How Big do Tsunamis Get?

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How big do Tsunamis Get? The answer is pretty terrifying, and pretty big.

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Song used is titled "Drive" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pZdZiPnsGs

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Автор Gaz Bigg ( назад)
if wee drinc teh see warta den der b no moar soonamees.

Автор Ubetinho Vine ( назад)
Hoooo tsunami +Ubetinho Vine 

Автор Aaron Shek ( назад)
I did not know that small landslides could cause such harm. Lol there, I
learned a geography lesson in less than 10 mins rather than 50 mins.

Автор bobby fletcher ( назад)
and the longer it goes on the more bullshit you spout lol

Автор bobby fletcher ( назад)
the statue of liberty is 93 meters tall not 45.5m as you incorrectly state
in the video

Автор Robby Glenn ( назад)
Sure "fun" to think about....fun...

Автор Viral Videos 2017 SUBSCRIBE ( назад)
want to see all the new viral videos( SUBSCRIBE HERE )

Автор Wondergirl158clark 3 ( назад)
Also wrong a flood killed the Dino's

Автор Wondergirl158clark 3 ( назад)
I'm fine because I live in ohio

Автор Kelson Blount ( назад)
Not enough time? make the video longer?

Автор I'm Pawn Shop and this is my Rick Harrison ( назад)
anddddddd im moving to the west coast now

Автор EASYTIGER10 ( назад)
Lituya Bay isn't really comparable to other Megatsunami. It was contained
within a narrow fjord and was in fact a "relatively" small volume of water
compared to something like the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Once out of the bay,
the wave would soon have dissipated.

Автор jabamango JR. ( назад)
Good thing I love on the west coast

Автор JustaPlayz - Montages and More ( назад)
how the fuck is it "still fun to think about" phsyco

Автор Kris Ranney ( назад)
They didn't mention the boats moored in Lituya Bay at the time. The only
one that survived was washed over the island in the middle of the bay.

Автор D. S. P Gaming ( назад)
even the biggest tsunami got nothing on the biggest volcano eruption, take

the scariest part is.. i live in indonesia.. lmao..

Автор Nathan Domke ( назад)

Автор Savion White ( назад)
Lord keep the Canary Islands intact....I live in South Carolina

Автор JuanIce ( назад)
I want to go to Japan but I am fucking terrified of tsunamis

Автор GSMillion ( назад)
I just got hard from watching this

Автор Gpluss S ( назад)
when you live in canarias island...

Автор TheEvilFlyingToaster ( назад)
1:26 Why is Dr. Zoidberg here?

Автор strawberries sweets ( назад)

Автор strawberries sweets ( назад)

Автор James Standbridge ( назад)
We don't have the same conception of fun

Автор SStinkk Gaming ( назад)

Автор irakli dekanosidze ( назад)

Автор irakli dekanosidze ( назад)

Автор MinasWorkout ( назад)
The statue of liberty is 93 meters tall 

Автор Andy gagen ( назад)
It's another death star!

Автор cyke blyet xd ( назад)
Nooooooooooooooooooooo. why did you just tell me that canary islands could
collapse into the ocean. im watching this in playa del ingles, gran canaria

Автор MrToomuchpsi ( назад)
i live in the east coast united states. Thanks a lot

Автор Pogromca123 - dawniej Jakub Klejna ( назад)

Автор Kick Face ( назад)
I like how the thumbnail answers the question so you can not watch the
whole 10 minute video about shit you already know about

Автор Mika Yuri ( назад)
Whata fuck mars earth is bigger than you mars

Автор Michele Rene Aied ( назад)

Автор Fantasticle Fox ( назад)
"It's so fun to think about" how is this fun to think about

Автор Jesse Quezada ( назад)

Автор arizonatsunami ( назад)
I approve of this video.

Автор measogi ( назад)
Thumbnail says it lol

Автор Bob Thenob ( назад)
6:37 Yes the prospect at dying horrifically always brightens my day
How about you?

Автор Matu Does YT ( назад)
Wanna know why dinosaurs died? Because your mom fell on them..

Автор Hit'n'Run ( назад)
"But, it's still fun to think about" "Is it o.O?

Автор ryuichi diep ( назад)
anybody else hear him say specific ocean at 4:38?

Автор Joscelin Marquez ( назад)
I'll be scared it that happened to me 😳😂

Автор Isaiah Del Moral ( назад)
It would be so ironic if that actually happened

Автор Helicopter ( назад)
So it's finally 66 millions years now?
When did that happen?

Автор SaSSolino ( назад)
I've been in longarone, pretty interesting stuff

Автор - Plutospark - ( назад)
Shit... I live in Virginia

Автор Christian and Daniel brothers Rodriguez ( назад)
fuck this

Автор EseIzan98 ( назад)
well, I live in canary islands so... wish me good luck :S

Автор Pascal Melchior ( назад)
Le mec annone son texte sans marquer de pause en mâchant son chewing-gum
alors qu'il est rempli de conneries et de contre-vérités.

