Mobius Camera - The 1080p Action Cam, Dash-Cam, Anything Cam - Full review (with samples).

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Длительность: 23:33
Комментарии: 2008

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Автор Carla Mae De Guzman ( назад)
hello just wanna ask which is better ? mobious action cam or xiaomi yi
action cam ? non 4k version

Автор Inquisitve m ( назад)
how long does this record continuously? especially how much space does it
take up for 1080p at 7 hours continuously? thanks.

Автор aramvid ( назад)
dumb question maybe, but can it be used to take pictures ?

Автор Michael “M” Wechsler ( назад)
There is a lot of fish eye in the 1080p mode. This might be by design, to
obtain a wide angle lens. It is extremely pronounced in the video of the
buildings in the city (around 10:39.) Probably useful as a car cam but
certainly not what you'd want to use for standard video in a portable
device. Still noticeably better in 1080p than the tiny keychain ones, which
actually perform pretty well in 720p 30FPS. Thanks for the in depth review.

Автор Khosrow Khosravi ( назад)
Mobils come differì typeid lesse A,B,C,C2,C90 please advise differences.

Автор Pali Aha ( назад)
(O8:O8) "He's a bit of a Santana wannabe. Probably a little bit more
SULTANA..." -- lol.

Автор Legacy Luke ( назад)
Hi budd! Just wanted to say, Great review! Very in-depth and informative! I
was just wondering if you could possibly tell me what is the maximum memory
card size it will accept? I've just bought one but need to get a memory
card, only don't want to buy one it won't accept. Thanks. Keep up the good
work! :)

Автор PunakiviAddikti ( назад)
If you want one shipped in Finland, search the name in banggood.com, it's
free shipping and actually ships to Finland unlike Amazon.com.

Автор Mayyar MayR ( назад)
Do a review for the Mobius 2

Автор Mayyar MayR ( назад)
This is amazing... I need this

Автор Mayyar MayR ( назад)
This is amazing... I need this

Автор Tappa Tappa ( назад)
Your driving on the wrong side of the road

Автор Tom lovelace ( назад)
Hello, would you please help for name photos. How can i name photos 6
digit? now only have 4 digit. no enough for me. :)

Автор Marke FTW ( назад)
where did you bought everything on the video (kit)

Автор John Smith ( назад)
Mobius it is. Now just to find a hidden mounting point of my R6.

Автор Roboat06 - GAMING AND MORE! ( назад)
in the note we can see someone's name is peter

Автор AndyPandy33 ( назад)
One more thing, I notice my camera gets really hot, is that normal?

Автор AndyPandy33 ( назад)
I got this marvel few days ago, easy to set up and has very good video
quality for the price, sound is good too. One thing I need to say is that
memory card is filling up fast.

Автор Robert Toebak ( назад)
What is the field of view when on a live feed for rc. Is it the 1080p
window wide or the 720 window narrow? For comparison reasons.

Автор Robert Toebak ( назад)
With 720p your missing the look around the corners when going right. You
can do that with your eyes but the camera does not. The setting 1080p is
best. Thanks for this video explanation

Автор FFPThomas ( назад)
Hello, I' e Got a problem with my mobius. I've put the capacitor insead of
battery It worked ok. Now when I put It in my car red at the back flashes 3
Times when At the top once hello and then once Blue Flash. Then It goes all
over again. Won't know what is the problem. I'm tired of this shitty can,
cause it's my Second and the same thing. They even didn't recorder much...

Автор timothy thomas ( назад)
I see the av cord . Will this work with a small 4 or six inch monitor or
screen . I am not very savvy or knowledgeable in this realm .

Автор timothy thomas ( назад)
Can this be hooked to a screen ? I am looking for something that I can
remove the ir filter and use for live view for Night Vision

Автор Crazy driving in Kent ( назад)
Had x2 mobius for a year now with super capacitors, c2 lenses and 64gb
cards, they are such excellent cameras, small, lots of mounting options,
video quality is excellent and they have been super reliable and cost
effictiv. I use mine as car dashcams front and rear and havent has any
problems, even the software is great and always being updated and so

My next camera will definatly be a newer version of a mobius!.

Автор Brad Madison ( назад)
Hey there... Are you able to use that cable to view live video, and charge
at the same time so that I could record onto a DVR for a long period of
time without it turning off? If it is on, and outputting to a video monitor
will the device ever power off?


