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Learn to dance Salsa online. for access to online dance lessons which you control 100% We will guide you through with our proven teaching system. Start here and enjoy this free lesson on how to dance salsa basic, crossbody lead, and U.A.T. Stay tuned for multiple online salsa videos. www.dancesac.com Dance Studio 18 916-214-2115

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Автор jimmy johnson ( назад)
Does she have a sexy walk or what!!!!

Автор Damir Karavlah ( назад)
I like your salsa moves showing, it looks very easy and motivating. Thanks,
I decided to sign up the salsa dance class.

Автор marionette06 ( назад)
Two hands going taichi-style during basics is awesome! way to teach next

Автор DanceSacStudio18 ( назад)
Follow us on Google Plus. www.google.com/+Dancesac
We will be offering scheduled Google hangouts to give information on
upcoming events, to give dance tips, to answer questions about the studio
and dancing, and to show live dancing functions that you may want to check

Автор DanceSacStudio18 ( назад)

Автор Ivana Maric ( назад)
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Автор Ivana Maric ( назад)
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Автор Istvan Petrov ( назад)

Автор www.SandiDjegoNepomuceno.com ( назад)
awesome..thank you..12/17/2013

Автор marydefrances ( назад)
le scarpe della ragazza sono ABOMINEVOLI.

Автор Mojgan Mehranfard ( назад)
excellent instructions. I love the pace. Thanks

Автор Jon Italia ( назад)
I love it thanks! Which song is playing at 23:30?

Автор L0v3Rock3t ( назад)
You're dancing "on one" ?

Автор Lionel Vital ( назад)
This is one of best Salsa dance instruction videos, I have ever seen. You
guys did a great job. Thanks again.

Автор George Parker III ( назад)
I like it, the teacher was great & Jessica looked very sexy...... just like
I like them

Автор Hermann Lohr ( назад)
when check ALL teacher ultimately, that the basic step is NOT!!! - for
1,2,3 by man - forward, place, CLOSE...and it is NOT!!! - for 5,6,7 by man
- back, place, CLOSE. Nobody dance normally by such steps, and the
intructor in that video also exactly not. The third step is a fluently
step, like you walk forward or backward, so that gives the dancer a
fluently move to the next step.

Автор Phil Love ( назад)
good explanation..thx

Автор Jessicavanessax9 ( назад)
This was a really good video :)

Автор DEFinitivelyHis ( назад)
"Show me your basic real quick..." Hahahahaha! Very "Blues Clues" of you!

Автор DEFinitivelyHis ( назад)
Nice clear basic instruction. Very friendly and fun! It might be time to
get a remote control (or an assistant) so you don't (she doesn't) have to
walk all the way back and forth from the soundsystem, though. ;o)

Автор legend nibs ( назад)
many thank guys, this video is terrific.

Автор lindotmx ( назад)

Автор Karwan Sindi ( назад)
Great video, Thanks allot greetings from Netherlands

Автор Henry EvilChickenNugget ( назад)
My dad is dancing

Автор illmatic1ish ( назад)
since nobody has said it already i jst wanted to add that that girl is
amazingly hot

Автор XXX954XXX ( назад)

Автор gypsynitro ( назад)
Didn't even know how to do the basic and with this video wow I learn a lot
thanks alot

Автор Ana María Tapia Duque ( назад)
Great Class!!!Many Thanks

Автор achoda khan ( назад)
If you want to shed fat, you should do a google search Fat Blast Furnace.
They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

Автор B Joseph ( назад)
Great loved it I am sure I will learn to Salsa with this wonderful tutor.

Автор Dj21Blackjack ( назад)

Автор Baila con Swing Fundación Escuela ( назад)
muy lindo baila la chica. me gustaría conocerla:) besos para ella

Автор Robert Ideasonics ( назад)
Excellent teaching video. You can't get much clearer than this. Thanks!

Автор salsero8199 ( назад)
I don't like the technique. It's not perfect but it's okay.

Автор Alvaro Alvarado ( назад)
la mujer esta buenisima mennn como me encantaria poder agarrarla en un
baile de salsa y que me muestre todo lo que sabe... gracias por el video ..
la verdad que es de mucha ayuda.. y muy basico eso es lo importante..!!!

Автор Ujjawala Agarwal ( назад)
Great work guys !!!! :-)

Автор Francisco Gomez ( назад)
Thanks men. I was taking salsa classes in school but didn't learn quick cuz
it was every Saturday once a week. Now watching your videos, my girl and I
can learn from this. Twice everyday. XoxOxxOOXXoo

Автор Miguel Gomez ( назад)
very nice wauw

Автор saturn081 ( назад)
Very Nice ! Mucho Calliante ?????

Автор Miguel Gomez ( назад)
good teacher,well done god blees you all the best.....miguel aruba

Автор Martina Justice ( назад)
Great video! My husband and I are going to practice to it. :)

Автор ste byce ( назад)
I'm a fat man with no rhythm. My problem is that most videos start slow and
then go way to fast that I get lost watching after some time. Thank you for
taking your time as it's helped immensely that I am now feeling more
confident. One thing I ask is once we get comfortable with the feet
movement, what should we be doing with our hands and our shoulders. Thanks
for the video, I was impressed.

Автор Sai Salsa ( назад)
Great Salsa video lesson guys - Well done!

Автор Basile DE SOUZA ( назад)

Автор Michel “Anthelme” THOMIS ( назад)
Vamos a bailar la salsa !

Автор MaddestKunt ( назад)
good teacher

Автор MaddestKunt ( назад)

Автор MaddestKunt ( назад)
man i love watching her turn the music on and off man.......

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