Mobius Camera - The 1080p Action Cam, Dash-Cam, Anything Cam - Full review (with samples).

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Автор CoTeCiOtm ( назад)
It's a pity that 720p doesn't downscale the image from the sensor but cuts
it, so you lose so much field of view... I wonder if that can be fixed with
a firmware update

Автор Harish Manjeshwar ( назад)
on helmet

Автор Harish Manjeshwar ( назад)
can you test this camera

Автор d3adsoulja ( назад)
I owned a number of the 808 cameras all of em crap video was poor and they
just stopped working for no reason. Having said that they were only a few
quid and did get me into FPV. What i wanna ask is how good are these Mobius
cams are they cheap crap? Im worried i spend £60 and they have the life
cycle of the 808...Im either buying this or the SJ4000 but i like the small
flat design of the Mobius.

Автор Wayne Schmidt ( назад)
I enjoyed this video review very much. You prove a lot of information with
no extraneous material. Thank you.My interest in this camera is to mount it
on a pinewood derby model car to take close-up video of high performance
derby cars as they race. Do you know what the closest focus distance is?
Thanks again for a great video!

Автор d1977j ( назад)
There are cheaper ones on bay, at 37 pounds, 281872246409, but pricewise,
presume they are fakes?

Автор Michael Myers ( назад)
Hi i just bought the c2 version, i am having trouble recording while in
webcam mode could you help me? Thanks, keep up the videos.

Автор DusteDs Stuff ( назад)
The txt file configuration is very very elegant in my opinon, no need to
install or download anything, everyone already has an editor :)

Автор jaaahws ( назад)
Great review of this cam. What's a good/easy Mac program to orient the
video image back -90° as I'd have it mounted sideways on my right of a
motorcycle helmet?

Автор Fred Morgan ( назад)
How come the video is the same video shot for 808#26 Keychain Camera????

Автор Souvik Sinha ( назад)
Which city is it?

Автор tremorist ( назад)
Of course the wide angle enables to shoot without a viewfinder, but always
keep in mind what can be achieved by using one.

Автор Alex Li ( назад)
Your review reminds me of James May a bit.

Автор alawabidingcitizen ( назад)
I played the video twice and didn't find anything about Motion Detection? I
also didn't see settings related to it in the software? Please correct me
if I am wrong. Thanks.

Автор Stang Red ( назад)
would be nice with HDMI support rather than A/V

Автор OZHKAR1 ( назад)
Complete and great review!

Автор TNTtomTOM ( назад)
i need a good spy camera but im not old enough for a car >

Автор Cesar Pinedo ( назад)
Dear techmoan, I think my son is doing or hiding drugs in his room and I
would like to know what is the best camera I can put into a dvd case?
Should I get the y3000 or the hd808? I hope you can help me.

Автор hustler539 ( назад)
I was pleasantly surprised at the video quality. The build quality not
being the best, and this currently selling for under $70 on ebay made me
think this was gonna be crap. This would make a nice dash cam and even an
alternative to a go pro in a pinch. Only complaint I see is lack of support
for higher capacity sd/microsd.

Автор InTheNameOfJustice ( назад)
That is very impressive. Like it.

Автор R oh (thunder) ( назад)
What is the reason why the android phone app is not working anymore

Автор stangace20 ( назад)
If you want to use it for your car, are there any kits to hardwire the
mobius camera into your car instead of relying on the outlet adapter plug?

Автор Chameleonslove ( назад)
I have a camera that takes less than 1x1x1 cm space and records 1080p which
is my iPhone's camera

Really if you think about it these mini cameras are useless unless they
have something so special like being waterproof or something (although Sony
for example already has waterproof phones)

Автор chrinamint ( назад)
"...the LED flashing like a nutter..." Haha!! Hey, great review! Very
thorough, and excellent examples.

Автор basilbrushnz ( назад)
Are they all wide angle? If not I guess I will stick to the 808's.

Автор ie “e” ei ( назад)
is this best quality cheap action camera for drone?

Автор Enwogamwirion ( назад)
+Techmoan I do time-lapses of the stars at night with a DSLR, could it do
that? What's the the best action cam for low-light?

Автор maxfliart ( назад)
Do you know the weight of this cam without the external casing? Are there
links to optional ways to encase the cam
with a very light skin, and reduce significantly the overall weight? Many
thanks for your reviews.

