NGW100 AVR32 LCD kernel boot

NGW100 with a 640x480 LCD attached

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Автор Alvaro Aguirre (4 года)
Yes I did. Are you sure about the ethernet issue? I mainly use information
from avr32linux and avrfreaks wiki. I just check the avrfreaks wiki site
again and there is fresh new information about LCD connection. Go and get
it. Nice work Berniwa!

Автор Alvaro Aguirre (4 года)
I think that is the cost. It was supplied by the customer. A much better
option is the PSP LCD or any alibaba LCD.

Автор Alvaro Aguirre (4 года)
Optrex T-51512D121J-FW-A-AB

Автор Alvaro Aguirre (4 года)
@acf2802 Please check the correct LCD information on the recent posts.

Автор Hugo Galindo (5 лет)
Hi!, do you have a some info about how do you create the linux BSP, do you
have a web page? Thx.

Автор Alvaro Aguirre (4 года)
I have all the steps documented but it isn't complicated. The boot
information on the screen are only kernel configurations. I can send you a
detailed information of the menuconfig used on the video.

Автор acf2802 (4 года)
Nice. Can you tell me the make and model of the LCD?

Автор Alvaro Aguirre (4 года)
I think I made a mistake, the LCD on the video is the T-51750GD065J-FW-ADN

Автор Alvaro Aguirre (4 года)
I got it from RS (Radio Spares) but I look for it right now and at the US
it is out of stock and at UK it isn't listed anymore :s

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