Turkish Men vs Greek Men

Greek Boys VS Turkish Boys

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Автор Ilkhan28 ( назад)
I dunno, alot of those guys seem to have almost boy-ish faces. The Turkish
is my favorites but IMO list is incomplete without Turkish actor Kenan
Çoban Now he really looks like a man.

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
think twice ..look at my eyes ^_^ i m very asian but you guys look like
chewbaccas woolly woolly woggiwoggiezzz can make a blanket with your armpit
hairs yeti-mediteranneeans

Автор TwiztidcAsh ( назад)
You are not eurasian. You are semites

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
actually usame looks med with his long nose we eurasians dont have these
type of noses

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
mulan..remember khan soldiers ...they were us :)

Автор sweetheart1620 ( назад)
they are differentes looking ,but anyway i love them

Автор greek proudgay ( назад)

Автор RobertsDigital ( назад)
Both Countries are primitive.....

Автор Numba1SouthParkFan ( назад)
Turkish people are a bunch of pussies. They always caused drama to ancient
greece. They destroyed our god statues because their religious standards
didnt meet the greeks. Greece has such a strong history. Disney even made a
movie about greece. Thats right hercules! Did they make any movies of
Turkey? I dont think so. Greece FTW!

Автор MrCrazylicious ( назад)
ti malakies thee mou!!!

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
bec todays greeeks are hellenised makedonians ,look like slavs real greeks
are curly dark and hairy ..also midgets ..

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
oh..we hide them underground ..as a secret weapon they are diving a tunnel
under atina right now :))

Автор Gokhan Sari ( назад)
Turrrkeyyy Burak OZCIVIT , KENAN IMIRZALIOGLU,Gokhan keser,TARKAN,Nuri
sahin,KIVANC TATLITUG 100% Turkish beauty !

Автор Nicholas Gallis ( назад)
What was the Greek and turkish song in the first half? They go well
together and are catchy

Автор George Stathopoulos ( назад)
I am Greek and I think Turkish women are hot...

Автор greek proudgay ( назад)

Автор Kimber Bauer ( назад)
we love a hot guy no matter the ethnicity :) murat boz should have been
here btw

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
owww what a shame but we love them a lot dont we :PPP

Автор Kimber Bauer ( назад)
and then osama ben laden! they really hate us, don't they :)

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
one day we are mongols ,another day obama:)))) hahahaaaa

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
ofcourse... just look at our dna.who carries ethiophian blood and afro
hair? not us.. blond greeks are hellenised makedonians btw ..woggywogs

Автор Kimber Bauer ( назад)
honey the dark-brown skinned people living in turkey are kurdish and arabic
people that's what I'm trying to tell here. Have you ever been to
Safranbolu, Denizli, Bursa, Çanakkale, Karadeniz, İzmir, Konya, Muğla,
Edirne? They are the real Turks, just google the people from these cities.

Автор TwiztidcAsh ( назад)
Why are you ashamed from your brown skin? MOST turkish men don't look like
the men in the video (beauty aside, turkish men are short, their skin is
dark-brown) So why are you showing us fake turks?

Автор Kimber Bauer ( назад)
you said "darker than obama" in your first message which is not true at
all, plus there is nothing wrong with being dark skinned. i'm turkish and i
think you are mistaking turkish, kurdish and arabic people living in
turkey. because in eastern parts of turkey nearly everybody is kurdish or
arabic or mixed. and those people have darker skin, but not as dark as
obama. but in west middle and western parts nearly everybody is turkish
except immigrants and those people have lighter skin.

Автор TwiztidcAsh ( назад)
95% from the turks look like Osama Ben Laden i am simply amazed that the
turkish media show the 5% of the fake turks

Автор Kimber Bauer ( назад)
all of them are smoooooookin hot

Автор Kimber Bauer ( назад)
so i guess there is no "real turk" left in turkey :)

Автор TwiztidcAsh ( назад)
Real turks are short, real turks are with dark-brown skin (darker than
Obama), they are also very hairy. stop showing fake turks

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
blond greeks are hellenised makedonians

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
lol only kıvanc look european rest have typical turkic look..wear your

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
lol..i see no blond armenians rather than in fairytales they are woggy
caucasians and always have been .. thx to our asian dna we dont have their
hook noses our caucasian dna comes from early ages siberian times (its
called euroasian have u ever heard?) eurasian means -caucasian+mongoloid
even uygurs turkmens ,,even mongols ,most mongoloid looking kıpcaks have
caucasian dna btw we are not apologising for founding an empire its natural
you,did the same to every nation ın world so deal with it

Автор Rahim Ullah ( назад)
at 0:07 the guy name plzzzzzz??

Автор nilay cekmez ( назад)
en yakisikli elbette türk erkekleri...:)

Автор DarKGrEeCe09 ( назад)
typical turkish propaganda ..take some middle till ugly looking greek
models, so the whole thing seems to be serious+ take the hottest turkish
models= see the people saying turkish are hotter

Автор ha la ( назад)
This video is against greek guys:the 80 percent of the greeks are old,show
the REAL greek beauty by showing the hottest MEN of the country,that'S what
you did with the turkish.You must compare the hottest men of greece and
turkey.You'll find out that the turkish are tiny little things in front of
the greeks.

