping ears. Would you like your EARS cropped?

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
That was a very ignorant and idiotic statement. Do you know the kind of
things PETA has actually done? Do you know how many animal lovers are
against PETA? You need educate yourself befor you make statements like that.

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
Your assuming that noone thinks it's animal abuse. Ear/Tail docking IS
animal abuse. And it should NEVER be done.

Автор Alicia Wiggins ( назад)
Well this is disgusting. I guess not everyone can be humane. Bet your dog
just LOVED having his Ears chopped off. Bet he asked you to do it huh? He
just begged and begged cause he wanted it done so bad. Yeah, douch.

Автор Zero Cool ( назад)
Yes, it IS up to me and everybody else. It is NOT up to every individual
how they chose to treat their animals. Just because some people wont'
follow a law, is no reason to not have the law. Hey, let's allow hard
drugs, people do it anyway, under unsanitary conditions. Just because there
are worse things you can do to a dog, does not excuse doing this. It's
pathetic, and if you cut the ears off your dog, you obviuosly don't care
about it, more than a hand bag.

Автор Zero Cool (2018 лет назад)
Actually, once again, it's EVERYBODY'S business how they treat their dog.
Why the fuck do you think people get arrested for animal cruelty? Because
it's everybody's business, and not just up to yourself. It's a big mistake
that cropping the ears is not against the law yet. You are seriously dumb,
if you think that other people doing cruel stuff to others are none of
other peoples business. They obviuosly DO NOT love their dog. They treat it
as a piece accessory.

Автор Zero Cool ( назад)
Who cares why they did it in the old days? This is not the old days, and
there is not one single reason to do it now. It is EVERYBODY's business how
they threat their dog. In a civilized society we threat animals well, and
don't mutilate them for fun. And NO dogs require ear cropping or
tail-docking. And don't compare what people do to themselves, with what
they do to dogs. Circumcision is because of religious retards.

Автор Zero Cool ( назад)
Don't bring any god into this. You don't need to be religious to know that
it's RETARDED to cut the ears of a dog.

Автор Zero Cool ( назад)
It is ONLY for show. Absolutely nothing else, and it's RETARDED!

Автор Zero Cool ( назад)
Fucking retarded idiots. Don't cut the fucking ears off your dog. What's
next? Cutting it's legs off, because that's cute?

Автор ObscurelyNyappy ( назад)
It doesn't make them mean or protective. Ear cropping has NOTHING to do
with the dogs temperament.

Автор kurtdrocker ( назад)
i dont believe in god

Автор cisco2824 ( назад)
that's not true it depends on the breed of dog I have a 10mth old blue pit
that got hers done yesterday i also have a 10wk old pit the 10wk old seemed
to be in more pain(i felt bad) but they both look great i went with the
show crop...and its the same as getting your ears pierced you wasn't born
with it, its for the look. and to pets don't have a choice! you didn't have
a choice either someone decided for you as well. find sumthing else to fuss
about each point you make apply it to urself!!!

Автор Nacho773 ( назад)
Yes, is that a problem? There's soldiers out there getting arms and legs
blown off and you're worried about a dog getting a flap of skin cut off
under anesthia??? Sheesh, you're the evil one.

Автор Nacho773 ( назад)
You have to take em to a vet. Its usually done at 8-12 weeks of age. And
the vet I asked required two out of 3 puppy shots

Автор bnb200 ( назад)
u damn rite for looks and it makes them more mean and more protective and
does anybody no how to do this and at wat age is the best time

Автор Adry Farricelli ( назад)
why can't dog owners offer the same unconditional love dogs give them?
Don't like natural ears, then go get a stuffed animal!

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