In memory of all abused, abducted, and murdered children

In memory of all of the babies, children, and youths taken too soon. Featured in the video are:

Children who were victims of child abuse and/or murder at the hands of their parents/guardians, or other family members, step-parents, their parents' boyfriends/girlfriends, etc.

Children who were killed by a stranger or a non-family member. Many were abducted & murdered by total strangers, others were victims of school violence, shootings, home invasions, etc. There is one mistake there- Coral Burrows was killed by her stepfather, so she should have been in the first category, sorry for the mistake.

Victims of terrorism- includes the children who died in the two worst attacks on American soil, the Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11, 2001 attacks. 19 children all under the age of 6 were killed in the bombing. The majority of them were attending daycare in the building when it was bombed. Eight children perished in the 9/11 attacks. All of them were passengers on the planes that the terrorists hijacked and flew into the buildings. Bernard Brown II, Asia Cottom, Rodney Dickens, and Dana & Zoe Falkenberg were on American Airlines Flight 77, the plane that hit the Pentagon. David Gamboa-Brandhorst, Christine Hanson, and Juliana McCourt were on United Airlines Flight 175, which crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center.

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Автор Bjarte Fagerlid ( назад)
children need a big dick fuck 😊

Автор tatiana pontious ( назад)
3 weeks old

Автор tatiana pontious ( назад)
My fave is kelsey

Автор Cindy Luong ( назад)
OH MY GOD! A 8 day baby?! This makes me so sad of how short these precious
angels lives are. RIP everyone <33

Автор Sarah Love ( назад)
Adre'anna Jackson disappeared about 4 blocks away from my home I believe
she was killed at home...her step father was a convicted felon and her
mother an addict and the story they give doesn't wash!

Автор hollyann Harvey ( назад)
peace made me cry

Автор hasalaxx ( назад)
Music is annoying

Автор randy besaw ( назад)

Автор randy besaw ( назад)

Автор randy besaw ( назад)
i wish that the kids were free and alive:'( i hope that the kids were not
murder if i sall that a kid was abused i will come up to the person that
was abuseing and puch that person and let the kid be free

Автор progaming230 ( назад)

Автор Jocelyn Payen ( назад)
why am I on there

Автор rainbowloomgirl ( назад)
Why they wrere thire kids and all the yates kids all togher with god bye

Автор Ghost town is awesome Taylor ( назад)
Okay this makes me mad why are there month old kids on here? If you dont
want them killing them is not the answer they are so cute its sad and
just...horrible none of you should be on here r.i.p little Angels and big.
Holly and Jessica story is the sad one ive ever seen you think you could
trust you cant <\3

Автор Mr. pop tart ( назад)
I'm hungry

Автор Qndel Alesachra (815 лет назад)
R.i.p love you

Автор Qndel Alesachra (912 года назад)
Do you now riliy fox

Автор STHFGDBY ( назад)
What a demonic world we live in. At least they are in heaven and in
complete happiness. God will have removed from them all memory of what
happened to them and who did it to them. But woe unto all them that hurt
and terrorized his innocent ones, it would be far better for them that they
were never born,,

Автор Zafir Miles ( назад)

Автор Neha Abraham ( назад)
RIP to those blessed children who were unlucky enough to have had such a
sad ending. I hope they are happy now and get what they always deserved xxx
My heart goes out to you

Автор kily Dean ( назад)

Автор Rebecca Peters ( назад)
The 8 week old kid made me break down! RIP to all of these kids

Автор The Underlying Truth ( назад)
I watched 20 seconds then had to stop it. Horribly sad

Автор Sarah Boyle ( назад)
R.I.p to them all :(

Автор Sarah Boyle ( назад)

Автор Rusticabcd ( назад)
Wait. Five children... The bite of 87 no wait fnaf 4 proved it.

Автор Selena Bryant (2030 лет назад)
I meant how sad

Автор Erin Huddleston ( назад)
Rip ...rip Riley fox you were and amazing little girl 

Автор Dilshan Ranga ( назад)
they all are in heven.my god will chosseed them for his angels.rest in
peace,my sweet angels.all are amezing beauty.god will with you,you never
see again your death,you will see your murder dead dear,this world is no
good,im sad my angels.love you soo much.

Автор Annastazia Goodwin ( назад)
im in tears!! poor little angles :'(

Автор Lilly Anne Jones ( назад)
The is literally a whole water park on my face right now : , (

Автор Luciens Xenon ( назад)
May their soul rest in peace , such beautiful innocent children , i hope
that those killers will rot in hell , and suffers a lot , and let those
children haunts them and torment them .. such a sad to see this video 😢

Автор James stephan ( назад)
My brother and sister were murderd in 19.66 by my mother 10 days of each
other my brother pass away of fractured scull an my sister beat to death
and set on fire do I have a life now no I thing razors are good to eat
that's it where is love 

Автор kaylouise1992 ( назад)
how can any kill a child its beyond me must be sick in the brain

Автор Emma Lindsay ( назад)
R.I.P 😭😭💔

Автор Matt Collard ( назад)
We are supposed to be their protectors not their executioners. 

