H Pylori Symptoms | Do You Want To Know The Best Natural Cure For H Pylori?

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Many doctors use natural products such as herbs and supplements to kill Helicobacter Pylori and h pylori symptoms . Find out which ones are worth trying and which ones are a waste of money.

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Автор THEGAMINGCRYPT (1 месяц)
It started last year but eventually the symptons went away! Anyway now
since around the 5th of febuary I've been feeling sick and like a bloated
burning feeling stomach and it's worse towards the end of the day also some
pain but not a lot I've rushed to the toilet with diahrea a few times
particularly after eating spicy foods also now towards late evning I'm
starting to feel weird a little anxious and flu like also I have lost my
appetite ? Does this sound like h pylori please help lol 

Автор HowToDoStuffVideo (4 месяца)
ur a real cunt dave

Автор fanaru cezar cristian (4 месяца)
Brocolli Sulforaphane?

Автор Rob Oddi (28 дней)
nonsense. this fool is promoting garbage. do not listen to this bs.

Автор Ben Son (3 месяца)
How about soy milk regarding Hp?

Автор loveisallineed (5 месяцев)
i just learn i have it my stomach bee cramping for weeks sight i am worried

Автор Doorsfan13 (1 год)
Ya it's worked miracles for my sister, and yes though it doesn't kill the
bug, it bought my family and I enough time to find a cure when nothing else
helped(including prescriptions). We decided on a regimen for her, and it's
now the beginning of week three. It's made a Tremendous difference, we've
been using a few things. 2 Mastic Gum twice a day, 2 drops Oil of Oregano 3
times, Probiotic twice w/food, and Manuka honey. We're thinking of getting
Virgin Coconut Oil aswell.

Автор David Hompes (3 года)
H pylori is asymptomatic in 70% people. That means you can have it and not
have any symptoms. but it always causes inflammation and inflammation is a
known cause of cancer and heart disease, so even when there are not
symptoms, in my opinion it should be treated.

Автор Yneekas (2 года)
@javelin005 Yes the brand i used had those same directions. However it made
my gastritis worst. It did in fact kill the h pylori but it did some harm
to my stomach lining, liver and possibly my kidneys because since then I
have been having these recurrent urinary tract infections among other pains
and aches that I have not had before. So that's why I think that the
product shouldn't be used because it is a possibility that it can harm
others. I never had any negative reaction to antibiotics.

Автор David Hompes (2 года)
Hi there, no problem at all. Keep us posted on whether the Matula Tea works
for you!

Автор Doorsfan13 (1 год)
Daily, along with 2 drops of Oil of Oregano X3 per day. If this fails after
2 months, we plan on trying Matula herbal formula along with Bladderwrack
and maybe Oregano oil still. I've read many very good things about the oil
and the gum, and I was wondering if it didnt work for them due to a lack of
probiotics. Also do you know anything about the Bladderwrack? I read
somewhere that it mimics the sugar in your blood that HP likes to cling to
which attracts it. I'd love to hear what you think.

Автор David Hompes (11 месяцев)
Yes, we've heard good things about Pine nut oil. But I've also worked with
people who tried it and it didn't work for them. Remember: what works for
one person isn't necessarily going to work for everyone. That's why it's
important to have different approaches and alternatives. Also, if you
really study the research of nut oils on the body, it soon becomes clear
they are dangerous, because they create oxidative damage and lipid
peroxidation including omega-3).

Автор Doorsfan13 (1 год)
I have a couple questions. Firstly, with the Mastic gum that you mentioned,
were the patients/you also taking a probiotic of some sort? And I also have
something to say that may be shocking to you. My sister has H.P. and she
was so bad for so long, until one day I decided to try something very
alternative with her. And it stopped all of her symptoms literally within
seconds, and lasted about 3-4 hours. I gave her Marijuana in a water pipe.
And that's what's been helping her from October-now, and

Автор djxr8ted (1 год)
Yes it did improve however after day 14 I had slight fatigue, nothing major
that would prevent u from working, I must admit felt like sleeping midday
up until day 30, now I guess u could say I'm some what used to it or the
mastic gum has killed off enough of the h.pylori that the die off effect is
subtle, on day 51 according to my diary & all my friends say I have come a
long way (sick for 2 years & been looking very sick) I feel better week
after week and intend to complete the full 3 months.

