Hymne et séquence au Saint Esprit

Hymne du veni Creator et Séquence de la Pentecôte "Veni Sancte Spiritus", en gréogrien.

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Автор MrAdel007 (4 года)
I love latin , specially gregorian chant , Thank God that I am Roman
Catholic which is the only true Christian church on earth

Автор chase82 (4 года)

Автор 1seticat (4 года)
Wonderful to listen to and its great to be Catholic!!!!

Автор Zaboutheterrible (6 лет)
ah le Veni sancte spiritus, quelle merveille ! :-)

Автор kriz71110 (6 лет)

Автор MrCarrococo (4 года)
Someone knows if Beethoven´s last quartet no º 13 movement "Canzona di
ringraziamento" is based in this outstanding beautiful hymn? I don´t know
if I read this.

Автор iesu07 (6 лет)
magnificat !

Автор Richard Barzyk (4 года)
This is truly beautiful and uplifting.

Автор colorak (6 лет)
in nomine patris et fili spiritum sanctum amen

Автор yvesmarieyou (5 лет)
Merci de cette vidéo; ce bel hymne grégorien au saint-esprit, les diapos
qui illustrent, avec les paroles, bonne continuation !

Автор 1seticat (4 года)
Here we go. Back handed complement? How do you know what Peter or Paul
would think?

Автор sperryism (4 года)
The beliefs, teachings, traditions and lifestyle of the Roman church have
changed so much since the time of Jesus, Peter and Paul that it wouldn't be
recognized or accepted by them.

Автор Florian Rouanet (1 год)
Je vous propose en toute charité de vous formez politiquement sur ma
chaîne-vidéo avec les interventions de Philippe Ploncard d'Assac, qui
traite des thèmes du nationalisme Français et du mondialisme apatride avec
tout les sujets qui en découle que ce soit en matière de finance et de
sociale, entre autres, a travers des interventions filmés, des conférences,
des entretiens, ou encore des émissions de radio. (Franc-Maçonnerie,
Présidentielles, Front National, Eglise et 11 septembre).

Автор James Syr (4 года)
Jesus is GOD

Автор Gervais Kamga (6 лет)
God bless you!!!!!

Автор dMatteoDB (5 лет)
Cantus magnus est et cantum est bene

Автор magpie4321 (4 года)
Excellent chant! Wonderful rendition!

Автор Istvan Meszaros (6 лет)

Автор juanenyutu5b (5 лет)
Es maravilloso encontrar un video asì en una jornada de oraciòn como la de
hoy en Argentina.Go on uploading these celestial videos.

Автор Gearsforfreedom (5 лет)
Let the God be whit you.Bless you all good people whit open hearts.Veni
sancte spiritus

Автор Guy de Valk (6 лет)
Almost forgotten, I'd say.

Автор karatekid402stny (6 лет)
Were did this track come from? It is very Beautiful. This is the true, and
forgotten Catholic Music.

Автор cajunclassic (5 лет)
May the Holy Ghost Reign in hearts for ever! Laudemus Te Jesu Christe!

Автор bernardgui (6 лет)
Never forget the strength of the Holy Spirit and of the Liturgy in our

Автор cks125 (6 лет)
fantastic.ver haunting. thankyou

Автор iesu07 (6 лет)
proficiat !

Автор sperryism (4 года)
We can have a pretty good idea of what they would think based on their
manner of life, their writings and teachings, as well of those of the other
apostles and their master Jesus.

Автор Pido Rico (6 лет)
sencillamente, celestial.....

Автор Reggie Cruz (4 года)
Deus est intus

Автор Tamtumergo (6 лет)
the word you're searching for is The Holy Spirit, not a ghost. "a ghost" is
incapable of inspiring such lovely music.

Автор KaneHoodedMan (5 лет)
Veni creator Spiritus! Be not Thou far from me, O Lord.

Автор 1seticat (4 года)
MrAde1007 Isn't it wonderful? Our Pastor says the mass in Latin. Its a
great language to begin to learn. I've been considering taking a Rosetta
Stone course on it.

Автор cajunclassic (5 лет)
Gloria Patris et Fillio et Spirtui Sancto

Автор Cristina Tenicela (6 лет)

Автор Tamtumergo (6 лет)
Dulcis lux, magna musica, sublime gratia plena per secula seculorum!!!
Divina, excelsa, sacratisima and most beautiful work of art et opus

Автор Frank Arnou (4 года)
this hymn is also sung when a new member is welcomed tot the saint-johns
order, or when a new priest is installed. I say, this is one of the most
beautiful gregorian hymns but it has to be sung in "good" latin. may the
Holy Spirit bless you all

Автор AndreaAliceMarilyn (3 года)
It's so much more serious and holy that their new prayers'songs...They must
have kown what they did when they decided to change the mass and give up
latin and gregorian chant. God have mercy on them.

Автор spanishbadass696 (5 лет)
Grat Holly Spirit!!! ke gran canción... dan ganas de no kitarla nunca... ke

Автор dMatteoDB (4 года)
Ma chi ha insegnato il latino a te?! Se vuoi scrivere qualcosa, dagli
almeno un senso...

Автор 54spiritedwill54 (5 лет)
fantastic.ver haunting.

Автор benaggreyfynn (6 лет)
Wow! Serene. Beautiful. In fact this is DIVINE. Thank you very much.

Автор Tamtumergo (6 лет)
I love the Holy Spirit with all my heart, mind and soul. Consolador
Magnifico, Oh Lux Beatissima! Dulce refrigerio de los afligidos...

Автор okwuoc (5 лет)
Thank you and God bless you abundantly. May Mary, most chaste spouse of the
Holy Ghost, continue to intercede for you now and at the our of thy death.

Автор franclou (6 лет)
horrible je dois l'apprendre en musique

Автор SkaLucy (4 года)
pedico ego te et irrumo, strunzus

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