Автор krolltroll ( назад)
Can I run it non-stop from mains 240v AC power (and or 12v lighter plug)
and if so, what extra cable would I need? Would it get too hot and damage
the battery?

Автор Arch Stanton ( назад)
Your videos make me want to move to Britain.
Oddly enough it reminds me of when I was stationed in Germany.
I suspect that most of Europe looks pretty much the same.

Автор Henry Lema ( назад)
Thank you a lot... Excelent video

Автор Sundayracer1254 ( назад)
New to all this camera biz, found your reviews as the best for product
information reviews. Interested in setting up a vehicle rear camera. Mobius
New Version Wide Angle Lens C2. is it possible to attach it to a driver
positioned monitor so it can also be use as a backup camera. Also what
camera do you use to show the camera reviews when you start showing the
product break downs.

Автор 50ey ( назад)
thnx, great review, as usual

Автор AsianRider ( назад)
does it take external mic?

Автор anyshitt ( назад)
a person can be much worse than a Santana wanna be! what if he was a dolly
pardon impersonator ?

Автор anyshitt ( назад)
Question, last week I had no problem getting my old xp computer to read the
SD fresh out of my mobius.. Then my quad crashed pretty hard, sent my mount
in all directions..my mobius was unscratched with sd card still attached.
during my drive home i felt the mobius getting warm,,( almost hot to the
touch)so i pulled out the 16g sd card. Now when i insert that car into my
pc, is a prompt telling my that my card has to be formatted before It can
be read or recorded on. The mobius has not worked since, no lights come on
except for the time I plugged her into the pc for a charge. then the light
goes out as soon as I unplug.. Question, is it worth a try to install a
replacement battery to see if she can still work? Or is it beating a dead
horse , and time to buy another mobius? thank's everybody!
what is the reset whole for?

P.S. I also have an 808#16 keychain camera, it to does not work! and
banggood wont replace it.. they told me i am S.O.O. L.. I have two more
camera's on the way, I really wish I could repair the ones I have..

Автор Daniel Wilk ( назад)
Hi, first I enjoy your reviews, great job. I am looking to purchase an
action camera for cycling and kitesurfing mainly, I am really impressed by
the mobius price point and video quality but it seems to lack the
accessories I would need for sport. Would you be able to recommend a camera
with a similar quality picture and price point that may be a better option?
the p3 looks like the winner, I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Автор Andrew Duncan ( назад)
Excellent review. Has anybody any suggestions of how it can be made
waterproof? Even splash proof? I'd be keen to buys a few of these for
bicycle riders but non-waterproof is a problem in the UK - even in summer!

Автор Freddy Krueger ( назад)
7:53 A Hare Krishna guy..

Автор Bee Vang ( назад)
i like that in 720p the footage is a little closer in view

Автор BorderCollieCam (1840 лет назад)
+Techmoan I bought two of these after watching your review, best little
camera I have ever owned! ;) I have the uprated battery which lasts just
over two hours, but I need more record time. What type of External Power
Bank (Power Pack) would you recommend? I would prefer a Waterproof Solar
Power Bank, but so many to choose from. Any ideas which would be best
to use on the Mobius?

Автор Niklas Bergsten ( назад)
Do you re-encode or something before you upload to youtube? I use a Mobius
cam as an action camera when mountain biking. But when I upload the videos
to youtube, the quality turns terrible. The raw files are really good

I found that jamming a piece of foam in front of the mic helped with the
wind noise.

Автор Info SurveilZone ( назад)
1080p 60fps mini camera:

Автор Johan de Groot (592 года назад)
Great Review! This cam is just all i need!

Автор Lewie Hilfigier ( назад)
Honestly technomoan i love your videos. i bought the sj4000 which for me
was shit compared to the price and quality of the video this beats it by
far thanks you soo much. Keep up the grear content

Автор mark southerton ( назад)
Can anyone help, I can't get the menu up for changing the settings. Each
time i plug it into my Macbook, it goes straight to my photo's, Any help
would be great. Thanks. Mark.

Автор mark southerton ( назад)
Hi, Love the video, trying to reverse my mobius picture so as it's not
upside down as a car cam. How do i do it? iI have a mac book pro. Thanks.

Автор Tyee Cambrón ( назад)
sweet. I wonder if my Air Hogs helix stunt has enough power to carry this

Автор Random Creativity ( назад)
Very informative tutorial, thank you very much !

