Smokey Barbers Xmas Special - A Ghetto Christmas Carol



In this episode its an ordinary day in Smokeys Barbers, only its christmas expect the unexpected from the hood barbershop. Jazzie is visited by old friends and Adot has a visit from some strange christmas ghosts.

The Cast
Jazzie : @Jazziemovement
Adot comedian : @Adotcomedian
Humza : @HumzaProduction

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Автор TheBlueNoseGamer 1875 ( назад)
those days

Автор Jungshooksavedme ( назад)
i might go u know

Автор Aish_ Giraf ( назад)
Where that fat marshmallow???😝

Автор Dimz77 dimz77 ( назад)
does anyone know the guy wearing the grey hood he is funny?

Автор Don Pz ( назад)
" ghost from where, do you know how sexy you are" 😂😂😂

Автор burgerboi 06 ( назад)
Where can I cop those tshirts Cah I been looking for them f a hot minute

Автор Xscape ( назад)
Awesome video! I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. We would appreciate you to be our follower, too.

Автор Alaani Khan ( назад)
Who watching this in 2016?

Автор Yungz Hortz ( назад)
you see.durin the day i was involved in an emotional madness haha im dead

Автор Yungz Hortz ( назад)
oh.my gosh VYBZ haha

Автор Derparex 5 ( назад)
Yeah make more

Автор Talha AK ( назад)

Автор YXNG JNR ( назад)
love it

Автор YXNG JNR ( назад)
best video😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Автор Gmanee 99 ( назад)
I swear this is copying Christmas carol

Автор JANO FrM Bd5 ( назад)
love your video

Автор Xx_BEAST-MODE_ON-Xx Jake ( назад)

Автор CrazyUnboxing Tv ( назад)
Child abuse

Автор silly lilly ( назад)
why is his tounge blue

Автор Hamza Khaliq ( назад)
Adot's girl is sexy af.

Автор TheRampageExterm GamerzzzHD ( назад)
UR MUM IS A VIRGIN😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 AND GO TO SLEEP😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 DJM U MADE ME LAIGH SO HARD😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Ziyad Elbouzidi ( назад)
When he says freeze the still move

Автор 4days Anderson ( назад)
grab a glass...

Автор TheIntuitive2011 ( назад)
You are basically....Gus from EastEnders LOL.

Автор Aatif Mahmood ( назад)
Too bad theres not gunna be anymore

Автор andrew Pepper ( назад)

Автор Anal _RPG ( назад)

Автор Kiani Amin ( назад)
hahaha man said i thought u were locked up with vybz kartel - im dead !!

Автор Jada Frederick ( назад)
Omg this bring back memories

Автор Maria XG ( назад)
"Your mummy is a virgin" 😂😂😂😂😂😂DJM man👌🏼😂😂

Автор David Daramola ( назад)
Where is bricka bricka at though

Автор Madihah Dalal (1103 года назад)
Hahah jazzie insulted Alfie moon and billy Mitchell lmao gotta watch today's eastenders

Автор ThaCuteOne __. ( назад)
15:45 😂😂😂 your mum is a virgin😂😂😂😂tboy is sooo funny he kills me😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Robby Haynes ( назад)
More episodes coming soon in 2016 from Sir Dark Knight Productions

Автор Young Star ( назад)

Автор Mateo Iglesias ( назад)
Hey there. That's Perfect. flagrant coast

Автор Alex Burton ( назад)
Can't help but watch this it's too funny

Автор Aqsa Yaseen ( назад)
That kid acting as adot when he was younger is @jayshobs . He goes to my skl <3

Автор William Lonsdale ( назад)
they can't make more coz smokers got raided and taken by th police

Автор Sabarin Hussien ( назад)
17:43 to 18:20 😭😭😭😂 its to funny

Автор TYZA108 HD ( назад)
is this a tv show ?

Автор Epicrkofan ( назад)
I Really Want Them To Make More!!!

Автор mominkishan ( назад)
niger adot

Автор Kam Ora ( назад)
lmfoa lol 20:10

Автор Zeki Altinisik-Young ( назад)
is that comedyshortsgamer's "girlfriend"?