Автор gh gh ( назад)
@katricetina9 Greeks are not beautiful ???? HAHAHAHAHAH .. The word beauty
is trully the meaning of greek nation . Look the ancient statues , this is
the real beauty . Greeks have more gently characteristics than the other
balkan and asian tribes . Also i didn't tell that all turkey has greek
heritage , but a 10% surely . Real Turkey start beyond Minor Asia ....

Автор 0311RFLMN ( назад)
they both look quite good looking.as handsome as one can be really. im not
greek or turkish.pictures tell it all.

Автор TwiztidcAsh (1081 год назад)
One tall turk vs millions of short turks. Most of you are not tall. Your
noses are the hooked ones

Автор katricetina9 ( назад)
I wonder, then, what is this country in the middle of Europe and Asia
called Turkey? Since the Turkish don't have a country...it must be the
domain of Thanksgiving, I suppose. -_____- The Turkish are a mix of many
cultures, and are 38% European. Not all of that European genetics is Greek
certainly, and the Greeks are not always beautiful or good looking. You
could say that perhaps 1-10% of Turkish genetics is Greek. And not all
Turkish people mixed with Greeks, remember.

Автор katricetina9 ( назад)
There are ugly people in every culture, and there are also beautiful
people. No race always has the genetics for good looking people. And I can
assure you that Turkish people do not have dark skin (now where did THAT
come from?? I don't even...). And the hook nose is typically a trait of
northern peoples (Russian, Georgian, Belarussian - whatever countries were
in the Soviet Union) and is not a bad looking trait, but the Turkish did
mix with them. Also, the tallest man in the world is Turkish.

Автор katricetina9 ( назад)
A pure Armenian would be Caucasian in the Indo European ages, but since the
Armenians mixed so much with the Mesopotamians (Assyria, Sumeria, etc.) and
the Alans, Hurrians, and Urartians (people living in the Caucasus
Mountains), so by time the Turks got there, the image of an Armenian was an
olive skinned, sometimes light skinned, brown eyed brown haired person. Kim
Kardashian is the first example I came up with, and is certainly not the
universal image of Armenians. Please do not be offended.

Автор Haysem Akay (96 лет назад)
Turkish what greek littlen pusssy yes it is real Turks wtf is with these
Greeks they totally look gay!!!!

Автор poptoots22 ( назад)
what do you think they were doing in 1915 and even before that time, they
kidnapped all blonde blue eyed children and turkified them

Автор poptoots22 ( назад)
The fuck you talking about...yea they have brown hair and brown eyes but
fair skin and light eyes is a prominent feature as well...pure Armenian
genes are the aryan blonde blue eyed genes...kardashian? r u kidding me,
you must be depressed...the entire world found a fuckin hybrid of arab,
native american genes and keep mentioning her as the universal image of
Armenians, u ppl are sick...

Автор Boo_xo ♕ ( назад)
Turkish <3

Автор katricetina9 (1928 лет назад)
Right on.

Автор katricetina9 (2029 лет назад)
How do you know your ancestors didn't...elope (cough) with a westerner
while under the influence of some...drinks (COUGH)? Basically, how do you
know your grandaddy didn't fuck with a white chick when wasted?

Автор katricetina9 ( назад)
Armenians usually have brown hair. brown eyes - think Kim Kardashian. The
Turks definitely don't get their blue eyes from there. (Pro-Armenian much?)
Turkish people do originate from Asia, and you're right that they
originally had Asian features. When they came in as barbarians from the
east they conquered parts of Europe, breeding with the people, blah,
Ottoman Empire influence, kidnapping Greek prostitutes, Russians, vodka and
then the bedroom. Also why Turks have 20% green eye in population.

Автор ελενη παπ ( назад)
greec boys are the best of course

Автор TwiztidcAsh ( назад)
Why in this video they don't show the REAL turks? Black skin, hook-nose,
short like midgets, hairy and ugly? Why are you showing "turkish" models
who look like europeans?

Автор gh gh ( назад)
@gsarda94 Poor Turkish . They don't even a nation . The most of the
"turkish" boys have greek beauty and skin. Also the most of the citizens of
Minor Asia are clearly Europeans and espcesially greeks .

Автор caramelfrappeluv ( назад)
Turkish! BUt I'm bias... my hubby is Turkish lol

Автор Antoanetagv ( назад)
WTF...you should put better looking greek boys...greeks are sexy but in
this video the turkish boys are far more sexy....ts ts ts

Автор Dynatos300 ( назад)
I love how many dislikes this got. Face it you Turkish scum, you will NEVER
be better that the Greeks!!

Автор belia1313 ( назад)
The Turkish guys that lived in my building did not look like this...they
were goofy looking fucks o.O

Автор Serhat Bozkurt ( назад)
kenan imirzalıoglunu koymayın yunan erkekleri gay oluverir sonra amk :)

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
I see some squinty eyed greeks ? how come? too much yogurt ?

