UFC 203: Mickey Gall and CM Punk Octagon Interview

Watch Mickey Gall and CM Punk talk what's next for each fighter in the Octagon, after Gall submitted Punk in the first round of Punk's UFC debut.

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Автор lonniebelle ( назад)
what the hell happend to his ear? did Mike Tyson sneak into the ring when i wasn't looking?

Автор Evan Davidson ( назад)
I appreciate CM punk...even if he gets his ass handed to him next time too...I'll be rooting for him...

Автор FlamingSTAR ( назад)
punk is a face on ufc
that's cool

Автор qusai moh ( назад)
wwe my assssssssss

Автор Faceless Man ( назад)
CM Punk was doing so well. And then the fight started

Автор Senpie Sensie ( назад)
pussy punk gets humble by Mickey Gall

Автор Brandon Machek ( назад)
Does Mickey gall have mouth herpes?

Автор Mac Benitez ( назад)
even if in the future he's not successful, he's going to make a killing as a motivational speaker

Автор mrmikef10 ( назад)
Love Punk's verbal skills in this one! He is a talented dude, and I would love to see him coming back to wrestling full HEEL!

Автор tarun rajput ( назад)
Hahaahahahahaa losercm punk lol and this is not the fake wreasting wwe this is the ufc not baby wreasting wwe lol

Автор tarun rajput ( назад)
Hahaahahahahaa losercm punk lol and this is not the fake wreasting wwe this is the ufc not baby wreasting wwe lol

Автор Natashia Heath ( назад)
does else one else want punk back in wwe
and aj

Автор Butt Crack ( назад)
"I'm a jacked up white boy DEAL WITH IT" - CM Punk

Автор Adam Smith ( назад)
Those promo skills are still with him from WWE.

Автор IanMaCee ( назад)
CM Punk vs Jon Jones

Автор Aman Yamani ( назад)
His ear poped

Автор SirCookieYuki ( назад)
I wish CM Punk return to WWE he was better in WWE than UFC

Автор jamil ahmed ( назад)
If had been a good kid wwe would've kept him but he had to rebel

Автор amit munda ( назад)
Love respect to CM PUNK don't stop..............

Автор MegaBeast ( назад)
Longer than Brock vs Goldberg 2

Автор Brotain ( назад)
Please Punk come back to the WWE !!

They are shit without you

Автор ExyleCage ( назад)
Punk doesn't look too healthy in this video. It might jist be the lighting, though.

Автор Gee V-B ( назад)
Mickey looks like Wassabi Productions (Alex) and kind of sounds like him too! xD

Автор Ethan Yang ( назад)
he changed from wwe

Автор jakethemuss3 ( назад)
Life is about falling down and getting back up,  but you really have to reassess what you are doing when you get dominated like this. I mean CM Punk never had any business in a UFC ring.

Автор Matt Bennett ( назад)
CM stands for Chasing Money bc thats all this Punk is doing. He thinks he's a celebrity bc he was on T.V. with WWE calling himself the greatest of all time. Good luck Chasing Money in a sport that isn't scripted Punk.

Автор Chirag Bhavsar ( назад)
0:07 : when you realise how real puches are...

Автор AjYatStyles 15X ( назад)
cm punk, NJPW awaits you soon. QUIT UFC, you have no future there..

Автор Cr 202 ( назад)
what happened to his ear?

Автор European Bloc ( назад)
That was a very inspiring speech by Cm Punk

Автор Liverpool Gamer ( назад)
What happened to punks ears

Автор ninja boy 2001 ( назад)

Автор Damon Baird ( назад)
far too happy he's not in wwe anymore :):):)

Автор hareesh gopisetti ( назад)
cm punk face looks like drug addicted sick asshole

Автор The more you know ( назад)

Автор Daniel Ryan ( назад)
I was of two minds the day afterward. On one hand, I said kudos to Phil Brooks for living out a dream of his AND getting paid for doing it. On the other, I comforted myself in knowing that even though I don't have his moolah, fame, or hot wife, I at least didn't make a total fool of myself on national TV and wasn't waking up feeling like I'd been hit by a train.

Автор Cai9 ( назад)
His speech was longer than his god damn fight

Автор Rubén JS ( назад)
Lo violaron weyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Автор QUICK PLAY ( назад)
The ironic thing is, his last WWE match took place in the same building

Автор Aabigail Cocopardo ( назад)
shit cm punk.. this is not wwe.. stop bullshiting with your words.. wwe is a scripted but not ufc

Автор Andy Butch ( назад)
I love cm punk but to think he can walk into UFC thinking it is the same as WWE is just completely stupid

Автор GreeK Prince91 ( назад)

Автор Kyle Banks ( назад)
Were all going to be dead in a 100 years. Im turning 105 tommorow.

