Mobius Camera - The 1080p Action Cam, Dash-Cam, Anything Cam - Full review (with samples).

BUY ONE http://goo.gl/IW7ct (US) or http://goo.gl/Zq5OTH (UK)
SAMPLE CLIPS & More Info HERE http://goo.gl/TCxo7

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Автор Peter I (4 дня)
Do you have to put the sd card in upside down with the gold bits facing up?

Автор Wayne Shepherd (22 дня)
can u not put a microphone on this camera. and i take it's not waterproof
and no case? lol's pff! if not usual the case,

Автор DJChu- Chur (1 месяц)
Hi I brought one and got a micro sd Samsung 32 class 10 card question is
should the card be sticking out a bit or lock in? how do I know which way
to insert the card as I try it two ways and only one way seem to be the
right way insert but doesn't lock into the camera or flush with the contour
of the base of the cam any comments thanks

Автор anthony perkins (1 месяц)
nice, I want one of those. For the price you cant beat it with a stick.

Автор sotajumalaa (1 месяц)
The video looks a bit juddery, especially if you concentrate on walking
people. Only real problem with this camera besides the missing viewfinder
(though viewfinder would increase the cost so I approve that)

Автор Ben Portman (2 месяца)
Heard it had bad latency?

Автор Mac V Sog (2 месяца)
This Video helped me first of all to find the right cam I needed and second
to help me understand the full use, software and hardware of this great
cam! 1000 Thumbs up and big thanks Techmoan for this outstanding video!!!

Автор robert parkes (1 месяц)
thank you

Автор Annony Mouse (1 месяц)
Do you have to have the camera plugged in to use it? Or can you charge it
up and use it to record without having a cord attached?

Автор Cho CoMo (2 месяца)
Mat...I'm a tad puzzled.....the video in your Youtube playbacks looks
as good or better than any that I download and view latter (non-streamed)...
...any notion as to why?

Автор Steve Panebianco (1 месяц)
how would this camera work in aerial flight ? looking for something light
and good quality video for my quadchopter

Автор Jon Netbotic (1 месяц)
ND filter available?

Автор ZebbMassiv (19 часов)
would be cool if it had a port you could attach a better microphone to

Автор Francisco Jose Domínguez Quintans (1 день)
One of the best (if not the best) reviews I've ever seen of this camera.
Thank you!

Автор Vivian Cullen (9 часов)
Hi Technoman, Love the channel and your reviews!
Having a small problem with my Mobius...
Mobius was working great on its maiden voyage. recorded for almost 2 hours
on road trip with 16gig micro SD.
Connected to laptop to review footage and adjust some settings. Thinking it
woudl perform as before - The Mobius LED went green (as it should) flashed
twice and then turned to a red flashing LED. That's all it does now.
I can't find anything regarding this on blogs or on YT.
Any advice of what to do or where to turn?

Автор damorar (3 дня)
Hi, Techmoan. At 06:33, did you record with standard lens or wide angle
Greetings from Hungary and thank you for this materials and footages!

Автор lebac (4 дня)
Can't get this recognized on my win 7. Where can I find drivers for this
*EDIT* - how very strange... It won't connect directly to PC, but will
connect through USB hub.

Автор Scott Levine (5 дней)
Would yo recommend this cam over the Mini 0801cam for car use?

Автор Jacob Lewis (4 дня)
Hello, friend, your video is so fantastic. I have many products like this,
spy glasses, spy camera watch, good quality and low price. Can you review
for me ? I tried to send you message but I failed. If you can review my
product, please tell me your address, let me ship you my products. Thank

Автор Tony Yang (6 дней)
Thanks for the in-depth review, I think I'll have to get one now!

Автор Airmaan Lexwer (8 дней)
Hi hi! Have you ever tried - Pycane DSLR Camera Tricks (Have a quick look
on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some super things about
it and my sister shot some mind-blowing images with it.

Автор Otto Burgess (9 дней)
you know it would be great if there were smart phone apps to work with the
cam settings and show live view, etc

Автор Phil P (12 дней)
Thanks for a really great review, I just got the the wide angle B lens
model. For a noob can you or anyone else answer, once I upload footage to
the PC what software can I use to edit and upload to YT cheers.

Автор zachmndrive (14 дней)
Still getting freezing and shutting off on the G1W, sending it back soon.
Hm, not a bad price, the mobius

Автор michael arnoldi (9 дней)
can this camera be activated by motion detection ? i am looking for a small
camera like this, that will start recording when someone tries to mess with
my car

Автор russ331 (9 дней)
@michael arnoldi

Yes, the Mobius has Motion Detection.

Автор Dave Tavres (18 дней)
One of the BEST review videos I've ever seen for ANY product! Bravo! Keep
up the great work! THANK you for doing such a great job!

