Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka - Gwoba M Oria M

Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka
Gwoba M Oria M

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Автор kingofkings ezendieze ( назад)
thank you my God for healing my mother....we will give thanksgiving to you
Almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth, lover of our souls. Thank
you again forever and ever amen.

O God have mercy on me and Heal me

Автор Nwafada Adoration ( назад)
na truth ds man of God talk ,d highest sickness on earth is nt knwing whom
God z

Автор Nwafada Adoration ( назад)
please God almight heal me

Автор samuel chinedu Ukwuani Rollsroyce ( назад)
The Alfa and omega pls, always adhere to our yields to you, you can heal us
in different illness poverty, foolishness, illiteracy, blindness to see
through you but in all your doctor to them pls here in USA we need you for
mentioned diseases. IJNAmen

Автор Ben Chibuike ( назад)
God d great healer, dis song is so inspiring. though an Anglican but enjoy
ur inspirational songs. more blseing to ur ministry. pls pray for here

Автор Algbe Glory ( назад)
father please heal my sickness

Автор stanley okeakwalam ( назад)
awesomely awesome GOD you answer your people even when all hope has
lost,please father of the fatherless heal us o lord.

Автор Jude Iyke (18 лет назад)
God please heal my parents and my love one's including poor people whom
doesn't have money for treatment..

Автор SOLOMON ONYEMETU sukpo ( назад)
God be with my and my family

Автор anselm onyebuchi ( назад)
Oh Lord my GOD i know that you can heal me , so please come to aid o loving

Автор Onyedika Nwaigwe ( назад)
lord come to my aid

Автор Abazie Samuel ( назад)
Amazing and awesome.

Автор Snap “healthyWeave” Weave ( назад)
Thank u lord for your complete healing. In Jesus name Amen. If you beluebe,
you will be healed too. In Jesus name, Amen

Автор chris nwa ( назад)
God bless you rev you are really God sent 

Автор appollopd ( назад)
Lord Jesus, you have healed my sickness, that of my family and those who
believe in you in Jesus name. Amen! Protect and bless me, my family and all
persons who believe in you in Jesus name. Amen!

Автор Ngozi Nwanze ( назад)
Thanks a million times to Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka and members of Adoration
Ministry.This is a great healing song. It is inspiring and uplifting to me
having been sick for five years now. Rev., you are an anointed singer, a
great man of God and I am Thankful to Almighty God for the spiritual gifts
He bestowed on you and thank you for allowing Him use you. Please make this
CD available to us in U.S.A. I have lots of your Musics except this Gwobam
Oriam which I listen to in YOUTube.I' m healed.

Автор mikeemeka1111 ( назад)
This man is so self-serving. He might as well remove his cassock and go
into the world of politics and money-grabbing. 

Автор Divine Marcel Okwara ( назад)
Grant us healing O Lord. Heal us spiritually, physically, emotionally, and
materially, Amen

Автор Chikaodi1 ( назад)
he is always there for me, God always show mercy on your people and give us
the grace to serve you,, because in you alone there is life.

Автор Nickmanuel Wilson ( назад)
let those that are sick weather in hospital or at home,God please heal them

Автор ceeben ceeman ( назад)
God heal any one, that deserve your healing,I miss adoration ministries
Nigeria,Nnewi branch kudos to all my regards to our dad in the

Автор 1986onyi ( назад)
Heal me lord

Автор 41PROPHET ( назад)
healing jesus we are here waiting u for more mercy ,,this music was
inspired by GOD .anyone that listen to this song always ahve the feelings

Автор 41PROPHET ( назад)
healing jesus we are here waiting u for more mercy

Автор Alena D ( назад)
Wow, I've never seen an African Priest. This is very touching and powerful.
Thank you! 

Автор misspetitpousin ( назад)

Автор aoiaaon ( назад)
Amen. By the blood of Jesus Christ I will begin to germinate. I am healed!
Believe it and you are what God wants you to be. His plans for you is not
for pain but for peace to give you an expected end.

Автор Solomon PomantiEnweh ( назад)
Amen and amen = AMEN!!!

Автор uchenna kings ( назад)
God is great , He is our last hope .

Автор Stinyuy ( назад)
Spiritually, his music helps me.

Автор thirdexodus2008 ( назад)

Автор Igmacco Okoli ( назад)
this music is great, when ever am dawn its makes my spirit high ,,,,,, i
love this music ,, God is wonderful in my life........

Автор platonic4xt ( назад)
this is a song that tell us to believe in God with our faith it shall come
to pass every sickness in our life will be heal.Amen

Автор appollopd ( назад)
Thank u chinwo. May God bless u.

Автор chinwo ( назад)
Amen dear. She is with God. This as well is one of my dad's fave songs,
which has, not surprisingly, become mine...lol

Автор appollopd ( назад)
This music reminds me of my dead half-sister. She loved this music so much.
And it makes me cry and wept. May the good Lord accept the soul of my
darling sister and the souls of other faithfuls. Amen!

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