How to fix a broken education system ... without any more money | Seema Bansal

Seema Bansal forged a path to public education reform for 15,000 schools in Haryana, India, by setting an ambitious goal: by 2020, 80 percent of children should have grade-level knowledge. She's looking to meet this goal by seeking reforms that will work in every school without additional resources. Bansal and her team have found success using creative, straightforward techniques such as communicating with teachers using SMS group chats, and they have already measurably improved learning and engagement in Haryana's schools.

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Автор Shashank SP ( назад)
Why the accent?

Автор Silent Winners ( назад)
how can I contact you?

Автор kishor kumar ( назад)
what a smile facial gesture .....like she is describing the achievements

Автор Aditya Shankar ( назад)
well done Seema. The world needs more people like you. spread the smiles around.

Автор نجوان صادق ( назад)
احسنتى انتى وفريق عملك
نحن بمصر نحب الهند جداً ونحب الممثل اميتبات شان وشاروخان
وانتم مجتهدون ورائعون ربنا يوفقكم ، نجوان صادق ، مدربة تنمية بشرية للاطفال

Автор JUKEBLOCK II ( назад)
In the Middle East all the public and half the private schools are closed

Автор Kelrick Barrow ( назад)
To whoever is reading: You should follow that feeling what you get in your heart. When something doesn't feel right or when something needs to be changed. But most of the time, make sure your heart is in the right place.♨💗💥

Автор AnotherGeneric ( назад)
Sticks, stones, and a text message is all you need to fix an education system. Amazing!

Автор Reasonable ( назад)
In my school, we take a standardized test that rates how well our school teaches certain subjects, which were English and Math. The average score in the school was below state average, so the school ordered English and Math teachers to give us more homework.

I don't know what made them think that was a good idea. Homework is supposed to be based around things that we learn in class. For me at least, I don't usually learn many new things from the homework at all, it just helps me memorize the things I learned in class.
The only thing that does successfully is make things a bit more stressful...

Автор kavi keshav ( назад)
certainly theTALKER has not studied in India (or read NCERT books properly) these books provides activity at the end of each topic , but i hv never seen that activities making any difference .... this happens when u give the charge to solve the problem to someone who has never faced it . yet, best of luck

Автор carson wesley ( назад)
The problem with American public schools is that many of them cater to the lowest class of the students, the students who do not care to learn. Teachers are stuck bringing up them are caring for them like they are babies, thus halting the rest of the class. Inadvertently, they are trying to bring the subaverage level students up to standard, instead of pushing standard students to reach their full potential. How can that be fixed? Im not sure, but the disruptive students have to find it in themselves. Personal responsibility. Trust me, I see it everyday in my classes in highschool.

Автор sunway1374 ( назад)
I tink tis tings in the fiteen tousand schools should be fixed by twenty-tirty. Let's do it one ting by one ting, starting with the small ting first. Tis is good tinking to do someting good.

Автор Ana Paula Da Silva Lima ( назад)

Автор Maznah Sakdi ( назад)
teachers are so underrated. most teachers are overworked and over-stressed but their salary is low. we need to treat them better like how we treat doctors, lawyers and all that. even being a teacher is not highly regarded in society as doctors, engineers or lawyers do. they directly teach us and our kids, give us the knowledge that we need to know for everyone to be a better person and that is truly admirable. great teachers can help slow learners to be advance learners. so teachers should be treated better, give them high salary and quit bothering them with unnecessary work like admin work, filing, check this and that and let them do what they're good at, teach. also progress to make teachers better too, if the teacher is not performing well, train them, let them go for courses so they can learn more and teach better. and this goes out to any kind of teacher, kindergarten teachers, school teachers, universities teachers, teachers who teach special need children, the work of all teachers are truly admirable.

Автор Ahmad Anderson ( назад)
why was her crowd so doll

Автор Anirudh Maru ( назад)
Very inspiring and commendable how people like her are dedicating so much effort to this cause with all their heart. A good education is definitely one of the fundamental rights of every child and probably the one issue that requires utmost attention in India. I hope more people step up to this cause and are able to transform the broken system. A society cannot get closer to being more equal if its education system is so unequal for different segments of the population.

Автор aviti mushi ( назад)
This is a very smart woman, speaking of a very smart solution to an intractable problem.

Автор OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary ( назад)
- Let teachers do their work
- Use sticks and stones
- Communicate using cell phone apps


Автор Don't Type ( назад)
how do you feel about press freedom in Viet Nam? I need an honest answer about my country, I need a freedom of understanding

Автор Ivo Teixeira ( назад)
India really needs a change in the education/goverment system because in listening to this talk I immediatly though of those solutions before she mentioned them. And what scares me is that my own goverment might be doing the same thing, scratching their heads about problems that a common person might already have a solution.

Автор Kandarp Gandhi ( назад)
May Mr. Prakash Javadekar ( Minister of Human Resource Development ) watch this.

