An orgasm!

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Автор Caua Bonetto ( назад)

Автор ghoawaynetcabo ( назад)
shes almost falling down

Автор Joshua Acord ( назад)
Can I fuck u

Автор Ivan. - Free Intros ( назад)

Автор PoofyPants ( назад)
shes drunk as FUUUCK

Автор Joystick James ( назад)
I ducking hate having to clean my ears

Автор Eagle Mlg ( назад)
Do you even know what ORGASAM is (she is just 50% HIGH and 50% sexist or
drunk I might be mistaking)

Автор Chippy doorenweerd ( назад)

Автор fauna life ( назад)

Автор John Smith ( назад)
She's high on meth

Автор jabes 420 ( назад)
wtf above 10 million views.........ohhh the world full of honry guys

Автор Tommy ( назад)
10 million views? why am I surprised this is the internet XD

Автор Giovammi Doucette ( назад)
She is drunk as FUCK what the Hell

Автор Catrina B ( назад)
I love eargasms

Автор smileysparkle AJ ( назад)
she high

Автор The Queen ( назад)
why so many dislikes?

Автор AnimeFreak_1 (85 лет назад)
What drug is this chick on?

Автор Kiwan Thomas ( назад)
she's high af

Автор Logan Brewster ( назад)
she Is drunk as FUCK

Автор Andre Lim ( назад)
where the fuck am I?

Автор Claudia Hoard ( назад)
*>> How many times a week do you orgasm? <<*

Автор cocoa5764 ( назад)
She Looks High Af XD

Автор IgNiTeD sAnD ( назад)
10 million pervs xD

Автор Rybinet ( назад)
If its better then sex your not doing it right

Автор Salloua Amrani ( назад)
Talk about weird ًًًfetishes o_O

Автор sebastian miles ( назад)
ear bud better than sex,, dissing the boyfirend,, classic!

Автор John Smith ( назад)
More like an eargasm ha

Автор Pablo Ortiz ( назад)
Stupid !

Автор TacosExponential TacosExponential ( назад)
what a whore

Автор Dead ( назад)
wtf is she doin -_0

Автор choppy holcombe ( назад)
shes a fucking bitch

Автор Marie Mutter ( назад)
What the?!?

Автор Kenneth Gallo ( назад)
I think she drunk or high

Автор Bullsfan2008DR ( назад)
Has no one here ever cleaned their ears before? It feels good to clean your
ear. No one gets what is going on in this video. She's not having a real
orgasm. At least I don't think she is.

Автор Bullsfan2008DR ( назад)
No one here gets what's going on. She's not having a real orgasm. She is
having an "eargasm." There are lots of nerve endings in your ear and the
skin inside your ear is thin. When touching the inner part of your ear it
can feel real good. A lot of people experience this when getting ears
professionally cleaned. In Asia it's a big deal, men have left their wives
for women who clean their ears out.

Автор bloggerccc ( назад)
She seemed drunk.

Автор Luis Yoshua Lopez ( назад)
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to call me.I invite you to Cancun for free.

Автор vector jemy ( назад)
me tooo

Автор Danny James ( назад)
Shit. I’m jealous with my brother. He has been single always. Even so he
made a swimwear model to inform him she has fallen in love with him in
under a month. How can that be achievable? He smiled and told me he
obtained the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone amazing fell for
me… I don’t recall ever previously seeing him so content. Kind of makes me

Автор MP Singh ( назад)
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because he just got excellent with ladies. He discovered the Master
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Автор Ronald McDonald ( назад)
she has some big dick sucking lips

Автор Trolling Wampa ( назад)
WTF is wrong with her.

Автор Awesomee ( назад)
what kind of shit is this

Автор Andy Harglesis ( назад)
Use Ben Wa balls.

Автор Jumpstart Jimbo ( назад)
After all it's a pole in a hole X 2

Автор Ally Pearson ( назад)
Fuck her

Автор Waqas Arshad ( назад)
fuck u

Автор deliberatus ( назад)

Автор todd bogataj ( назад)

Автор Pablo Bugster ( назад)
Come to my home, i would give you a lot!!

Автор Shethinkstoomuch1 ( назад)

Автор ryan corpse ( назад)
thats a heroin pig right there

Автор Pooja Maheshwari ( назад)
I've read most of the replies on here however I reckon that's a sensible
video. My bro wishes to become extraordinary with the hottest girls. He
figured out a shit load from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want
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how to get women through clubs from Master Attraction got him his very
first intimate encounters in greater than 3 yrs. I'm pissed though coz I
heard them all. Terrible.

