Yugioh Tag Force 5 recipes 2010

All yugioh tag force 5 decklists from 2010 in chronological order. Check out my channel to see them in action.
Some decks have been edited a little by the way.

1. Flamvell Shooting Star + Red Nova 0:00
2. Infernity OTK 0:52
3. Dragunity Arms 1:35
4. Gusta Exodia 2:34
5. Sun Inti, Moon Quilla 3:16
6. Gatling Ogre 4:11
7. Fish Accel Synchro 4:48
8. Jester Queen 5:40
9. Machine Synchro Fusion 6:17
10. XX-Saber 7:07
11. Karakuri 7:57
12. Majestic Scar Red Nova 8:49
13. Dark Synchro 9:45
14. Shooting Star max attacks 10:34
15. Machine Emperor OTK 11:27
16. Infernity Zero: Immortal Self-Destruct 12:17
17. Infernity Zero: Hundred-Eyes 12:54

Просмотров: 88723
Длительность: 13:45
Комментарии: 166

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Автор T-WREX ( назад)
Hey man can I send you my deck to show if I can contact you

Автор 1000yeareich ( назад)
The first deck is the best, others good too, Fish, Machine are awesome. I'm
more spellcaster type 😊

Автор Rinnegan Sennin ( назад)

Автор Miguelito Geronimo ( назад)
What pack can i find the sun and moon dragon?

Автор GamersXnostalgia ( назад)
Anyone know how to get good cards? I just started this game but all they
gave me was a stupid beast deck. I know I have to win a lot and get a lot
of DP, but damn, they really make you work for it and it feels like the pay
off isn't worth it.

Автор Joven Falcan ( назад)
what music did you play on Shooting Star ?

Автор Chris Mero ( назад)
Does anybody knows where to get Deck recipes for Yu-Gi-Oh 5'ds Tag Force 5?

Автор Anthony Potaka ( назад)
looks like some of these decks are from tag force 4 

Автор Glitzbound ( назад)
Did you find it since im searching for it too :(

Автор Nader Z750 ( назад)
plz do you have the save file for this recip? 

Автор DarkSpiral183 ( назад)
Thanks for the deck recipes, but what about the Yubel Gemini Deck?

Автор Webshooters1 ( назад)
Thanks for the Dark Synchro deck! I love using them!

Автор Yakub Ilyasov ( назад)
you can download saved data of the game and then you won't have a banlist
and all card etc.

Автор juan compean ( назад)
dark hole is banned for me!

Автор julio gomez ( назад)
Friend excellent video but I miss you letters also describe in this video
did in this name are the letters that are used

Автор jhon terry ( назад)
power wall password cannot enter

Автор Skylar Neville ( назад)
Dragunities are simple once you get the hang of them they deal with
equipping dragon type monsters to winged beast type monsters

Автор dre ruffin ( назад)
Cool video thinking about getting this.

Автор 1614bluedragon ( назад)
Great decks

Автор Yami Marik ( назад)
what ban list is this?

Автор JRimRim ( назад)
man there are MANY cards that i cant find even in the Booster Pack FAQ.
Cards like kiteroid. Ive spent hours searching online but to no clue on how
to obtain these cards.

Автор bluenathpost ( назад)
if you can't find the packs you can just download a save file on gamefaqs
that gives you all of the cards without making any story progress

Автор Utubing126 ( назад)
I hate psp yugioh tag force worst ds yugioh beats it in every way I mean
wtf I'm not in slifer red take the got Dan hat off and put some customizing
in damit

Автор nicholasths tan ( назад)
Het you got Dark Genex Monarch hybrid deck??? WANNA THE DECK RECIPE???

Автор nicholasths tan ( назад)
how to summon one hundred eye dragon without dark tuner???

Автор donparodion38 ( назад)
as I can get the cards of the deck of dragunity im new in the game xd, im
begine the game

Автор No Just no ( назад)
i bet having both tag force 5 and 6 is worthwhile isnt it? 

Автор Empty NoEntry ( назад)
If you completed at least 1 story mode of a NPC, you can put 1 forbidden
cards to your deck

Автор Empty NoEntry ( назад)
Woah nice video ! I luv all of your vidoes hahaha. BTW, I know this is
already long time ago... but did you updated the banlist? and I want to say
thx your video helped me a lot

Автор Angga Drp ( назад)
Btw.. What deck do you like in that video..?? I want to know.. =3= 

Автор StuffiestZane (1755 лет назад)
guys dark hole is not possible to get in the game without Cwcheats unless u
download on a specific date replace that with a monster reborn so u can had
two or another dark synchro

Автор toopided ( назад)

Автор TheAC29 (The Magical World of Disney) ( назад)
@fabelknight10 Actually there's no way to deactivate the cards that are
listed as Forbidden , if you wanna use those cards you can download the
previous banned lists from the website using your PSP or you can use only 1
forbidden by finishing 5 character's storyline.

