Smokey Barbers Xmas Special - A Ghetto Christmas Carol



In this episode its an ordinary day in Smokeys Barbers, only its christmas expect the unexpected from the hood barbershop. Jazzie is visited by old friends and Adot has a visit from some strange christmas ghosts.

The Cast
Jazzie : @Jazziemovement
Adot comedian : @Adotcomedian
Humza : @HumzaProduction

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Длительность: 22:38
Комментарии: 874

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Автор Alex Burton ( назад)
Can't help but watch this it's too funny

Автор Aqsa Yaseen ( назад)
That kid acting as adot when he was younger is @jayshobs . He goes to my
skl <3

Автор William Lonsdale ( назад)
they can't make more coz smokers got raided and taken by th police

Автор Sabarin farah ( назад)
17:43 to 18:20 😭😭😭😂 its to funny

Автор TYZA108 HD ( назад)
is this a tv show ?

Автор Epicrkofan ( назад)
I Really Want Them To Make More!!!

Автор mominkishan ( назад)
niger adot

Автор Kam Ora ( назад)
lmfoa lol 20:10

Автор Simply Bronte ( назад)
Don't jealous me is there

Автор Zeki Altinisik-Young ( назад)
is that comedyshortsgamer's "girlfriend"?

Автор Gus.G Joe.H ( назад)
wheres bricka

Автор EJR Emofonmwan ( назад)
Invisible mistletoe! 😂😂

Автор mandem safi ( назад)
Does jazzie really work there?

Автор Tasha.N ( назад)
adot is hilarious... just watched all the episodes and i was dying....I
wish they would make more and find a new barber shop but still call it

Автор lili lili ( назад)
04:05 did you guys see jazzy tshirt of the queen she has a weird face lol

Автор Matt 3576 ( назад)

Автор siaVsia ( назад)

Автор Reckzz_11 ( назад)

Автор Mike McDonagh Productions ( назад)
Smokeys is shut down the shop is no longer open in tolworth😂
It's is now a beauty parlour 

Автор Mohammed Miah ( назад)
They should make new episode theyre worth watching. By the way wheres bricka

Автор Zubair Ahmed ( назад)
They should get smokey barbers back and add more episodes it was worth
watching. Comedy gold

Автор Hasnan Hussain ( назад)
Ppl subscribe 2 my channel plz I do football vids fanks

Автор beckstar2010 ( назад)
lol What madness did i just watch lol

Автор Joseph Olutobi ( назад)
Adots is the funniest 

Автор Charles Chinyere ( назад)
I know man this is Baer joks

Автор ShoXGaming ( назад)
Dis is jokes stg

Автор ShoXGaming ( назад)

Автор Dawnbreaker ( назад)
Adot's girlfriend is so hot.

Автор Shawty RP ( назад)
is there gonna be one for this year

Автор Jeanette batchelor ( назад)

Автор Gurdit Singh ( назад)
I wil doooo idd..GET OUT OF MY SHOP !!!!!! Lol

Автор Walid M ( назад)
i don't think the place is open any more

Автор Walid M ( назад)
A love the Christmas ghost part

Автор Walid M ( назад)
I love Adot and Jazzie

Автор DurTV HD ( назад)
awesome nigerian accent !

Автор Mohammed Jawid ( назад)
im actually gonna go there, place looks BEAST!

Автор shiloh duncan ( назад)

Автор Harry E Got TV ( назад)
bricka is on copa90

Автор Horace Moore ( назад)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzy

Автор bazel dafel ( назад)
smokey barbers is a boss slash don broth by the way the shows are sick
write to me when season two is out brother

Автор Yasin Ali ( назад)
Where is season 2

Автор OriginalT ( назад)
"Lift me lift" me

Автор OriginalT ( назад)
" your momma is a virgin" loooool

Автор Samson Adeola ( назад)
What is wrong with u are u aluminati " dat is your destiny" LOL

Автор Trey Brown ( назад)
When's part 7 comin out

Автор Callum Wilkins ( назад)
i will nank him i will shank him haha

Автор Hari Kumarakuruparan ( назад)
Man got a beating

Автор iPREDiTOFPS ( назад)

Автор iPREDiTOFPS ( назад)
7:40 lol kid loking at camera DAMN IT

Автор Kandzi Alaz ( назад)

Автор Tay Maclean ( назад)
I get it loooooooool

Автор Rams S ( назад)
Child abuse

Автор Kevin Can ( назад)
I told my dad once can we buy a Tree and put it in the house he punch me in
the face :'D

Автор KayArts ( назад)
Can My Virus Come In Red :)

Автор Kno3Lover ( назад)
LOOOOOOOOOOOOL "where is this fat marshmallow"

Автор Swift Jay Jeffries ( назад)
adot said I will never rest in the peace like that loooooooooooooooooooool

Автор Swift Jay Jeffries ( назад)
the way claira calls his name hahahahahahahahaha afolabi

Автор bradz291 ( назад)
wheres brika

Автор FRisky james ( назад)
bricka not there but it is slill good

Автор Shafayat Sarqume ( назад)
Lol Adot is funny

Автор H Sacranie ( назад)
That's ok I just ok in to smokey barbers and its cool

Автор Seymore Cake ( назад)
wheres bricka bricka lol

Автор Malachi William ( назад)
Any new episodes

Автор KILLA KAYANI ( назад)
Ur mum is never going to be a mum looooooool

Автор susan bikram Thapa ( назад)
please smokey come back ur epic

Автор mazza20mds ( назад)

Автор BaDmAn044319 ( назад)
Is your fadda LOOL

Автор A Golding ( назад)
Your mum is a virgin lol

Автор giffty123 ( назад)
I have no idea how to brath lol

Автор Sami Islam ( назад)

Автор sohail hussain ( назад)
ed sheeren loolz

Автор sohail hussain ( назад)
public are in here

Автор trevor murambiwa ( назад)
Shabba dkm

Автор hypokalaemiaify ( назад)
Bricka got deported by immigration, sad times

Автор Mon Ey ( назад)
8/10 if bricka was there it would had been 12/10

Автор anna ingabire ( назад)
Lol is Santa clause Asian

Автор anna ingabire ( назад)
Lolzzz omg follow me on Instagram at clemmyxxx

Автор STREET10000TV ( назад)
I love this

Автор GilliBean ( назад)
plz carry on guy

Автор mamud saccoh ( назад)
Invisible mistletoe

Автор hazedkhalifa ( назад)
Where's bricka?

Автор ssss540 ( назад)
Is there going to be any new episodes?

Автор Might Guy ( назад)
Is he tboys dad

Автор Bradley Brax Abraham ( назад)

Автор Adnan Qasim ( назад)
Ur mum is a virgin lol!

Автор argoosey ( назад)

Автор Gaelle Sandy ( назад)

Автор kevzonmondayz ( назад)
Bricka bricka got deported!

Автор Sam Crabbe ( назад)
wheres bricka bricka?

Автор Jahid Hussain ( назад)

Автор Jake Musgrove ( назад)
Yolo lol


Автор apna2002 ( назад)
That yardie though, wow

Автор tino muchatuta ( назад)
what a show what a shaow :D lol YOLO #

Автор tino muchatuta ( назад)
Yu need bricks

Автор Rizaul Hussain ( назад)
dahhala to that man

Автор zuzu java ( назад)
There is an actual smokey barbers, thats where they film this

Автор rajvir singh ( назад)
your mummy is a virgin loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !

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