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Many doctors use natural products such as herbs and supplements to kill Helicobacter Pylori and h pylori symptoms . Find out which ones are worth trying and which ones are a waste of money.

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Автор jeffry michineau ( назад)
The reason people get different responses from different products is
because there are different strains of the bacteria and some people
obviously may be more or less resistant to one strain or another dependent
on their strictness or regimen during treatment so stop looking for
photocopies of other peoples results, try something and then try something

Автор Charles Bridges ( назад)
How about go to your GP and get some actual medical advice and treatment!

Автор JOrlando ( назад)
The website is non informative. Why is the tea so over the top expensive?
Essaic herbal idea cures cancer and its $36.00

Автор Adrian James ( назад)
Matula tea saved my life I had fibromyalgia, so what they told me, but had
h pylori and almost died matula tea gave my life back!!! And it works

Автор Lanka “earthydiva” Fortunata ( назад)
Basicaly, he is saying don't waste your time on anything else just buy
our product and you will be back to normal. He didn't even said anything
like what type of food have to be avoided. Just change your diet and spend
$160 on us.

Автор bira soares ( назад)
matula seller . buhh

Автор Bernard B ( назад)
Sorry but I don't get it , I just don't understand the URL you are oraly
giving for Matula herbal formula .
Thank you

Автор annaaliuk ( назад)

Автор C Straley ( назад)
Put the markers DOWN.

Автор BLACK [DOG] (511 год назад)

Автор Davey ( назад)
Has anyone tried Dr Hulda´s parasite cleanse?

Автор patriotsrus ( назад)
For about two months I have had an awful pain. It began with indigestion
type symptoms and migrated to the right side. They thought gallbladder so
tested me, nothing to do with gallbladder,
Liver or pancreas. The pain isn't constant now, but it hurts a lot, and
tends to be in my stomach and to the right under the ribs. Anyone have an
opinion on what this might be? I don't have insurance, so getting lots of
tests isn't possible for me. Does this sound like it could be symptoms of

Автор ISLAM HOUKMI ( назад)
hey please im 18 years old im a girl and i have H. pylori i may have
diabetes its a dangerous desease ???

Автор Peter Piper ( назад)
Does Matula contain turmeric or licorice or oregano?

Автор Peter Piper ( назад)
Spokesman and seller for Matula Herbal Formual

Автор San Van ( назад)
Does the h.pylori is really work!?
Because I have h.pylori and I don't want to use wrong produce too much !
Can you please let me know as soon as possible !
Thank you !

Автор Bella Wini ( назад)
HP was discovered in 1983 by scientists from Perth. There is one important
aspect of differentiation of HP: 1) "food pain pattern", pain after eating,
it suggests ulcers in the Stomach and 70-80% caused by HP. 2) "Food can
bring relief pattern" suggests ulcers in the Duodenum and 95- 100% caused
by HP!!!.

Автор tangobart ( назад)
to much bla-bla... get to the point. You can put al this info in 2 minute

Автор streetmuggedbypolice ( назад)
I thought a two week course of anti-biotics prescribed by your doctor cured
this????? Go see your doctor for christ's sake!

Автор Magdalena Stetson ( назад)
I had the HP. I have done many things: Manuka, DGL and finally this is what
is being working so far: Maceration of linen or flax. Add 2 tablespoon of
flax seeds (Canadian organic) for a cup of cold water and let stand for 12
hours. I drink first thing in the morning. It feels great so far. I just
order the Erilim. The treatment is for 14 days. I will keep you post it.

Автор Magdalena Stetson ( назад)
Have you ever tried this Medication: Erilim? It is a new medication that
claims to kill the Pyloris.

Автор octalwolverine ( назад)
Dave, Does Hpylori causes anxiety attacks? And does the anxiety go away
after Hpylori is completely gone from the stomach?=

Автор Austine U ( назад)
hello David I have the problem of H Pylori please can you tell me more

Автор Martin Mc Donnell ( назад)
Zero facts,I wasted 9 mins on this video,it does not live up to the title
.Just another book salesman

Автор Anita Kuhnhenn ( назад)
Just the Facts, Doç

Автор Mazhar Iqbal ( назад)
dear sir what is mastic gum and what is name of mastic gum in Pakistan and
where can i find it in Pakistan

Автор Andriy Siduyev ( назад)
Good day! I'm Samantha.I did -30 lbs last one week.More here

Автор nieloufar ( назад)
Hi dave thanks for you postings :) Im infected with this, I am treating it
atm, but its gone am i still at risk of developing stomach cancer?

