Iceland Travel: How Expensive is REYKJAVIK? Crazy Expensive!!

In this video I explore Reykjavik, Iceland and show how much things cost. Important note: All taxes are INCLUDED in restaurant prices and tipping is not expected.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed using an Olympus SP-810UZ.

Gabriel Morris is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990. He is author of "Following My Thumb", a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories from his worldly wanderings during the 1990s; and of several other books. Visit http://gabrieltraveler.com for lots more info about his travel writing, photography, videos, budget travel tips and much more.

Thanks a lot for watching, and safe journeys!

Iceland Travel: How Expensive is REYKJAVIK? Crazy Expensive!!

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Автор boldandcourageous 41 ( назад)
great video

Автор Daniel Beckingham ( назад)
Iceland seems like same prices here in West Oz.......too much

Автор stan04 ( назад)
But if you didn't have much money, how were you able to afford those foods?

Автор makaihime ( назад)
Sounds like NYC prices, which I'm unfortunately use to....-___-

Автор Joshua Irish ( назад)
Making my first trip here later in February and can't wait! Thanks for
giving some insight into the prices to expect. I think we're going to hit a
grocery store as soon as we arrive so we're not eating out every night of
the 8 days we're there. Any grocery stores you'd recommend there?

Автор Chris Campbell ( назад)
1 us dollar is .0084 kr

Автор Haukur Hauksson ( назад)
And all you do is complaine......

Автор pop96Life ( назад)
Compared to the place where I live, those prices are ridiculously too high!
I'm from Naples and a bier would cost about 2 euros or even less.

Автор JB driver ( назад)
Why is everything so expensive?

Автор 72golfcrazy ( назад)
maybe Icelandic people earn a lot of money

Автор djmike Sanchez ( назад)
16 dollars for noodles that cost ONE DOLLAR to make per case...? I am so
happy i live on the land of the chicken sandwich for a dollar.
Money is easy to make, Food is almost free, Gas, well.....i can still drive
a V-8 that doesn't kill my wallet and 30 million tourists that come to
bathe in our beaches.
Beautiful roads, Beautiful weather year round, and 20 professional teams
that share ONE city. God bless my city. Land of the dollar menu.

Автор Giant Evertonian ( назад)
Yeah....things are more expensive because they're not paying slave wages
like in the US.

Автор PianoMan Smith ( назад)
I was in Iceland Feb 1957-Aug 1958 Besides my regular job i played with a
band on base 6 nights a week. Didn't have a lot of time so i only got to
Reykjavik once for the day. The "cleanest city" i have ever seen, even
until this day. Gorgeous women everywhere. A cousin of mine recently took a
trip there, so i will have to ask if she has any pictures for me. Iceland

Автор C&N aviation ( назад)
In Switzerland its even more expensive

Автор Hrólfur Leó ( назад)
Tip for travelers in Iceland with low budget.
Do not buy booze or food in restaurants or at bars. It's way overpriced. We
have liquor stores that are much cheaper and supermarkets as well.
Ofcourse It's great to have a night out with friends or to try new places,
all I'm saying is if you want to save money don't eat at restaurants every
night. Even fast food can be very expensive.

Автор Danna Pirova ( назад)
Do you think Iceland is expensive ? You should come to Switzerland then...

Автор Lowly Sparrow ( назад)
I thought New Zealand was expensive, I feel a lot better now that Iceland
is the same!

Автор vespers_ ( назад)
i think the best way to do iceland is to rent a car and camp.

Автор Cris Vig ( назад)
and the chicks are expensive too?

Автор Boris Jacquin ( назад)
cheaper than Sydney, Australia

Автор John Palacios ( назад)
Thx for the video. It's priced like Paris I see. The one good thing about
the US is its cheap. Thats why Europeans love coming here. I will have to
budget extra for food when I visit Iceland.

Автор Leonel Bustos Barbe ( назад)
This is annoying. You go around talking about how expensive it is in
Iceland (still cheaper than Denmark) but you don't say a word about why is
that. We all get pay good. Maybe the person cleaning get a bad wage og 20
dollars the hour. The prices might look high for you, but when you came
from a country as the US, that pay as a third world country, of course you
think it is expensive. It was pretty annoying see this

Автор nomadichronicle ( назад)
now when I compare this with where I am; Istanbul,Turkey..my country is a
heaven..of fair-priced abundance...these places in Europe are a joke.

Автор Jim Moir ( назад)
It is important to note that all taxes are included and there is no
tipping. So when you add 30% to North Anerican cities menus for tax and
tip, its not that much different

Автор Nick Karipidis ( назад)
maybe the city Keflavic is cheaper

Автор Adil Hakim ( назад)
No wonder people LOVE to come and spend their hard earnest money in
Indonesia and Thailand for holidays

Автор Craig Dicker ( назад)
Hi bro I will be going Iceland in April, are aupermarkets the better option
for food and drink?