Автор CM punk ( назад)
Good match man

Автор Glue is good for you ( назад)
I was hoping he would say "fuck this I'm going back to WWE" I still cry every day we miss u punk please come back do WWE 😭😭😭😢

Автор Enrique Gonzalez ( назад)
que vergas hace Cm Punk en UFC? >:v

Автор Flipmode Flip ( назад)
He's earned my respect after this octagon interview

Автор Mrcristyles2 ( назад)
He should've knocked Mickey out with the GTS!

Автор Eray Kesat ( назад)
CM Punk's mic skills are awesome dude.He got beated up so bad and he talks better than scripted WWE wrestlers.

Автор Pizza Dude ( назад)
hahaha lol get the fuck out punk

Автор Hola Onedrive ( назад)
So if I am a 44 yo out shape male, can I tryout for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad?

Автор shane oleary ( назад)
Awesome cm punk but train more

Автор Shovon Khan ( назад)
best in the world

Автор ShadowMan 2nd Coming ( назад)
This is the difference between a professional fighter and a professional actor! #FACTS! LMFAO

Автор ZGman10 ( назад)
In retrospect, i've seen worse beatdowns. He was at least blocking guard for awhile. I want to see him in the cage again.

Автор Rob Amiri ( назад)
"I clearly felt a tap" - CM Punk

Автор JON KILLER WILCOX - Fatal Excretion ( назад)
PUNK'S a BAD ASS! I don't care what people say about him!

Автор MasterMadGames ( назад)
Ya cm punk

Автор I AM THE ONE WHO 'BROCKS' ( назад)
"fuck the hate" proceeds to hate on sage

Автор Hemjyoti Rajbonshi ( назад)
why you leave Wwe CM I am so upset man

Автор Shreeraj Puthraya ( назад)
inspiring speech by CM punk

Автор canal manik clash ( назад)
volta pa wwe

Автор Jake Tyler ( назад)
CM punk is eva marie of UFC.

Автор haris ridwan ( назад)
cm punk was a joke

Автор Hugo Oliveira ( назад)
Ha! Stay in the WWE man, you suck. The only exception should be for Brock, because he is a freak of nature

Автор Flipmode Flip ( назад)
You thought this was bad check out Batista

Автор Joshua Gilmore ( назад)
poor punk he ain't even fought since this did he quite

Автор Cleanse _ ( назад)
Just noticed how many wwe wrestlers left and decided to know where they went

Автор Cm Punk ( назад)
He enjoyed this more than a streak match against the Undertaker.

Автор Róbert Katona ( назад)
uuu mickey

Автор Kumud Paudel ( назад)
Cm punk we need you ! Please come back to your home WWE

Автор FL ( назад)
James Toney lasted longer

Автор Shazia Zaidi ( назад)

Автор Shazia Zaidi ( назад)

Автор CLASH ROYALE ( назад)

Автор NickDaGawd ( назад)
This is what happens when someone who fake fights for a living, tries fighting someone who REALLY fights as their profession.

The wwe is scripted, and is done in a way so the wrestlers don't get hurt. When they actually get hurt, it is not supposed to happen. The ring and outsides are padded so it doesn't hurt.

Автор hansel lesnah ( назад)
best in words is always PUNK!

Автор ixcuincle ( назад)
skank hands

Автор Tonyamazin ( назад)
there's bad & good thing to take from this he lost but this might send him back to wwe where he's best at I'm pretty sure they will give anything he wants to come back to the business, cuz they need the pipe bomb back, hell even brock lesnar came back & he was kicking ass in that place even became champ cm punk is pro wrestler

Автор Tone Balone ( назад)
this is why I like Joe's commentary

Автор MackABD ( назад)
gets beat up an choked out, decides to become a motivational speaker as his next job

Автор ShadowGod HD ( назад)
At least he Lasted Longer Then Aldo

Автор Fredo Montana ( назад)
Bernard Hopkins lost his first pro fight and today he's a boxing legend and hall of famer

Автор A Styles ( назад)
Screw you mickie gall

Автор MrTupac47 ( назад)
At least he doesn't take steroid like the bum Broke Lesnar

Автор sanjit roy ( назад)
Best in the World forever

Автор cedaGo ( назад)
quedo hecho mierda :v

Автор Terrence LP ( назад)
CM Punk went for It man. That's what matters.

Автор Rishav Giri666 ( назад)
For a second I thought he was starting one of his WWE promos

Автор Michael Plurad ( назад)
CM Punk: Best in the World.....

Автор FeedArtiFact3 gaming ( назад)
0:57, awsome dude

Автор Dave Storm ( назад)
His ear is fucked up

Автор Mohammed Zaid Shaikh ( назад)
R.I.P pipebomb

Автор Isaiah Mcneal ( назад)

Автор jason! ( назад)
CM Punk vs. Green Power Ranger

Автор MeXiKaN People ( назад)

Автор The Man ( назад)
CM punk is the worst fighter I've ever seen after Connor mcgregor

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