Автор sandeep chauhan ( назад)
nice work but it is work only 1% when the supervisor is come to check school (which is already inform to teachers) & all the things are created for one day....

Автор Mudge ( назад)
Where's the part about fixing a governments entire system? This is all changing small local things.

Автор DepthOfField ( назад)
Get rid of educational system altogether.

Автор JL Gaming26 ( назад)
I thought of that sticks and stones thing in like 10 seconds 😂

Автор Ken Gault ( назад)
Much of this is covered by Robert Mager's work: Preparing Instructional Objectives, Measuring Instructional Results, Analyzing Performance Problems and Goal Analysis, as applied to the Teachers and their management as well as the students.

Автор xXRed ErrorXx ( назад)
she actually likes to say actually

Автор Thomas Smith ( назад)
Another moral of the story, it's amazing just how rotten a system can get when most people in it just don't care, or feel hopeless. And it's great to see how quickly it can change with just one small group that cares.

Автор Ryan 'Bliixz' Baker ( назад)
You want to change the education system in the U.S? Quit the standardization and work with every student individually - considering everyone learns and digests information differently. Critical thinkers are but a minority these days and usually rebel from the thought of higher education because they realize (In the U.S at least) it is nothing but a financial snare. Universities have changed in a major fashion... they are more of a business now... and the product you receive for your payment - a certificate and zero, "real world experience." (In a lot of cases)

Автор 61Marsh ( назад)
this is some great work. only if the heads of education in the US had goals..

Автор devvrat arya ( назад)
I have seen number of TED talks. But this one is an awe-inspiring example of real change only with persistence and ingenuity

Автор Indrajeet Sahu ( назад)
Great efforts to bring in the improvements. The idea of using materials in immediate surrounding as a teaching aid is simple and effective at the same time. Use of whatsapp group for faster spread of information is an efficient move but what's more important in this case too is that there should be a mechanism to look over the implementation of orders texted are in time and up to the mark.

Автор irma alam ( назад)
i wish more people had your sincerity and positivity! starting with myself. inspirational

Автор Rumple Stiltskin ( назад)
Sorry Seema but to fix our education system we need to get rid of "No child left behind" and the now the UN's Sustainable Development's Agenda-21. It is the most hideous way to subvert our education system turning our children in stupid unthinking zombies. Also considering your accent I don't think you have been in the US long enough to be able to make a righteous decision as to Agenda-21's destructive capabilities.

Автор Ayub Sabir ( назад)
I don't see how implementing some simple tasks by teachers is a solution to a 'broken education system'.

Автор sunnysodapop ( назад)
What I don't get is...why doesn't ANYBODY SPEAK UP for the U.S education system....literally after 2 years of high school and then only thing i learned is....how to form 1 sentence in spanish and some simple writing grammar...everything else was just forgotten and that's the issue ( While schools in places like india need more money and technology for kids to learn simple common knowledge, america which has it all ( mostly) implements usless subjects and crap that even teachers say we won't use or remember)

Автор TheGerogero ( назад)
This talk is so bloated I feel sick.

Автор Hey, Good Mornoonevenight ( назад)
Talk, talk, and more talk...
Can't believe she's an educator or problem solver based on her boring presentation without any info-graphic, video, more photo, statistics, and generally lack data.

No wonder Indian education is failing just like this feel happy cliche so call presentation.

Автор Komal Singh ( назад)
Yes!! Seema Bansal go for it!! You've got the idea now start implementing it! This is REALLY needed

Автор Sophia N ( назад)
This is excellent

Автор belal reda ( назад)
we need that in Egypt

Автор Raghav Agrawal ( назад)
Typical Ted talk, all smiles and big talk, she said they discovered "core issues" without saying what they were and how they discovered it, talked about "teachers using innovative tools " but didn't show what they were, no examples. She didn't illustrate the work at all. Just we did this.. and that that...

Автор Wade ( назад)
Please help Brazil. Our education is almost hopeless.

Автор Ciao chef Lev ( назад)
NGOs are just another type of western invasion, cultural and political invasion

Автор HammerIsMyName ( назад)
Whoever is putting annotations in the middle of the video, trying to make us go somewhere else, needs to realize we're trying to watch the damn talk - Place the annotations at the end like most other channels do.

Автор mlazos ( назад)
The real problem of education are the distractions children have today. Im teaching maths, and i know first hand how much TV the children watch every day. My suggestion first is to get rid of the TV in the house. In mine there is no TV since 2005. We replaced the TV news with newspapers. When the children want to watch a show they can find it online, but they choose instead of watching whatever the TV is feeding them. Without TV the family communication improved by a thousand. And children use their logic and can hold adult interesting conversations. Those are the first steps for a better education. But also requires parents to be thinkers of course and to be at least as intelligence as the children. I agree with improving the education, to spend less for war and more for schools but also at home the environment must be challenging. 11 years without TV and the family life is amazingly better.

