2008 Roketa MC-54-250

2008 Roketa MC-54-250

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Автор Fred Gilt ( назад)
Theses scooters are made cheap , and ride very hard , engines stall a lot

Автор 5hannon1and ( назад)
Thank you Frank! I found them. But it looks like they no answer the phone
ever lol Someone is giving me they're Roketa but, they lost the key 🔑 so
it looks like I'm going to go through hell and back to get one!!!

Автор 5hannon1and ( назад)
What Company makes these roketa 2008 mc... Very serious question and would
love an answer right away Please, Thank u!!!

Автор Michael Holm ( назад)
Can a short man ride a scooter i'm only 5'3

Автор Duval2k7 ( назад)
BOUGHT it two weeks ago with 800mi on it. Been working on it. Bought new
battery, took carb out and cleaned it. I think I tightened screw outside of
bowl too tight. Someone on Rokeya fb page just suggested to back the screw
out one and a half turn. I've started it. Put plastic back on then out
wouldnt start like not enough gas getting through carb. About to go at it

Автор Duval2k7 ( назад)
Have the exact same scooter and same color.

Автор Frank Nieves ( назад)
I'll have to see about that the scooter is four years old now. Yes, it's
stock. Thanks for your comment. 

Автор Iyswift ( назад)
Could you please make some more videos of this! I like them! Like do you
have a helmet cam or record yourself riding first person view? thanks! And
is this Stock?

Автор Frank Nieves ( назад)
Yes, I do have it. 

Автор Elida Davila ( назад)
do you still have your scooter

Автор dequavis2010 ( назад)
That thing sound slick deep!!

Автор PAUL Lynch MUSIC MAN ( назад)
where can i find a dealership in nyc can anyone give me some info ZPaul! 

Автор frigginjoe ( назад)
@Nieves57 Try #1, video of my dashboard during a night ride. Try #2, video
of he sky during a night ride. Also this little keychain camera doesn't
like dark. I'll find a good angle to add that velcro tape to my helmet
tomorrow and try in the daylight. :P

Автор frigginjoe ( назад)
I passed the MSF class and got my license Tuesday. I put about 90 miles on
it in two days, lol. Very fun. I'll work on mounting my little keychain
camera to a helmet and getting some ride videos made up. My plan was pretty
much to use one of these Chinese scoots to learn about them and see if I
like them enough to get something like a Suzuki Burgman. I do. I also will
have enough confidence to buy used and know I can fix mine. No rush on
that, the Roketa/Jonway works great for me for now.

Автор frigginjoe ( назад)
@Nieves57 Yes, the wait time on the course is months however, but I've
heard nothing but good things about it even from experienced riders.

Автор frigginjoe ( назад)
I just got my 250B today. Same color, I just liked the blue when I seen it
on your vid and in a pic. I'll hopefully get around to replacing my hoses
and whatever else I feel should be done by the weekend. Very comfortable
scooter, too. Bigger than I expected but it's great that way.

Автор carllos25 ( назад)
@1220Bman superior power sports. c o m its a BBB better business bureau
company and it has been in bussns for a long time.. check them out cause im
planning on buying one online two since they are so cheap and durable :)

Автор carllos25 ( назад)
@Nieves57 you still ride the same bike? so roketas bikes are durable with
regular maintenance?

Автор Skyler Johnstone ( назад)
how much did you pay for it?

Автор 1220Bman ( назад)
@Nieves57 alrighty thanks. ill check them out

Автор 1220Bman ( назад)
@Nieves57 hahahaha when money allows me to get some good recording gear, i
want to start putting up vids. What site did you order from? Im kinda
nervous about ordering something like this online....i hear a lot of bad
reviews of sites.....

Автор 1220Bman ( назад)
did you have to order this? its pretty sweet

Автор spikebonito1 ( назад)
powersportmax, check the shanghai shenke 250 cc scooter aka roketa 250,
jonway, etc but in cali calls shanghai shenke 250cc cause pass the carb. i
got mine for less than 1500 on 2010 for 2008 model with full warranty

Автор Roman maximus ( назад)
@Nieves57 Yea I went to there site but I'm not sure if they will sell to u
unless u r a dealer do u no at least that's what I think I read on there

Автор Roman maximus ( назад)
@Nieves57 which dealer did you get that at

Автор Roman maximus ( назад)
how many miles u have on it and any problems

Автор andres garcia ( назад)
power rangers jajaja

Автор sermoncatcher55 ( назад)
So Nieves, I noticed that the trunk you have is the smaller of the two I
see advertised for this scooter. I want to make sure I get the larger
trunk-does that mean I need to get the MC-54-250B? Is that what the B
represents? If not, who'd you order from, (so I don't order from them) cuz
I want to order one that has the extra large trunk. Your help would be

Автор CloudchaserShaconag ( назад)
I gotta ask. What are the interior dimensions of the cargo box that sits up
high behind the driver? Wonderin' because I just bought one online and I'm
wonderin' in my laptop 'll fit in it

Автор RA ( назад)
I am considering purchasing a scooter such as this one, however, I have
read many e-mails giving them bad reviews due to poor quality. The dealer
here in El Paso, TX is only offering 30 day warranty. HAs there been any
issues minor/major that I should be aware of before dropping $2700 for this

Автор Mark99 ( назад)
Hi Nieves57. I just got my new Roketa 250 and I couldn't figure out how to
use the remote. It has 4 buttons - lock, unlock, lightning, and bell. Do
you know which button does wahat? Thank you.

Автор aandres pinch ( назад)
chek out my vids on how to change your own motor and gear (transmision)
oil..... step by step very easy...

Автор aandres pinch ( назад)
and after that every 1000 miles and your bike will run perfectly

Автор Pablitchus ( назад)
What is the price? And what is the max.speed?

Автор fatboy2oo ( назад)
Hey thanks. I've been looking at the mc54 and the Bali trying to decide.
How do you find out whether it is street legal?

Автор April Sargent ( назад)
What dealer? I am buying this week.

Автор redcarsarasota ( назад)
Nice ride! Do you have a headset to go in your helmet for the music?

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