Theatre Organ: Rondo in G

Theatre Organ: Rondo in G. Dave Wickerham plays the 4/20 Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ at Denver's Paramount Theatre. The event: "Footloose II" sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Chapter American Theatre Organ Society. For more info: www.RMCATOS.org Rondo in G attributed to John Bull, arranged by Richard Ellsasser.

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Длительность: 6:41
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Автор Chloe Alexa ( назад)
Footwork is fantastic.

Автор Mike Clemens ( назад)
I really enjoyed this! It's my kind of playing. The instrument is good and
Dave is great. A good talent and showmanship combo. Also, people, lets not
get into 'this one is better than that one' arguments. What's better to me
may not be better to you. Is a theater organ better than a French romantic
organ? Is an electro-pneumatic organ better than a tracker? Are scrambled
eggs better than sunny side up?

Автор Patrick Mower ( назад)
Forget Diane Bish, THIS is a THEATRE organ, and it sounds just great. Good
work Dave, keep it up!

Автор Sérgio Silva ( назад)

Автор 1969Wilus ( назад)
I love the "cross-feet" pedal technique!

Автор David Walbroehl ( назад)
Diane Bish did a way better job! 

Автор steve bournias ( назад)

Автор J Mack ( назад)
Refreshing! Great talent.

Автор speedstick77 ( назад)
Splendid creative playing. John Bull would be excited to hear this.

Автор goodchappy ( назад)
What happened @1:41?

Автор Benjamin DuBois ( назад)
Brilliant! So much joy! It's so amazing to watch as he plays..such talent!

Автор martin matsil ( назад)
I love the way,the organist is using the presets,to use the church organ
sound,which is built in to the organ.all,theatre organs have this
capabilty.the manager of the grafton organ/piano co.demonstrated,this on
one of the demo videos.this is a great.instrument.the King of
Instruments.Thank our Heavenly Father.amen.

Автор TheMysticalOrgan ( назад)
Incidentally, maybe I'll get a lot of negatives for this, but somehow to me
a Modernistic/Waterfall console never looks right except when painted black
or dark blue (with the detailing gilded of course).

Автор TheMysticalOrgan ( назад)
I've always thought that it's a shame theatre organ diapasons only go to
4ft (2ft with the octave coupler). A nice singing low-ish pressure Open
Diapason unit from 16ft through to 1ft (with derived mixtures) really would
be the icing on the cake with these superb instruments especially for music
like this. Independent mixtures would be a great luxury but derived would
do OK. The Atlantic City Kimball is a great crossover but it's not as well
unified as a 4m Wurlitzer and there's only one Tibia.

Автор Kelly Gast ( назад)
You are totally awesome!!!!!!! Purchased on on my MP3 player!!!! Thank you

Автор Dean Rosko ( назад)
You can find it on the Jelani Eddington "Phoenix Renaissance" CD released
in 2008 on the organ in the Adrian Phillips studio, originally from
Atlantic City High School. I think you'd really enjoy the rest of the
recording as well, sort of "double" classical-theatre thing, as it's sort
of a dual purpose organ...but it's available on Jelani's website,
rjeproductions dot c o m.

Автор Michael Dyches ( назад)
Love the dance on the Pedals. Fantastic performance. Great recording,nice
and clear. What does the pumping of the Expression pedals do when playing
the organ? How does this effect work:?

Автор RonN448 ( назад)
Dave Wickerham is still one of the greatest of the greats, and a true
gentleman, too!

Автор Jaap van der Torre ( назад)
Wat maakt deze muziek je blij. De lente komt er aan

Автор David Krautscheid ( назад)
those are english post horns!

Автор JuliaRoseHoney ( назад)
When I was a kid, I loved watching the cross-foot... Begged him to play
this song just so he would do it ^.^

Автор Dean Rosko ( назад)
I stand corrected...lol

Автор Kelly Gast ( назад)
I sure wish someone would record this John Bull piece and release it. I
can't find it anywhere! My husband and I used this as our recessional when
we got married, and I love the piece! Well played! Take it to a studio!!!

