Mobius Camera - The 1080p Action Cam, Dash-Cam, Anything Cam - Full review (with samples).

BUY ONE http://goo.gl/IW7ct (US) or http://goo.gl/Zq5OTH (UK)
SAMPLE CLIPS & More Info HERE http://goo.gl/TCxo7

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Автор matthew (3 дня)
can you play your videos on PC? i noticed that it's MOV file..

Автор AirsoftWarfareHD (5 месяцев)
This thing is amazing, I received it today and its so tiny and shoots
really crisp video. I put velcro on my hat and then this camera and it
didn't even feel like I had this thing on, very nice.

Автор wildbilltexas (2 месяца)
Nice camera, I wonder how this camera handles very loud audio like a club
band or a huge rock concert.

Автор DJChu- Chur (4 месяца)
Hi I brought one and got a micro sd Samsung 32 class 10 card question is
should the card be sticking out a bit or lock in? how do I know which way
to insert the card as I try it two ways and only one way seem to be the
right way insert but doesn't lock into the camera or flush with the contour
of the base of the cam any comments thanks

Автор Steve Panebianco (4 месяца)
how would this camera work in aerial flight ? looking for something light
and good quality video for my quadchopter

Автор dr7asans (1 месяц)
does it auto record / stop when the car starts / turns off ? or I have to
press the power button everytime ???????

Автор X-Ray Crystallography (6 месяцев)
@1:19"drop the stupid spy camera origins of the other one", except that #1)
the whole POINT of it was that it WAS a spy camera (so, it's not stupid if
that's what you desired about the camera). #2) the new configuration
competes with BETTER cameras that can do the job WITH the benefit of the

Автор Wayne Meador (6 месяцев)
Great review man! Can you tell me where to purchase? Thanks in advance! :-)

Автор Marek Jankowski (7 месяцев)
I have little problem with my Mobius. I try to turn it on and yellow LED
blinks fast. After 20 blinks it blinks faster and turns off. Any ideas?

Автор Peter I (3 месяца)
Do you have to put the sd card in upside down with the gold bits facing up?

Автор Wayne Shepherd (4 месяца)
can u not put a microphone on this camera. and i take it's not waterproof
and no case? lol's pff! if not usual the case,

Автор EricTheLeisurologist (2 месяца)
This is almost precisely what I am looking for in an auto security device,
except that I need a proximity recording trigger / switch, the ability to
mount it to a driver and passengers side window for side view recording and
a remote wireless function that sends the audio and video images to a cloud
storage system for later retrieval!

Автор JoblessGuydotnet (19 дней)
so far my favorite camera , better than sj4000 except for water-resistant
feature in that one.

Автор Ben Portman (5 месяцев)
Heard it had bad latency?

Автор Christopher Broome (2 месяца)

This camera is a life saver for my needs at the moment. I have just ordered
one from e-bay. I wan to use this camera for security CCTV on my family
house. Some thieves have been getting into the property and looking for
things to take. Unfortunate they do this on a regular basis and it has
forced me to get a camera that I can come on when there is movement in the
area and turn off when there is not. I have got a battery pack to supply it
power and can see it has a motion detection. I was wondering if the camera
has to be on all the time to able to start the motion detection or is there
a standby mode.

I'm sure it will be fine as your review show it has some great video
quality and portability. I can see from the config software that its got a
lot of settings. I can always use the photo setting if I find the video
fills up the card to much.

So I am wondering:

-Does this camera come on when motion is detected (in standby mode)?
-While this camera working for long periods on idle without falling asleep
without anyone touching it?



Автор Annony Mouse (4 месяца)
Do you have to have the camera plugged in to use it? Or can you charge it
up and use it to record without having a cord attached?

Автор Cho CoMo (5 месяцев)
Mat...I'm a tad puzzled.....the video in your Youtube playbacks looks
as good or better than any that I download and view latter (non-streamed)...
...any notion as to why?

Автор Inseagan (7 месяцев)
Any info on what editing software to run with the mov files without
converting them.
I normally use Corel VideoStudio Pro x3, but it won't play sound properly
in project mode with Mobius files. I've installed all of the latest updates
to Corel, but it hasn't solved the sound problem. The sound plays fine in
clip mode.

Any helpful info appreciated.....


Автор Hoverbot1TV (1 месяц)
Update, I tried to upgrade my cool mobius and on the restart it locked up
and now will not get by solid blue and even reset button will not make it
reboot and it does not show up as a drive via usb. I wish I had got $80.
worth of video! If it works do not update drivers it could kill it! Bad
tech that way.

