Crosman flat top valve

Check back more to come...... Cheers

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Автор Prepared Survivalist ( назад)
You're gonna need a flat top piston to go with this, but this mod will save
you $25 or so since you won't need to buy a pre-made flat top valve. Seems
that some people commenting here think that this mod alone will get you
somewhere, which it won't. You need a flat top piston too.

Автор james ( назад)
wouldnt this actually reduce the psi as you are increasing the quench or
squish area?

Автор Cody G ( назад)
thanks for the vids, having them as a resource are important to me. so
where i live i dont have access to a drill press or a lathe but i do want
to be able to work on my parts. im not afraid to take time to do it by
hand, but would be concerned with messing the part up. i dont have a lot of
experience with small projects or this kind of stuff in general. how
difficult do you think it is to work this part down by hand without being
able to spin it with power tools? thanks

Автор Tyler Pludowski ( назад)
Can I do this for my crosman 1322 ?

Kyran Thanks for commenting.
Yes you can flat top that valve but if it where mine i wouldn't. The higher
psi and pump forces will be more that the plastic components can take.
Breakage after while is the risk. Good news is a few extra pumps with the
stock setup can gain more fps. Hope this helps.

Автор KyranSparda ( назад)
Can I flat top a M4-177 valve? I heard it's the same valve with the
Pumpmaster 760.

Автор 2289g AirGunning ( назад)
I would say that a good rigid cup piston with a correctly shaped valve face
will outdo a flat top any day all other things being equal. It is about
reducing effective head space, aluminum adjustable Cup piston vs. aluminum
adjustable flat top, go cup. 

Thanks for commenting I posted a vid another about the flat top, check out
my home page. If you still have questions I'll be glad to help.. Cheers 

Автор Noah Velazquez ( назад)
Sir you should show the process of taking the crosman apart to get to the
valve. And a chrono test to really see how much this mod works

Thanks for commenting I think the flat top causes more wear on the assembly
with it's higher pressures.The max pressure of stock is well below
it.Whether it's worth it is a matter of what the intended use is. If it's
to punch holes it paper, then I think not.A little more speed can be had
with extra pumps. But if you want a lot more energy for pest control , I
say yes. I found on average a 90 fps gain. Couple that with a longer barrel
and gains of 10fps per inch.Tree rats beware. Cheers

Автор jacksos101 ( назад)
I've always wondered if doing this flat top mod has any advantage over
simply pumping the unmodified gun a few extra times? Does it just reduce
wear on the pumping assembly?

Yep.... That'll work

Автор MrRedeyedJedi ( назад)
ah kk. spring, piston and valve but keept the ports and inner volume the
same.... I just thought that seeing as how im improving pumping efficiency
i might aswell bore it out slightly aswell but i guess its not worth it.

Sorry for the confusion, when you flat top the valve you have to get a flat
top piston. I just wouldn't bore out the valve or port it. I would also add
weaker spring. If I can help more let me know. Cheers

Автор MrRedeyedJedi ( назад)
ok got it. flat top the valve and dont bother buying the piston to go with.
additionally get a weaker spring. that bout right?

Thanks for commenting I would go with a weaker spring. If you don't mind me
saying, just flat top the valve. When I did the other stuff you mentioned
the end results where a real disappointment. The same gains in FPS can be
had with a stock valve and one maybe two pumps more. Hope this helps and
have fun.... Cheers

Автор MrRedeyedJedi ( назад)
when I get mine I plan on boring out the inside of the valve slightly,
turning it into a flat top and boring out the exhaust port. would i also
need to replace the spring with a weaker one? or is that ok as it is in
your opinion?

Автор MrMudNugget ( назад)
coulda used a grinder a file and some sandpaper after witch just buff it

Thanks for asking Nope,most of my around the house shooting is done at 10
pumps.My flat topped Crosman is in 22 with a 14" barrel,10 pumps gives me
right at 540ish fps. with Crosman 14.3 Premier hollow points.Any pest in
side 20 yards is toast.If a tree rat is out past 20 but not past 45ish I'll
give it bump to15 pumps at 620ish fps.Some people will drill out the inside
of the valve,to increase volume.When they do that it takes more pumps to
fill the valve.I'm real happy with my flat top. Cheers

Автор colin sissons ( назад)
did you have to pump more than 10 pumps after doing this mod?

Thanks for asking, when you add an adjustable flat top piston you have to
flat top the valve. I got about 90fps gain. I posted a video about the
benefits of the flat top setup. check it out, if you have any other
questions let me know Cheers

Автор ribak1983 ( назад)
why you did that? what is the benefit of that? 

I have no personal experience with melonair products, but I would imagine
it would do just as well.Let me know how it works. Cheers 

Thank you sir Cheers

Автор Joseph Perrotta ( назад)
Do you think it is the same as from Charles Melon ? melonair dot com .

Автор clifford c ( назад)
I love your channel, you just earned yourself another subscriber

Thanks for commenting I ordered the flat top piston from CROSMODS. Combined
with the flat top valve I increased my fps by about 90 fps or so. Other
than that the valve is the same. Anything else let me know. Cheers 

Автор Joseph Perrotta ( назад)
Great job!! Did you also modify the piston? If so,did you purchase or make
your on mod? If you did modify it can you share how you did it? Thanks

Автор Joseph Perrotta ( назад)
Great job! What about the valve? What modification was made to compensate
the missing cone top?

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