Автор GTXMAN ( назад)
R.I.P Sylvia Likens

Автор EinarPlays ( назад)
Hi My name Is Einar Daði I am 19 years old My job is with kids age 5-17
years old
and I work for those kids I don't like to call it a job cause I am there
for them not the money even tho Its just 1 place that pays me and thats the
school but i also vulenteer in Red Cross and Scouts and I love doing what i
do for the main Reason to help the kids and help them educate them self and
live life to the fullest.
As a kid my self i felt left out and felt just really sad and at my Work
place i Play with the games and I be with them and i see most of the other
Workers just like to do nothing else but watch and work for the money.
But I love helping kids and such :)
Just wanted to share my story if anyone is willing to share there story
either PM me or Write here in the comments.

Автор abie kamara ( назад)
Well dat sucked cuz ur not telling us how dey got abused and murdered

Автор Dreidynn Case ( назад)
Now u can add jenise Paulette wright RIP 😘😘😘🎀🎀🎀❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

Автор Laurli Fae Gipgano ( назад)
Oh my! 😱 how can they do this things to these little angels. I can't help
but cry. 😭

Автор gabo paredes ( назад)
Some people are just wrong 😐

Автор Summer Smyth ( назад)
Rip angles

Автор Mary J ( назад)
I noticed you added Noah, John, Paul, Luke, and Mary Yates so I'm assuming
you know their story? RIP angels

Автор Trinity Brown ( назад)
Awww i started crying RIP to all of them beautiful faces u would be alive
right now if then sick people out there that just wanna kill rape kid nap
abuse what ever they think is right to do witch is not :'( you wouldn't
like it done to u think how they would of felt yer pain hert no one wonts
to die why do it sick fucks ???!!!!!! LUV USE ALL RIP XXX

Автор Ggiavanna Mack ( назад)
Im like crying right now

Автор Jennifer Juarez ( назад)
:( rip

Автор harriet plays ( назад)
poor children
bless there hearts
sad i cryed there
all them cute babys :(

Автор Sydney Unrau ( назад)
11 month old baby!!!!! Omg 

Автор Octavia Essie ( назад)
My God Rest in Peace

Автор fay ghalib ( назад)
In memory of all those beautiful children, and in shit to all those who
kill .

Автор jijweethetookniet ( назад)
Really sad to see all those faces :'(

Автор Kendra Mansaray ( назад)
Wars the name of that 2nd song

Автор Abner Trabanino ( назад)
Bless all the beutiful, wonderful and innocent children

Автор bill boyd ( назад)
Humans KILL their Own Babies, Fear and Shoot each other,while Well paid
Government WORRIES about gun industry. Avoid this planet if possible!

Автор Starr Guerrero ( назад)
Awwww;( i cryied

Автор Daniel Gonzalez ( назад)
Really sad

Автор Daniel Gonzalez ( назад)
Rest in peace :.(

Автор Sydney D ( назад)
How could anyone kill a child?!?

Автор Ariane belleville fortin ( назад)
Tanner dowler , 8 weeks so sad :( and Neveah Richardson 8 Days :( :( :(

Автор lucas works ( назад)
Judith Barsi, her dad was a stupid idiot >:(

Автор Markus Wells ( назад)
I hope the ghosts of those children take revenge and kill whoever abused
them or make them want to cry for their mommy

Автор Superpureeliteful ( назад)
Your society created all those sick people,your not born sick into this
world ,the world or society makes you sick,you take all those poeple who
happen to be monsters,they themselves were once innocent children,until
something changed them,i can name what it was,or what it is that changed
them,but you would never believe it,because you take it for granted,infact
you your self could have a child that might grow up to be a monster,but how
do you protect people from a society that is constantly manipulating people
to be rapists,murderers,serial killers?,there are some breeding grounds
were certain genes,can make a person into a phycopath,and are passed on
from generation to generation,but this is not something that is taught in
sex education,why is that?,there is also the programming that goes on in
our society that creates racism,hatred,jealousy,that cause people to
kill,and steal,long term exposure to porn/prostitution for example, can
make a man into rapist,or more competitive around women,it also creates an
infusion of diseases to pass from one human to another,faster than the
federal post,diseases are like letters,some are created by govenments,and
they focus those diseases in places were there is drugs alcohol,gay
bars,and pubs,and other social events,its so easy to spread a disease by
targeting an event,its called killing people indirectly,get your govenment
to stop the programming,and educate people on the truth behind these
insidious "Social engineering" programs,that your government are
behind,infact,they are making billions on these "Social Engineering
programs",but you know, if there was no murdering,and no killing,the
population would probably spiral out of control,which is why your
government have these social engineering programs currently running,they
are trying to prevent FEMA from happening ,but its a system that turns
people into animals,Class,Religion and Money ,are the main sources for
descrimination in this world,were living in a system that turns people into
monsters,its so easy to turn a man into a serial killer,or a rapist,just to
turn around,and give him the death penalty,they program people to be
criminals so that they can put them in prison,and later on the death
penalty,its a cycle,but they make billions out of it.people are just cattle
to be used for gain,politicall socailly,and economically.