Автор StuffiestZane ( назад)
the dark synchro monster reborn is banned instead i will use call of da
haunted does anyone know how to unbar it

Автор Amit Manhaini ( назад)
this game only has 247 cards more than duel transerand they are the best
ones there is. Screw u tech genus bladfe blaster and meklord emperors

Автор Florentino Novelo ( назад)
can upload the savedata? Greetings from Mexico 

Автор Easi belly ( назад)
@Percival18 how do you your build dark flattop deck ?? 

Автор Daventport Archilles ( назад)
How to get Pot of Duality ?

Автор RedCloudClan ( назад)
how did you get kiteroid? is it one of the last two pack? 

Автор Jay Viince ( назад)
@Percival18 can you show a video using the Cosmic Flame deck?

Автор mizliberia ( назад)
You should add Gusto Griff to the deck 

Автор MadDragonify M ( назад)
@AQWHansgab0103 The Origin Of Species for Brionac. That pack is a bitch to
get. Also, Trishula and Ally Of Justice Catastor are in more packs that you
have to get the same way.

Автор GHTuckerV ( назад)
@AQWHansgab0103 IDK about pack for brionac cause i downloaded mine off the
website (main menu options i think (sorry my psp has been dead with like 2
weeks cause i lose the charger) and then i think it's "go to yugioh
website" then selece your flag language then i belive you click "cards" and
somewhere on the list should be brionac (thats how i got him as i remember
it) if i left anything out please let me know

Автор Percival18 ( назад)
@Neiv26 that is a LOT of cards lol.. You can find the card packs at
gamefaqs.com Look for the tag force 5 Booster Pack FAQ

Автор xxYoanxd ( назад)
@RainForceX you spell bad 

Автор ShadowBaofu ( назад)
Are you planning on posting the decklists for any of the decks between the
time period from the 2010 video to just before you started the blog? As
well as any of the other ones not covered in said blog.

Автор RainForceX ( назад)
0.o why is monster reborn can be equiq to a deck???? i tot it is
forbidden?? pls tell me how..

Автор Ian Bondoc ( назад)
The Cosmic Flame deck was the best for me, even dueling using it without
learning its strategies, you will still learn how to use when you duel with
it for the first time. Used it against my bro and I won alot more times
than the deck I created. although the Deck is only good for 8000LP Duel,
because of the Lightsworn's effect which sends 3 cards from your deck to
the graveyard is too risky and might send your best card too. But still,
it's one of the best decks I ever used.

Автор TheGruzel ( назад)
@Percival18 isn't Gusto Exodia the same drawing method as for scar red nova

Автор Biji Abraham (Chimpy) ( назад)
can you do a tech genus deck list 

Автор al lavin ( назад)
dude can you make melefic decklist

Автор Gianni Stekkinger ( назад)
i have an other cool name for the deck SHINING FLAMES

Автор gandgtv1 ( назад)
this sounds like music from kingdom hearts lol

Автор TheKiamatic ( назад)
Awesome decks can u send me your tagforce 5 save data

Автор al lavin ( назад)
can anyonr this recipes i get this from google sothis the recipes 5 exodia
3 swift attacking scare crow{OMG} 3 fader 1 gorz{always in defense
position} 3 Zero Gardna 1 Sangan 3 Upstart Goblin 2 gold sarcopaghus 3 pot
of greederosity 1 Reinforcement of the Army 3 Thunder of Ruler 3
threathening roar 3 Waboku 3 Jar of Greed 3 legacy of yata garasu

Автор al lavin ( назад)
5 exodia 3 swift attacking scare crow{OMG} 3 fader 1 gorz{always in defense
position} 3 Zero Gardna 1 Sangan 3 Upstart Goblin 2 gold sarcopaghus 3 pot
of greederosity 1 Reinforcement of the Army 3 Thunder of Ruler 3
threathening roar 3 Waboku 3 Jar of Greed 3 legacy of yata garasu try this

Автор ShadowBaofu ( назад)
@Percival18 No duplicates either, if any archetypes were the same, they
used different cards.

Автор ShadowBaofu ( назад)
@Percival18 No duplicates either, if any archetypes were the same, they
used different cards.

Автор Percival18 ( назад)
@ShadowBaofu thanks! Btw, you have all 200 recipe slots occupied? Wow.. I
have like 50 and it had become such a mess.

Автор ShadowBaofu (1541 год назад)
I really liked some of these deck ideas; when I was running out of spaces
for the 200 decks, these helped fill them in. Cosmic Flare is awesome;
being able to drop Shooting Star or even Red Nova with as little as two
cards and a loaded graveyard is sick. Jesters is a sick OTK. X-Sabers was
perfect for tiding me over until Darksoul and Boggart actually come out in
a game. Dark Synchros were godly. It's all thanks to you. Everything else
I'll probably adopt in TF6.