Автор Sarah Mann (12 дней)
Hi, Such a mass of cameras but liked this review - Please could you point
me in the right direction? I want one for a taxi both in and out and for
reasons you can imagine right? Would this fit the bill, particularly at
night? Hope you can help. Great job ;-) Also, heard anything on the lines
of wireless i.e. data saved on mobile device in case the camera is

Автор blackbirdboy1 (1 месяц)
Question, I have 2 Mobious Camera's, I was that impressed with the first
one! I have downloaded the Software that lets you update the camera &
change the settings. Now my question is, what setting would you recommend
for night footage. I am just starting to have a go at Night FPV with a
plane decked out in L.E.D lights. The 600 TVL Pal Board cam that I fly by
is fine, but the Mobious HD Cam footage is not its sharp self, seems a bit
grainy!!! Check out my footage to see. Any sugestions would be most
welcome. Also, could you recommend a small 12V DVR recorder to record the
Ground station on? My HobbyKing DVR recorder is cheap & is ok to record the
GPS coordinates in case of a lost plane, but not much else!!! Thanks in

Автор SiCk SiDer (2 месяца)
you can also get it from on amazon by notovm? or how ever you spell that.
But as far as i know, there are only two official u.s. retailers one ships
from Massachusetts and the other im not sure. GREAT camera though. 

Автор Tino Beano (2 месяца)
This looks like a good camera and a great review thank you. I have a Flip
camera and was wondering would I be able to use it with the Mobius as a
lense only and linked to the Flip? Or is there another lense only camera
that would work with the Flip?

Автор Indrina (2 месяца)
I've been through what I think is all of your reviews of the cheaper
cameras, and this definitely looks to be the best. I'm looking to record
the next tour I go on, and this should be perfect for that (won't be riding
through the rain probably, and even if I do, I don't think I'd care to
record it much. Still, if I really wanted, I'm sure I could stick it in a
plastic baggy).

Автор hemisrt8 (23 дня)
great video pal, love the accent too.

Автор nastyevilninja (2 месяца)
Great video! What's the 'max' file record length? And is it possible to
power this from the USB, for example, from a motorbikes electrics so it'll
record forever?

Автор kylekoz2012 (2 месяца)
I it does but does anyone know if this camera has motion detection

Автор az-fotos.de (1 месяц)
The supersmall "Mobius" Camera - a 1080p Action Cam, Dash-Cam, Anything Cam
- Full review (with samples).

Автор Robert Briggs (1 месяц)
Hey techmoan. I got myself a motorcycle. Whats your preferred action

Автор Agent24 (26 дней)
Great reviews! Detailed, clear and easy to follow, with the added bonus
that you sound a bit like James May.

Автор Nicolai Lissau (1 месяц)
Is this shot with a wide lens or the stock lens? Great video by the way!

Автор Isle Of Wight Alternative Attractions (29 дней)
Amazing & very factual and concise review..
Thank you very much..
This could be a great thing for me to use...
The possibilities have my mind reeling already.. :-)

Автор Andrew Chan (17 дней)
Hi Mat, I am having a problem with the camera picking up a buzzing /
rattling noise when I use it as a dash cam or bike cam. Have you noticed
this and if you have, is there a way to stop it?

Автор FireBug343 (1 месяц)
Does anyone know if a protective/ waterproof case is available for this
camera? I'm on the hunt for a decent camera for record mud runs without
breaking the bank.

Автор david ringer (26 дней)
Never mind found answer...

Автор Groatolf Rofan (23 дня)
I am Probably gonna by one of these thanks to this review this camera is
cheap, high quality and has great and cheap accesories (Tripod, Car Mount
etc) on ebay.
Thanks Techmoan - Groatolf Rofan

Автор nonchecka (15 дней)
Hello Technoman,

I have a question about the Mobius Action Cam.
It is possible to connect a microphone via USB to the mobius?
Or can the microphone of the mobius replaced by another?
The wind noise on the motorcycle is too loud, so I wanted to put a
microphone under the seat. I would like to connect these

to the mobius. is something like this possible?

best regards !

Автор MrMirekCZ (28 дней)
Hallo, Could you show us how to focus the mobius?

Автор Fpv Jersey (1 месяц)
Lost my #16 (booo...) so just ordered a Mobius (yey!!) :)

Автор kickapowwww (2 месяца)
You're Blunty!

Автор Mark Henry Salvador (2 месяца)
Big Question: I can't seem to use Sandisk Ultra 32GB on it. It will read
the files but it won't record. I have it automatically record when I turn
on but it doesnt with the Sandisk Ultra.

Автор Bernard Wilkinson (21 день)
What bike have you got? 

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