Автор TearsAndBlood2 ( назад)
As a Pharmacy student I haven't heard of any of these treatments for H.
pilory eradication. Yes its great that people are trying alternatives to
the triple therapy regime but I mean do you really really want to risk
having peptic ulcer complications such as GI bleeding, Haemorrhages' and
anaemia. I'm probably being quite ignorant, but I would be interested for
you to send me some links to clinical trial papers that talk about these

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
Pine nut oil? We didn't use that or hear any mention of it, but whatever
helps right? Naturally, and yes I've read a little bit about it, but not
much. We used Mastic gum pretty much the way you described above, but more
for the purpose of healing the ulcers than killing the bug. The regimen
worked very well and fairly quickly, significant improvements were seen
within hours of ingestion.

Автор David Hompes ( назад)
Yes, we've heard good things about Pine nut oil. But I've also worked with
people who tried it and it didn't work for them. Remember: what works for
one person isn't necessarily going to work for everyone. That's why it's
important to have different approaches and alternatives. Also, if you
really study the research of nut oils on the body, it soon becomes clear
they are dangerous, because they create oxidative damage and lipid
peroxidation including omega-3).

Автор David Hompes ( назад)
Quick comment to clear up how to use Mastic gum to help improve H pylori
symptoms - In my experience people have best success using mastic on empty
stomach, taking 2-4 capsules per day. Check with a qualified practitioner,
who is experienced in using mastic. Ensure you purchase a good brand.
Consider reading The H Pylori Diet book as specific recommendations are
contained therein.

Автор David Hompes ( назад)
Pleasure - anything else I can help with?

Автор David Hompes ( назад)
You're right - there isn't a single product that's right for everyone - I
make this clear in my book. Just as one person can have a food allergy to
shrimp, another tolerates shrimp just fine. It's the same with anything we
put in our mouths. Don't forget that H pylori can move into the liver and
gallbladder ducts. When this happens it can be tough to eradicate and is a
constant source of reinfection. Also don't forget that H pylori appears to
be able to hitch a ride on candida.

Автор djxr8ted ( назад)
Inbox me as I been doing a little more than just mastic gum, I did it a
long time ago & stopped it and 6 months later discovered u need 3 months on
it to work. glad I learned & re-tried it, making serious progress, Have
been sick, researching & self treating for 2 years, believe me when I say,
jump back on the Mastic, fight through what seems like symptoms worsening /
coming back & do it for 3 months no matter what. Drink heaps of water to
flush out die off toxins (green tea helps heaps also)

Автор djxr8ted ( назад)
Yes it did improve however after day 14 I had slight fatigue, nothing major
that would prevent u from working, I must admit felt like sleeping midday
up until day 30, now I guess u could say I'm some what used to it or the
mastic gum has killed off enough of the h.pylori that the die off effect is
subtle, on day 51 according to my diary & all my friends say I have come a
long way (sick for 2 years & been looking very sick) I feel better week
after week and intend to complete the full 3 months.

Автор radlikemad ( назад)
How far into treatment are you now? After day 14 did it improve? I stopped
the mastic and did the week of antibiotics which didn't help at all! Now
thinking about going back on it?

Автор djxr8ted ( назад)
I too tried everything, if you do a search for mastic gum side effects you
will find a topix thread, side effects of the gum / returning of symptoms
is a die off effect of the bacteria, keep with the mastic gum. They same
mastic gum takes longer than other methods and works great, I have a
personal diary and days 7-14 where hell for me, return of symptoms
generally unwell feeling, this will eventually pass. follow Davids diet and
continue the mastic for 3 months it will likely kill it.

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
Lol for sure, they destroyed my sis, same as the omeprazole that they gave
her a while back. When I mentioned pot I wasn't implying that one should
stop seeking a cure, that's actually the opposite of what I was saying. But
the suffering I watched my sister go through was so horrible and I wanted
to share what helped her pain. She was cured with a combo of probiotics,
mastic gum, oil of oregano and occasional Manuka honey. It worked great!