Автор Paula Lp ( назад)
Is a camera like this useful for 1-day-trips? It does an amazing job for
the size that it is, but you can only use it for a little bit longer than 1

Автор Michael Ma ( назад)
Do you think this is the best keychain type cameras out there right now as
in terms of image quality?

Автор Kulo WC ( назад)
Hi, can you connect to your smartphone to see where you are aiming to
capture video? Thanks.

Автор Omar G ( назад)
This looks like a great option - inexpensive and small profile. But would
be annoying if placed in the rear...I wonder if there is a convenient way
to use it in the rear without having to go to the back seat and start it
each time :)

Автор Chris hendre ( назад)
Can the Mobius be attached to a hat or on a headband?

Автор Chris hendre ( назад)
You don't have dates on your reviews so it's not possible to know which is
your latest! I like your review of the Mobius 1080P action camera but is
that the best one available in Uk or is another one better for about £60?
Also where are they on sale? Thanks for excellent reviews.

Автор Stew Vlogs ( назад)
What a fantastic review of the Mobius. Purchased mine 2 years ago for my
drone racing. Not used the Mobius yet. Watched your video and was amazed at
the quality of both the video and audio. I own an go pro for vlogging and
was going to purchase some more for various car vlogging shots while
driving. I think I will purchase some more of these instead now. Great
explanation. I hope Mobius ask you to design their next camera. Great job.
Subbed and liked. Thank you

Автор Su Nguyen ( назад)
I have a question, please answer.
I often leave the Mobius in Motion Detect and let it run off a portable

My question is, after using up the energy from the battery, will Mobius
understand to use its own battery and keep filming?
Or, will it just turn off.

Автор ender_scythe ( назад)
Hey, Techmoan (or whoever). I have bought this camera, and it's 1080p 30fps
option looks grainy. Could you (or someone) take a look and see if my
Mobius is fine?

Here is a 1080p 30fps clip: https://goo.gl/9rgtbU (it's in the super
bitrate mode)

Автор Chulanga Kariyawasam ( назад)
I like your review but I have a dash cam mounted in the of my car which is
constantly exposed to direct sunlight when the car heats up the video
footage is blur which means i cannot view the number plates of the car
which are comming behind me
with this camera will i have a problem like that?

Автор Jason Grimm ( назад)
I love the heat sink idea! What a great idea! I've never seen anything with
a heat sink outside the case. I wish my iphone got that for when it gets
really hot using both GPS and Bluetooth music in the car.

Автор Toto Rastau ( назад)
pourquoi quand j enresjustre en video et quand je regarde sur lordi sa me
fait des pointilier sur la video merci de reponde cordialement ..........

Автор Elliott Hurst ( назад)
>sign says no video
>takes video anyway

tut tut techmoan

Автор Robby Dyer ( назад)
JooVuu pls

Автор Bad Drivers of the Twin Cities ( назад)
I actually don't think I have tried the mobius yet...per my previous
comment...it must have been a different camera. Anyways, since I just
ordered the ITrue X3 and yes, the microsd card slot spring broke within 5
freaking hours of receiving it...I will be returning it and most likely
ordering a mobius since a fellow dashcammer uses it.

Автор Jason L ( назад)
How do you know the mobis is shooting at the correct angle when you use it
as a car dash cam?

Автор KistGaming ( назад)
Is there an ARC rail mount adapter for this?

Автор Mitch Jackson ( назад)
What setting where you using for your night time clips I would like to be
able to see number plates clearly when at night currently they are really
hard to see on mine

Автор Simon Coles (1391 год назад)
Beware of mounting cameras to motorcycle helmets - the camera and its
mount, should they be the point of impact if you come off your bike or
whatever, can seriously compromise the effectiveness of the helmet.

Автор RMLectronics East Yorks ( назад)
Interesting. I think I might have asked you before but I'm looking for a
reel to reel tape recorder/player - have you got any for sale? Ta

Автор M7xR55 ( назад)
I have several video cameras including one of these and I love it. you
cannot go wrong having one of these little cameras. I have both 720 and
1080 settings set too wide I don't think the narrow setting is very useful.
the talk about a handy little camera that does a great job, I use it for
making tutorial videos and I also use it as a dash cam this is just an
excellent camera based on size function and usability, and the price is
just stupidly good.

Автор Myriaddsystems ( назад)
Superb presentation!

