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Make sure you guys check out MY song World Bass

Просмотров: 3772239
Длительность: 2:11
Комментарии: 2338

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Автор April Mobbley (140 лет назад)
this shit is sick wit it

Автор arturo Fuentes ( назад)
I wish there was a song with 20 times this bassssss

Автор Arun Verma ( назад)
Whoaa i am now physically and mentally disabled , and wait oh crap....
my equipment is also damaged.

Автор Dominic Mills ( назад)
more bass man my sprost could take it

Автор Harvey McColl ( назад)

Автор Noah Tufts ( назад)
turned up my windows sound to 100 and the vids song to 100 but base on al;l
the way on razer synapse and not even a sweat from my razer kraken 7.1`s

Автор Onur Karasoy ( назад)

Автор kane hopkin ( назад)
too good

Автор Jacob Elliott ( назад)
I have really good bass headphones and I turned it up all the way. my brain
was vibrating.

Автор Joshua Duavll ( назад)
broke my subwoofer :(

Автор adien lee ( назад)
more bass

Автор Dr. Panda ( назад)
A 50.000 Watt sub can destroy a city with this song ... wtf xD

Автор Austin Steinmann ( назад)
well o won't have to clean my ears out for a while. My skull candy hesh's
love bass

Автор Musa Dur ( назад)
63 style ?

Автор Brandon Mansfield ( назад)
That is some BASS

Автор Max Baker ( назад)
rozor krakens with an amp holly balls!

Автор Tony Kernighan ( назад)

Автор Dylon Bolden ( назад)
Same sethkraykray

Автор mlg gamer ( назад)
Sony's are the best headphones to listen it through

Автор Ricardo Valencia ( назад)
my apple ear buds go crazy in my ear

Автор jaspreet tamna ( назад)

Автор The Shakey Show ( назад)
they sound amazing in my Audio-techs.

Автор Dizyy OG ( назад)
my desk is shaking like fuck this is a tune

Автор GuttiGaming ( назад)
the bass sucks

Автор Keoni Alves ( назад)
I Tryed it in my Dads Truck With 40000 wat sound woffers and it Broke every
window lol

Автор KZ Gaming ( назад)
this is trash

Автор Ronitron ( назад)
if have smart audio good song t adjust your head set effect

Автор Ace Clan ( назад)
not joking my razor krakens literally just broke.......like the whole
freaking speaker just broke.....

Автор Ace Clan ( назад)
my ear hair is itching lol

Автор The Gaming Guy ( назад)
U nealry broke my earphones

Автор Mijn Naam ( назад)
bitch your taking sombodys others audio or hes yours

Автор Ronitron ( назад)
well it didnt brake m shit so britty good that mental disability in the
futur thing is complete bullshit tho

Автор Allen Stmartin ( назад)
this is tight

Автор Allen Stmartin ( назад)
this is tight

Автор joey amico ( назад)
fuck yall with headphones get subs then talk

Автор I'm a loner ( назад)
Guys all beats are shit and if ur Gona get 1 then at least save for the
beats pro cause they are worth it. At the moment I have monster dna which
are 120 dollars and are beast for bass and quality

Автор Nick Lion ( назад)
tickles my ears, heheheheehehhehe

Автор Nathan Wimer ( назад)
I got 4 sound studio tower speakers running at 100 watts with 100 db
clarity readings and this song sounds great. thanks

Автор Roberto Madera ( назад)
Your Speakers are Booooooooooooo

Автор Roberto Madera ( назад)
Your Speakers are Booooooooooooo

Автор Karl Anttalainen ( назад)
how donald this ?

Автор Melissa Coludrovich ( назад)
I love this sound of it it was perfect to me

Автор Finlay Ball ( назад)

Автор Codie Newtron ( назад)
what's the song

Автор Mohamed Mourad ( назад)
the bass is good but the song quality sucks

Автор Taylor Heustess ( назад)
im using turtal beaches p-12 and its amazing

Автор Conor Fitzgerald ( назад)
im getting goose bumps with my shogun ensense 7.1 commander series headset

Автор . . ALEXD. . ( назад)

Автор MisterREACTIONZs2 ( назад)
This sounds like thunder in my Mercedes. vibrates the road.

Автор speroplas ( назад)
old time classic Philips fwm779 ... fucking cool woox technologist

Автор ANONYMOUS ( назад)
My Razer Krakens are literally shaking...

