How Big do Tsunamis Get?

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How big do Tsunamis Get? The answer is pretty terrifying, and pretty big.

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Автор Ryan Lorentzen ( назад)

Автор Vlad Lenin ( назад)
the height of a trillion Japanese stacked tiptoed on top of each other

Автор qe qe ( назад)
Next time dont answer for entire video in 1 preview:
-Huw big do tsunamis get?
-This big!

Автор YamzTheStarWarsFan 1 ( назад)

Автор Kevin ( назад)

Автор Sauce Gotti ( назад)
66 million years ago so how are people so sure that happened that long ago

Автор Galaxy Gaming ( назад)
:) "it's still fun to think about" Me: **moves to space**

Автор tcpoe the great ( назад)
..... I live in the east coast ........

Автор Blue & green love star ( назад)
i live in Indonesian

Автор Lukas Smithers ( назад)
It was believed that billions of years ago when the moon was about 100x closer to the earth that just a "small" wave would reach 100kilometres inland.

Автор Chompski 98 ( назад)
"Pretty fun to think about" yeah. Except for us that live on the east coast

Автор Minecarts0223 ( назад)
Lifenoggin and this channel are very similar

Автор Sans Suck ( назад)

Автор DailyParishere 123 ( назад)
Can a Tsunamis happen at Indiana?

Автор dazzaburger ( назад)
Two fisherman survived the lituya bay tsunami, how is that possible!

Автор Marcus Ko ( назад)
I hope it doesn't come back again

Автор hyzercreek ( назад)
The idiots who put this together think the height of the wave makes it a tsunami. That shows they don't even have the most basic understanding of science. Tsunamis can have a wave height of only 5 feet and do incredible damage whereas a surface wave can have a height of 20 feet and never leave the beach. Tsunamis are destructive because of wave LENGTH not height. They have a wave length of hundreds of miles while regular breakers have a wavelength of only a few hundred feet. Yet these idiots are on here talking about 100 foot waves. Never happens. Tsunamis usually only have 5 or 10 foot wave heights. It's wave LENGTH that is the problem. They said the height of the Japanese wave was 133 feet? That's just a lie. It was more like 10 or 15 feet.

Автор Noisjack ( назад)

Автор e l f t e a r s ( назад)
nature is so metal

Автор Dimitrios Diaz ( назад)
I'm guessing the men standing on the Dam died from that 850 foot one?

Автор Lil FiFi ( назад)
How big would the tsunami be if the San Andreas fault went?

Автор Albino_ Jellyfish ( назад)
" it's still fun to think about"😐

Автор the random mario channel ( назад)
don't worry guys, Donald Trump will build a 500 kilometer wall to keep the tsunamis out.

Автор Jets Nation53 ( назад)
"Unless one of the Canary Islands collapse"
*Me: Hahah stupid brits*
...which would destroy the entire east coast of the United States.
*Stops laughing and begins to realize I live on what is referred to as a barrier island*

Автор Dylan Bohn ( назад)
Regular Tsunami: Ha, beat that.
MegaTsunami: Hold my beer.

Автор Jessie The queen ( назад)
i like tsunamis but there are scary

Автор wisdaniel ( назад)
Man, the Japan tsunami was almost as expensive as the Trump family secret service detail.

Автор Xavier Lennard ( назад)

Автор fiveohnine ( назад)
Dammit zoidberg

Автор JojoWizard 64 ( назад)
Do you have any sources? If so, can you give me a or some links.

Автор bale11gareth ( назад)
now you made me very paranoid saying that it would wipe out the whole east coast. I live there, well hey just funny to imagine

Автор Danny Hansen ( назад)
I think a big sunahmee will happen when the moon runs into the erth

Автор Sean Slawson ( назад)
Yeah it's not so fun when I happen to live on the East Coast

Автор Jack Everix ( назад)
6:35 um no it isn't cause I live on the east coast and I don't wanna die

Автор sukhwant kaur ( назад)
this is cool

Автор Thegamingkid 564 ( назад)
I was at japan when the giant wave hit.by the end of the day i said "fuck u Mother Nature"

Автор Galaxy Poop ( назад)
So it's fun to imagine that I might die due to a collapsing island next to Africa?

Автор Toria Playz ( назад)
i live in north america ohio.... i dont wanna die if that ever happends... :(

Автор ExoticButter Golden ( назад)
"it's still fun to think about" alright, goodbye east coast.

Автор Luke Melchior ( назад)
Lost me at volcanic landslide 1.5 million years ago. How would you possibly know what happened 1.5 million years ago, much less 66 million years ago. Silly.

Автор Nahela Lara ( назад)
guys I'm mexican that is crazy

Автор Mansoorr68 Uvxeg ( назад)
compare tsunamis to burj khalifa not empire state building

Автор LeTz_pLaZ_GaMeZ ( назад)
Ex: slashes water on husband's face Husband: "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?" Ex: "Oh, your gonna get a lot more hehehe"

Автор John Slack ( назад)
this bored the shite out of me !!!

Автор Lunix ( назад)
"It's still fun to think about" NOOOOO i live in South Carolina

Автор GeneralSPatton Games ( назад)
Murcia will save the world

Автор larry459714 ( назад)
but even that pales in comparison to ...... X4

Автор Mr MkJr ( назад)
It is still kinda terrifying how just a 10 km big asteroid which is like a medium-small town in reality can do that huge damage which is like 2 million Tsar bombs..