Автор shawardara ( назад)
love those brassy reeds at 2.13

Автор MGorganist ( назад)
Wonderful performance!

Автор Cannock Chase Organ Club ( назад)
@Organsk8er Reg Dixon was doing it in the 30s at Blackpool.

Автор Dean Rosko ( назад)
@TCharlieA I believe that "move" is attributed to Lyn Larsen from his Organ
Stop Pizza days...could be wrong though...Dave is anything but cocky...one
of the nicest, most down to earth people you will ever meet.

Автор steamboat75043 ( назад)
well done!

Автор onemanandapiano ( назад)
Great performance! 2nd touch at 1.40?

Автор Cannock Chase Organ Club ( назад)
@TCharlieA its called showmanship 

Автор TCharlieA ( назад)
lol so cocky but still awesome. even with the unnecessary leg crosses.

Автор musicjohn ( назад)
Wow! What a performance. I'll have to practive just a bit harder to be able
to play it like him.. By the way... I didn't know this organ had a
electronic transposer. In the end, he transposes to A-flat major, but still
plays in the key of G major. Are there more theatre organs which have that

Автор kraftpr ( назад)
BRAVO!!! I'm curious about what looks like three "tabs" of some kind just
above the keyboards that at times seemed to be "counting" in time to the
playing. Anyone know what they are?

Автор bigcity233 ( назад)

Автор Crytears sunny ( назад)
Oh My Goodness...most awesome rendition of Rondo I've ever heard. I worried
those keys catch fire towards the end when the "jig" really began to get
going. What a blessing for all who are lucky enough to hear this live as
I'm blessed just listening via a tinny internet connection! Thanks Dave.
You are MORE than Awesome! One day you can teach me this piece. Will have
to be in New Earth, my arthritis kept me from furthering my music studies.
But thank God I can still hear! Blessings to you!

Автор Martin van Rossum ( назад)
dit is nog eens muziek maken!

Автор anonymusum ( назад)
Thanks a lot !!!

Автор Jonas Clark ( назад)
Wonderful! Love that dancing pedal technique. A beautiful Publix 1, with
that gorgeous Moderne (Waterfall) console, with the indicating keys working
and, yes, the originally-lacking English Post Horn (our Publix 1 at
Seattle's Paramount also has one, switched for one of the strings at

Автор anonymusum ( назад)
Ok , thanks a lot. But who composed it? I would like to play it but I am
only familiar with sacred music.

Автор anonymusum ( назад)
Very well played! Big compliments. Would someone please tell me what tunes
he plays? Or is it just one rondo?

Автор ownerfate ( назад)
1 word.....WOW....

Автор steamrocks ( назад)
This was originally a Publix I organ. Someone stuck a Posthorn in there
somewhere! Good thing that they did. The organ sounds beautifully crisp,
stable, and in tune. The playing is top notch. Great combination.

Автор DaperDan8 (1791 год назад)
played too fast

Автор gt450bt ( назад)
From the Netherlands: Just very, very good ! A pleasure to see and hear !

Автор Dean Rosko ( назад)
I would say this definitely proves that. I remeber always being amazed
sitting at the Organ Piper in Milwaukee listening to Dave when I was a
little kid. Always one of my favorites!

Автор Alessandro Giacobazzi ( назад)
veramente bello e molto bravo :)

Автор Dean Rosko ( назад)
Always one of my favorites! The organ sounds really, really great, too!

Автор slowdog294 ( назад)
5 stars! Bravo. WOW. Just WOW. The Bone Doctor Walnut Hill Productions
Lenoir City, Tennessee

Автор Kiddman32 ( назад)
Terrific! Who said classical music couldn't swing? :)

Автор Joe Peterzak ( назад)
The sound / recording is very good. Miked nice and close to the chambers
for detail & clarity. One of the best (theatre organ sound) I have heard on

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