Автор David Hompes ( назад)
My pleasure - lol - yeah lots of research and personal experience. I'd cut
out all the guesswork from your program and run a comprehensive stool test
through Metametrix - the GI Effects 2105 or 2100. You may be able to get
one from a practitioner in your area; otherwise there's a ton of info on
the H pylori testing page on my website. If you try things and they don't
work, I suggest finding out what's wrong in the first place, then going
from there.

Автор David Hompes ( назад)
People have had a lot of success using Mastic Gum in a product called
Gastromend HP. 2x2caps /day on empty stomach is the recommended dosage on
the bottle. Folk also have success using a garlic extract called
Allicillin, but only 2 caps per day as otherwise people cross the street
from you. Also, be careful with any supplements and make sure you do not
have any conditions that may be adversely affected by their use (blood
clotting and pressure issues with garlic, for example).

Автор David Hompes ( назад)
That's really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I think it's worth trying
for anyone because it's inexpensive. However, it will cause some people to
feel worse (I've seen that happen), so be careful.

Автор David Hompes ( назад)
Not sure what you mean.

Автор David Hompes ( назад)
No, that's not the case. What do you mean by "advertising anyway. Is
telling people I eradicated my H pylori using Matula Herbal Formula
advertising or is it sharing fact? Broccoli may work, but how much do you
need to take, for how long? Nobody knows. Colloidal silver could also work
as it is antibacterial, but again there is not a proven protocol for people
to follow. Same with other foods and herbs that supposedly kill H pylori.
It's the detail of the program that counts.

Автор David Hompes ( назад)
Yeah that's fine, but I'm not interested in short term fix. I'm interested
in long term success and optimization of health. If she's so bad, she needs
some really good assistance to resolve the issue long term. That said, I'd
rather have a puff on that than take antacid meds lol

Автор radlikemad ( назад)
Thank you for all the research you've done on this! I have been suffering
from this the past 3 months and it is absolute HELL. Ironically i had
already been gluten/dairy free prior to these symptoms. Just got my test
back last week that confirmed H. pylori. I have been on 1000mg mastic gum
2xdaily for 7 days now. Within 3 days my symptoms started to improve up to
80%! But the past day or 2 they seem to be returning. So discouraged! What
should i do?! Wondering if i should up the mastic..

Автор TheAwarenessHub ( назад)
Great info and a Big Thank. I've been suffering with the bug since from
about the time i had a test done for alittle more than 2 years now..also
just found about the psychosomatic symptoms that are associated with this
bug... thanks for sharing!

Автор gkreno1 ( назад)
Dr Marcus Franz (Hartmann-Spital) im 13. Bezirk /Wien

Автор Mahoutsukai ( назад)
welcher Doktor ist das?

Автор gkreno1 ( назад)
broccoli kolloidale silver wishing you the best

Автор gkreno1 ( назад)
i am from Austria in my opinion he is advertising matula herbal tea what is
the ingrediants of this product? only southafrica is not enough perhaps
magic here in Vienna ther is a Doctor trying to get rid of it with broccoli
and kolloided silver

Автор shamira H. ( назад)
Dude I was waiting for u to write something on that board I don't know the
spellings of everything English is my second language -__-

Автор Mamacpj ( назад)
PS: My intestines were so inflamed that I could feel my organs being
squished and could not sleep on my sides. It felt like there was a balloon
under my breasts that had been inflated and was taking up all the space. It
was a constant feeling of pressure. Very scary.

Автор Mamacpj ( назад)
I was having a very tight feeling and pains in my abdominal area the past 2
weeks. My doctor sent me for the urea breath test (don't have results yet);
but the pressure was getting worse and was keeping me awake. I went to the
health food store and bought some acidophilus (Kpak) which seemed to give
me relief. Then read about 2 Tsp Apple Cider Vinegar in 1/2 Cup of water 4
x day (3 with meals). Unbelievable. The pressure left after 1 glass and has
not returned. Day 3 and no symptoms

Автор frankaz07 ( назад)
Hi dude, i really dont know your full condition. It could maybe affect the
way your diet works, exercise and sleep. That's interesting it didnt work
for you. Anyway all the best.

