Vellu - King of Tricking

everything i filmed of him at the bigtrick battle and gathering 2009, remember that this video is 2 years old now and he has become ALOT (!!!) better now, check recent videos as well, i know the title is controversial but anyone is entitled to his own opinion =) leave a comment to express your feelings

check out his channel as well: http://www.youtube.com/user/Vellusta

song: a day to remember - the plot to bomb the panhandle

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Автор G T R channel ( назад)
your the Best in tricking in the World ,I think

Автор Samuel Borderock ( назад)
oh wow !!!! this man jumps as if his got no tomorrow .......

Автор Jurii SpillBeerG ( назад)
Смотрите самое лучшее в России * НЕВЕРОЯТНО ТРИКИНГ * Тольятти

Автор yajstylez ( назад)
Even Crazy Asian looks better... James Yu

Автор Kamran Quliyev ( назад)
cebrayil memmedli is the king of tricking

Автор AapoPvP ( назад)
Best video ever!

Автор Cardfold11 ( назад)
anyone know what the very first trick is called, where he goes from one
cork right into the next, all on one foot?

Автор Arnaud Thomas ( назад)
Anis Cheurfa is the king of tricking

Автор digweed88 ( назад)
omg he's breakdance fighting 

Автор Ibraheem Abo Nijmeh pk ( назад)
nope it's another awesome sport 

Автор Yuri0i ( назад)
Did you even watch the video? Either you don't know what gymnastics are or
you didn't watch the video...

Автор Jonathan Reardon ( назад)
mix martial arts with gymnastics tumbling and you have tricking

Автор Julian Sommerer ( назад)
1:15 So fucking clean Oo

Автор TheSheepDiaries ( назад)
There is not 1 singular king in tricking but many masters of this unique
art. Unique to every tricker but these guys push us everyday positively :)

Автор UncleDavid1985 ( назад)
You couldnt be further from the truth. Most of these moves are never heard
of in gymnastics.

Автор doublebongsau ( назад)
So...take gymnastics...do the moves like an amature ..Tricking!

Автор N3rdizzle ( назад)
he mastered movement

Автор Martin Khol Yabut ( назад)

Автор victor franco gordillo ( назад)
Que beestiiaaaa! The best tricking vellu :O L the big vellu

Автор Kevin Burris V ( назад)
u could go from noob to this in like 3 years if you have proper diet and
training, but that's under extreme conditions of pushing yourself and
having the right places to train

Автор Eamon O'Donnell ( назад)
imagine what this guys girlfriend looks like..

Автор John Alti Alti ( назад)
i can do that shit. just press X O Δ ☐ at the same time repeatedly

Автор Rainier PARAS ( назад)

Автор TetrapakProdzekt ( назад)
Tekken 3: Eddy

Автор TetrapakProdzekt ( назад)
just turn the gay music down and enjoy the video...the music part is

Автор TetrapakProdzekt ( назад)
this man is still the best ->

Автор shawnllama ( назад)
I bet he can't do a Tornado kick. trolololol

Автор Jordan Garrison (JG) ( назад)
this dude is sick as hell

Автор UncleDavid1985 ( назад)
what about him?

Автор Prox89 ( назад)
Brandon MCcuien Aka Lil B

Автор DanteLeguar ( назад)

Автор Han Phillips ( назад)
For those people who don't trick, yes, I know it's hard to believe. But
this guy is twice as good as he is here :D that doesn't mean sextuple Fulls
it means better creativity with the same high level tricks. I'm a kicker so
this doesn't gravitate towards me as much as say Andy Le but mad props to
Vellu for exploring new methods and techniques.

Автор Luis Argumedo ( назад)
No way! In tricking you want it to look good, but there's nothing behind
it, you just make tricks. Parkour have it roots on natural method and has
more meaning than just making things that look amazing. In parkour, in
physical terms, you want to be efficent when moving from point A to point
B, but there's more about parkour, you should check wikipedia articles
about both disciplines. Sorry for my bad English.

Автор KidCannabis310 ( назад)
Anyone else think of Toribash?

Автор UncleDavid1985 ( назад)
not at all! 

Автор GreenFootages ( назад)

Автор Hidayat Hussain ( назад)
is tricking and parkour the same?

Автор Felix_Stn ( назад)
Thanks for this Answer

Автор UncleDavid1985 ( назад)
It depends on your level of talent. It's pretty safe to say that most
people won't ever come close to this level, no matter how much they train.
If you wanna become good you'll need a serious approach. That means: Train
safe, build strong basics, get stronger and flexible (stretch alot!).
Record your progression. Work on your basic kicks. Don't go for advanced
tricks if you havent master the prerequisites. That means: Don't train a
jacknife if your cheat720 sucks, you get the idea. Good Luck!

Автор Felix_Stn ( назад)
How long do I have to train to become as good as this Guy ? Srsly answer
please :)

Автор tamjeedreza ( назад)
I can also do that. Just hold my beer..

Автор robertej09 ( назад)
But there's nothing sexier than a girl who can trick. Imagine what your
foreplay would be like :P

Автор akrobatapobyku ( назад)
I remember that day you uploaded this video. It was almost four years
ago... And it's still awesome!

