LAMPHUS® SolarBlast™ SBWL26 12W LED Emergency Vehicle Strobe Warning Windshield Dash Light Part II

LAMPHUS® SolarBlast™ SBWL26 12W LED Emergency Vehicle Strobe Warning Windshield Dash Light is compactly sized and suitable to be mounted onto the front windshield or rear window of an emergency response or utility vehicle, such as EMS EMT POV ATV DOT, Tow Trucks, Fire Truck, police car, ambulance and more. The slim design conveys a low profile look which makes the unit almost unnoticeable when turned off. This lamp, with 21 selectable flash patterns including steady burn and California steady, provides high visibility and is perfect in attracting attention for emergency personnel of all fields. Besides the Amber/White combination in this video, other color options, such as Blue/Red, Amber/Amber, White/White are also available.

For any inquiries, please email support@online-led-store.com

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Автор drnh4444 ( назад)
Can you supply one of these with all amber? We can't use white strobes in
the uk

Автор Awesome Andrew216 ( назад)
O my god 12 LEDs not like other lights have 30 or 20 LEDs

Автор Kimeshin Govender ( назад)
how long does the light stay for after the vehicle is turned off?

Автор Texas Rebel ( назад)
I love this company. Got any suggestions for Amber/Blue LEDs at the rear
window for a 2013 Ford F-150?

Автор Tony Palange ( назад)
Are you wearing an invisible storm trooper helmet? Are these the droids
you're looking for? I didn't think so. 

Автор znovosad555 ( назад)
what generation LED is this dash light?

Автор Devan Bone ( назад)
What are the laws of having these

Автор Sean Marsh ( назад)
After 5 months of having the light, I still love it. It doesn't rattle, it
is very very very bright, suction is still strong to the windshield. I
would recommend this to everybody who needs any kind of warning light.
Awesome buy. I am looking at getting some strobes for the rear of my truck
soon. Will be purchasing from you again!

Автор David Freyou ( назад)
What about all white strobes? I'm thinking about getting some but not sure
if it's completely legal

Автор Sean Marsh ( назад)
This light came in the mail. Holy crap this light is bright. Awesome
product, very well made, absolutely would recommend this light to anyone
looking for a emergency/warning strobe light. Very happy with the purchase.

Автор Online-LED-Store ( назад)
You got a good deal! Took advantage of our sale plus social share discount.
Remember to let us know how everything works out for you. Thank you very

Автор Sean Marsh ( назад)
I am a volunteer firefighter in Canada, and we use green strobes for
responding to calls. I just ordered the this, and I hope it will be here

Автор Online-LED-Store ( назад)
Yikes! Jail time? Hope you're not speaking from personal experience. Thanks
for sharing.

Автор daytopotato ( назад)
Or if you're me who has only standard first aid in Alberta, I stop a lot
every time I see some one on the side of the road that looks like they
need/want help. I have Led warning lights, rear facing, that let traffic
know I am on the side of the road. If a cop wanted to hassle me, I have
reasons to use them (only helping people on the road) and they are not
front facing, so I can't have traffic yield to me. As cool as it is to mess
about with red and blue, its a MASSIVE fine and jail time!!

Автор Online-LED-Store ( назад)
We don't carry the different brackets made to fit particular models, but
the ligthheads and LED hide-a-way strobe lights we carry are waterproofed,
ready for exterior mounting. Hope this helps!

Автор Online-LED-Store ( назад)
To look cool! =) Most of the time the lights are utilized by public safety
personnel. They are often used by civilians who work as securities, storm
chasers, off roading, survey, etc. It's usually the colors (blue, red,
green) that are off limits to civilians. Varies from state to state, county
to county.

Автор David Ha ( назад)
What is the purpose for this light on a regular vehicle?

Автор police9l98 ( назад)
do you have any motor bike emergency led lights

Автор DailyOklahoman ( назад)
Ordered 2 last night and they shipped today! And you can run both lights
off one do you have to solder them together?

Автор Online-LED-Store ( назад)
Sure thing! The shroud can be removed so it can be mounted to the back
window of your HHR. You can remove the cigarette lighter adapter if you
wish to power both lights off of a single switch.

Автор DailyOklahoman ( назад)
2 of these*

Автор DailyOklahoman ( назад)
Well I was trying to find proper lighting for the back of my Chevy HHR send
after looking on ebay and everywhere else I think these two would be
perfect. As you know there isn't a lot of room in the back windshield of a

Автор Online-LED-Store ( назад)
The wrangler is actually the odd ball with the very steep windshield. Would
recommend you removing the flash back guard and mount the unit to the
bottom of the windshield, resting on the dash. Make sure you don't place
the unit over the deployment area of the passenger airbag. Maybe a bit
towards the center of the dash would be best.

Автор JoshRodas ( назад)
How would the flashback guard work with a jeep wrangler (JK) windshield?

Автор Online-LED-Store ( назад)
Yes. We offer all of our emergency strobe lights in all red or red/white
variations at no additional cost.

Автор Andre Salaun ( назад)
Is red/red or red/white available?

Автор Online-LED-Store ( назад)
$89.99, free shipping within USA. Check out our website for additional
promotions! Thanks.

Автор John Nieweglowski ( назад)
How munch

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