Автор djxr8ted ( назад)
Hey Dave, not sure if the regulations in Australia still stand but managed
to get Matula to AUS, I tried the Matula Formula and to be honest It did
nothing for me, got tested afterwards and was positive for H pylori again,
I think its dependent on the H Pylori Strain. Matula made me feel sick, I
think its not for everyone, I had a biopsy of the stomach through
gastroscopy and still positive. I have your ebook and followed the diet
with no success thus far. Not sure what else to do. Any advice?

Автор Enlightened Idiot ( назад)
@coold97 what was ur sympthoms.

Автор EncourageYouth ( назад)

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
Lol yes I agree, I know it's no antibiotic. It can cure some diseases but
not viruses or bacteria. It can help alot with multiple sclerosis, cancer
and many others, but I'm not saying it can kill H. Pylori. I said that
mainly because I know how desperate some people must be, suffering like my
sis did, wanting anything that'll help. The docs did nothing for us so weed
was kind of like her 'tylenol' while I searched for something to address
the underlying problem. We found a treatment that worked

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
I completely agree with what you're saying and I am opposed to
pharmaceuticals for that reason. It allowed her to eat. Without it she
would have one or two mouthfuls and start puking bile, but with it she was
able to maintain her weight, it gave her relief from the vomiting and
stomach pains. We treated the problem with a few things, mainly probiotics,
oregano oil and mastic gum for the ulcers. The pot was used to help with
her symptoms while I was looking for a treatment. Both worked wonders

Автор hello (1943 года назад)
helping her SYMPTOMs but not killing the bacteria....this is where the
truth is blurred with marijuana....now Im i a medical marijauan patient
myself so i just wanna say that I'm not anti pot at all....just saying that
it definately does not cure diseases and people could be missing a lot of
cures if they only turn to weed.....weed makes the pain go away but not the

Автор casper77taty (1476 лет назад)
I was diagnosed with h-pylori I never take antibiotics that my doctor
prescribed me because they destroy the intestinal flora Oreganol oil I use
for 5 days but this bacterium becomes a question again. you have your book
in spanish?

Автор hello ( назад)
lol...well helping her symptoms for sure...but im sure that weed is not an

Автор VictorGuap0 ( назад)
Dave tell me how do i take the mastic gum to fight the H.P ? how many
bottles a month? how many pills? and in case i dont find mastic how can i
take Matula herb? for how many month?

Автор ngethers1217 ( назад)
I agree with you 100% He had a white board and marks but never wrote
nothing down... And He talked why to much.

Автор amanda cu ( назад)
very good information... and yes yes yes i totally agree with changing the
diet... i have been fighting this for years~!! and though cutting down on
wheat and dairy and not taking anything with caffeine helped alot...it
always came back when i ate too much of them.. so this time i have cut them
out 100 pecent and am already feeling so much better~~!! i will look into
this matula~~! :D thanks for sharing~~!!

Автор VVlzzy ( назад)
Guys if any of u are suffering with H Pylori visit
altmedangel(dot)com/HPylori.htm thumbs this post up so others may see it.
The treatment is quite simple.

Автор Kelli Fairman ( назад)
It has been helping me but it is a temp solution but I was grateful for the
relief from cannabis

Автор tigerlilly699 ( назад)
I had h pylori 2 yrs ago and have been having HORRIBLE stomach pains since!
I've had stool tests which came back as negative! I'm worried that I still
have it and it's not showing up! I actually did two rounds of the
antibiotics (one per yr for the last two yrs) and I know those have
contributed to my stomach pain. I am now taking oil of oregano and hoping
that it helps :( I just did another stool sample today and I'm praying
thats neg too! So Candida can mimic hpylori too? Hmmmm?

Автор David W ( назад)
mine was stress related as opposed to bacteria, i just checked this vid cuz
a family member of mine has h pylori in her.... besides.... just because
the apple cider concoction worked for me doesnt mean it works for everyone

Автор hirskdubbi ( назад)
i dont see how apple cider vinegar helped,seriously if youve got a raw
imflamed gut like me w/ my h pylori,the apple cider vinegar made me throw
up and it was like the bile that i throw up.so i dont get that one

Автор clare codona ( назад)
hi dave see the tea can u break down what food u can and cannot eat and can
u have the odd drink of alchol on this???