Автор Yuri0i ( назад)

Автор Cristiano Neves ( назад)
caraca se o o EDDY DO TEKKEN tivesse a metade dos golpes desse cara EU NAO
PERDIA UMA kkkkkkkkkkkkk muito fera

Автор GOOB3000 (1341 год назад)
he looks so much older with long hair

Автор strengthxcourage ( назад)
Dude, I hate to say this, but it's just a re-upload of Vellu's Graduation
(2012). And he's not a freerunner. He's a tricker. So you better find a new
World's Best Freerunner xD

Автор shavenhaven100 ( назад)
Thats fuckin hectik! The dude looks about 6ft2 and he's doin flips off one

Автор Junior Trick ( назад)

Автор Anthony Orlando ( назад)
Tricking level: Asian

Автор Solomon Boston ( назад)
Check him out now. Vellu has developed ALOT more control, power, and
variety. You'll change your mind quickly if you check out his recent

Автор blazingstar1231 (394 года назад)
This is a great video next time add slow motion effect

Автор Jimby_11 ( назад)
Because its playing ADTR it makes this video way better

Автор Torguish ( назад)
Can't really do this sport since my joints are messed up. Just had my knee
operated about 2 months ago and still getting it back to shape. Don't think
my body can handle this sport.. :|

Автор MaconArtofMotion ( назад)
Its done by a combination of both of those.

Автор MaconArtofMotion ( назад)
Tricking will get you in shape. We have a few tutorials on our channel if
you're still on beginner level.

Автор MaconArtofMotion ( назад)
Well make that dream a reality. You can do it.

Автор MaconArtofMotion ( назад)
True that!

Автор EPR89 ( назад)
1:35 Goddamnit! I love flying move like that.

Автор UncleDavid1985 ( назад)
This video is 3 years old, don't you think he has gotten better by now?!
Compare this to any other tricking video of 2009 and you will see why i
gave the video this title.

Автор クマ吉 ( назад)
what is this BGM?

Автор DJ Tranquillity ( назад)
i'm in love with tricking !!! <3 !!!

Автор UncleDavid1985 ( назад)
@WheyRou maybe lil amok looks like vellu?

Автор WheyRou ( назад)
Am.. he looks like Lil Amok not like Vellu

Автор Marci19177 ( назад)
I can do this...here hold my beer!

Автор UncleDavid1985 ( назад)
@skillingstuff in what? wodka jugging? One is a tricker and the other is a
freerunner or whatever. You might as well let a tony hawk battle travis

Автор Hap ( назад)

Автор Royce Harley ( назад)
Steve Terada* 

Автор celerina del rosario ( назад)
. .wow !

Автор ČaN'as ( назад)
sex or tricking? i chose tricking

Автор PicArtMovies ( назад)
what a fucking genie!!! :D

Автор Gazudin ( назад)
Yes, this video has been the nr1 result when searching for tricking on
youtube for quite some time (it's 2nd now), also almost everytime I want to
tell someone about tricking I show this video and I think many others do
too :) it's just so awesome.

Автор UncleDavid1985 ( назад)
@NeirdaStunter holy shit you are right! didnt even notice this :0 amazing!
never thought of that when i made this video 3 years ago, vellu is simply

Автор NeirdaStunter ( назад)
500k wiews... Omg I remember I watch it when there was only 5k wiews xD !
Btw this is a fucking great video, I love you Vellu, your tricks are
awesome :P <3 !

Автор akorotin13 ( назад)
у.ать как быстро!!!!! он самый крутой человек

Автор LieteUndLucy ( назад)
Tricking :)) /watch?v=7EkfAKThNx8

Автор Taylor W-F ( назад)
Hi, It's called a touch down raiz. Just search touch down raiz tutorial and
one will pop up, it's a common move

Автор CptAwesomeTV (1499 лет назад)
watch?v=6uhlC0NvrxE im pretty sure that's what you mean

Автор d3tach3d ( назад)
its steve terada and he is a 5ft Asian. 

Автор Josh Waddell ( назад)
Vellu - King of Tricking in 2012! MUST WATCH! SO EPIC!

Автор Kristian Martin Joensen ( назад)
i used to do stuff like this all the time.............but then i woke up

Автор UncleDavid1985 ( назад)
@de3mka i guess you mean the touchdown raiz?

Автор de3mka ( назад)
Please can anyone tell me what is called the back cross over over 1 hand in
02:34? And where would i find a tutorial for it?

Автор Juho Mannila ( назад)
Lol you failed your response because it wasn't UncleDavid who called him

Автор James Bond ( назад)
Very impressive!

Автор DanteLeguar ( назад)
Awesome O_O

Автор Alexander Cassinos ( назад)
was he up against guthrie during that?

Автор UncleDavid1985 ( назад)
no its not too late at all, look up Doeni: Hes a swiss Tricker at age 35 or
something and still going strong. He started at his mid twenties i believe.
You still have plenty of time. Just remember to be careful and not get
injured. Start slow and build a good foundation of basic tricks before you
go for advanced tricks. Find a nice spot to trick, take some friends and
get started =)

Автор Torguish ( назад)
I'm 20 and i just found out about this, i am really, REALLY interested. Any
ideas if it's too late to begin doing something like this? I'm pretty
athletic but nowhere near in shape to do this. 

Автор Naoto Kanaeda ( назад)

Автор Joel Rodriguez ( назад)
what a beast.... good music too

Автор XtremeTrickers ( назад)
A Day To Remember - The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle

Автор VXTwistful ( назад)
adam kink beyler daglin!

Автор sbs2798uu ( назад)
He should join tae kwon do in the Olympics, he would own everyone with his

Автор Mergavar Begins ( назад)
amazing video.

Автор Josip Vucic ( назад)
haahahahhaahah *steve terada!

Автор CapOMixO ( назад)
but can he do a backflip ?

Автор Nathan Stanyon ( назад)
I bet he's addicted... to Dizzy.

Автор 3lowhsamax ( назад)
wow he should play Soccer he would DoubleKick it even the Best Goal Keeper
wont back it

Автор Corey Benbow ( назад)
Really you're all noobs for comparing trickers!

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