Автор BlackWing Cyper ( назад)
wow this looks pretty kool

that and a company taking feed back is utterly amazing

Автор Ks Coates ( назад)
I would like to know would this be good camera for surveillance camera and
how many hours can it go without charging, does it have a power supply
version, does it do continuous recording

Автор teenytina1092 ( назад)
my mobius camera turns on flashes yellow and shuts off. i am having
diffuculty installing software to my macbook. please advise :( i would
really love to have it set up to be used as a dash camera. i have set up
the mount however the cameras settings are crooked)

Автор ifell3 ( назад)
Nice videos, could you not come up with some sort of iron sights scope for
this? Just having two little raised bumps of plastic closest to your self
and one at the front would help to give you some sort of idea.

Автор TENERIFE TERRY ( назад)
Just come across this site and found the info you provide very useful.
Regarding the Mobious ActionCam reviewed 2013 - has this model now been
superceded by a newer version?, and it would be nice if you could publish
the exact sizes of the camcorders you review as I am looking for one I
could attach to rolling stock on an "N" gauge model railway I have built in
Tenerife my new home.

Автор mailperson ( назад)
Living in the USA watching you drive on the wrong side of the road gave me

Автор Alex Yeomans ( назад)
Great video! I've had my Mobius cam for about 2 years now and am satisfied
with the fpv performance and inbuild DVR capability for my quadcopter - no
additional camera required! Also I was surprised to see from this video
that I can watch back recorded video (see 22:27). Amazing functionality as
it also doubles as a dash cam with inverted image. Also these cams have had
continued firmware and pc interface up dates which have been easy to
install and have provided expanded functionality. Great video and product.

Автор Bowler Hat Dude (Rikon Emir) ( назад)
"Hopefully there is not a problem with photos here" *Sign saying no Photos
or Video* Proceeds anyway. Love it!

Автор Ian Bell ( назад)
Thank you, very interesting review. I think you may have convinced me to
get one. Have you had any comments as to its suitability for use on Model
Railways? That is what I will mainly use it for. If not are you able to
provide a review.Thanks.

Автор Atrax R (1034 года назад)
That's actually pretty good for such a small camera.

Автор Sylvain Forgues ( назад)
Wow you live in a beautiful area

Автор Raw Food ( назад)
Great video, Thanks!
THE Xiaomi Yi camera is really Greath for the Price

Автор Ciarán Farley-Toone (cTurtle98) ( назад)
why does the audio quality of your voice change so much ?

Автор octap79 ( назад)
Please, please add a notification in your video that there are fake/clones
on the market and there's a reason people should follow the links provided
in the description to buy the original camera. I have just been screwed
with a fake one and I think people should be aware to avoid those fakes.

Автор Dylan S ( назад)
Great comprehensive review!

Автор CoTeCiOtm ( назад)
It's a pity that 720p doesn't downscale the image from the sensor but cuts
it, so you lose so much field of view... I wonder if that can be fixed with
a firmware update

Автор Mindfreak Biker ( назад)
on helmet

Автор Mindfreak Biker ( назад)
can you test this camera

Автор d3adsoulja ( назад)
I owned a number of the 808 cameras all of em crap video was poor and they
just stopped working for no reason. Having said that they were only a few
quid and did get me into FPV. What i wanna ask is how good are these Mobius
cams are they cheap crap? Im worried i spend £60 and they have the life
cycle of the 808...Im either buying this or the SJ4000 but i like the small
flat design of the Mobius.

Автор Wayne Schmidt ( назад)
I enjoyed this video review very much. You prove a lot of information with
no extraneous material. Thank you.My interest in this camera is to mount it
on a pinewood derby model car to take close-up video of high performance
derby cars as they race. Do you know what the closest focus distance is?
Thanks again for a great video!

Автор d1977j ( назад)
There are cheaper ones on bay, at 37 pounds, 281872246409, but pricewise,
presume they are fakes?

Автор Michael Myers ( назад)
Hi i just bought the c2 version, i am having trouble recording while in
webcam mode could you help me? Thanks, keep up the videos.

Автор DusteDs Stuff ( назад)
The txt file configuration is very very elegant in my opinon, no need to
install or download anything, everyone already has an editor :)

Автор jaaahws ( назад)
Great review of this cam. What's a good/easy Mac program to orient the
video image back -90° as I'd have it mounted sideways on my right of a
motorcycle helmet?

Автор Fred Morgan ( назад)
How come the video is the same video shot for 808#26 Keychain Camera????

Автор Souvik Sinha ( назад)
Which city is it?