Автор David W ( назад)
Manuka honey and apple cider viniger worked wonders for curing my duodenal
ulcers.... good stuff

Автор TheRainer11 ( назад)
prečo tu neni preklad!

Автор adambebe ( назад)
everyone watch it from 3:00 and save urself from bs

Автор Alpha Person (1370 лет назад)
Betaine HCL

Автор airwolfwwf ( назад)
dave i have mastic gum n the matula tea n broccoli juice can i take them
2gether ???

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
She takes 1 gram Vitamin C, 250mg Magnesium, and One A Day chewables. She
gets pain in her gums presumably because the bug has made a home there too,
so she's been brushing/rinsing with Oregano Oil added to the toothpaste,
being careful not to swallow. She's getting back to her old self again
after nine brutal months. She still uses the weed when she needs it, but
the need has dropped exponentially it's amazing. If I were to recommend one
thing and nothing else, it would be Oregano Oil.

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
Ya it's worked miracles for my sister, and yes though it doesn't kill the
bug, it bought my family and I enough time to find a cure when nothing else
helped(including prescriptions). We decided on a regimen for her, and it's
now the beginning of week three. It's made a Tremendous difference, we've
been using a few things. 2 Mastic Gum twice a day, 2 drops Oil of Oregano 3
times, Probiotic twice w/food, and Manuka honey. We're thinking of getting
Virgin Coconut Oil aswell.

Автор hirskdubbi ( назад)
marijuana is the #1 best relief for h pylori induced stomach pain and
nausea. Gods old natural weed is he best for most stomach
distress,especially nausea,BUT it does not get rid of h py;ori,it comes
right back within hrs and youd be spending too much on pot. I wish my
dr>would just hurry the fuck up and get rid of this for me. im
constantly,sick,fatigued and having anxiety for the love of GOD help,,

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
However, if you are going to try Manuka honey for an anti bacterial, use it
as a substitute for other sweets and reduce sugar intake, because though
this honey kills H. Pylori, the sugar feeds ulcers aswell as Candida
overgrowth(H. Pylori induced yeast infection). It appears that there are
plenty of plants and oils that help, but each person should figure out a
regimen that works for them. So far this is working miracles for us, and
the weed makes it literally painless. Any questions feel free

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
Personally, based on what I've seen, these side effects are the medicines
killing the bacteria, as she claims that the pains are different than
before she started. 1/5 of a gram of good Cannabis STOPS ALL SYMPTOMS. This
plant could very well get you through the pain of treatment aswell as when
youre awaiting medical attention, it worked absolute miracles for my
sister. The OIL OF OREGANO seems to work very well in the treatment of the
actual bacteria, so were doing oil, gum, HMF, manuka honey

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
Ya for the first 2 days, right after my sis took the medicine, she would
get a terrible headache, always the same spot in her head, on the right
above her ear. And of course the stomach pains aswell. Last night she slept
for 11 hours!!! She hasnt slept like that since before last halloween. The
probiotic also upset her stomach, but she has ulcers aswell so it could be
the HMF killing that I'm not sure, but we reduced it to once a day to see
how she is.

Автор David Hompes ( назад)
The Mastic should be ok, but halve the dosage. Matula Herbal Formula works
fantastically well for kids in my experience.

Автор David Hompes ( назад)
When you say "helping her", what exactly do you mean? The idea is to get
rid of the problem completely so that you don't need to continue taking
things to "help". Most medical drugs can be great for "helping" reduce
symptoms but they don't resolve the underlying cause of the issue .

Автор David Hompes ( назад)
The mastic gum does work for sure but when I took it I felt worse, so like
everything else the issue has to be tackled on an individual case by case
basis. Probiotics can make people feel worse as well....but they can also
make people feel better. My advice is always to try it, monitor how you
feel, and adjust as required.