Автор opollo ( назад)
It looked very good, but only if you use 1080p, shame the 720p isn't wide
screen aswell.
Good and honest review as usual.

Автор VideoMakingOnline ( назад)
If you need an action cam, take a look at this one. Thanks to +Techmoan!!!
(Great review!!!)

Se hai bisogno di una action cam, dai un'occhiata a questa. Grazie a +
Techmoan!!! (Ottima recensione!!!)

Автор MeesJager ( назад)
I was wondering if the camera indicates when its battery is low? Great
review thanks! :)

Автор Making Stuff ( назад)
Are they going to update this camera any time soon?

Автор Jim Simmonds ( назад)
Since installing this camera I get an awful lot of interference on me
unplugged the camera the problem goes away, any idea's

Автор Quad Almighty (807 лет назад)
Pray tell,

When ya gonna do the RUNCAM ?

Автор matchbox66066 ( назад)
can anyone help me. I want to put a small cam covering the entrance to my
garage but don't want to shell out on CCTV. can i get a small camera that
takes stills every 1/2 second, has decent battery life, long memory and
records over existing data to keep recording continuously? this Mobius C
perhaps if its continuously plugged into a laptop for power. night
recording might be a problem?

Автор rs8342 ( назад)
can you record on the mobius whilst charging from a portable charger?

Автор francois Bonin ( назад)
Very nice review , as always...I agree with you , stabilization systems are
mostly a mess.I hope i'll not regret my bying of a HDR-AS20

Автор Zeissler Music ( назад)
You are so Cool Techmoan :-)

Автор CroFabulous ( назад)
What package did you buy?

Автор Monching Timbang ( назад)
Hiya Techmoan! What kind of micro sd do i need for this cam? If i like to
buy 16g or 32g? Thanks!...mon

Автор Richard Hubbuck ( назад)
I saw this camera at the Motorhome Show at the NEC in Apr this year. The
quality of image is brilliant! (+Adrian Wicks)

Автор zay peace (1479 лет назад)
which camera can i use when i park or its starts recording (car use) plus
is a a dual also if possible thanks

Автор Rstoehrer ( назад)
Thank you for a great review. I became interested in a dashcam after being
involved in a serious car wreck (broken neck, broken ribs, and abdominal
issues). Now if I am in another wreck (hopefully not), there is going to
be evidence.

Автор neil allen ( назад)
If I hard wire the möbius to the fuse box on the car would it still be
advisable to fit a capacitor as well? 

Автор KevinHarper3DArtist ( назад)
The feature I would be interested in, is plug the USB in and when ever it
feeds it power, record. If no feed. dont record. Is that possible with this

Автор adilboos ( назад)
most powerful review

Автор simonz28 ( назад)
i would really like to see you do a review on the BRINNO TLC200 PRO time
lapse camera

Автор Rocky Arbigaus ( назад)
Did you bough it on London? Where I can find it? I'm visiting London next
month and I'm looking for a nice budget action cam for my model airplanes.

Автор wayneyang1 (1569 лет назад)
Hi, what is your choice amount this camera, xiaomi yi, and gopro3+black for
best 1080P video. first choice, second, third... thanks

Автор Curry Stephen ( назад)
Do you have a RunCamHD? I hope to see your test video about RunCamHD,

Автор softair1231 ( назад)

Автор Steve H ( назад)
Sounds like James May

Автор Maxx Fordham ( назад)
Kind of nice camera, but it's not really a spy camera because it's not
disguised like the 808s are. Ahh, too bad....

Автор ladyjane ( назад)
love the camera and video, i'm sold, gonna buy one as a rear car cam, as my
only query is that is doesnt record your speed? any chance this may be
added at a later upgrade x?

Автор Jo aquin ( назад)
Hey, is it also possible to flip the video around 90 degrees, or will you
always get an tall and narrow video then?

Автор Rahul Iyer ( назад)
Is this camera build to last?

Автор ZeyaF ( назад)
I need your suggestions about camera that used in car and adventures, I
need high quality photos and nice look and easy management 

Автор attentionaddicts ( назад)
wow, this camera is great for under 50 quid! nice review, subbing to your

Автор Mario Halkyer ( назад)
Thank you , your videos have answered tons of questions. Thumbs up pal!! I
will definitely be watching out for new videos you have...
I love the Mobius ! they were stressing me at first but you know what they
say if all else fails read the instructions LOL

Автор Manuel Fernando ( назад)
I bought this camera based on your review.
I have to say, that the camera is excellent, and though I use it mainly as
a dash cam, It is the best footage I've seen both in sunlight and at
especially at night.
For the price I think you can't buy a better camera. I like the fact that
it is so small it is virtually hidden when in use. I do recommend getting
the one with the latest C lens.