Автор Secret EyeSpot ( назад)
people like this give hope..*they're a sign* that there is hope

Автор Ankush Menat ( назад)
You fixed a minor problem in an entirely shattered system, not a broken one. Indian education as I know it has been too standardized and killed any hope for creativity in children. 5-7 year olds are far too creative than you and me by nature, instead of cultivating that, education system just shoved standardized curriculum down their throat.
Teachers have soo much power in their hand. Partiality, abuse of power and grades through sycophancy is essence of every classroom... result? No healthy skepticism in students.
Grades, oh mighty grades. You know what happens in most first lectures? "Yeh chapters khas padh lo, exam k lie important hai" (translation: learn these chapters, it's important from examination point of view). Instead of teaching children how math and geometry can applied to real world problems, we give them useless numerical problems. Instead of teaching how historical events teach us the way of living, we force them to remember timeline of events with date/year.

Now let's talk about higher-ed, our universities don't have "major" system, students decide their major too early in life and a lot of them regret their decision. This happens mostly because they didn't have any idea about the degree program they were getting into.

Автор Googol ( назад)
Gandhi would've been proud - intelligent socialism FTW

Автор arun fgci ( назад)
Superb !! Great job *****

Автор Dayane Oliveira ( назад)
The brazilian government should watch this

Автор The Lazy Gamer ( назад)
What a waste of 14 mins of my life.

Автор Nate ( назад)
She seems so enthusiastic. I am so sorry for her.

Автор iLLzWiLLz Watu'z ( назад)
Oooh children are so dumb they can't do half of the things we could 10/20/30 years ago . Sorry thinks to technology and a work field that cares nothing about our parents .let's blame the school system that we all agreed with.

Автор Factoid ( назад)
Morale of the story: let teachers teach.

Автор Mac Crazy ( назад)
I see one wrinkle in that whole story. The school board knew something was wrong and was willing to change. Many government organisations worldwide do not realize that there is a problem and do not want to change. And getting a large-scale system to change when it is not willing is, at best, very hard.
Still, it is great for that place and I congratulate them on their success and hope it continues to work!

Автор Rense Veen ( назад)
1. No figures were provided.
2. Problem was teacher were doing something else than teaching (5:02), however solution said teaching ideas were shared through whatsapp. If teachers were doing something else at the time they should teach how will they implement Ideas being shared on whatsapp

Автор Jordan G ( назад)
Get the Federal out of it...BOOM solved. Bring back curiosity, imagination, and creativity...down with standardized testing

Автор Mark Nicholson ( назад)
And why was no one clapping!? I thought she was great.

Автор SeyHan3232 ( назад)
its so sad TED shows us how to make the world a better place but it never becomes reality...

Автор Ahmed Shahien ( назад)
Test your mind and memory with our new game!
Give it a shot!

Автор Tomáš Viktorin ( назад)
Wait you pay schools that have bad result to improve?

Автор The Jaded Wolf ( назад)
☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ͡ ͡°)╭☞
\ . .\
\ \
/ ╰u╯\
Education is the way forward

Автор armag an ( назад)
give the child basics:
language skills
basic math
nature knowledge
and give them good books
.. 2 days a week is enough

Автор Rahil Bhimjiani ( назад)
such beautiful accent she has got. indian and american equally balanced. Cute face too

Автор GradeA's Kid ( назад)
Does she have a blocked nose? Why talk like you have cold?

Автор Stephen Blackwell ( назад)
You could abolish affirmative action for a start.

Автор merced velez ( назад)
https://www.gofundme.com/2dp5gvtw 💛

Автор FreedomForceUSA ( назад)
There are more smart phones than toilets, I'd say they still must have massive progress in basic needs in addition to better education.

Автор Anusha Singh ( назад)
What about when the teachers skip over activities like that in textbooks?

Автор Alosh Parayil ( назад)
Great person great job hats off

Автор NietzscheanMan ( назад)
Simple, as with any socialist disaster: privatise it.

Автор Tanner Settles ( назад)
All education systems are corrupt. I'm done waiting for others to start a new birth of education

Автор Prasanth Vasantharajan ( назад)
lol exactly wat happens in my state as well !!

Автор BrendanMoto ( назад)
What about the broken education system in the U.S?

Автор Tizzeres ( назад)
Finally, someone who actually want to progress a school system, instead of separating children based on the colour and praising one over the over because they feel guilt for the mistakes of the past. Why not move on and learn from the past's problems and actually try and progress the world, like Bansal.

Автор Mk Sv ( назад)
Dafuq. All public schools in India don't look like that?

Автор Cecilia Tang ( назад)

Автор Tong Gorokh ( назад)

Автор vertigo20001 ( назад)

Автор OhJoshHo ( назад)

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