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Автор John Smith (3 месяца)
More like an eargasm ha

Автор sebastian miles (2 месяца)
ear bud better than sex,, dissing the boyfirend,, classic!

Автор Salloua Amrani (17 дней)
Talk about weird ًًًfetishes o_O

Автор Rybinet (6 дней)
If its better then sex your not doing it right

Автор Freemind (7 месяцев)
Her only virgin holes is their ears i think!!!

Автор Pablo Ortiz (5 месяцев)
Stupid !

Автор choppy holcombe (11 месяцев)
shes a fucking bitch

Автор TacosExponential TacosExponential (6 месяцев)
what a whore

Автор Taju Oakpaw (10 месяцев)
wtf is she doin -_0

Автор Marie Mutter (1 год)
What the?!?

Автор Kenneth Gallo (1 год)
I think she drunk or high

Автор x Zero x (2 года)
is she high

Автор Ashley (2 года)
She's stupid..... Oh gosh...

Автор Michael Jones (1 год)
that was cute, sometimes when you clean your ears it does feel good.

Автор pop per (2 года)
She obviously hasn't been hanging out with the right person.

Автор nick w (1 год)
no don't do that! it will cause brain damage! you are retarded now!

Автор SuperZynex (2 года)
I'm with your BF, the hair the neck and for me the ears!!! Yes I very well
may be part ferengi.

Автор wtfizthisshite (2 года)
i thought i was the only one!

Автор rawproductions08 (2 года)
this bitch high?

Автор RobertAniFreak (2 года)
Awww that's cute, she is tickling her brain :D

Автор StrydesEnt (2 года)
shes sexy

Автор Hurricane Esco (2 года)
what the fuck did I just watch.

Автор Shethinkstoomuch1 (1 год)

Автор Bertrand Badeau (2 года)
brazzers real premium free accounts,watch /watch?v=BhC6od72cts

Автор NoTrueFace1 (1 год)
what, is she part Ferrengei?

Автор Jumpstart Jimbo (1 год)
After all it's a pole in a hole X 2

Автор Awesomee (1 год)
what kind of shit is this

Автор Daniel Rodriguez (2 года)
hi cindy :D hahahhah tf you doing ??

Автор awesomefries76 (2 года)
she was high as hell lol

Автор BIZKIT551 (2 года)
stick ur dick in her head

Автор JDvorak2009 (2 года)
but you're not supposed to stick anything in your ear smaller than your
elbow. doctor's orders

Автор ryan corpse (1 год)
thats a heroin pig right there

Автор preston lowery (2 года)

Автор Travis White (1 год)
is that even possible to get off by playin in your ears? ive never heard of
such a thing but atleast it was a hot chick in the video or else it woulda
just been wired.

Автор keith hill (2 года)
somebodys drunk

Автор Christina Lynn (2 года)
ear fetish haha

Автор DramaKing450 (2 года)
"It's almost better then sex"...you're bf must suck in bed & you've never
been with a scorpio. How did I even get on this side of youtube?

Автор Ronald McDonald (1 год)
she has some big dick sucking lips

Автор mmoonnkkeeyyable (2 года)
Only if your a retard who can't tell where his ear canal ends and ear drum

Автор GTPalmer (2 года)
You should get two qtips going at once, one in each ear. MANAGE A SWAB!!

Автор mark whelband (2 года)
not as good as sex..but hot water on the end does feel spesh!!!!

Автор Bill Shorter (1 год)
You have no idea how much I would love to help you get the resounding
orgasm that you're looking for. I am in Los Angeles and I am willing to
volunteer my BBC services, if you're really interested. Bill

Автор Willy Nelson (1 год)
Shut the fuck up!

Автор spacemanshan (2 года)
shes on heroin, u can see her noddin n shit

Автор 1tigerblood (1 год)
1 free ORGASM today for all LaDy`s

Автор IN73RJ3c7I0N (2 года)

Автор nick bensun (2 года)
@X Dark ikr

Автор Gerald Hampton (1 год)
Weirdos these days

Автор sn9696 (2 года)
If the Q-Tip is clean you are cleaning the ear to much, a little wax in the
ear is good for you, everything serves a purpose..

Автор RedMegaMetallica (2 года)
If orgasms were like this....there would be too many virgins in the world.

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