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
Bacteria fighting back against what we're giving her, because it hates it.
We're putting her on a majority alkaline
diet(brusselsprouts,broccoli,cabbage etc) to help balance out her pH.
Yogurt has probiotic culture which is good, and I've heard some good things
about Bladderwrack, but we're saving that in case we need a new treatment.
The gum, probiotic and oil work absolute WONDERS, overnight for my sis. She
does get pain and stuff but its only the first couple days and pot makes it
alot better

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
I am currently trying the gum with oregano oil, followed by probiotic and
manuka, with the occasional shot of pepto(Bismuth). We started yesterday,
and last night she(sister) didnt wake up once in the night, first time
since last fall. She has had side-effects(tension headaches, pains,
rumbling), which are all controlled by 0.3grams of Marijuana. Based on my
research, the gum works for upwards of 80% of all ppl, but must be taken
with probiotic 2 hrs after. Side-effects appear to be the

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
I was thinking that if this were to happen again with H. Pylori, maybe try
manuka and oil of oregano, and if it progresses to cancer then try the raw
cannabis juice to and watch it dry up the tumors lol. I don't know if you
read my other posts on here, but it's day 2 and we're already seeing
positive results with our treatment, and marijuana vapour is what has been
killing her unpleasant symptoms. These symptoms that she's experiencing
seem to be proof to me that it's working. Im keeping a log.

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
Oh I'm terribly sorry, though I suspected such a thing would happen. Was it
by any chance stomach cancer? I did alot of research last night and I found
something quite shocking. "Dr. Courtney explains that heating marijuana
destroys enzymes and excites the THC's psychoactive effects. BUT if
ingested raw the CBD takes over, and dramatic healing activity occurs
without the high." A mother cured her 2yr old girls terminal tumors in 2
months after drs said no more could be done for her.

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
Daily, along with 2 drops of Oil of Oregano X3 per day. If this fails after
2 months, we plan on trying Matula herbal formula along with Bladderwrack
and maybe Oregano oil still. I've read many very good things about the oil
and the gum, and I was wondering if it didnt work for them due to a lack of
probiotics. Also do you know anything about the Bladderwrack? I read
somewhere that it mimics the sugar in your blood that HP likes to cling to
which attracts it. I'd love to hear what you think.

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
months and months, for so long, then all of a sudden I found so many things
at once, on a blog. To my surprise, Cannabis wasn't mentioned anywhere and
people should know that this CAN CONTROL THE PAINFUL SYMPTOMS before and
during treatment. I along with my family have decided on what we're going
to try with her, and we bought it today. Tomorrow she will be having Mastic
gum(2 capsules X3 per day) with quarter teaspoon probiotic 2 hrs later but
twice a day. She'll also be having 1tbsp Manuka X2

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
It's also what bought my family and I the time to find a legitimate cure
instead of that dual-triple-quadruple therapy over and over again. I'm not
trying to advertise or promote pot, not at all, but I really think that
more people should know how much this helps. I literally cried when I saw
how quickly it stopped her symptoms, and that along with Omeprazole is what
shes been using, after she got antibiotics a few months ago(kinda dumb I
think but w.e.). I've been scouring the internet for

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
I have a couple questions. Firstly, with the Mastic gum that you mentioned,
were the patients/you also taking a probiotic of some sort? And I also have
something to say that may be shocking to you. My sister has H.P. and she
was so bad for so long, until one day I decided to try something very
alternative with her. And it stopped all of her symptoms literally within
seconds, and lasted about 3-4 hours. I gave her Marijuana in a water pipe.
And that's what's been helping her from October-now, and

Автор Doorsfan13 ( назад)
Hello, I am not sure how this would effect a ferret at all but I would
suggest looking up Oil of Oregano, and I noticed that a couple things were
not mentioned in the video. Some other things may help, though I do not yet
have any first hand experience to back it up. I've read that Bladderwrack,
Chamomile, Licorice and Bismuth can all help or kill this bacteria. My
concerns for your ferret would probably be with the licorice or the
bismuth(pepto-bismol), but I'm not a vet or a scientist.

Автор kope2kope ( назад)
H. Pylori stays with you for a very long time, even after taking
matula/mastic gum and all that other stuff you will most likely obtain it
again. OJ is fine, but when you notice symptoms of an ulcer or other
gastric problem then you should probably stop drinking it as it is fairly
acidic. By the way you should definitely start drinking cabbage juice, it's
absolutely fantastic for this stuff.

Автор Antonyyeaah ( назад)
Dave, get someone to put links for the websites on your vids

Автор David Hompes ( назад)
Hi there, no problem at all. Keep us posted on whether the Matula Tea works
for you!

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