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http://www.rideonlawnmowers.net/Honda-lawn-mowers.html This video shows you how you can increase the engine rpm on a Honda lawn mower.

In this case my engine was only spinning at about 2800rpm, when in fact most small engines run at about 3600rpm. I check the manual that came with the lawnmower and it does state that this engine makes 4Kw or 5.5hp at 3600rpm.

After adjusting the engine speed up it cuts grass a thousand times better and it drives heaps faster too. You can finf out more information by visiting the link at the top here that takes you to the webpage that has even more modifications that you can do.

This mower is a Honda self propelled lawn mower model HRU216 21" cut

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Автор Airstream Travel ( назад)
Thanks mate, really helps me I've had my machine for years and was always
happy but recently thought performance was not so good. Pretty sure you are
right the RPM needs stepping up.

Автор Casey Lee ( назад)
Many, MANY thanks! 4:13-4:26 was exactly what I needed! Mower is running
100x better now.

Автор J PiLou ( назад)
you talk to much

Автор dallasnellen ( назад)
3600rpm is rediculous by the way. I am looking for a way to get mine to
spin to 10 000rpm plus or at least in the 8000k region. Most small 4 stroke
motors these days pull 12000 to 20000 rpm . Mine is due for a rebuild.
There must be someone who does an aftermarket carburetor/cams/valve
springs/high compression piston for these?....and also I am thinking that
ditching the standard carby and moving to a flat slide bike carburetor with
the right jetting would be better... the standard flow is totally gay,
totally underpowered, especially when mulching and in 2nd with throttle
pinned... for me, in it's current form, this mower sucks!

Автор dallasnellen ( назад)
People, save your self time and skip to 4:13 to 4:26. This video could have
been 13 seconds long and I would not be cursing the 6m 22s of my life I
will never get back... this guy rambles (almost) more than my
Grandmother... and that is a lot!

Автор N Pet (395 лет назад)
Many , many thanks for posting this procedure for increasing the revs !I've
just bought one of these and they oiled/fuelled it up in the shop , started
it and then sent me on my way . This morning ( dry now ) I decided to give
it a go , and the revs were quite low compared to my old mower of some 20
years now .......I found the ground speed and cutting torque very poor . So
, I've thankfully found your video and made the same adjustments to
mine this afternoon . I don't have a functioning tach ( one in the post
from Ebay since last week though ... ) but I'm pretty good with estimating
revs from years of equipment ownership/usage . Now I'm a happy camper . Why
do so many mower sellers not give a damn about service/setup ? They're
probably not prepared to move that governor spring . Cheers Mate :-)

Автор BfSkinnerPunk ( назад)
Could the lower RPMs been intentionally set so that Honda could meet
environmental requirements? or "Honda consumes less fuel!"

Автор TheKokojoe ( назад)
What does the other set screw do. Is it for low speed adjustment, it looks
like it does nothing?

Автор Daniel Lawler ( назад)
Correct, as per manual max governed rpm is actually 3100rpm +/- 150rpm. 

Автор The Rev ( назад)
The engine is capable of 4kw (5.5 hp), but like almost all small engines
(and many diesel engines, especially in caterpillar equipment) it is
governed down to reduce wear and tear on the engine. having made your
adjustment, you get more power now, but you will have it for less time, if
that makes sense.

Автор i MOWW ( назад)
are you located in Sydney?

Автор Ryan SHANNON ( назад)
great video...got to the point and drew on real world knowledge. legend :)

Автор Insidetech101 ( назад)
Adjusting the governor like you did , puts some more pressure on internal
gov, bearing. However will take years to whear down. Just FYI.

Автор Phillip James ( назад)
thanks very much

Автор Benjamin Royster ( назад)
Skip to 3:00 to get what you came for

Автор RAiSNiX1 ( назад)
Good vid mate ! I was not a mechanically minded as you and I just had the
repair shop do it for me but I think Ill have a go next time ! Cheers

Автор ClassicTVMan1981X ( назад)
The engine may develop its rated HP at 3600 RPM, but the governed speed by
law for a 21" deck mower is 3456 or less RPM. In most cases the engine
should be running in the 30/3200 RPM neighborhood when on high speed.

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