Mobius Camera - The 1080p Action Cam, Dash-Cam, Anything Cam - Full review (with samples).

BUY ONE http://goo.gl/IW7ct (US) or http://goo.gl/Zq5OTH (UK)
SAMPLE CLIPS & More Info HERE http://goo.gl/TCxo7

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Автор Techmoan (4 месяца)
You can view some of the same footage taken with the 808#26 camera in that
camera's review. http://youtu.be/d2GfrxJ4rPQ?t=11m21s I installed both
cameras side by side in the car window to give you the ability to compare
the quality between the 808#26 and the Mobius camera.
A few lunatics have suggested that the footage is the same - perhaps they
should have spent another couple of seconds looking at the different time
stamps on the bottom left of the clips.

Автор Lybe Rum (2 месяца)
Great little guy! The battery lasts a bit over 30 minutes, but anyway I
keep it plugged all the time. Great videos in 1080:

Автор s0nnyburnett (1 месяц)
Pretty impressive. Looks like a mcdonald's toy. Scary good performance at
dirt cheap prices.
Could buy 6 or 8 of these and turn my car into a google streetview car. So
cheap I don't know why the police don't have one pointing in every
direction from a housing on top of their cars.

Автор FusionGamerElite (1 месяц)
I believe YT added in 60 FPS in mid to late 2014, so newer cam reviews
should now look a bit better

Автор Best of European Driving Captures (2 дня)
9:20 Nice song, what is the songname? :P

Автор Mikhail Eremenko (2 месяца)
I would recommend exactly WIDE-ANGLE version of Mobius (this one -
), less chances that you miss smth interesting while recording etc.

Автор MikesMovies (11 дней)
Hi there, Have you reviewed the Veho VCC-003 Muvi Micro at all? I want to
change it's focus so it will work for close ups, do you think it can be
done? Thanks

Автор toby london (2 месяца)
Been using this little gem for over a year now on my rc aircraft, faultless

Автор Zachary Adams (3 месяца)
If I used this as a dashcam, how would I make it save an event and still
keep looping?

Автор jamesb72 (1 месяц)
Mobius is still a great camera, there are now b and c wide angle lens
version, as well as the original a lens as shown here, latest firmware has
lots more options, supports mp4 files, and exposure and white balance lock
options which are really useful.

Автор Edwin Reyes (2 месяца)
I have a question. Does this camera let you record vertical? Like lets say
on the side of your head but on a vertical way? Please answer. thank you!

Автор RocketMan153251 (28 дней)
10:29- 'No photography allowed'

'i hope i don't get into trouble...'

Автор Steven Watson (1 месяц)
Update: I am so happy with my Mobius I have now ordered another 2 one for
the wife's car and the other to go into the back of mine. I am so happy
with it I told my family about it and this has lead to my brother in law
buying one to also use as a dashcam. As he was so impressed with mine.
Thanks again. 

Автор Alex Curtis (13 дней)
Please get them to make a Möbius two with 1080p 60!

Автор ravballer (2 месяца)
none of these videos tell us how to connect the mobius in our car. do you
just have to connect it with usb or is there other way to connect mobius in
your car. is it easy to connect in car or hard?

Автор Kabab (2 месяца)
If the 720p only uses the center of the sensor and will do 60fps, then that
means 1080p should also be able to do 60fps with the whole sensor. Why is
1080p/60fps not programmed in to be allowed? The whole point of only 720p
being able to do the higher framerate is because the whole sensor can
capture more light and when downgraded to 720 it looks good/equally as
bright. If it's not doing that, then there's no point. Great review
though. thanks.

Автор Best eBay (1 месяц)
⊙‿⊙ Here is the ⒷⒺⓈⓉ Action Cam deal on ebay:

Автор Voltaic (1 месяц)
Great videos Techmoan. Who is the official manufacturer of the camera (I
may have missed it)? There are several makers of identical and identically
named cameras. Cheers.

Автор Tom Ate (23 дня)
Great review! Thanks! I buy one ☺

Автор Spacemonkeymojo (9 дней)
Wow, what an awesome camera. Getting a quadcopter in the mail in a few
weeks, think I will upgrade the camera with this possibly. Would also use
it as a dash cam, thanks for that in car footage! Great review! 

Автор slicedpage (28 дней)
If you are considering buying this camera you might like to know that I
installed one nearly a year ago and use it every day to record my
driving(or rather other peoples) and it has not let me down once. The only
alteration was to swop the battery for a capacitor , which was easy to do.
All thanks to Techmoan.

Автор Zachary Zabayle (1 месяц)
I want a pocket video camera for on the road vlogging. Does this fit the
bill? It seems most in the market are action cams with no digital

Автор Jordan O'C (2 месяца)
Hmm, in the settings there, it looks like you can do 1080p60, which is even
better! I might get this when I get the chance :)

Автор lettersquash (1 месяц)
Great review, thanks. Do you or anyone here know if the settings changes
are reflected in direct AV output the same as in the recording. I assume
so, but need to be sure. I want to use one as an always-on rear-view cam in
a van with no view out the back, so it's the monitor that's most important,
with recordings as a useful addition in case of accident ... or incredible
view. As it isn't waterproof, I think I'm gonna cut a small hole in the
back door, fit a piece of glass and just point the mobius out from inside.
I know I could put it in the waterproof housing, but the cable will then be
outside, and the whole thing will be nickable. Any thoughts? Is it good at
night, or would I be better with a proper rear-view cam? Trouble with them
is they're either rubbish wide-angle things for parking or cost a packet,
but they do have IR. I've seen mixed reviews of the mobius at night.