Автор sophie leadley ( назад)
all those sick people who can murder, abduct and abuse childrenn needs to
be treated the same as they treated those children R.I.P.little ones may
you sleep sound and have no more fears from th world

Автор Missinglink ( назад)
SMH :(

Автор Kendra Mansaray ( назад)
Shaniya Davis was a victim of child trafficking that's abuse

Автор Paula Navarro ( назад)
My God.... My God.

Автор Dubnez Rasta ( назад)
Poor babies man!!

Автор Maria G ( назад)
It's so incredibly sad, the ones who have the most beautiful children treat
them so horrific. These monsters that abuse children, whether they were
born into it or by a stranger, Total Cowards!!! Karma will come back to you
whether in this life and most definitely in the next. You will have your
day. God Bless these innocent children, what a loss. RIP to these innocent

Автор Fernando Alvarez ( назад)
Sad, very sad!

Автор Katherine Welch ( назад)
I want to take all these children and wrap them in my arms and tell them
it's gonna be ok. I'm here and no gonna let anything happen to you.
They are so precious and beautiful. They didn't deserve anything. May you
always be remembered and love for ever. I love each and everyone of these
children. So beautiful, so delicate, so perfect. So horribly sad that they
were taken so brutally. 

Автор Natasha Brown ( назад)
There are thousands of childrens pics who should be in a vid like this but
its not possible Baby Brianna is all over youtube in vids just like this
one. This is the first one that i have seen poor wee Coral Burrows in. Poor
wee girl was missing for over two weeks while new zealand preyed for her
safe return to her mum and dad her step father knew she was already dead
since he killed her im glad justice was given out

Автор Michael Mercier ( назад)
I wish BABY BRIANNA MARIAH LOPEZ was included in this video for angels. She
was only 5 months & 5 days old when she went to Heaven & the victim of such
horrific tragedy. If there is a second angels video or a way to incorporate
her into this one please do whatever is possible to include her. Thanks So
Much for Honoring & Acknowledging the Important Lives of These Precious

Автор otaku.amvz ( назад)

Автор Manisha Baidya ( назад)

Автор Mackenzie Beal ( назад)
may they rip

Автор Angella Yurek ( назад)
So sad

Автор El Mundo de Jenn ( назад)
poor kids u.u what is the name of the song?

Автор Abby Noel ( назад)
APRIL 19TH 1995 @7:29

Автор Jose Palacios ( назад)
I hate people murdering and child abusing childern I just hate it all

Автор Achmat Armino ( назад)
so sad i hve 2children of my own and watching this just torn me apart pls
love youre children they are the future love you all little angels rest in

Автор Olivia N. ( назад)
i hugged my dad after this

Автор AJ Marcantonio ( назад)
All of these children did not deserve to die :(

Автор Jeff Leonard ( назад)
Sandra Cantu seems a lot older than 8 in that pic!

Автор twingirls1000 ( назад)
SICK PEOPLE WHY????!!!!!!!

Автор MSP1AnimalloverXOXO ( назад)

Автор Fatma Abri ( назад)
Am crying and praying for these innocent angels and heaven is their

Автор Emma Radnor ( назад)
i hope all of these children will be happy where they are

Автор annavlogs ( назад)
Crying like my mums died or something Rip

Автор jessica pritchard ( назад)
Poor things!

Автор Logan Van Dyke ( назад)
That made me cry im so touched with that my friends little bro was in it i
hope God is taking care of all of the

Автор 4hendersons2012 ( назад)
This made me cry and im 13 rest in peace sweet kids may we see you in God,

Автор Chloe Clair Sartourius ( назад)
R.I.P you angles. This is to sad this is making me cry. Sweet Angles rest
and peace ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Автор Megratal ( назад)

Автор Beverly Santaella ( назад)
Made me cry like 5 times omg R.I.P ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Автор Abby Noel ( назад)
19TH 1995 @8:01

Автор Abby Noel ( назад)
1992 - APRIL 19TH 1995 @7:57

Автор Kaylagrace11 ( назад)
Seriously 8 days old. What kind of sink person kill a baby who is 8 days

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