GTA SA Back to the future

Latający Delorean w GTA San Andreas( mod pobrany z http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?do=cat&id=170 )

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Длительность: 2:33
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Автор zaccliffordpagetorr ( назад)
u can say that again

Автор HitlerParodyMaker ( назад)
Thumbs down if you play SA in 2011 :D

Автор Kevin Celis ( назад)
@davemason9000 they should create a cheat where you could actually go back
in time.

Автор Asstronaut ( назад)
hear the COD4 AND MW2

Автор Timothy Sliger ( назад)
linkin park in the end

Автор GTAraj ( назад)
@MrBrightside2011 oh but still its nice if anyone who reads this comment
can view my vids :)

Автор MrBrightside2011 ( назад)
@GTAraj It was a joke...

Автор GTAraj ( назад)
@MrBrightside2011 nothing you do realise this is an old video check out the
GTA san andreas mod im working on

Автор dogloverobx . ( назад)
@Loltastic23 is there a jumbo jet that you can fly? is there 3 citys? is
there countrys is there a abandoned airfield? is there a desert or area 51?

Автор MrBrightside2011 ( назад)
What happens when you get to 88 mph?

Автор furiusboy1 ( назад)
where did you found this mod??

Автор ceasar418 ( назад)
LINKIN PARK in the end

Автор Dale Morgan ( назад)
i love menn!

Автор tobyburn ( назад)
in the end :)

Автор holycrapitstowlie ( назад)
@0xeyx0 WOW there aren't any mods for the PS2. But if you have a gameshark
you can mess with the physics.

Автор Wh0sThisGuY ( назад)
można było znaleźć DeLorean w grze?

Автор 0xeyx0 ( назад)
how du u get fking mods for the ps2?

Автор E7music ( назад)
I have that mod, but i renamed it to the Buffalo so i could find it XD

Автор Carlos De La Calle ( назад)
In the end xD

Автор 1UPDude ( назад)
me too.

Автор Dennis Slevin ( назад)
good work i think it was only anothe car ( change with the IMG 2.0) and a
easy flaying cheat but are you now in the future oder in the past??? noooo

Автор Belvedre420 ( назад)
da cars tigh i want it

Автор LordBleck2100 ( назад)
this car looks awesome, especially the flame trail that shoots out the back
of the car :D

Автор MatrixxxxxPL ( назад)
Grafika zwalona... 1/5

Автор Josh Cameron ( назад)
hi what tools do carmod in gta ps2

Автор 2muchwatching ( назад)
this sucks 1/5

Автор lucky luke (1722 года назад)
Here are twelve facts 1. Your reading my comment 2. Now your
saying/thinking thats a stupid fact. 4. You didnt notice that i skipped 3.
5. Your checking it now. 6. Your smiling. 7. Your still reading my comment.
8. You know all you have read is true. 10. You didn't notice that i skipped
9. 11. Your checking it now. 12. You didn't notice there are only 10 facts
Copy and paste to 1 video, tomorrow will be your best day ever! no matter

Автор Darkzon994 ( назад)
replace the hydra?

Автор Anabel Barrera ( назад)
linkin park XD

Автор LilThrillaGorilla ( назад)
lol, is the song playing in the car soundtrack (if it has one) or ur
playing it?

Автор Rabid ( назад)
i wonder how he did the cars on water with out the water..........

Автор UlionX ( назад)
without the water :P

Автор stinset2 ( назад)

Автор Rabid ( назад)
its the cars on water cheat

Автор snitchyahhhtrick ( назад)
do you know how to git the alleans

Автор F 22Raptor ( назад)
in the end XD

Автор MedicalCheese ( назад)
what website did you go to get this mod

Автор dammodb ( назад)
its a mode for pc and other consoles

Автор kire19998 ( назад)
this is for pc yea dont hear the keyboard too is imposible this car in gta
when dont use mod

Автор frankie s ( назад)
how did u get the car is there a cheat i mean it was fun geting the patriot
in mgs4 but there has to be a code for the ps2 but ive for the original gta
san andreas the 2004 one

Автор pipo pkdor ( назад)
linkin parck very good!!!!!!

Автор blackacidevil82 ( назад)
this is a cagata

Автор cobra8811 ( назад)
Fuking CRAPPY it smells like shit !!!

Автор silenthill0027 ( назад)
what is the answer to get this? Please tell me how to get that.

Автор fran963852741 ( назад)
hey then tel my how or whear did u danload it

Автор Theringfilm ( назад)
get a screen recorder and dont turn on TV while playing!

Автор grandimister ( назад)
how u get tht car

Автор quechus13 ( назад)
Hey of course he can do it on PS2 The thing is that you need a Modded PS2
and a program its so easy

Автор patolandia666 ( назад)
de donde lo bajastes?

Автор nikelski632 ( назад)
skąd to masz?

Автор LechuDowcipas ( назад)
nawet jeżdźić nie umiesz. cienkie wideo

Автор DjMASSIO ( назад)
for pc

Автор DjMASSIO ( назад)
z jakiejś strony o GTA najlepiej

Автор ganngy324 ( назад)
Skąd pobrać takiego deloriana odp.

Автор bernadmatthew ( назад)
i mean on xbox, not wii, typing error

Автор bernadmatthew ( назад)
it would be cool if they could do it for xbox or something as all my gta
games are on wii

Автор haho1993 ( назад)
This is Just a skin for a 1 car and Ultimate nitro mod

Автор NerdManReturns ( назад)
im i the only one here other then DjMASSIO That Has This Flying
Delorean,Look Go To My Video About The Flying Delorean With A Download Link
And Tutorial,Youll Have It After

Автор acosta155150 ( назад)

Автор coingod ( назад)
looks hella good with the nitro ! xD

Автор Antonio Bešker ( назад)

Автор pchelka75 ( назад)
a jest na to kod?

Автор NodixPL ( назад)
Rada skorzystaj z Farps albo game cam ;|

Автор lordjoe99 ( назад)
nice icon

Автор MountGang ( назад)
whoa cool mod

Автор kidofhell ( назад)
hydra delorean model raitng -

Автор ScottSirveriu ( назад)
Linkin Park

Автор DoMManU1 ( назад)
lol fajny mod ale niewiesz co to FRAPS albo gamecam ? 3*

Автор Jace Knockout Productions ( назад)
wtf lame ever heard of fraps buddy and that song is lame as hell the vc mod
is way better

Автор HEJSURT ( назад)
yes but can u time travel?? If u can't time travel then its no fun.. I know
u just modded the car and then u put on nitro and u used the cheat flying
car to look like flying BTTF DeLorean.. bad

Автор djdazza03 ( назад)
cool video is that a mod or cheat

Автор Qaamilaa ( назад)
ahi mucho cheat

Автор pauljan1988 ( назад)
why not put the theme tune in the background? instead of that shit american

Автор DjMASSIO ( назад)
How i do what??

Автор tippythop ( назад)
well cant time travel....gayyyyy fail on this vid noob

Автор Gordon Freeman ( назад)
noob the blue beams are a nitrous mod

Автор beegee7730 ( назад)
sucky quality, and since when did the delorean shoot blue beams? fail.

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