Mobius Camera - The 1080p Action Cam, Dash-Cam, Anything Cam - Full review (with samples).

BUY ONE http://goo.gl/IW7ct (US) or http://goo.gl/Zq5OTH (UK)
SAMPLE CLIPS & More Info HERE http://goo.gl/TCxo7

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Автор Robert Knight (18 дней)
Hi Techmoan, perhaps I missed it, but what would the recording time be
using a 32 gb card?

Автор savcob (24 дня)
It not clear what the power source is..is it rechargeable batter..how long
does it last ? what will power the camera if I want to mount it on my
helmet for example ?

Автор stojko11 (2 дня)
hi tech :-D i have bought this cam and was satisfied with performance until
i upgrade it firmware... i am wondering do you know what was the firmwere
version on the cam you reviewed ? i want to roll it back because my night
video, is like filmed with 2 mp phone cam.. it is all washed out , and
since upgrade day time video is not that good !!! btw i my card is 10 class
16 gb and i saw that for best performance is best 4 class up to 8 gb , do
you know anything about this issue?

and i must say even with this problem , this cam is a good buy .

Автор The Friendly Dolphin (10 дней)
can you have an external battery pack?

Автор chungvui (3 дня)
when I plug it to my car adapter, does it auto turn on when I turn on my

Автор dh66 (2 месяца)
After one week of use and less than 10 microSD card insertions/removals the
slot push-push ejection mechanism broke! I attempted to contact the mfg.
and have gotten no reply. I bought this camera a couple months ago and the
video quality and function were similar to this review. I bought the camera
along with a Kingston 32GB microSD card. Another one for the junk drawer
until I can find a suitable card slot that I can solder on to replace the
broken one.

Автор Daniel Farrant (13 дней)
Will this automatically turn on if your car is hit when parked?

Автор matthew (1 месяц)
can you play your videos on PC? i noticed that it's MOV file..

Автор Yosef Elgart (23 дня)
Can I charge and record? With battery pack?

Автор Dave Burgess (14 дней)
If anyone is wondering about temperature ranges, I have now had one of
these in my car for the past year. I llive in Arizona, USA, and summer
daytime temperatures reach 118 degrees, so about 150+ in a parked car. The
camera is still working fine, although in Death Valley, CA, they have
passed a bylaw against cooking eggs on the sidewalk!

Автор loonypics (2 месяца)
Hi Tecmoan, what a great job of explain you're doing, may ask a question
can the video's be saved on a pc and burned to DVD ?

Автор David Picek (1 месяц)
do you have to turn it on/off or hit record/stop every time you get in/out
of your car? or is it auto...

Автор Tarneil Kotian (24 дня)
Good cam review like always, but if i had a position of suggesting things
to the creators for next cams, other than the features you already
mentioned i would also suggest a small LCD screen on the top surface and
buttons on the sides. So i know what i am pointing it at and for photo
reviewing/video reviewing. Also the LCD should have screen off mode when
not in use to save on battery. Orientation of video/ image on LCD should be
user selectable. Waterproof case would be appreciated by a lot.

Автор colorfulbrick (1 месяц)
@Techmoan can you give me an advice for a little, small and cheap (under 70
US Dollar) Camera for a quadcopter?

Автор Rexx Angar (1 месяц)
Unfortunately after 10 months of constant use, my mobius 1080P cam became
grainy. It does not matter if i use the high data rate and class 10 SD
card, i still get the grainy result watching the video clips. I will
probably buy another one though.

Автор Andrew C (3 месяца)
This is the second camera I've bought after your review. I owe you two
pints now :) only caveat is that the USB lead I got is 50cm. It's pictured
like that in the description, I just hoped for a tad longer. Cheers!

Автор ddemier (3 месяца)
Does this camera have the ability to power off 12volts in your car? I
e-mailed the supplier and they said I would need to get an adpter because
this camera uses 5 v dc and if I hooked it up to 12 v it would damage the
camera with out this converter. Is this true because I don't recall seeing
this in your review. 

Автор vladoLit (1 месяц)
I'm just bought Mobius 1080p camera.
But lens is a different that yours on video!
Maybe my its a wide-angle lens.
Can you tell me which one lens is better;
standard- like yours or wide-angle- like my?
Or seller selling rubbish!

Автор dr7asans (2 месяца)
does it auto record / stop when the car starts / turns off ? or I have to
press the power button everytime ???????

Автор jimo dilo (2 месяца)
Does anyone know if Mobius has a sos/emergency button to lock a file?

Автор ExperimentalHDX (3 месяца)
I'm ordering one of these soon, but I don't know what model to get! The one
with the standard lens or the wide angle lens...

Автор KARTIK GANDHI (2 месяца)
it will be a very good idea to build a underwater proof casing for scuba
diving ........ very nice if this comes in market

Автор PellenkaHD (2 месяца)
Techmoan please answer….

I'm considering buying a dash cam G1W or this Mobius camera can you tell me
which one is better?

Thanks in advance.

Автор Justin Lang (2 месяца)
Awesome camera wish it was waterproof.

Автор Tea Kakes (2 месяца)
Would you recommend the Mobius or the Mini DVR 0801 for use strictly as a
dash cam? I live in an area where it gets VERY hot, and am not sure which
(if any) can put up with the heat?