Автор joe kluv ( назад)
Right on my way.

Автор jangofettish1 ( назад)
let me shoot a load in both ears to flush out the ear wax i guarantee you
will hear a 75% improvement.

Автор Rick Wood ( назад)
man she is ugly

Автор 1tigerblood ( назад)
1 free ORGASM today for all LaDy`s

Автор Willy Nelson ( назад)
Yeah Jelly Bitch...

Автор Deanna Brown ( назад)
I fucking love that feeling its like an orgasm

Автор lilfrosty ( назад)
bitch u took toomuch ambien

Автор Mark Pettigrew ( назад)
She must have just watched When Harry Met Sally. This should be on a TV ad
for Q-Tips.

Автор ambigroove ( назад)
lol. You jelly?

Автор Juan Bustos ( назад)

Автор Willy Nelson ( назад)
Shut the fuck up!

Автор Willy Nelson ( назад)
what brain?

Автор Darksteelgamma ( назад)
roses are red, violets are blue, I came here because of the name, and so
did you.

Автор ambigroove ( назад)
I know where this girl is coming from. A few years ago a had an ear
infection and a ruptured ear drum that took about a full year to heal. I
had to continually clean it out. Sometimes the q-tip in my ear felt soooo
good it literally made my body "orgasm" in pleasure.

Автор bangmeister - ( назад)
damn she looks good

Автор joseph mellott ( назад)
i feel like her when I clean my ears.

Автор Derpy Hooves ( назад)

Автор NoTrueFace1 ( назад)
what, is she part Ferrengei?

Автор Jordan Harper ( назад)
You can tell she used to be blond.

Автор Bill Shorter ( назад)
You have no idea how much I would love to help you get the resounding
orgasm that you're looking for. I am in Los Angeles and I am willing to
volunteer my BBC services, if you're really interested. Bill

Автор Travis White ( назад)
is that even possible to get off by playin in your ears? ive never heard of
such a thing but atleast it was a hot chick in the video or else it woulda
just been wired.

Автор Michelle VanMetre ( назад)
I love me a good eargasm

Автор Nate Less ☼ ( назад)
SO high

Автор Michael Jones ( назад)
that was cute, sometimes when you clean your ears it does feel good.

Автор HotGuy ReviewsHotGirl ( назад)
She is so high...

Автор AsianMassageTeacher ( назад)
I need an orgasm.

Автор James Wood ( назад)
Go home, you're drunk

Автор JordieJ554 ( назад)
Wow! She loves her Q-Tip.

Автор Madi Henry ( назад)
She's high as fuck..xD

Автор dhide14 ( назад)
she's a total stoner....I'd still fuck her like crazy and splooge in her
earhole, but I'd never marry a bitch like that

Автор Darryl McGinty ( назад)
Your full of shit. Just one more bullshitter using peoples Vids to spam...
To much of a puss to make your own? This makes you nothing but a pile of
human Shit..... nobody google this guys crap!

Автор SikiBL ( назад)
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Автор Adam Schick ( назад)
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah..... uhhh. an ear thingy beter than sex.... yup. all of
the virgins would be like, NO FUCKING WAY!!! SEX IS AWESOME

Автор Gerald Hampton ( назад)
Weirdos these days

Автор MisterLazy55 ( назад)
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Автор nick w ( назад)
no don't do that! it will cause brain damage! you are retarded now!

Автор jesus rosales ( назад)
"Amazed" love that song in the very end

Автор Ashleigh Robb ( назад)
Idk how I even got here but I hope she knows that she's probably damaging
her ear canal and throwing off her equilibrium which can cause serious
longterm damage.

Автор Berhan Meku ( назад)
..........Alone forever..........

Автор Baby Coks ( назад)
my tits agree

Автор sn9696 ( назад)
If the Q-Tip is clean you are cleaning the ear to much, a little wax in the
ear is good for you, everything serves a purpose..

Автор Steve Here ( назад)
have you ever tried two at once, it is more than double the pleasure

Автор rawproductions08 ( назад)
this bitch high?

Автор David Mardakhayev ( назад)
thats an ear gasm

Автор Kelly Right ( назад)
that Q-tip came inside her ear pussy

Автор JDvorak2009 ( назад)
but you're not supposed to stick anything in your ear smaller than your
elbow. doctor's orders

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