Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers in QB Competition

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers competes in the QB arm strength competition in the 2005 College Football All-Star Challenge. This year's show airs on ESPN2 Friday, February 4, 7-9 pm ET.

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Автор Andrew Piquette ( назад)
Marissa was developing gunna fuck one of those black dudes

Автор ikeownscharizards ( назад)
Who the fuck is Marissa?

Автор MrTom ( назад)
Marisa Miller, former Victoria's Secret Model

Автор Awesome Bomb 03 ( назад)
Gotta love Cadillac Williams at the beginning

Автор Christian Rocha ( назад)
damn why aaron being getting all the bitches

Автор BlueToxic45 ( назад)
what was the girl's name first and last lol

Автор Vic Mong ( назад)
Where's Alex smith and Jason Campbell

Автор Josh Mendoza ( назад)
Plasma TV!!! wow...I feel old.

Автор Chill Cosby ( назад)
this was the last documented time aaron rogers said "hi mom"

Автор Nilo Schraufnagel ( назад)
Rodgers should've went for her. She is flirting with her right there. He should've took her with her

Автор Nilo Schraufnagel ( назад)
I'd bang her!!

Автор Cameron Van Zile ( назад)
Wonder what Arod did with those tv's?

Автор ezsolutions2 ( назад)
haha the commentator knew they were both flirting

Автор Craig Willoughby ( назад)
cant give those tvs away now

Автор I Am The Way I Am The Light ( назад)
Nice get it Aaron

Автор I Am The Way I Am The Light ( назад)
Ya she seems like she wants it from all of em, damn hard to concentrate putting all that cleavage up im their face. Cute girl, she Def gets around

Автор Gerardo Santiago ( назад)
Wow now he's one of the best QB Rodgers!

Автор wonky eye ( назад)
I wonder if he still has that tv

Автор Chris Cahill ( назад)
He said hi to mom, hmmmm

Автор 4DhumanInstrumentality ( назад)
David Greene didn't even have the best arm strength on his team let alone the country.

Автор big e slim ( назад)
Aaron had her ready lol.

Автор ironmanzelda15 ( назад)
2:11 he sounds Asian lol

Автор Gabe Albert ( назад)
"You're in the lead right now" no shit he was the only person to throw

Автор There'sOnly 2Genders ( назад)
Shame he hates his mum and dad and makes them lay for tickets to his games.

Автор FanOfAttitudeEra ( назад)
Her thirst was real !

Автор Christian Ruiz ( назад)
oh yea that bad blonde was feelin my boy arod foesho.. no homo but he looks very fresh in that jersey so no surprise there lol

Автор SH4D0WXR33CONt1 ( назад)
I feel like Arod has changed so much since this, his accent, his face, and his energy.

Автор RiddleMeThat ( назад)
Told her the TV was hers if she watched some movies!! Lmao. Then she started fixing her hair. ARod!!!

Автор Nerdyboy312 ( назад)
Honestly him sitting for a few years was good for him, he had a very large ego and if he got drafted by the 49ers he would have been destroyed

Автор Jacob with the kicks ( назад)
They totally fucked after...

Автор Rollin Kocher ( назад)
You cocky son of a bitch. You are so good

Автор matt jacobsen ( назад)

Автор Beau Her ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers hit that already

Автор Legacy Vibez ( назад)
no doubt about she was hitting on arod

Автор NaimJada ! ( назад)
I wanted Arron to win #packs for life

Автор Brettman25 ( назад)
Girl in beginning is hot asf

Автор Brenden Lawlor ( назад)
His accent is so different

Автор DaBesFish ( назад)
lol aaron

Автор Galaxy Man ( назад)
Damn Marissa is hot

Автор Fatboy Gaming ( назад)
Damn Rodgers with the moves

Автор Jon Turner ( назад)
if you come watch a movie with me know God Damn Aaron

Автор Bloke Jr ( назад)
"Hehehe that's just a distraction I'm telling you!" 😂😂That's riggghhhht!

Автор Dalton Hill ( назад)
2:19 You can tell she wanted a piece of that

Автор Gaddy217 ( назад)
she's such a flirt!!!

Автор Chris Padilla ( назад)
That girl gives me a whore / stripper vibe

Автор crashlong ( назад)
nice soul patch queer

Автор Chase Whitfield ( назад)
Can you imagine how good of an NFL QB Jason White could've been if he didn't blow his knees out?

Автор Ayan Ali ( назад)
I wonder how old marrisa looks now in 2016.

Автор Thomas Lindsey Lindsey ( назад)
I love how Aaron flirts with her afterwards like yeah gonna be a MVP someday.

Автор Pan African Toad ( назад)
bruh that chick was all over Rodgers. thirsty af.

