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Make sure you guys check out MY song World Bass

Просмотров: 5635363
Длительность: 2:11
Комментарии: 3090

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Pioneer BaSS song in Car



Автор BuffEliteRunner 123 ( назад)
My home theater subwoofer blew to this song started smoking up in my room

Автор Technical channel supporter ( назад)
superb bassss

Автор its just a prank bro ( назад)
makes my Rockford fosgate 12" move around pretty godd

Автор DJ Roza ( назад)
this is like flat bass, not too ultra deep bass

Автор Daniel S ( назад)
nice.. like u didnt steal this song and reupload it..

Автор Lewis Clark ( назад)
What's the 'original' song called?

Автор mister banaani ( назад)

Автор Phonixz - Gaming ( назад)
Rocking it with bose

Автор Jose De Jesus Hernandez ( назад)
i waz like HUH!?

Автор praveen surajpur ( назад)
i like this base

Автор Rizwan Shahid ( назад)
superb base

Автор Happy Torrent ( назад)
Sony MHC-GX450 Mini Hi-Fi system, 125w per channel, connected to a 15w
subwoofer from vintage Zenith center speaker. So far its snapped, crackled,
and popped, but hasn't blown. :(

Автор random videos ( назад)
dildo bird dil dil do bird for da first song lol

Автор Mickistar 4 ( назад)
just tested with some cheap old stereos and bass. it was poppin nice thoe!

Автор BayAreaMusic ( назад)
Beats by dre solo 2!!

Автор James Reeves ( назад)
Roeses are red
Violets are blue
When i listen to this song
My neighbours do to

Автор beastdemon/ deathpath ( назад)
killer bass. love it

Автор Jay Fenwick ( назад)
this ain't shit I tryed in my truck full blast didn't do shit

Автор InsGadJeT ( назад)
The bass is distorted it sounds terrible, you do not have a clue about what
is good bass!

Автор Barto kanalas ( назад)
jbl pulse 2 made it

Автор Keaon Jourdain ( назад)
ok the introduction made me a little scared lol

Автор Jaye Richardson ( назад)
man this and my JBL is great

Автор Mùññä Røak's ( назад)
wtf is cool

Автор Quintin Bianco ( назад)
rocks the house with my 4 8" xplods... nice!

Автор red rings pizza ( назад)
it feels like a fat guy running

Автор ivan amaro ortega ( назад)
excelente" bass"

Автор Antoan KIrilov ( назад)
+1 Paying for new windows on my car gg 32''

Автор James Thomas ( назад)
Ok I'm listening to this through my Sony 950bt extra bass and they are
moving lol....bass on these are awesome

Автор Meme Maker ( назад)
not enough bass

Автор Anonymous ( назад)
You know its good when your eardrums actually vibrate

Автор pavel topalov ( назад)
whith my new headphones hama uRage soundz it fells beter than on cinema xd

Автор Infinite Shotz25 ( назад)
this is the gayest music ive ever herd

Автор specialist 3004 ( назад)
hole fuck

Автор Caleb Saka ( назад)
fuck the warning lol

Автор Allyssa Barnett ( назад)
love the BASS 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

Автор Amadeusz Kowalski ( назад)
I love bass. Its my favourite fish.

Автор Lammet ( назад)
I hear something vibrate, is it the song or my headphones broke?

Автор Danny Andablo ( назад)
la música es lo mejor

Автор Seth Rollins ( назад)
listen to this with a subwoofer

Автор Mujahed Hussain ( назад)
insane...and awesome

Автор Nadab.taimoor Taimoor ( назад)
I played this f*****g song and my wind screen broke in to pieces

Автор Leroy Salmon ( назад)
what nonsense I did handle base load of rubbish

Автор M1K3 ( назад)
Dildo bird dil- dildo bird

Автор FZ Eclipse ( назад)
DJ Magic Mike and SirMixalot-fill the bass

Автор Cyber slated ( назад)
my house jumped from saudiarabia to america

Автор Thomas The tank engine ( назад)
My room started shaking haha😂😂

Автор Yuno FaZe Gassi CHEAH ( назад)
Where da bass

Автор Ahmet Eren ( назад)
63 sıtayla anana kayacam valla

Автор keisha barnard ( назад)
not loud

Автор Scott McDonald ( назад)
Didn't ruin my speakers. Pretty good

Автор Gaming gangster 000 ( назад)
this is not much bass!!!!!!!!