Автор brocklanders1984 (1 день)
Great review Ringo.

Автор Kzummo (3 дня)
But will it blend?

Автор dr7asans (1 месяц)
thanx for the review..
but does it stand heat ?

Автор johnny mars (6 месяцев)
One of the better video reviews on YouTube. Nice and informative and to
the point.

Автор Masterpj555 (1 месяц)
Still waiting for it but I'm sure this thing will be amazing :) can't wait
for it thanks for the review.

Автор Slade366 (2 месяца)
Looped/recycled video is the most awesome thing ever. I love being able to
just keep shooting until something good happens rather than having to
delete clips over and over so it doesn't run out of space.

Автор leon1765 (6 месяцев)
by the way,i was able to find out the reason for the argurably short
battery life.
the battery is only a 520 mah battery

Автор Shahril Azmir (6 месяцев)
Definitely getting this one. Thanks for another awesome review.

Автор TheWiseOldChinaman (1 месяц)
Thanks for another great review!

Автор anthony perkins (4 месяца)
nice, I want one of those. For the price you cant beat it with a stick.

Автор ArriCAT5e (5 месяцев)
Interesting use of a reel to reel.

Автор Igor K (1 месяц)
I need a tiny spy camera that would be able to record 720p for 2-3 days,
how much memory would I need? sound not important, IR lens will be removed
to shoot at night with IR flashlight

Автор sotajumalaa (4 месяца)
The video looks a bit juddery, especially if you concentrate on walking
people. Only real problem with this camera besides the missing viewfinder
(though viewfinder would increase the cost so I approve that)

Автор Mac V Sog (5 месяцев)
This Video helped me first of all to find the right cam I needed and second
to help me understand the full use, software and hardware of this great
cam! 1000 Thumbs up and big thanks Techmoan for this outstanding video!!!

Автор xQuByte (2 месяца)
What is it better choice? This camera, SJ4000, or WDV5000 can? It depends
me for good of audio quality and video.

Автор richard smith (25 дней)
thanks for vid !

Автор toysareforboys1 (6 месяцев)
Thanks for the awesome review! WDR/HDR mode looks amazing! I ordered one
from your link!!! :D

Автор John Meredith (2 месяца)
Great review of this little gem of a camera. WatchLionProductions has done
an amazing recent video and sound test of this great piece of kit as well.
Thanks to this review and what i saw today on the image and sound test just
ordered this camera. Thanks alot!

Автор Supercub1974 (8 месяцев)
Hi Techmoan,
You have a very informative youtube page and I have watched alot of the
videos on cameras. I use an older 1080 Gopro (before the 3 colors came out)
for video from a noisy rc airplane with some significant vibration from the
gasoline engine. The video is ok but I want something a little more
streamline and maybe a little lighter with the same or better video
quality. I am considering the Gopro black but its still $400+ here in
Canada. What would you recommend for an alternative? My Gopro is always set
to 760 because it seems to be a smoother video.

Автор Juha Tuomola (6 месяцев)
I wish i bought this instead of SJ1000, this is less heavy.

Автор AnaboliX (1 месяц)
Love the quality but seems too much of a hassle with out a lcd screen

Автор John Davison (3 месяца)
Great review as always

Автор robert parkes (4 месяца)
thank you

Автор J Yu (6 месяцев)
The Minion is yellow. Why does it show up orange in your monitor? Is that a
setting issue?

Автор Jafafa Hots (2 месяца)
nice review. Looks like they did a good job on this cam.

Автор Jon Netbotic (4 месяца)
ND filter available?

Автор TransHerring (8 месяцев)
Just posting the link to the rcgroups thread where everything is listed
about the camera


Автор Brad Mackney (1 год)
My favourite mini action cam just got upgrades...

Now takes up to 32GB cards, twice the battery life and a fairly normal
square chassis.

Автор David Picek (6 дней)
do you have to turn it on/off or hit record/stop every time you get in/out
of your car? or is it auto...

Автор disneyr (6 месяцев)
Does the wide angle lens use the same lens cap as the standard lens? I just
ordered a Mobius with a wide angle lens so I hope it comes w the
appropriate lens cap.

Автор mefxes (7 месяцев)
My Mobius camera never seemed to charge as it should. After 3 or 4 cycles
it's not charging anymore, so it turns on only when connected to an
external power. PC recognizes it perfectly, but no camera functions, just
mass storage is shown. Since it doesn't charge, I can't turn it on when
disconnected. So the camera turned a paper weight after less than a month
with little use. I'm disappointed, since my Jumbo HD808 #11 still works
after a beating and hard use. 

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