Автор this is my fucking channel bitches ( назад)
wheres bricka

Автор EJR Emofonmwan ( назад)
Invisible mistletoe! 😂😂

Автор mandem safi ( назад)
Does jazzie really work there?

Автор Tasha.N ( назад)
adot is hilarious... just watched all the episodes and i was dying....I wish they would make more and find a new barber shop but still call it smokeys.

Автор lili lili ( назад)
04:05 did you guys see jazzy tshirt of the queen she has a weird face lol

Автор Cookie Kingdom ( назад)

Автор Bayi2k16 ( назад)

Автор Reckzz_11 ( назад)

Автор Mike McDonagh Productions ( назад)
Smokeys is shut down the shop is no longer open in tolworth😂
It's is now a beauty parlour

Автор Mohammed Miah ( назад)
They should make new episode theyre worth watching. By the way wheres bricka

Автор Zubair Ahmed ( назад)
They should get smokey barbers back and add more episodes it was worth watching. Comedy gold

Автор Hasnan Hussain ( назад)
Ppl subscribe 2 my channel plz I do football vids fanks

Автор beckstar2010 ( назад)
lol What madness did i just watch lol

Автор Joseph Olutobi ( назад)
Adots is the funniest

Автор Charles Chinyere ( назад)
I know man this is Baer joks

Автор ShoXGaming ( назад)
Dis is jokes stg

Автор ShoXGaming ( назад)

Автор Jerry ( назад)
Adot's girlfriend is so hot.

Автор Shawty RP ( назад)
is there gonna be one for this year

Автор Jeanette batchelor ( назад)

Автор Eda Dirgen ( назад)
OMG LOOOL Shaba Shaba!

Автор TeamF7YUB G and I'm tooo SHEXYY ( назад)
Go SUPPORT +F7YUB Productionz he is doing amazing work for the Youth

Автор Soselo Soso ( назад)
Some parts really make me laugh and some parts just get on my nerves.

Автор The Gifted ( назад)

Автор The Gifted ( назад)
Went you gonna make a new video bruh it's been 2 years blad can I get a Shabba

Автор Z-TeamProject ( назад)
Where's bricka?

Автор Amaan Mehmood ( назад)
Waste man

Автор icrazygamer -_- ( назад)
Weres smokey at

Автор XstramzLDN ( назад)
Who knows were smokeys barbers is

Автор yusha eymoy ( назад)
This is great

Автор Naveed Hussain ( назад)

Автор L.O. T ( назад)
''Why is a girl kissing me bruv'' LOL

Автор ThreeYoungsters 5 ( назад)
It's 2014 now plz make more vids

Автор Ikenna .A ( назад)
"Your Guss from Eastenders LOOOL"

Автор MoAhmed Abdi ( назад)

Автор dilu mani ( назад)
Miss London. Hahah CBBC

Автор Nazam Hussain ( назад)
Jazzie how much phones do you have

Автор MasterMind Gaming ( назад)
I saw one of the schoolgirls in Croydon

Автор Elle Gouldin ( назад)
Wtf palo mani Cana wat the flip is huzzah saying

Автор Elle Gouldin ( назад)
Shaba fockin dinayah

Автор Elle Gouldin ( назад)
WTF where the fat marshmallow lol

Автор Arslaanishaq ( назад)
Your mum is a vergin lol

Автор Anwar Khustai ( назад)
jazzies a funny yout looooooooooooooooooool

Автор Magder Glasgow ( назад)
Whats this crap you put on ur head?
Its red and ur a human being!!!

Автор Naomi Clark ( назад)
Luv u jazzie

Автор Naomi Clark ( назад)
Omg luv this 1

Автор Clinton Osuhon ( назад)
Scary adot

Автор drewry reynolds ( назад)
looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool tears

Автор Damiem Simbo-Brooks ( назад)
Lol I will never died. I will never rest in a peace

Автор Bode Ajayi ( назад)
How can't you CHRISTMAS.

Автор Kauthar Salim ( назад)
I love it when he say "i get it i get it enjoyment."

Автор Tolga Akarsu ( назад)
A Christmas Carol

Автор aleasha119 ( назад)
even though they r takin the mick of us nigerians im laughin my head offf

Автор jackh1988 ( назад)
Too funny

Автор Paolo Dos Santos ( назад)

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