Автор Filip Krajcár (Krafil) ( назад)
Sony MDR-V55 sounds pretty well on basses

Автор Chris Bennett ( назад)
While I'm writing this my eyes and hands got jittery. It was hard typing

Автор Lenti Bejtullahu ( назад)
listening this with samsung earphones at max lvl sound and its vibrating my
ears lol :v

Автор Isah Boy ( назад)
one speaker left on my earphones

Автор joshua cain ( назад)
marley revolution head phones on fire right now

Автор Ashley Uchiha ( назад)
my door just fell out ! :3

Автор Da Clash/minecraft Gamer ( назад)
What's dat song

Автор Serenity Miyazaki ( назад)
Jesus Christ my HA-MR60X JVCs are feeling this. B)

Автор Hell King ( назад)
So u just bass boosted the song ... And ur saying warning and all 😂lol

Автор Jaden Vonlunen ( назад)
put it on 10 subwufers

Автор Aym Hen ( назад)
in munites 0.28 what name of music please reply me ?

Автор Dave Jarrell ( назад)
learn how to spell before you advise

Автор KingGamer ™ ( назад)
bas patladi

Автор SwagLifeGODDESS ( назад)
Is the warning true?lol

Автор MisterKwelly ( назад)
at that moment my neighbors called the cops on me

Автор AJ AnimalJam ( назад)

Автор me21002100 ( назад)
Is it bad that i have 2 12 in subs for computer speakers and that when i
played this song the house started to shake?

Автор Robbie Sipes ( назад)
Like the song it's alright

Автор Zero Spectrum ( назад)
Anyone know where I can get a very very very like glad breaking at full
volume good speaker?

Автор Aiden Ciron ( назад)
Don't judge my speakers cuz they were free
I have 2 10 or maybe there 8s but they are some weird Samson brand I looked
them up they cost 300 US dollars For both I played this song with my pc and
mixer volume maxed as soon as the bass dropped my windows shattered and my
dog ran to the door to get out of the house so if your not getting bass
then you got some super shitty Speaker/subs

Автор Ijaz Ahmed ( назад)
awesome good bass on my kenwood woofers.....

Автор Robin Loef ( назад)
Razer hammerheads are beasts 

Автор Funny Productions ( назад)

Автор Howard PLAY ( назад)
Shit Beats headphones are real Good!!!

Автор Wild Weiss ( назад)
this sucks

Автор Zane Campbell ( назад)
Make it bigger!!

Автор Marinus Baas ( назад)
nice song men i blow my head of

Автор John Vigil ( назад)
It feels like hard vibrating for the beats solo2

Автор Aamir Tahir ( назад)
My beats headphone goes with this bass next level I can't here lol 😂💯

Автор Lemuel1997 z ( назад)
Almost my normal apple ear pods blow up! Truly the best bass song. And for
curiosity, i test it out on my bose speaker and... Almost the house blow up

Автор Lupe Martinez ( назад)

Автор jeffry dikken ( назад)
Logitech G430 7.1 Dolby surround fully bass omg my bass will die

Автор TheSimpleGUY ( назад)
Free airconditioning

Автор brian head ( назад)
big bass, but the song writing is like child...

Автор FoG Slayper ( назад)

Автор Zachary Bernard ( назад)
My speakers are only a hundred watt and it still gets the cops called on me

Автор Incessant Wake ( назад)
my headset is shaking haha feels good! rocking this on my F.R.E.Q 5 from
mad catz

Автор James Peskin1 (jamespeskin1) ( назад)
Listening to this with my scull candy crushers , nearly died 

Автор PurplBanana ( назад)
Klipsch Image One II headphones are great

Автор LoxNGaminG ( назад)
Original song?

Автор PAPABearicoo Gaming ( назад)
Not nuff bass

Автор CrazyProductions ( назад)
Not enough base 

Автор Noxiare ( назад)
My Sades Destroyed my Ears.

Автор Liam “wX-killercomrade-Xw” Jabs ( назад)
There's barely any bass

Автор Blake Hoek ( назад)
I got the cops calld by the dead

Автор mariosmashbro64 ( назад)
Screw u guys with headphones. I'm using my surround system 

Автор Jackie Gossani ( назад)
1300 watt pioneer subwoofer is murdering me!

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