Автор al lavin ( назад)
2 banned card heavy and brain control?

Автор Jay Dub ( назад)
wouldnt duality kindof fuck over infernity?

Автор ElfsBreaker ( назад)
what artist and music ? please tell 

Автор al lavin ( назад)
how to download the new banlist?

Автор alex harton ( назад)
hey youtube i was wondering what yugioh tag force game is the best one
cause i want to buy one but not sure wich one to get so if any of you could
give me any advice i would deepley appreciate... thanks 

Автор Hassan ( назад)
wooooooow uu have been the most helpful nd accurate duelist nd ur decks r
sooo interesting im sooo subscribbing dude gr8 video!!!!!!!!!:D

Автор CyberJoker218 ( назад)
@Percival18 hey percy...how do u get the meklord emperor cards?

Автор dk_bawss ( назад)
flamvell ftw 

Автор jprcjfu1 ( назад)
machine emperor is the best

Автор Federico Orradre ( назад)
Do you have a save data to give us?

Автор Joonas Viljanen ( назад)
Can you make Empty Jar deck?

Автор al lavin ( назад)
how did you get slash draw card? pls answer!

Автор ShadowStyle369 ( назад)
@lalabear125 umd recognition or download via wifi

Автор Nnoitra Sama ( назад)
whats the song name ?

Автор Jeremy Vuong ( назад)
how do u get forbidden cards

Автор Hannah Ajayi ( назад)
in the yugioh tag force 5 I play, hundred-eyes dragon isn't a dark synchro,
its a regular synchro

Автор Hannah Ajayi ( назад)
to unlock kalin you need to complete leo's story

Автор 12akaray ( назад)
isn't dark hole banned.?

Автор al lavin ( назад)
@sparkxjin trap and magic first

Автор Kha Bui ( назад)
why don't you make the Gladiator beast deck? 

Автор al lavin ( назад)
can you entertain my question what pack can i get night wing soceress?

Автор al lavin ( назад)
what pack can i find gusta monsters?

Автор Kostas Depastas ( назад)
i have 1 question how did you get a ban card to your deck??

Автор al lavin ( назад)
@HeatOfTheFlames majesttic dragon is on clustering take flight pack that my

Автор al lavin ( назад)
percival how to get cursed prisoN?

Автор al lavin ( назад)
can yo do cyber end dragon deck?

Автор al lavin ( назад)
@vamofucile ah? ok

Автор vamofucile (1849 лет назад)
@Gameover5534 thanks,but actually that comment i left first is kinda old so
that guy i mentioned told me whose stories to beat just like you did,so i
actually have those cards right now

Автор al lavin ( назад)
for kalin : beat leos story jose = beat luna,akiza,vizor,crow and jacks
story lucciano = beat leo and luna story placido = beat vizor story 

Автор vamofucile ( назад)
@Gameover5534 thanks,but someone told me that unfortunately you need you
beat those guys' stories to get these cards

Автор al lavin ( назад)
@vamofucile machine emperors = triangle fixer pack(partner w/ yllasters
infernity deck=rapid enforcement pack(partner w/kalin and yusei(poncho hope
its helps

Автор keithchen89 ( назад)
@Percival18 hey can i ask do you have any suggestions on how to replace the
card power wall in your shooting stardust dragon max attack deck? currently
power wall is not yet made into a real card

Автор ShadowBaofu (628 лет назад)
These are pretty awesome. I really like the Accel Synchro builds; it never
crossed my mind to abuse Cursed Prison. Makes Assault Mode decks so much
faster. Thanks for helping me some stuff that I would have missed.

Автор mustafa bashar (772 года назад)
yo what's the name of the song at the begining of the 1st infernity recipie
please i like 2 know and thnx 4 the fusion heros recipie i owe u 1.

Автор purple12ism ( назад)
4kids lovers type in 4kids is being sued by tv tokyo read it then kill
yourselfs because they have lost all rights to yugioh.

Автор ianrex123 ( назад)
I LOVE SCAR RED NOVA DRAGON!!! so thanks for the good recipes just having
trouble on finding the cards :D

Автор Percival18 ( назад)
@MindCrushExodia because wynnda is a psychic monster

Автор MindCrushExodia ( назад)
for the gusta exodia, can you tell me why you run wynnda gusta? wouldnt
gusto egul be better?

Автор sparkxjin ( назад)
i just start yugioh tag force but i having a very hard time winning any
duel to get alot dp to buy, any intro which i should buy 1st?

Автор Tsuu フルーツ ( назад)
What's the name of the song at 10:41 ??? Please ,please tell me !!!

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