In memory of all abused, abducted, and murdered children

In memory of all of the babies, children, and youths taken too soon. Featured in the video are:

Children who were victims of child abuse and/or murder at the hands of their parents/guardians, or other family members, step-parents, their parents' boyfriends/girlfriends, etc.

Children who were killed by a stranger or a non-family member. Many were abducted & murdered by total strangers, others were victims of school violence, shootings, home invasions, etc. There is one mistake there- Coral Burrows was killed by her stepfather, so she should have been in the first category, sorry for the mistake.

Victims of terrorism- includes the children who died in the two worst attacks on American soil, the Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11, 2001 attacks. 19 children all under the age of 6 were killed in the bombing. The majority of them were attending daycare in the building when it was bombed. Eight children perished in the 9/11 attacks. All of them were passengers on the planes that the terrorists hijacked and flew into the buildings. Bernard Brown II, Asia Cottom, Rodney Dickens, and Dana & Zoe Falkenberg were on American Airlines Flight 77, the plane that hit the Pentagon. David Gamboa-Brandhorst, Christine Hanson, and Juliana McCourt were on United Airlines Flight 175, which crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center.

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Автор nettester09 (1 месяц)
How could you hurt a innocent child?! What did they ever do to you? I just
don't understand how you could look into a little innocent face and hurt
them? I'm so sorry to all those kids. RIP♥️

Автор bill boyd (12 дней)
Humans KILL their Own Babies, Fear and Shoot each other,while Well paid
Government WORRIES about gun industry. Avoid this planet if possible!

Автор sophie leadley (2 месяца)
all those sick people who can murder, abduct and abuse childrenn needs to
be treated the same as they treated those children R.I.P.little ones may
you sleep sound and have no more fears from th world

Автор Dubnez Rasta (3 месяца)
Poor babies man!!

Автор Fernando Alvarez (4 месяца)
Sad, very sad!

Автор Paula Navarro (3 месяца)
My God.... My God.

Автор Maria G (3 месяца)
It's so incredibly sad, the ones who have the most beautiful children treat
them so horrific. These monsters that abuse children, whether they were
born into it or by a stranger, Total Cowards!!! Karma will come back to you
whether in this life and most definitely in the next. You will have your
day. God Bless these innocent children, what a loss. RIP to these innocent

Автор Daniel Gonzalez (1 месяц)
Really sad

Автор Kendra Mansaray (3 месяца)
Shaniya Davis was a victim of child trafficking that's abuse

Автор Katherine Welch (4 месяца)
I want to take all these children and wrap them in my arms and tell them
it's gonna be ok. I'm here and no gonna let anything happen to you.
They are so precious and beautiful. They didn't deserve anything. May you
always be remembered and love for ever. I love each and everyone of these
children. So beautiful, so delicate, so perfect. So horribly sad that they
were taken so brutally. 

Автор Dennis Heinrich (1 год)
These children are now with Jesus. Amen.

Автор KreayKreay Jacque (1 год)
Omg she made this on my birthday

Автор aprilmaried5 (1 год)
This made me cry to think about all these Kids that r dead

Автор EAandDC (1 год)

Автор HuntinTracker87 (1 год)
2:53 time correction

Автор Aketearo Mauri (1 год)
My daughters sleeping(4yrs this year) watching this really hit me. (I stare
at my daughter) thinking I will do everything in my power to protect not
only you, but also any child doesn't matter what race... They are our
future, every human born into this world is a blessing. When u look into ur
childs eyes, tell them u love them everyday, that quote changes everything
<3 going out to the families who loved these kids with all there aroha
(heart) .. From a Mum all the way in New Zealand xx

Автор EAandDC (1 год)

Автор Sunnyz Stackz (1 год)
DAT sad they die

Автор jamiefitz2221 (1 год)
Jordan shut up know they didn't attenion seeker man

Автор MSP1AnimalloverXOXO (9 месяцев)

Автор Jeff Leonard (1 год)
I'm getting chills down my spine hearing about this 8 day old that was
killed. Rip Nevaeh Richardson!