Автор x310x310x ( назад)
lmao i can only imagine the thoughts going through those men's heads talking to her

Автор TheRealJSmitty ( назад)
That bitch, she's fine. ANOTHA!!!

Автор juniornac1 ( назад)
"well ya need another one in the bedroom dont ya?" golden line

Автор Hillary Trump ( назад)
Who's the blonde slut?

Автор Anthony Huynh ( назад)
that chick fucked arod

Автор Larry Dallas ( назад)
whatever happened to the nfl quarterback challenge..those things were great

Автор Omar Peralta ( назад)
So honestly after watching alot of pre draft vids about this class idk how Smith got chosen over Rodgers he had everything you want in a franchise QB wish Denver would have copped him i think the took DJ Williams that year oh well

Автор Matt Bagnall ( назад)
He's got a solid arm but I don't think he'll ever make it in the nfl. He better hold on to that Mitsubishi tv.

Автор brandon bridgman ( назад)

Автор joe wash ( назад)
I never knew Randall Cobb got to catch passes from a pimp

Автор xnreyescj ( назад)
4:15 Marisa Miller: "Aaron c'mon here!!!"

Автор bcmoykg ( назад)
she like "nah aaron I'm looking for that bbc"

Автор austin williamson ( назад)
who the fuck is david greene

Автор Tyrone Biggums ( назад)
I'm pretty sure that chick banged every athlete there

Автор Gavin James ( назад)
Aaron better have hit that immediately after the show! Or at least after a couple dates!

Автор Isaac Mercado ( назад)
Aaron was like: Blockbuster and chill?

Автор Christopher Sass ( назад)

Автор Budgetbomber ( назад)
who just saw that hail mary!!!!!!!

Автор happywhale4 ( назад)
Those weren't the only balls hittin the landing zone if you know what I mean.

Автор Dara (390 лет назад)
Fuck the flatscreen, Aaron said give me Marissa!! LOL

Автор TheYangarang ( назад)
Marissa was probably so wet when she was talking to Rodgers

Автор longhead6 ( назад)
He said im a prime time payer lol he was right

Автор Geoff Nib ( назад)
That chick wAs too fine haha

Автор ThatsJoeDirt ( назад)
Damn where's that merrisa chic nowadays?!? She's probably the hottest woman I've seen on ESPN

Автор chingn33 ( назад)
haha..Pause at 2:19...my boy Rodgers hit that shit...

Автор Jord ( назад)
Back in the day when it was DVD and chill.

Автор Jord ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers follows Marisa on Twitter. Innnnterestinnnng.

Автор TheMexiMingler ( назад)
Netflix and chill with Marissa Miller?

Автор Daniel White ( назад)
somebody was choosing hard lol

Автор Yuri Teixeira Mendes ( назад)
A-rod maganão rapaz, xavecando a menininha hahaha

Автор noah walker ( назад)
and I just want to say thank you to the 49ers for not drafting him where he wanted to go...because he ended up in greenbay big mistake by the 49ers great pick up by the packers.

Автор MainChannelJMAG ( назад)
0:40.   You're welcome.

Автор 30spooln (1240 лет назад)
Damn I'm glad he didn't go first overall and landed in Green Bay. Honestly though, Rogers was good in college but I think being under Farve for those few years helped him become an even better player then he would have somewhere else. He basically got prepped by one of the NFL greats. It sucks he lost those few first years of playing but I think he will be able to play longer because his body didn't get abused early on, plus getting knowledge from Farve definitely helped his game.

Автор MrCool ( назад)
If she hit on me I would have been walking around with a tent in my shorts.

Автор John Ortiz ( назад)
Who the F**k is David Greene?

Автор T Sho ( назад)

Автор NoIdeasOriginal ( назад)
Marissa is so thirsty

Автор Christian Herrera ( назад)
She was flirting hardbody. Rodgers is too cool!

Автор Gold Blooded 808 ( назад)
Makes me pissed as a Niners fan that we were suppose to pick him. Rodgers was pissed after too. Smh.

Автор bourbon john ( назад)
Aaron will always be better than Brent.

Автор 5burowz ( назад)
What a whore Marissa Miller is.

Автор eackley32 ( назад)
yeah im pretty sure thats girls Charissa Thompson.

Автор greencase ( назад)
she wants arods black cock for real.

Автор Andrew Pestotnik ( назад)
That chick watched a few movies with him;)

Автор Ian Ward ( назад)
Super Bowl Champion Aaron Rodgers

Автор Ian Ward ( назад)
Hey Rodgers Discount Double Check

Автор butch davis ( назад)
See i told ya A Rodg was straight

Автор Adam Vo ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers spittin game at Marisa Miller I SEE YOU BOY

Автор davethe rave ( назад)
i'd be amazed if they didn't have sex later that day.

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