How Big do Tsunamis Get?

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How big do Tsunamis Get? The answer is pretty terrifying, and pretty big.

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Автор Kun ( назад)
i survive indian ocean tsunami, my city which shown in the video at 0:40 was hit really bad... feel free to ask me how it feels back then

Автор SurferShotz x ( назад)
damn i live on the east coast

Автор Lisa elliott ( назад)
i feel sorry for them that died in the tsunami

Автор Epic Face ( назад)
Seriously scary if we died

Автор NADM OG. ( назад)
too many histories . i just want to know how big tsunamis get.

Your just freaking me out

Автор Farees Isqandar ( назад)
Burj Khalifa saves from the Tsunami

Автор Haitam chouiekh ( назад)
Shit, i live in morocco. the country next to the canary islands.

Автор Farel William ( назад)
Maybe Trump is going to build the wall more bigger than he planned

Автор Zoey Dulay ( назад)
becouse the people to much sinner

Автор Oreoz HD ( назад)
How big is stunami?

Answer: Um.. Only big as tv :)


answer: No stupid

Автор ColasTeam ( назад)
I don't know if you could actually see such a big wave hitting you. None of the footage I've seen of tsunamis ever shows a single wave that tall hitting the coast. It's more like, the water starts flooding the area very fast.

Автор Vintage Vinny DIY ( назад)
u ever throw a baseball or a cinder block in the water does no make a tsunami

Автор Jeff Cockmann ( назад)
damn that mustve been some pretty insane visual to see that big wave in italy

Автор TheAtomicCheeto 3 ( назад)
It's not very fun to think about when you live on the East Coast of America...

Автор The Skulls Clan ( назад)
when i was a kid i always tought that the meteor that made the dinosaurs extinct is the moon

Автор YALTAMAN Channel ( назад)
66 million what the?? 666

Автор YALTAMAN Channel ( назад)
I'm from Moscow XD

Автор XxAwesomeOrexX ( назад)
it's called mol o ka i

Автор vidygamer ( назад)
so 2012 movie is real?

Автор Scardy Bear1201 ( назад)
sooooooo the largest tsunami was the one in France since the earth did not exist millions of years ago?

Автор Chiasa Takahashi ( назад)
Nightmare inducing....

Автор Steven Terrier ( назад)
see deep impact for reference

Автор Davison Suboro ( назад)
Chance of the moon crashing into earth 0.10630163966194695729478294692649461964929591946929764929917494727956194920186395027395729927491074859273918648391764937257396281946293684686492549373646383836362938649184648293693107492649462894639469293746362947394638836474926485648292964919472937194781037392739293729927393017392082993848364838662964749274682736387263885529463917538297361896482996391984637377382910193837738391937467482929477482929476482983749394749297494938271964939263947194782947299478293748027%

Автор Goat Airsoft ( назад)
Dude these are scary

Автор Evgeniy Zabolotniy ( назад)
hm, wonder how could they count the height of tsunami that happened N millions years ago?

Автор Trinity ( назад)
I love watching tsunamis happen, not being in one.

Автор Original Recipe ( назад)
You have no idea what happened 1.5 million years ago nor does anyone else.

Автор Tatchi ( назад)

Автор mozart mario ( назад)
It's still fun to think about.... Well, maybe if it happened on Pluto or the Moon or whatever

Автор Hemuel Aronowitz ( назад)
Your videos are so interesting keep up the good work.

Автор Jude Strelitz-Block ( назад)
the guy talking sounds like he is always about to yawn

Автор The Ultimate Diamond // Luig's Ultimate Diamond ( назад)
All I need to know is if it can be big in Canada XD

Автор Latettaja ( назад)
Those aren't waves... they're mountains.

Автор Him ( назад)

Автор rani sanasi ( назад)
this was a scary video👹👹👹👹

Автор Siren ( назад)
I thought the biggest tsunami was the comets that hit the earth to create the ocean.
If it is real, it would probably be 50 times bigger than the biggest tsunami ever known.