Автор hondarider519 ( назад)
You know what will help you if you keep complaining about the prices? Just
don't fucking go! Save yourself the headache. Americans are so obnoxious. I
love Iceland, I'm going back for the third time in May and the prices are
expensive, but the genuinely nice people and the beauty of the country make
it all worth it!

Автор kevin kuffner ( назад)
damn, not for my budget

Автор Derek Lowery ( назад)
I know you flew wow air

Автор Brandon ( назад)
U understand why its expensive right? Its an island with only 350.000

Автор mariposamarilla ( назад)
very helpful! thank you! thinking about going to Iceland

Автор Iceland Vacation ( назад)
The Helicopter Rides, Glacier Tours and Whale Sighting Boat Rides are also

Автор Iceland Vacation ( назад)
Very True. It costs alot to ship stuff. It's definitely worth it though

Автор Dimitris K ( назад)
its good for them that they are expensive. in order to have mostly quality
tourists and have cheap tourists away from their country.

Автор Thrainn Oskarsson ( назад)
Gapriel Traveler Why do you think the price that you're pointing to is
Dollars? The prices are in local currency like mix vegetable Curry is 2680
krónur or 23.69 USD.

Автор Billy Barrow ( назад)
This seems about the same as here in New Zealand to be honest. I don't see
what the big deal is

Автор Aden C.J. ( назад)
Sad, I am interested in Icelandic history and wanted to see the country.
But it looks like an average foreigner wouldn't be able to afford even the
non-touristy areas

Автор Orest Makar ( назад)
If meals ware cheep the people who work in restaurants would be poor. In
countries that have corruption and huge income inequality a small
percentage of people are significantly richer then the majority. Because
the majority is poor the prices cannot be high because no one could afford
food.. Because the Nordic countries have a more equal distribution of
wealth everyone lives on a comfortable level, they earn more, pay higher
taxes, and pay more for services but electronics, cars and other imports
are relatively cheep. Their system works better for the majority of people
contrary to what you have in the US.

Автор Philip Johns ( назад)
People I met there were so nice I managed to get food given to me most of
the time

Автор Tunago ( назад)
*SF to Reykjavik for only $200!! Dude, how?!*

Автор Steven Douglas ( назад)
ok, so you paid a stupid ridiculous $200 for a flight, accommodation is a
measly $20 ... and a noodle soup is maybe $6 more than Texas and you're
complaining? Wow, not the brightest Vlog on the planet...

Автор The Fresh Peddler - Beats For People Who Hate Radio ( назад)
welcome to Iceland, will that be cash or credit?

Автор MKaran I ( назад)
You would have to drilling and selling oil for those prices

Автор yyysboy1 ( назад)
it is more expensive. compared to the city where i live in australia

Автор Stephanie Pai ( назад)
If you think that's expensive, come to Switzerland.

Автор Jacob Winn ( назад)
Prices are similar here in nz.

Автор Walnut500 ( назад)
These prices are slightly above average, downtown Reykjavik is expensive
for the most part, as you stated in your video some of the more secluted
local places out of the way from any sort of tourist spots do have cheaper
prices, travelers on a budget should also consider shopping at one of our
grociery stores for cheaper alternatives.

Автор LATE ( назад)
Maybe prices are according to income, who knows. U should try the
Caribbean, not expensive and very appealing especially in winter (that
season doesn't exist here). Greetings from Dominican Republic!

Автор MLK 19880501 ( назад)
minimum wage is almost 25$ (USD)there! awesome. can we get a comparison to
the prices in relation to their min. wage? would be more helpful/truthful.
charging those prices where the min wage is comparable to 5$ (USD) would be
insane.. buttt.. everything in relation.

Автор Craig D ( назад)
Iceland is very expensive, but I loved my visit there December 2014. It was
worth it. So beautiful.

Автор Craig D ( назад)
It is expensive. I love Iceland. Such a beautiful place.

Автор Gaming Chimeny ( назад)
That is not how the money works in Iceland I am from Iceland and you are
totally wrong with the prices

Автор Little Vikings ( назад)
I wish u would actually convert the currency accurately because your
definitely telling some lies about the prices

Автор penitent2401 ( назад)
well there's not really many farms in Iceland... and it's a rich European

Автор quixoteee ( назад)
@gabriel Traveler where do you find your flight tickets at??? Please answer
thank you :D

Автор Topgun232 ( назад)
Tbh the prices sound pretty fair considering they probably have to import a
lot of their goods they don't get locally.

Автор Lára Huld ( назад)
i am from Iceland and i hate how expensive it is here!! but a tip is dont
go to all the turist restorants or shops they will make you pay so much
more! just a tip. and every thing in a restorant is 13$ or over.

Автор TheChuck624 ( назад)
Nothing cheap on an island.

Автор 28if ( назад)
Hmmm about the same prices as the financial district in San Francisco.

