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Автор Joven Falcan (7 месяцев)
what music did you play on Shooting Star ?

Автор Chris Mero (1 год)
Does anybody knows where to get Deck recipes for Yu-Gi-Oh 5'ds Tag Force 5?

Автор jprcjfu1 (3 года)
machine emperor is the best

Автор vamofucile (4 года)
@BenTheFuryBurks2 and how about Kalin?how do you unlock him?

Автор Yami Marik (4 года)
@percival where do you get kiteroid?

Автор mucisan (4 года)
@ARCEUSxLOVER speel je dit ook? ik ook het is echt leuk. welke deck zal je
meeste gebruiken? ik gebruik exodia deckt FTK and OTK meestal met verdedig
en negate card erbij dan kan je pass winnen (^^)

Автор ShadowBaofu (4 года)
These are pretty awesome. I really like the Accel Synchro builds; it never
crossed my mind to abuse Cursed Prison. Makes Assault Mode decks so much
faster. Thanks for helping me some stuff that I would have missed.

Автор Percival18 (4 года)
@Xx8xIchigox8xX by downloading the latest banlist (look for "go to yugioh
website" in the menu)

Автор StuffiestZane (3 года)
guys dark hole is not possible to get in the game without Cwcheats unless u
download on a specific date replace that with a monster reborn so u can had
two or another dark synchro

Автор bluenathpost (3 года)
if you can't find the packs you can just download a save file on gamefaqs
that gives you all of the cards without making any story progress

Автор julio gomez (2 года)
Friend excellent video but I miss you letters also describe in this video
did in this name are the letters that are used

Автор Benjamin Aleksander (4 года)
@vamofucile You get the Machine Emperors by beating Jakob's, Primo's, and
Lester's story. For Infernity Doom Dragon, you need to beat Kalin's story.

Автор mucisan (4 года)
@Percival18 With what use you record for psp. some get slower. by my video

Автор Sonicrules999AQW (3 года)

Автор Goku1085 (4 года)
Amazing Deck recipes!!!!! Waht about the Side Decks?? Are they important??

Автор Tottyz x (4 года)
dude how did you get those cards for dark synchro ?

Автор sparkxjin (4 года)
i just start yugioh tag force but i having a very hard time winning any
duel to get alot dp to buy, any intro which i should buy 1st?

Автор Benjamin Aleksander (4 года)
@vamofucile You need to beat Leo's story.

Автор JRimRim (2 года)
man there are MANY cards that i cant find even in the Booster Pack FAQ.
Cards like kiteroid. Ive spent hours searching online but to no clue on how
to obtain these cards.

Автор StuffiestZane (3 года)
the dark synchro monster reborn is banned instead i will use call of da
haunted does anyone know how to unbar it

Автор nicholasths tan (3 года)
Het you got Dark Genex Monarch hybrid deck??? WANNA THE DECK RECIPE???

Автор Jeremy Vuong (3 года)
how do u get forbidden cards

Автор Skylar Neville (2 года)
Dragunities are simple once you get the hang of them they deal with
equipping dragon type monsters to winged beast type monsters

Автор TheAC29 (The Magical World of Disney) (3 года)
@fabelknight10 Actually there's no way to deactivate the cards that are
listed as Forbidden , if you wanna use those cards you can download the
previous banned lists from the website using your PSP or you can use only 1
forbidden by finishing 5 character's storyline.

Автор Federico Orradre (3 года)
Do you have a save data to give us?

Автор al lavin (4 года)
percival how to get cursed prisoN?

Автор TheGruzel (3 года)
@Percival18 isn't Gusto Exodia the same drawing method as for scar red nova

Автор randomanime369 (3 года)
How did you change the banlist?

Автор Easi belly (3 года)
@Percival18 how do you your build dark flattop deck ??

Автор mustafa bashar (4 года)
yo what's the name of the song at the begining of the 1st infernity recipie
please i like 2 know and thnx 4 the fusion heros recipie i owe u 1.

Автор Will Goodman (4 года)
@mucisan Vooral Blackwing voor verhalen uit te spelen. Wisel & Machina's
voor fun. ik denk dat ik lists ga testen op tf5 en alsze daar goed genoeg
zijn int echt maken ^^

Автор vamofucile (4 года)
in which pack do you find the machine emperors and infernity doom dragon?

Автор jhon terry (2 года)
power wall password cannot enter

Автор Tsuu フルーツ (4 года)
What's the name of the song at 10:41 ??? Please ,please tell me !!!

Автор mareemo (4 года)
why dom u have pot of duality in almost all decks? does it have any combos?

Автор ShadowBaofu (3 года)
@Percival18 No duplicates either, if any archetypes were the same, they
used different cards.

Автор mareemo (4 года)

Автор Percival18 (4 года)
@Goku1085 yeah sure

Автор Percival18 (4 года)
@mixman300 by doing tag force 4 umd recognition

Автор dk_bawss (3 года)
flamvell ftw

Автор TheGoldcookiemonster (2 года)
Go to the web site and download the ban list the only thing that's on it is
a weird scorpion card the list helps,

Автор GHTuckerV (3 года)
@AQWHansgab0103 IDK about pack for brionac cause i downloaded mine off the
website (main menu options i think (sorry my psp has been dead with like 2
weeks cause i lose the charger) and then i think it's "go to yugioh
website" then selece your flag language then i belive you click "cards" and
somewhere on the list should be brionac (thats how i got him as i remember
it) if i left anything out please let me know

Автор Ichigo (4 года)
@Percival18 another question, how can you put 2 forbidden cards in your deck

Автор TheRuper747 (3 года)
From Where i Heard that Song? hmm i dont Remember and Good Decks you are a
great Duelist i am gonna use Some recipes to inspirate a proper Mine Thanks!

Автор Percival18 (4 года)
@2468ronnie15 there are 2 versions in the game. You can unlock the dark
synchro version with tag force 4 umd recognition

Автор MindCrushExodia (4 года)
for the gusta exodia, can you tell me why you run wynnda gusta? wouldnt
gusto egul be better?

Автор Mugsi (4 года)
Instead of studying, I spent my whole day copying these recipes!

Автор Shawn Michael (4 года)
wow.... these decks are amazing :D

Автор No Just no (3 года)
i bet having both tag force 5 and 6 is worthwhile isnt it?

Автор al lavin (3 года)
what pack can i find gusta monsters?

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