Автор Not a Nazi ( назад)
When you live on the east coast 😵

Автор Freshwater Nick ( назад)
Yea it's really fun to think about WHEN YOU LIVE ON THE EAST COAST LIKE ME!!!!

Автор Woot Burger ( назад)
I wouldn't be surprised if Donald Trump proposed to bomb the Canary Islands in order to prevent the last scenario from coming true.

Автор Brendan Risney ( назад)
I remember hearing that the Krakatoa tsunami crossed the pacific ocean and still was massive.... that's gotta be difficult, right?

Автор tamale26 ( назад)
Someone mentioned in the comments section of this video about the tremendous tsunami that would be caused if the moon ever fell into the Pacific ocean. I don't think a tsunami would ever occur if the moon did fall because the splash of water that occurs would travel with a speed greater than the escape velocity and never fall back to earth, escaping the earth's gravitational pull.

Автор 420DARKFLAME ( назад)
god send the asteroid to earth becasue if he didn't we would be dead

Автор cerulpure ( назад)
What?! No mention of the Hilina Slump?

Автор UltimateRacer2600 ( назад)
Well the answer is already in the thumbnail

Автор HakulBee S ( назад)
There is a volcano in the canary islands that is full of water on one side. If that side was to fall then the east coast would indeed be very screwed.

Автор Shàydo ( назад)
5:12 Ffs, do you have any idea how little evidence there is for the Chicxulub impact?
Life doesn't magically restart itself after major disasters, mutations do not form new species.

If such an impact happened there likely wouldn't be any life on the Earth but deep sea fish, insects and vegetation.

Автор Jon Hodges ( назад)
When He Said That It Was Fun To Think About I Was Like.... THAT AIN'T GONNA BE FUN FOR ME TO FOR THINK ABOUT!

Автор rocccomole ( назад)
When you live on the east coast of the united states.................oh god

Автор Corrupt Culture ( назад)
poor gulf of mexico 66 million years ago...

Автор DinoGamerZ ( назад)
Tornado is very big can be until USA to ALGERIA

Автор DinoGamerZ ( назад)
Tornado is very big can be until USA to ALGERIA

Автор WeWantYouToStay ( назад)
Megatsunami: what happens when a feminist cannonballs into a pool

Автор MrThe1And0nly ( назад)
A bit misleading because a lot of these heights aren't actually the heights of a solid wave, but instead either how high water came , rolling uphill (Lituya Bay), or how high the splashes flew (Vajont dam).

Автор mo sin ( назад)
i hope it doesn
t cover the whole world

Автор AurofyArtz ( назад)
This is interesting. Just imagine how big a tsunami can get higher than mount everest.

Автор Edoardo Bettazzi ( назад)
I am Italian...

I am embarrassed for those italian scientists

Автор Magda Wieczorek ( назад)
how did i get here i was watching markipiler

Автор Doug Onion Head ( назад)
When he talks about the Tsunamis Me: ''What kind of people. Are they kids. there would be more children to reach the size of a tsunami""

Автор justplainpossum ( назад)
What about a future cumbre viejo or Juan de fuco tsunami?

I never heard of the Italian tsunami!

Автор Jonny Bravo ( назад)
"The largest tsunami was generated by a meteor. But thats not even the biggest. The biggest tsunami was generated by our planet colliding into another planet creating a wave so large it blew up the world. But thats not even the biggest tsunami ever recorded. The largest tsunami ever was the result of two black holes consuming a galaxy and shooting the earth 5 billion years into the future straight into a giant pool of lava 6838337 billion times larger than the sun. But thats not even the bi-"

Автор nonesta13 ( назад)
does this guy do the voice for night vale?

Автор AzizKhoskohh ( назад)
5 fucking kilometers high wave dude

Автор Jake Hooper ( назад)
Back in 2006, I wrote a paper on tsunamis and the teacher gave me a B because he said tsunamis don't get higher than 50ft. I tried to tell him that it is all a matter of how much energy is put into the water, but he didn't get it.