Автор Frank James ( назад)
Sounds good on my JBL xtreme

Автор mukesh kumar ( назад)
best music

Автор Cody Brewer ( назад)

Автор Cody Brewer ( назад)

Автор Sahil Pather ( назад)
yes I can hear you

Автор The spicy Crew ( назад)
Dam fam I can feel that in my beats

Автор Teemo The Cancer TTC ( назад)
What bass are u Talking about?

Автор Sharon Ramlaul ( назад)
my skull is slamming like it's shit

Автор Danielius Zoruba ( назад)
wow my jbl almost broke.......

Автор Mark Butterfield ( назад)
Don't you mean audio, not viewer.

Автор Neel Gamer ( назад)
in this song it actually broke my car's window glass bcos my car has bass
speaker at the side of the door. Oh god best music...

Автор Squinkie just Squinkie ( назад)
can it cause mental disabilities in the past?

Автор DaEpicFace Official ( назад)
You didn't change shit, you just copied other users content you fucking

Автор Shadow The Dubstep Wolf ( назад)
add a bit more bass, i wanna blow my badass 30 dollar gaming headset. my
headset can handle this.

Автор Richard Sparrow (TheMeq) ( назад)
Song starts at 0:27

Автор MrScrewU ( назад)
I just bought an Asus Rog Strix Wireless. My skin around my ears is
LITERALLY vibrating

Автор Isajah Riemers ( назад)
oh wait the bass already started i was waiting it is already 2096

Автор xKobePlayz ( назад)
Hardly and bass LOLOLOL

Автор Its_Jadan ( назад)
Apple earbuds didn't even notice the bass. Headphones too strong 5 this

Автор JuicyGamer Lol ( назад)
My iPad can take the bass lol

Автор The Lord Of The GaysTM ( назад)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa More Babby More !!!

Автор Kaden Jay ( назад)
You made my house collapse

Автор Manjeet Lakhanpal ( назад)
This bloody piece of shit.I have BOSE SOUNDLINK and nothing happened.

Автор CrazyKing 986 ( назад)

Автор I AM KAI ( назад)
I'm listening to his on my Jbl Xtreme... A - Fucking- Mazing

Автор juggalo4life_91 ( назад)
Lmmfao this intro had me rolling

Автор Looking Fresh ( назад)
Okay, this should cover me for the next 10,000 years...

Автор Freestyle69 ( назад)
z moich earpodsów zrobił się soobowfer

Автор Top Shot ( назад)
when the video stopped i was in the comment section and these are 100$
earphones i was panicking i thought it was broken but i scrolled up the
video ended

Автор Top Shot ( назад)
you destroyed my solo 3... jk

Автор Ethan Erbes ( назад)
I died

Автор Adolfo Hernandez Gomez ( назад)

Автор tanner fan 12 ( назад)
didle da bird ??!

Автор Dalton LaRoe ( назад)
had it turned down to 10/64 and when the bass hit i said "Jesus christ" and
turned my system off lmao

Автор COME ON TITTY ( назад)
n i c e

Автор dedsec Thug ( назад)
teckno master dl lmao

Автор Ballistic Bird .,. ( назад)
Beats handle bass well 🔊🔊)))))))))))))

Автор COME ON TITTY ( назад)
What's the original song called?

Автор Jasmine Conklin ( назад)
this is what are system sounds like

Автор Jasmine Conklin ( назад)
it sounds like I'm in my car

Автор Colin Lewandowski ( назад)
it's shaking my table

Автор Floris van Leeuwen ( назад)
Sooooo much of baasss

Автор Lennard Spreen (Croozerdog) ( назад)
If you have to bass boost songs, your equipment isn't good enough

Автор taha mauly ( назад)
bass is sick

Автор dark cat2873 ( назад)
this is some bullshit all i herd was some flat ass shit like my wifes ass

Автор Idrees Khan ( назад)
sooooo cool bass I feel soooo vibration in my car land cruiser awesome

Автор boss gogoceanu ( назад)
bass coaie

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