Автор Kenny Lee ( назад)
6:38 "But it's still fun to Think about it" ............... Dude... wtf...
Lol " O.K. ".

Автор Jordan Casey ( назад)
Those poor Alaskan trees

Автор RaccoonPlayz MC ( назад)
Should I be watching this while living on the beach

Автор Insane Plum ( назад)
I'll stay inland in Alberta, thanks.

Автор carlos Ramos ( назад)
what happen to Janpa 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

Автор The Purple Lobster ( назад)
"But it's just fun to think about..." yeah... fun.

Автор Leafy Markiplier Jacksepticeye Septiplier Fan ( назад)
Thank the gods im in Teaxs

Автор Leafy Markiplier Jacksepticeye Septiplier Fan ( назад)
Thank the gods im in Teaxs

Автор Budgie AhLah ( назад)

Автор real G ( назад)
but they cant get bigger than my penus

Автор Shawn Su ( назад)
we don't eve know for certain if there was actually an meteorite hit the
earth n caused the extinction of dinosaur.

Автор Tajj'iia ( назад)
"those aren't mountains..."

Автор Jonas Stammeleer ( назад)
Show us pics of those giant tsunamis... Oooh wait you cant

Автор Niamh O'Connor ( назад)
Americans using meters is the best thing <3

Автор TehLuiis ( назад)
The megatsunami at the lituya bay wasnt 500 meters high. The wave was
150-200 Meters high and reached a height of the mountains of 500 meters

Автор Ramon Robinson ( назад)
Every time this guy talked about a tsunami he said it was the
largest......three seconds later, "but that pales in comparison to the
largest....." lol that annoyed the heck out of me Great Video tho I see a
lot of research was put into this

Автор Oliver Rayward ( назад)
I was born on the day that the Indian Ocean tsunami happened

Автор Austritistan ( назад)
The largest tsunami ever will happen when your mom dives into the ocean,
causing a tsunami 6.9 km tall

Автор My final Form ( назад)
I think I know what the Empire State Building looks like

Автор MastaMastaMasta ( назад)
You see! This is why I live inland sorounded by mountains XD

Автор MtEdeNLov3R ( назад)
For the people who don't have any respect for nature or the planet at all,
you need to seriously think about why you're still breathing.

Автор Kid Cruiz ( назад)
I live on east coast 😧

Автор multisuperchi ( назад)
I watched the tsunamis and they were no where near 40m high wtf 😂😂
their small butt its alot of water and it adds up when there is a lot of
force behind it

Автор Kelven Palma ( назад)

Автор DILI KING ( назад)
this wasn't the case.... the water does not rise because the object fell in
it, but because the lake was small and water had nowhere to run away as in
the case of oceans.

Автор Will Teakell ( назад)
Wow thanks lmao i only live in Wilmington North Carolina 😂

Автор Artina Kadrija ( назад)

Автор DJ - W0LFBEAT5 ( назад)
This is an excellent learn right here. Thanks for telling me. Liked! 👍🏽

Автор VideosByDr1m ( назад)
ксмоней - сайт для обмена.

Автор SupereKrakersik ( назад)
Oh man. As a guy living in europe deep in land I would love to see these
canarain islands fall in the water and cause this crazy shit tsunami. Just
imagine watching it live. 1KM crazy shit tsunami riping apart all these
skyscrappers in New York. Damn best movie alive.

Автор ryan richards ( назад)
i live in the east coast of america. that island better not fall

Автор Peder Hansen ( назад)
30 meters my ass. a tsunami slowly filling up outside a harbor wall doesn`t
equal "wave" height. tsunamis will lose a lot of height when going in land
AND the potential landslide from the canary islands would be mitigated when
passing over the entire atlantic to the point it would be barely noticeable
by the time it gets there. over exaggerating morons

Автор Fugitoid/Robbie Rotten ( назад)
Ocean man take me by the hand lead me to the land that you understand

Автор Endrio RR ( назад)
Ilha do malakoi?

Автор jklahsd32 laksd13 ( назад)
had a knowledgegasim

Автор Allen Johnson ( назад)
we can always hope La Palma (canary islands, to Americans) slips into the
ocean and wipes out all of the east coast of America.

Автор Kh ft ( назад)
It's Molokai eee

Автор WhiskersPlays ( назад)
How big can earthquakes get?

Автор alanis vasquez ( назад)
the 1960 tsunami was the biggest in the history

Автор roy h ( назад)
thanks global warming, they didnt have tsunami's when i was younger

Автор Galaxian ( назад)
Oh god no I live on the east coast

Автор Geovany Franco ( назад)
when I shit I create a tsunami bigger than the fucking burj khalifa

Автор Wavy Hair ( назад)
if a 5k high tsunami did happen I could just masturbate, problem solved

Автор AMERICAs MOSQUEs INFILTRATION F- Correctness ( назад)
Fun to think about? I don't think so.

Автор CombMaHairBitch ( назад)
they gave south africa a sad zoidberg

Автор Spider SPIRIT ( назад)
i was doing shark shit! when..

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