Автор tremorist ( назад)
Of course the wide angle enables to shoot without a viewfinder, but always
keep in mind what can be achieved by using one.

Автор Alex Li ( назад)
Your review reminds me of James May a bit.

Автор alawabidingcitizen ( назад)
I played the video twice and didn't find anything about Motion Detection? I
also didn't see settings related to it in the software? Please correct me
if I am wrong. Thanks.

Автор Stang Red ( назад)
would be nice with HDMI support rather than A/V

Автор OZHKAR1 ( назад)
Complete and great review!

Автор TNTtomTOM ( назад)
i need a good spy camera but im not old enough for a car >

Автор Cesar Pinedo ( назад)
Dear techmoan, I think my son is doing or hiding drugs in his room and I
would like to know what is the best camera I can put into a dvd case?
Should I get the y3000 or the hd808? I hope you can help me.

Автор hustler539 ( назад)
I was pleasantly surprised at the video quality. The build quality not
being the best, and this currently selling for under $70 on ebay made me
think this was gonna be crap. This would make a nice dash cam and even an
alternative to a go pro in a pinch. Only complaint I see is lack of support
for higher capacity sd/microsd.

Автор InTheNameOfJustice ( назад)
That is very impressive. Like it.

Автор R oh (thunder) ( назад)
What is the reason why the android phone app is not working anymore

Автор stangace20 ( назад)
If you want to use it for your car, are there any kits to hardwire the
mobius camera into your car instead of relying on the outlet adapter plug?

Автор Chameleonslove ( назад)
I have a camera that takes less than 1x1x1 cm space and records 1080p which
is my iPhone's camera

Really if you think about it these mini cameras are useless unless they
have something so special like being waterproof or something (although Sony
for example already has waterproof phones)

Автор chrinamint ( назад)
"...the LED flashing like a nutter..." Haha!! Hey, great review! Very
thorough, and excellent examples.

Автор basilbrushnz ( назад)
Are they all wide angle? If not I guess I will stick to the 808's.

Автор ie “e” ei ( назад)
is this best quality cheap action camera for drone?

Автор Sglod Ap Tatwn ( назад)
+Techmoan I do time-lapses of the stars at night with a DSLR, could it do
that? What's the the best action cam for low-light?

Автор maxfliart ( назад)
Do you know the weight of this cam without the external casing? Are there
links to optional ways to encase the cam
with a very light skin, and reduce significantly the overall weight? Many
thanks for your reviews.

Автор krolltroll ( назад)
Can I run it non-stop from mains 240v AC power (and or 12v lighter plug)
and if so, what extra cable would I need? Would it get too hot and damage
the battery?

Автор Arch Stanton ( назад)
Your videos make me want to move to Britain.
Oddly enough it reminds me of when I was stationed in Germany.
I suspect that most of Europe looks pretty much the same.

Автор Henry Lema ( назад)
Thank you a lot... Excelent video

Автор Sundayracer1254 ( назад)
New to all this camera biz, found your reviews as the best for product
information reviews. Interested in setting up a vehicle rear camera. Mobius
New Version Wide Angle Lens C2. is it possible to attach it to a driver
positioned monitor so it can also be use as a backup camera. Also what
camera do you use to show the camera reviews when you start showing the
product break downs.

Автор 50ey ( назад)
thnx, great review, as usual

Автор AsianRider ( назад)
does it take external mic?

Автор anyshitt ( назад)
a person can be much worse than a Santana wanna be! what if he was a dolly
pardon impersonator ?

Автор anyshitt ( назад)
Question, last week I had no problem getting my old xp computer to read the
SD fresh out of my mobius.. Then my quad crashed pretty hard, sent my mount
in all directions..my mobius was unscratched with sd card still attached.
during my drive home i felt the mobius getting warm,,( almost hot to the
touch)so i pulled out the 16g sd card. Now when i insert that car into my
pc, is a prompt telling my that my card has to be formatted before It can
be read or recorded on. The mobius has not worked since, no lights come on
except for the time I plugged her into the pc for a charge. then the light
goes out as soon as I unplug.. Question, is it worth a try to install a
replacement battery to see if she can still work? Or is it beating a dead
horse , and time to buy another mobius? thank's everybody!
what is the reset whole for?

P.S. I also have an 808#16 keychain camera, it to does not work! and
banggood wont replace it.. they told me i am S.O.O. L.. I have two more
camera's on the way, I really wish I could repair the ones I have..

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