Автор Hoverbot1TV (2 месяца)
Update, I tried to upgrade my cool mobius and on the restart it locked up
and now will not get by solid blue and even reset button will not make it
reboot and it does not show up as a drive via usb. I wish I had got $80.
worth of video! If it works do not update drivers it could kill it! Bad
tech that way.

Автор joeyyung911 (2 месяца)
Just bought one, works with my 128GB microSDXC.

Автор nelson alves (2 месяца)
do u know any web site i can buy because i live in usa and i need fast

Автор Scott Levine (4 месяца)
Would yo recommend this cam over the Mini 0801cam for car use?

Автор knwest2012 (2 месяца)
Hey Techmoan, any idea when the new version of this camera may be coming
out?? Thanks!

Автор Alba Soul (3 месяца)
When the card is full do I need to delete it myself or it will do it
automatically? Thanks.

Автор Martin Meyer (2 месяца)
I really like the date on screen option :) but for a dash cam GPS with on
screen data is a must other way such kind of video will never be able to
work as witness for your insurance, police or whatever !

Автор nOok Av (2 месяца)
Great review, you've convinced me to buy yet another gadget you reviewed!

Quick question. Can you connect this through USB on a laptop and use the
laptop as a power source and record directly to the laptops HD? I would
like to make a few timelapse video's with it over multiple hours.

Автор zigfried64 (2 месяца)
Doesn't work for me at all. I've updated the firmware (1.13) and I have
recorded several short clips with the camera. I hook the camera up to my
PC via the USB and I can see it was an external HD which I then open. I
can see the files as Quicktime .mov files. I have tried opening them with
VLS and Windows media player, but the files will not play. Hoping someone
can explain what I am doing wrong before I end up shipping it back for a

Автор russ331 (4 часа)
Matt Cave, tens of thousands of Mobius cams have been shipped in jiffy bags
with no problems, including two to me. If you want pretty packaging then
buy an Innovv. The likelihood is that there's nothing wrong with your
Mobius, try charging the battery for 3 hours & you'll probably find it's
not "dead".

Автор Matt Cave (18 часов)
I just thought I would share this.. I loved this review.. and I ordered
this cam.
it came.. after long wait, and its dead!, wont even come on !, and was
shipped from the company in the CHEAPEST flimsy Envelope! obviously this is
why it is damaged I am sure of it ! I can not Believe that company would
send out an electronic item in the cheapest bubble envelope knowing it was
coming all the way from china, actually I would not find it acceptable if
it was shipped to a neighbouring province in such cheap shipping package. I
am in process of settling the matter with Pay Pal, but I think EVERYONE
should know that this happens! and I have Pictures of the Envelope it was
sent in.. it was a joke !! I wish I could put a picture up of what it was
shipped to me in .
its totally un acceptable and shows complete lack of customer "buyer" care!
I had such high hopes for this item ... but I am just letting everyone be
" Buyer Beware " !!

Автор Sarah Mann (4 месяца)
Hi, Such a mass of cameras but liked this review - Please could you point
me in the right direction? I want one for a taxi both in and out and for
reasons you can imagine right? Would this fit the bill, particularly at
night? Hope you can help. Great job ;-) Also, heard anything on the lines
of wireless i.e. data saved on mobile device in case the camera is

Автор dr7asans (2 месяца)
thanx for the review..
but does it stand heat ?

Автор Kenny Linton (2 месяца)
Where can I buy this camera and how to get one now?

Автор Leonardo Vizzotto (3 дня)
When my camera is in motion detection mode, when it gets in stadby, after a
while it turns off. Is this normal? How can I fix this?

Автор Porsche Duésnburg (4 дня)
Wow! This seems like the perfect candidate for my travels
In my opinion, 2 things would make it even better
1. dual cameras
2. GPS

I know the GPS option they left out due to costs but it would be nice to
have. Nontheless, I'll like'y be ordering one and performing an 'OEM
install' with it :)

Thanks for this super indepth review!

Автор michael knights (2 месяца)
Hi how do I connect the mobius to an I pad any ideas ? 

Автор TreesOnTheBeach (3 месяца)
Pretty neat, but I don't trust the sound quality in so small a device.
Plus, it's not waterproof... that's a deal killer for me.

Автор Darren Alison (7 дней)
I think this is the best review of anything i have seen in youtube, Thanks
very much

Автор Giligain I. (8 дней)
Best little camera I've come across yet for approx. $70. Video review is 1
yr old. 

Автор Kartiko Nugroho (3 месяца)
can it take photograph while recording video?

Автор exwhyz33 (9 дней)
excellent review - thanks.

Автор t5jerry (9 дней)

on the 2nd SEPTEMBER 2013 you tested the MINI 0801.
then on the 16TH JUNE 2014 you tested the MINI 0803, NOW FOR THE BIT I DONT
UNDERSTAND, you say the 0803 is better than the 0801 and THEN RUN a
comparison test, it starts at 1.27 into the video OF THE 0803, what I don't
PARKED in the same position AS IN THE 2014 VIDEO???? EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE
trying to con us?????

Автор RichieTheBadass (9 дней)
I am in the process of creating an action pov movie and was wondering if
this camera would do the job. I want to know if the shots will look like a
fish eye or regular, because I will be mounting it on my forehead and I
will have lots of close shots of guns and aiming down sights. Thanks.

Автор Yoni Tan (10 дней)
10:30 LOL no video or photography 

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