Автор Freyja Svansdóttir ( назад)
Laugavegur means hot spring street so Laugavegur street would be hot spring
street street...

Автор Luredreier ( назад)
Icelandic prices generally is cheaper then ours here in Norway it seams.
I also slept at the same hostel (I think) in 2015.

Автор Wayne Donaldson ( назад)
Really helpful vid. Hoping to go to Iceland this year.

Автор Audinos ( назад)
There's a restaurant on the main street that serves decent whale steaks.

Автор Tony ov ( назад)
how did u get the flight so cheep ? what site did u use ?

Автор Leo Abrelat ( назад)
but iceoand has less than 5% unemployment rate

Автор Ken R ( назад)
Ridiculous. No reason to travel there with those outlandish prices when
there are PLENTY of other places that actually are competitive and want you
to visit.

Автор Mark Carroll ( назад)
Wow I knew it was expensive but had no idea it was that bad! I'm looking to
head over in 2017, I'm guessing the workers there are paid very well?
Thanks for the video

Автор Alejandro Pérez ( назад)
How did you get so cheap the flight?

Автор THE LARA'S and Perez too ( назад)
is there minimum wage high?

Автор Princess Ebony ( назад)
You have a cool voice

Автор RandomnessPersonified ( назад)
This makes no sense. Average income in Iceland is $41000. Meanwhile in US
even with stuff being pretty cheap $50000 is the average. How do icelanders
even afford stuff?

Автор Goldmattress ( назад)
The plural is krónur not kroner.

Автор Goldmattress ( назад)
It really shows how unaccustomed you are to Northern Europe that you used
cash to pay for something and didn't complain about the weather all the

Автор Goldmattress ( назад)
Outside of the central shopping street(which only has mid level and luxury
resturants) you'll find plenty of places that are far cheaper, I don't get
how you're surprised that the most expensive street in the country has to
have much higher prices to cover much higher rent.

Автор Luis V ( назад)
WHAT DO AMERICANS get out of traveling to these rip off countries . When we
have better places right here . Canada is like another English speaking
country .Mexico has food and good housing for pennies ..Blond people must
be the thing ...

Автор Luis V ( назад)
Cold weather ,and expensive food ,,What a rip off keep it

Автор Florida Outdoor Adventures ( назад)
Real straight forward honest video! Thanks.

Автор Taylor Raburn ( назад)
that moment when you realize it's worth it cuz it's iceland

Автор SilvanaDil ( назад)
This guy is from San Francisco and finds $20-$40/night for a roof over his
head in Iceland to be expensive? LMAO

Автор Joseph Gelb ( назад)
I want to go big fan of the cold

Автор Jennifer D. ( назад)
Boy I am glad we are camping!

Автор milad haghighi ( назад)
Anyone who thinks that Iceland might be a less expensive country is not a
very sharp person at all. Just look at its location on the map ffs! It's in
the middle of nowhere. The temperature rarely goes above 15 'c in the
summer. There are little chances to grow crops and the climate is not the
most comfortable for the cattle. The country is not hugely industrialized
and they don't export much goods. They rely on tourism to compensate for
industry and this means they have to import a lot of stuff from other
countries, which would consequently raise the expenses because of the long
distances of transportation.

Автор Abdullah Cobain ( назад)
Much cheaper than Norway.

Автор Mary and Plushies ( назад)
Iceland is expensive for tourists in touristic places. If you are a local
and earn local wages and know where to shop and eat, it's not that
expensive ;)

Автор Hlibba BÓ ( назад)
you could just go to dominos on a tuesday and get a pizza with 3 toppings
for 10 bucks or 1000kr
or a large pizza with 2 toppings on any day for 1690kr i recommend
pepperoni and bacon or pepperoni bacon and cream cheese :)

Автор Lülo Borio ( назад)
the same prices as in Argentina :/

Автор Riaz Uddin ( назад)
Damn mate! Food is like relatively more expensive there compared to here in
Brisbane, Australia. Petrol is expensive as well (around 130.00 AUD here).
Your hostel was nice. I travelled to Cairns like couple of months ago and
stayed in a backpackers, which was pretty much near to shit. But your one
looked way better and comparatively cheaper than here. Cheers!

Автор Marcus Vinicius Oliveira ( назад)
Come to Brazil and youll see what is expensive

Автор Junad Miah ( назад)
They must earn more than the average human living in the U.K. Or USA hence
the high price

Автор vangrails ( назад)
Places like NYC and San Francisco are also very expensive.

Автор Jakob Friðþjófsson ( назад)
Þýddu yfirskrift eru svo slæmt. Ég þarf að læra meira ensku.

Автор Freshoo Camm ( назад)
my girlfriend live in Iceland :-P

Автор Chiney Lee ( назад)
Oh yeah its super expensive for no reason. I was just there and some of the
things there werent justified on how much it was there. I guess it was
worth it?

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