5 stars to the guys at Mobius for a brilliant piece of kit and thanks to
you for the great reviews on this and the other tech.

PS I also bought the Sony HDR-AS100V thanks to your reviews... Also another
great action camera.

Автор BeesOnTheNet ( назад)
Wow, what great review, thank you so much!

Автор Jody Zupancic ( назад)
What is the difference between the Mobius by Blackbox (Black Box Mobius Pro
Mini Action Camera - 820mAh Battery - 1080P Full HD Mini Sports Action Dash
Cam - DVR Video) and the Mobius by Spy tec (Mobius Action Camera 1080P HD
Mini Sports Cam)???

Blackbox link:

Spy tec link:

Автор Valent Turkovic ( назад)
Hi, have you heard about RunCam? It looks like Mobius clone but a bit
Are there any non-wide lenses for Mobius?

Автор John Escobedo ( назад)
American's internal reaction when watching road footage: "OMG, HE'S ON THE

Автор donald laisure (73SuperGlide62) ( назад)
Tech man still it ,and did u buy on line ?

Автор sisbrawny ( назад)
Is it possible to hook this camera up to a larger memory storage like a
small drive or something? It would great to have a larger storage that's on
board in a car to gather much more footage.

If not, is there any car dash cam that can be hooked up to a external
memory storage?

Автор joshlwilson (1887 лет назад)
Do you know if Mobius has any plans to develop or has a four camera 1080p,
wired capacitor, wired power, a single 4 into one switch with parameters in
a single package that can be hardwired to an external powered hard drive?
I've been looking for this system for working mans wages and have yet to
find a system that isn't 10k USD. If you still have contact with Mobius
please mention this. If they can make a simple, stand alone package that is
reliable with 24hrs of back log clips they would have the ultimate
insurance discount and vehicle protection for the masses.

Автор mahdi saleh (317 лет назад)

Автор Manuel Cornejo ( назад)
May I use this teleobjective :
with the mobius camera. Are they compatible? Thank you

Автор Sampei Mihira ( назад)
Hi. I am looking for a similar cam with wifi so I can view recordings
without having to connect use cable to the camera. Do you know if such
thing exists?

Автор ely mental ( назад)
Well done subbed

Автор MiWebTV ( назад)
In your experience, Qich is the less night blind sports or dash camera to
record at night on the street? I have a contour 2 and the camera is really
blind at night.

Автор Zobius X ( назад)
Few questions, does it have a mount for bike helmets? Bicycle of course.
Also, whats the length of the maximum clip? My rides usually last an hour
and a half, so would this be a good choice for someone who gets harassed by
motorists on a daily basis?

Автор heftybuttocks ( назад)
As usual another excellent review, however the Mobious I have is not so
good for driving around at night even on well lit streets. At night the
image is blotchy and pixelated and number plates are obliterated by my
dipped head lights. Otherwise a good little daytime camera. Its interesting
to see your night shots of the car waiting at traffic lights has a clearly
legible number plate. Can you tell me what settings were on your Mobius to
get such good night time results. I have the wide angle lens version, 'C',
which protrudes more than the one in your review.

Автор TheSoundrookie (262 года назад)
Hey Techmoan.
As mentioned I recently bought the Mobius camera, and other equipment from
JooVuu. I payed 58,00 pound for the camera. I'm very happy about the
camera, and there was no problems with the delivery. BUT I have just
received an e-mail from them with socalled bargains. Now they claim that
the price for the Mobius camera used to be 65 pound, and that you can save
10% if you buy it now for 58,50 pound. The same goes for all their other
"bargains". That practice is highly illegal here in Denmark, and I believe
that the same law applies in other EU contries as well. I kinda hope they
made a mistake, because I intended to buy more stuff from them, but I sure
won't deal with any cowboybusiness, if that turns out to be the case.
I see you have removed the link to them from your webpage, where I found
it. Is this a company one has to be aware of?
Best wishes.

Автор Rc- Andy ( назад)
Runcam HD review


Автор MiChAeL AnGeLo ( назад)
mobius cam vid

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