Автор Brigita Rock (1 год)
R. I. P

Автор jasmingalway (10 месяцев)
poor kids :-(

Автор Cecilia8377 (1 год)
It majes me sooo so sad.. No children should ever be hurt it anyway they
deserve a chance at life. Unfortunately evil is written all over this
planet.. Sick ppl smh..:(

Автор TheAmgsmom (1 год)
They all were killed?

Автор Abby Noel (8 месяцев)
APRIL 19TH 1995 @7:29

Автор Malphite rubbies (1 год)
Ah man

Автор Rebeca McCarty (1 год)
May all of you find comfort in heaven I love you all R.I.P who ever did
this too them I will find and kill them see how they like it

Автор Michael Mercier (6 месяцев)
I wish BABY BRIANNA MARIAH LOPEZ was included in this video for angels. She
was only 5 months & 5 days old when she went to Heaven & the victim of such
horrific tragedy. If there is a second angels video or a way to incorporate
her into this one please do whatever is possible to include her. Thanks So
Much for Honoring & Acknowledging the Important Lives of These Precious

Автор 4hendersons2012 (10 месяцев)
This made me cry and im 13 rest in peace sweet kids may we see you in God,

Автор jessica pritchard (9 месяцев)
Poor things!

Автор Abby Noel (11 месяцев)
1995 @6:59

Автор Abby Noel (1 год)
BRUCE January 4 1995 - April 19 1995 @7:02

Автор Dan Kovach (1 год)
This is so sad. They never get to live their lives. I hate these murders,
it makes me cry every day. Rest In Peace Beautiful Angels <3 but you're in
a better place now! :'(

Автор Abby Noel (1 год)
19 1995 @6:53

Автор religiousrobin777 (1 год)
Somebody's baby's

Автор peacelaur S (1 год)
May these children live with Jesus,for that they were touched by hatred.

Автор Dimitrius G (10 месяцев)
these are some sick people why would they kill a baby it didnt know better
and its innocent

Автор Abby Noel (1 год)
November 25 1993 - April 19 1995 @7:38

Автор HuntinTracker87 (1 год)
1:40 what happened he was only little

Автор mckenzie thorton (1 год)
U k o what makes it so peak........ THE KIDS ARE FUCKING CUTE

Автор kayla hall (1 год)
The ppl who did this to the kids will most likely not get a spot in heaven

Автор Laura KRules (1 год)
Right so this video is about children that have now sadly past away because
of someones else fault and they haven't even had a chance to start life all
you care about is that some of them are hot. You make me sick. RIP all of

Автор barbidollz (1 год)
not all, a few.. :(

Автор Debby Stovall (1 год)
WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD!!!!???? i am soooo sick and tired of
all this fucking shit happening i mean GOSHDAMMIT!!!! i am a very serious
bottled up person who doesnt cry very often i wasnt sure i could but this
made my eyes tear up a bit the first time in fucking months!!!! i am just
dumbfounded that there is phsyco murderers out there who do this to
children and parents too and im like WHO WOULD KILL THERE OWN FUCKING
KID????lets value our lives shall we???

Автор Megratal (10 месяцев)

Автор MrGeorge1921 (1 год)
All right how old are you exactly!? Hopefully you are younger than 16 years.

Автор Rawr Im A Dino (1 год)
i cant even.... What is wrong with this world? How could people do this to
all these inocent kids,babies, teens im crying i cant imagine loising
someone like that

Автор zowie askew (1 год)
I stared to bale my eyes out my asked why and I said cause watch this she
did and stared to cry to I hate god forbid it but I hates these psych
people who do this and did it they are messed up people they deserve to go
to hell

Автор Jordan Hudson (1 год)
These kids are so cute shame they so young. Molly Bish and the other
teenage girls was ready to take on the world. why this happen I don't know

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