Автор robert Turner ( назад)
so a canary island gets a 1 kilometer tsunami that takes out the eastern coast....idk bout dat

Автор Sydney Yang ( назад)
Who's on the west coast

Автор Hector Camacho ( назад)
you are dumb legend27 ugly

Автор to2burger ( назад)
Do will the cannery islands crash and sink into the ocean? And if so why COULD it but probably won't?

Автор to2burger ( назад)
Q: Does the water push outward in all directions an the continue to get FASTER and grow in WAVE HEIGHT???

Автор to2burger ( назад)
Is their anything unique that makes the waves so much faster because the water has to displace and move so suddenly from its previous state of rest when stuff fall in it and causes tsunamis like with Italy in 1963?

Автор Aidan Convery ( назад)
The Jap wave was NOT as high as stated.

Автор YoloIsMyBro YoloIsMyBro YT ( назад)
1:28 damn I am South African

Автор Saulius Simcikas ( назад)
"it's still fun to think about" - you have a really weird idea of fun... But I share it!

Автор Dryootube ( назад)
your facts are wrong read about the chixalube crater this landed in shallow water computer modelling shows max wave height @ 100 metres

Автор 4 EvER ( назад)
Fun to think about.?

Автор Phyrux Okari ( назад)
This is some scary shit but I like it. It is good to know how much the universe wants to kill us

"Fuck you universe, I am still alive!"

Автор D Smith ( назад)
The biggest mega tsunami is really when your in a pool and a fat guy jumps in

Автор Alex scott ( назад)

Автор Siergiej882 Kowaliow ( назад)
This is all bullshit. There was never 250 m tsunami. FAKE. It just reached very high because of the contact with mountains..

Автор Toaster Master Race ( назад)
the canary island collapse thing isnt true, google it

Автор Jibbe Burgers ( назад)
The biggest tsunami was in 1963 but wait in 1958 there was even a bigger one and wait a second 1.5 million years ago was even higher o no actualy the biggest one was from a meteorite that probably killed all dinosaurs. As if you were reading something that changed again and again.

Автор CaptainKidwell'Z ( назад)
Just brexit and tsunamis will leave you alone.

Автор epic tv channel ( назад)
sub 2 me I will sub 2 u

Автор John Fellower ( назад)
Disturbing social order? I thought Mussolini died by then.

Автор James Viglino ( назад)
Cool well let me look out side *Tsunami approaches* well shit its the same wave from interstellar -gg- .............

Автор Recetic Gaming ( назад)
This guy is better than Vsauce

Автор MrVasja46 ( назад)
Bo treba vprašat Ruse, kakšen val naredi bomba Tsar, v kolikor eksplodira na globini ene milje, če jim bo NATO še malo po živcih skakal! ;)

Автор Semu Robo ( назад)
"... but it's still fun to think about it..... as long as you dont live on the east coast

Автор We will Come for you ( назад)
I was there when the 2011 japan earthquake and boi was it scary ;-; it happened when i was 4 when m ten now

Автор Iban Jackson ( назад)
not to be that guy but the statue of liberty is 93 meters tall not 45.5

Автор Oskar Kristjansson ( назад)
This was depressing

Автор chajus1 ( назад)
3:27 so almost everyone observing died? Did People go deaf? i mean that was quite a slam, curious

Автор kyler Barcellos l ( назад)
When you live in NH and hear the end of the story

Автор Heidi Hudakoz ( назад)

Автор Nico Maichenitsch ( назад)
the wave in italy was 150

Автор ZandalariHero ( назад)

Автор Samari Miraku ( назад)
what are you talking about ? there's a high chance the last one will happen

Автор Hartley Hare ( назад)
Great & informative🖒☺🍏

Автор Juan Manuel Zardain Buganza ( назад)
What about rogue waves ???

Автор Sam Cotton ( назад)
you are misrepresenting the size of the waves for example you said that the lituya bay landslide created a 525m wave when actually vegetation up to a height of 525m was destroyed but the wave was reported by witnesses to only be 30m high

Автор Rylan Taylor ( назад)
Lmaooo how u niggas gonna die from a wave? Like just swim away nigga damn

Автор Tadesan ( назад)
I guess videos like these appeal to dumb people.

Автор Jamie Forrest ( назад)
Americans will never grasp the art of Sarcasm

Автор Rafael Montero ( назад)
a tsunami can get as high as it wants its not a limit

Автор Vivek Joshi ( назад)
very good presentation

Автор Lia Müller ( назад)
im fuckin terrified of tsunamis

Автор Tomy_1 ( назад)

Автор Nemo Gage ( назад)
4:17 Don't you mean less than 100 metres.

Автор kushaholic ( назад)
1:54 is a picture of the Hoover dam. not some shithole in Italy

Автор sue barker ( назад)
In today's world nothing like this could happen because we now have the internet.

Автор My dad is A cück ( назад)
This nigga said a 1 kilometer high tsunami would be fun to think about

Автор CREEPONATER Minecraft ( назад)
Am I the only one who noticed that he said "five meters shorter" and the screen said "five meters taller"

Автор Jared Glass ( назад)
This shit is fake you have no prove that an asteroid caused a 3 mile high wave 66 million years ago their was no technology back then

Автор Last Shift ( назад)
Lore don't jinx it

Автор Joshua Lehmann ( назад)
Boi i live in Miami there are no mountains i would die instantly

Автор Gary F ( назад)
Why didn't they just launch another meteorite into the oncoming one? It would have shattered it and caused the debris to bypass the earth.

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