Автор chinoantrax20 (2 года)
Thankz for posting this video I am really LOOKIN forward to Matula teas and
Whether works or not ATLEAST I can say I TRYED since it takes too much of
time SITTIN waiting around on doctors and pills to provide the cure , Thankz

Автор Faith Jyoti (2 года)
Great videos, do you have suggestions for dealing Giardia?

Автор NebunLaCap (3 года)
Hey Dave you know about broccoli? I think that with mastic gum might be the
best. What do you think?

Автор Rachidasister (2 года)
Part 3 Now I am gluten intolerant and stay away from gluten and this has
been upgraded by many other intolerances unfortunately. I can definitely
see undigested food and it is too loose even though I am staying away from
all these foods. I can't say how frustrated I am ! I must have leaky gut
and taking L-glutamine with some diet changes. Do you think I should worry
about my stool color? Is h pylori responsible of my weird stools? Howmuch
costs ur GI stool test you are tlking abt in othr video

Автор Doorsfan13 (1 год)
months and months, for so long, then all of a sudden I found so many things
at once, on a blog. To my surprise, Cannabis wasn't mentioned anywhere and
people should know that this CAN CONTROL THE PAINFUL SYMPTOMS before and
during treatment. I along with my family have decided on what we're going
to try with her, and we bought it today. Tomorrow she will be having Mastic
gum(2 capsules X3 per day) with quarter teaspoon probiotic 2 hrs later but
twice a day. She'll also be having 1tbsp Manuka X2

Автор TheAwarenessHub (1 год)
Great info and a Big Thank. I've been suffering with the bug since from
about the time i had a test done for alittle more than 2 years now..also
just found about the psychosomatic symptoms that are associated with this
bug... thanks for sharing!

Автор Doorsfan13 (1 год)
Lol for sure, they destroyed my sis, same as the omeprazole that they gave
her a while back. When I mentioned pot I wasn't implying that one should
stop seeking a cure, that's actually the opposite of what I was saying. But
the suffering I watched my sister go through was so horrible and I wanted
to share what helped her pain. She was cured with a combo of probiotics,
mastic gum, oil of oregano and occasional Manuka honey. It worked great!

Автор javelin005 (2 года)
@Yneekas i have a feeling you had an alergic reaction to the stuff. my wife
took the stuff like it said on the bottle as a supplement daily. never had
any problems and here debilitating stomach pain has never returned. you run
the risk of injury anytime you ingest herbs or medicines. i have a friend
who has ruined kidneys cause they gave him cholesteral lowering meds that
did not agree with him. his life is ruined.

Автор David Hompes (11 месяцев)
Quick comment to clear up how to use Mastic gum to help improve H pylori
symptoms - In my experience people have best success using mastic on empty
stomach, taking 2-4 capsules per day. Check with a qualified practitioner,
who is experienced in using mastic. Ensure you purchase a good brand.
Consider reading The H Pylori Diet book as specific recommendations are
contained therein.

Автор radlikemad (1 год)
Thank you for all the research you've done on this! I have been suffering
from this the past 3 months and it is absolute HELL. Ironically i had
already been gluten/dairy free prior to these symptoms. Just got my test
back last week that confirmed H. pylori. I have been on 1000mg mastic gum
2xdaily for 7 days now. Within 3 days my symptoms started to improve up to
80%! But the past day or 2 they seem to be returning. So discouraged! What
should i do?! Wondering if i should up the mastic..

Автор melro52 (2 года)
When you give a presentation about kill/cures for H. Pylori GET TO THE
POINT IMMEDIATELY and list them. THEN go into depth. Most people that have
this have looked up everything about it, tried things, and want to know
what else. Making most of us sit through it all first is a big deterrent to
find out at all. Those that want to know ALL ABOUT IT should be directed to
another presentation by you for that purpose.

Автор David Hompes (1 год)
That's really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I think it's worth trying
for anyone because it's inexpensive. However, it will cause some people to
feel worse (I've seen that happen), so be careful.

Автор radlikemad (1 год)
How far into treatment are you now? After day 14 did it improve? I stopped
the mastic and did the week of antibiotics which didn't help at all! Now
thinking about going back on it?

Автор EncourageYouth (1 год)

Автор David Whyham (1 год)
Manuka honey and apple cider viniger worked wonders for curing my duodenal
ulcers.... good stuff

Автор coold97 (1 год)
bless this comment :) I agree with you that Jesus Christ can!! does Coconut
Oil really work, though?