Автор Arran BC ( назад)
The Lituya Bay Tsunami was actually only ~30m tall. Still massive I'll admit but the 525m referenced here is the "runup height" of the wave; in other words, the height above sea level it reached by rushing up the inclined coastline. It's effectively the tsunami equivalent of a wave racing up the beach to higher ground once it crashes.

Автор Nestiito ( назад)
im from the canary islands :'(

Автор Youu Tuube ( назад)
Trump's wall would have no problem stopping these tsunamis from illegally immigrating.

Автор Zander Dan ( назад)
So, if I looked at the sky, it would be water instead of clouds? But clouds are water, so...y'know....

Автор VortexPlayz ( назад)
0:35 One step closer to my country.. (*gets more anxious*)

Автор Nolan Gleason ( назад)
those scientists should be on death row.

Автор Prazed Platoon ( назад)
love the thumbnail lol

"very big."

Автор IDontBelieveInPenises ( назад)
Every time I hear about a bug Natural disaster that kills you sands of people, all I can think is "Pbbshhht... Glad I'm not them..."

Автор Ëinsmen Brumude ( назад)
66 million years ago...really> now who the F took calculations and wrote it down 66 MILLION years ago...

Автор Steve C ( назад)
What a load of shit. There's many videos available and the tsunami is only a few metres high, not 30 or 40 metres. Tsunamis are more a "pulse" than they are a wave.

Автор Leslie Stafford ( назад)
It would be bad

Автор Leslie Stafford ( назад)

Автор Stuff ( назад)
It's not fun to think about if you are in the east coast of the United States...

Автор G RunsHere ( назад)
Im happy when i live in good country.Where is no tsunamis.

Автор Polopony20 ( назад)
"But... Its still fun to think about" Yea! not when you LIVE ON THAT EAST COAST!!

Автор This Day ( назад)
They should make a game called survive a Tsunami

Автор Redi ( назад)
1.5 million years ago? A tsunami? 600 meters? 1.5 million years ago?

You must be a girl with a grudge... Only they can remember such statistics over such lengths of time.

Автор yooHoo Lagger ( назад)
When you thought it was the biggest... YOU ARE WRONG

Автор CSI M8R ( назад)
Fuck Audible . com ! Fuck your ads. AdBlocker is in use for a reason.

Автор Jonathan Stallings ( назад)
The Impossible is an excellent movie

Автор Felixland Order Mapper ( назад)
Make "what if World War 3 happen"

Автор Sebastien Snider ( назад)
It is fun to think about if a giant tsunami 🌊 hit the east coast of the U.S

Автор TindailGames ( назад)
i should be sleeping... how did i get here :(

Автор BicChonny San ( назад)
😑it's still fun to think about

Автор Komodo Khan ( назад)
it's fun to think about, shiiiiiiiiiitttttt I'll be scared then a motherfucka if I saw a wall of water the size of 4 pyramids

Автор TheGuyFromTheCornerStoreWhoLovesCookies ( назад)
Next, do how small a speck of dust can get.

Автор Second Kings ( назад)
No...this is not fun to think about. Not at all.

And when you recognize that we can only watch about 1% of our sky and an asteroid could strike us at any time and there's nothing we can do to stop it? It becomes terrifying to think about.

Автор Ragin_RacoonLV ( назад)
i live in riga, latvia and got a fricking tsunami dream :/

Автор Brainfreeze151 ( назад)
I subed

Автор SpookeyLordzey ( назад)

Автор gthakur17 ( назад)
Pfff.. .this is nothing compared to what i create in the toilet after having mexican food

Автор Gabriel Waggoner ( назад)
That picture at 0:08 seconds is sad

Автор Gabriel Waggoner ( назад)
Wow 1 kilometer is 0.6 of a mile, rhat would be crazy if a wave was that high all along the east coast?!!! That would crazzyuu mannnn woww what would happen wtf smh

Автор Taylor sohyun ( назад)
Resent the background music that gives me a real chill

Автор Jayke Leblanc ( назад)
Ohhhhh great considering I'm on the east coast

Автор Jared Glass ( назад)
Forget is reallifelore it's 11 vs 1

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