Автор Slack Jicholson (1 месяц)
a brief overview at the start would be a great help, just basics like how
its powered and stuff, so I dont have to watch the whole video to find out
these sorts of things..

Автор thepurespartanify (2 месяца)
How do I format it and with what software? It has a very strange file type
that doesn't work with my current software. 

Автор MikesMovies (3 дня)
Just got my Mobius and now have to look at focus changes as I want it for
close up. Any good guides for doing this?

Автор neighbour666 (8 дней)
My review hero, up there with hickok45

Автор naanaa1111 (3 дня)
Can you carry this using it's own battery and then download later? 

Автор Jeshuah Carpenter (1 месяц)
honky tonk man is win

Автор Mark Boadey (2 месяца)
Would this work with one of those portable battery chargers, giving you
extended usage time? Also, this needs a way to compose the frame, maybe by
the same app and cable.

Автор Jack Freeman (1 месяц)
James May, is that you ?

Автор Julie Blessing (15 дней)
I would like to see what it looks like as a car camera in your windshield
and how that looks as you are looking out your window. I am wondering can
you download the SD card on to a WD passport wireless HD?
When on the road we want a camera to use as we take long trips in RV. and
because there is no screen can you watch in real time what u are recording
on an iPad?

Автор CinemaPDX (11 дней)

Автор andrei sima (11 дней)
hello. thank you for the video. it is gr8. just one question: can u conect
it to a tablet for a live view?

Автор Lee B (11 дней)
I really like your reviews TM they make a lot of sense.
At least I hope they do I have just ordered one of these and a JooVoo
housing :-)
I have a Hero basic so it will be nice to compare but these little Mobius's
look like great value 

Автор peter davis (3 месяца)
Good video , well done . 80 minutes is not very long , The video camera I
use now on my bike is a Tevion AC 5 , and I've wired an extra (external)
battery in to the circuit board, and goes for about 6 or 7 hours with 32
GB card. Can you get a longer life battery for this device ? 

Автор Gerardo fdz (24 дня)
This was a really good review. I felt really informed when I bought the
camera. Thank you.

Автор Steven Watson (2 месяца)
Thanks Techmoan for the reviews of your dashcams I tried ordering the mini
0805 but for some reason the order was not going through after watching
your review of the Mobius I ordered one of these instead as I really did
not want the screen. I also ordered the mounting kit the hard wire kit and
the super cap.

I have also found your other videos very entertaining and enjoyable. Thank
you very much for a wonderful review and work that you put into your


Автор gan9e (1 месяц)
I need some help, using latest firmware etc, but please let me know why the
cam turns itself off after 1 minute? I press the on button, a flash then a
yellow light.. I press the camera (top) button and the lights flash one is
red...then its off, I have the record light set to on... please advise

Автор Lachlant1984 (2 месяца)
My sister's boyfriend uses one of these Mobius cameras for FPV recording on
his quad copter, but he's dome something a bit different. He uses the
Mobius camera for recording only, he has another camera that's connected to
a radio transmitter which he uses for Live FPV viewing, and he's attached a
little colour LCD monitor to the back of his remote control. The live FPV
camera if you want to call it that is powered by the batteries which power
the quad copter itself. 

Автор Mike Vines (1 месяц)
What settings did you use on the Mobius for the night time car video?

Автор Power Max (3 месяца)
13:00 there is now a newer firmware with many more options, rendering that
statement false! Have you got the webcam mode to work well? 

Автор Qi Huna (4 месяца)
Here's the issue:
I have both the Standard and Wide Angle Mobius Cams, they both are charged
via the USB connection, but the problem is, my computer is NOT recognizing
the 2 Mobius Cams, theirs NO indication of it being connected whatsoever,
so I have no bloody way to see its recordings or change any of its settings

Any help would be appreciated, and "yes" I read the text manual 4x, and I
must be hypnotized to NOT SEE AND NOT READ what I suppose to, kinda like

Автор Matevž Pustišek (4 месяца)
Great review, thanks! Could you tell me, if there are any special issues
with 60fps 1080p recordings? Do you have maybe a sample video in this

Автор George hanes (1 месяц)
For the first time ever, hobbyking seems to be the cheapest place to get
something. Thanks for the video, I plan to buy one shortly. I don't buy
a camera without checking to see if you have a video review.

Автор ARTHUR MG (2 месяца)
Aê, galera. Nova câmera espiã no mercado. Pesquisei bastante e concluí que
esta é a nova câmera que vou usar.
Mobius é uma mini-câmera espiã que filma em FullHD (1080p) e já vem com
lente com abertura maior, excelente para servir como uma Action Cam.
Estou planejando montar um novo capacete com ela.

Автор Tony Kuhl (3 месяца)
Thanks for the great review of this camera. I am looking for a camera to
hide in my car to catch someone that keeps breaking into it. Any chance
that this camera includes a motion detection to start the video? Thanks

Автор Kazz- Mann (4 месяца)
My Mobius is Skippy when I take videos? In both (1) and (2) mode. Is it
possible its a cheaper SD card? It just doesn't take a smooth video even
moving slow? Please Help? 

Автор Candelaria Quiroga (2 месяца)
hey for the price which one do you recommend a Black Box Mobius Pro Mini
Action Camera or a GoPro Hero / GP Hero3 White? Thank you

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