Автор Kelli Fairman (1 год)
It has been helping me but it is a temp solution but I was grateful for the
relief from cannabis

Автор Yneekas (2 года)
Mastic gum has destroyed my quality of life. It is a very dangerous thing.

Автор David Hompes (11 месяцев)
You're right - there isn't a single product that's right for everyone - I
make this clear in my book. Just as one person can have a food allergy to
shrimp, another tolerates shrimp just fine. It's the same with anything we
put in our mouths. Don't forget that H pylori can move into the liver and
gallbladder ducts. When this happens it can be tough to eradicate and is a
constant source of reinfection. Also don't forget that H pylori appears to
be able to hitch a ride on candida.

Автор sweetievee83 (1 год)
Did you use DGL Licorice while using the mastic gum capsules? It's
suggested that using both together gets better results.

Автор Mazhar Iqbal (9 месяцев)
dear sir what is mastic gum and what is name of mastic gum in Pakistan and
where can i find it in Pakistan

Автор David Hompes (2 года)
Never been asked this question before! I don't know any natural remedies
for pets unfortunately. Sorry I can't help.

Автор David Hompes (2 года)
Hi there - I am glad I seem honest. Make sure you read my book BEFORE
taking the tea though. Sometimes you must change your diet for the natural
products to work. I explain why this is in the book: The H Pylori Diet.
Lots of free info at my website as well. Hope it helps.

Автор Bob smith (1 год)
ATTENTION !!!! Grapefruit seed extract works best to Kill Hpylori !! drink
grapefruit juice 64 oz. daily !!!!

Автор Doorsfan13 (11 месяцев)
Pine nut oil? We didn't use that or hear any mention of it, but whatever
helps right? Naturally, and yes I've read a little bit about it, but not
much. We used Mastic gum pretty much the way you described above, but more
for the purpose of healing the ulcers than killing the bug. The regimen
worked very well and fairly quickly, significant improvements were seen
within hours of ingestion.

Автор BootyClapn (2 года)
@ThaJUMPER83 Dosage of Coconut oil & how often?

Автор otto kret (2 года)
You said that you give quarantee, that HP will be eradicated.. People said
that is extremly difficult too get money back when treatment failed... As a
proof of eradication you recommend a breath test or stool antigen test,
after 1 month... I would rather said that is proof of supression of bug.. I
can get negative breath with much much cheaper method that matula tee...
large doses of Vitamin C... If you can give quarante that after 6 month my
igg titer will fall by 30-40% i will buy that tee

Автор zoekjeiets (3 года)
Dave.. Maybe an idea for new videos... Don't spend 5 or more minutes
talking before anwsering the question. I waited 5 minutes in one video just
for an anwser to the question you posed: What foods should you avoid?.. The
anwser never came. Can't you just say: Take ABCFKNOP don't take: DEGHIJLMQ
(letter is food)

Автор Doorsfan13 (1 год)
I was thinking that if this were to happen again with H. Pylori, maybe try
manuka and oil of oregano, and if it progresses to cancer then try the raw
cannabis juice to and watch it dry up the tumors lol. I don't know if you
read my other posts on here, but it's day 2 and we're already seeing
positive results with our treatment, and marijuana vapour is what has been
killing her unpleasant symptoms. These symptoms that she's experiencing
seem to be proof to me that it's working. Im keeping a log.

Автор VictorGuap0 (1 год)
Dave tell me how do i take the mastic gum to fight the H.P ? how many
bottles a month? how many pills? and in case i dont find mastic how can i
take Matula herb? for how many month?

Автор Night terrors (1 год)
@coold97 what was ur sympthoms.

Автор thank*reason (1 год)
lol...well helping her symptoms for sure...but im sure that weed is not an

Автор Anita Kuhnhenn (8 месяцев)
Just the Facts, Doç

Автор Yneekas (2 года)
MASTIC GUM is toxic. It is not safe for the liver.

Автор Magdalena Stetson (6 месяцев)
Have you ever tried this Medication: Erilim? It is a new medication that
claims to kill the Pyloris.

Автор tigerlilly699 (1 год)
I had h pylori 2 yrs ago and have been having HORRIBLE stomach pains since!
I've had stool tests which came back as negative! I'm worried that I still
have it and it's not showing up! I actually did two rounds of the
antibiotics (one per yr for the last two yrs) and I know those have
contributed to my stomach pain. I am now taking oil of oregano and hoping
that it helps :( I just did another stool sample today and I'm praying
thats neg too! So Candida can mimic hpylori too? Hmmmm?

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