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
burak özçivit=10 greek men

Автор Gary ( назад)
0:56......1:34 and 3:13 he is so handsome it hurts my eyes. Of course all
of these fine men are handsome each in their own way. Would not kick any of
them outta my bed..especially 3:13

Автор RonaldBarone ( назад)
I like both :) cause I am very open minded

Автор jmusing ( назад)
Wow which ones are Greek and Turkish? I went to both countries before and
Greece had their fair share of good looking men, but all I remember from
Turkey were scaree old men who liked to grab women's behinds in public!!
Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if they looked like these guys lol!

Автор bEnTURK34 ( назад)
@panaistoumbiotis puah puah puah :D Are you crazy??? Real Turks = Anatolian
Turks Mongols are Turkified :D Uzbekistan... and Turkey Turks = Oghuz
Turks..;) greek <- idiot gay o_O

Автор nesliii95 ( назад)
kivanc tatlitug and burak özcivit <3

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
lol should we bring Mongols here i didnt know Greeks love Mongols that much
..every Greeek here obsessed with Mongols..amazing..Chinggis Khan must be
very happy in the sky :))

Автор Panagiotis G.R. ( назад)
yeah turkish...I don't know any Turks caucasian with blue eyes...Real Turks
are mongols...the handsome "turks" are remnants of Greek children captured
by ottomans, Greek slaves and descendants of Greek Byzantines

Автор Mary Teale ( назад)
Sakis rouvas!!! what a gorgeous man,,,,,,GREEKS Greeks GREEKs

Автор Bom bogor ( назад)
may be your blue eyes from makedonians ..?

Автор Leo Marmis ( назад)
i like Spartans

Автор Askinovic ( назад)
wow turkish of couse :D

Автор mimi sol ( назад)

Автор BonnyGurl316 ( назад)
Yup. The turks won.

Автор nalan can ( назад)
you saw ever a blue eyed armenian ? armenians have iranian, israeli,
turkish blood .. the ones with blue eyes are russian descendents

Автор poptoots22 ( назад)
any "turk" with fair skin and light eyes are descendants of Armenia. The
forefathers of the turks were the mongols and tatars from the altai region.
A typical turk has very asian features and dark skin...up to date the turks
have been successful in converting their asian race into white by raping
and stealing caucasian genes.

Автор nalan can ( назад)
guys with blue eyes in turkey are most descendants of greece or other
european countries no originally turkish guy has blue eyes

Автор nalan can ( назад)
2:28 isnt originally turkish he is bosnian descendent 3:42 is an typical
turkish guy the most in turkey are looking like arabs or iranians or kind
of asiatic go look for your self

Автор eqwedqwd saanane ( назад)
thx girls ;) Greetings from Turkiye ;)

Автор abcwyzful ( назад)
He's Burak Özçivit. Yeah, he is =)

Автор missayproductions ( назад)
turkish to the end!!!: most hot turk males are: cagatay ulusoy Berk hakman
Burak ozcivit KIVANC TATLITUG .................... could continue till the
next day ;)

Автор jessica allen ( назад)
3.32 he is so fuking hot

Автор Tieyetos Platanos ( назад)

Автор Lieven Agapios ( назад)
I have never seen so many Turkish boys with bleu eyes?? I would love to
know their DNA, probably from the Aegean coast? ;-)

Автор MsEri1997 ( назад)
GREEK BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Tugce Duran ( назад)
mustafa sandal //hatırla beni .............turkish greek song :)

Автор Cesar Jul ( назад)

Автор byiskender1 ( назад)

Автор Maria Simplemente ( назад)
me quedo con el primero de los griegos y con todos los TURCOOOOOS ¡¡¡¡¡

Автор Anthi loukoumaki (124 года назад)

Автор 039939 ( назад)
IF you had included my KENAN IMIR(something) and KARTAL BALABAN i would go
with Turkish,now I go with GREEKS!!!

Автор XoXoheatherful (1668 лет назад)
Greek 😄😄😄

Автор Adnan So ( назад)
who are the first one ? say the name for the men pls ? :)

Автор Marion Rose ( назад)

Автор Unni Krishnan ( назад)
turks jealous of the greek men :(

Автор Unni Krishnan ( назад)
Greek hands down! <3

Автор normaandrea ( назад)

Автор AVIATIO ( назад)
To be frank...they both look the same. Una fatza una ratza.

Автор Dafni kokona ( назад)
saki asteri........

Автор Barbara121993 ( назад)
Why do you dislike the greek comments this is not fair!!! btw i have to
admit that Greek men are really handsome and real men but the Turkish are
also beautiful especially Kivanc Tatlitug! But in this video you have put
only models and actors of the two countries, who are really attractive and
they have to have a good apperance so i can't decide, they are the same to
me!!! Kisses from the beautiful GREECE <3 :)

Автор melis guler ( назад)

Автор melis guler ( назад)

Автор melis guler ( назад)

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