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Make sure you guys check out MY song World Bass

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Просмотров: 2,860,058
Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 2:11
Комментарии: 2192

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Автор Batman (9 месяцев)
not enough bass

Автор Austin Sixx (1 месяц)
Goes to all the people that say it doesnt have enough bass.. .Uhm ur
speackers suck balls my speackers that ive had sence 2001 have more bass
than curent speackers from sony with subwofters behind it

Автор buk lau (1 месяц)

Автор TheCovertCamper (10 часов)
my sub is rattling 

Автор mrgreiferable . (7 месяцев)
i put two subwoofers next to my head and now one of my ears are bleeding

Автор riley byrd (17 дней)
full blast not enough bass

Автор PadiyatorPlus1 (6 месяцев)
i haven't even heard bass on my speakers.

Автор Tehrin Olson (7 месяцев)
With the intro I'm s a red to listen to this with 8 12'' JBL Subwoofers
with 3 1500 amps

Автор GingerBreadRitzyTV (13 дней)
Wow that bass :o im impressed !

Автор Damnedangel 13 (2 месяца)
my headphones barely rattled. need a lot more bass man

Автор PotatoArmy ;) (11 дней)
Holy fucking shit

Автор Timmy Gamage (6 дней)
1400 watt Sony MHC v5 approves

Автор Big white (5 дней)
I have the JVC 2XXL and it rattled the hell out the headphone and I have a
12" sub and it rattled the hell out that. xD 

Автор злой хулиган (13 дней)
у меня басы покруче стоят в тачке

Автор Jael Mejia (2 дня)
U were right it could damage my property

Автор hadi alizade (1 день)
I prefer Turbo Tranny Garret

Автор DJ Country (3 месяца)
it does have alot of bass not not that earth pounding loud bass im looking

Автор Twist Spin (1 месяц)
OMG it's tingles in my ears?!

Автор Matt Winchester (23 дня)
my speaker is fucking loving this I swear bass is so deep I started

Автор aaron walker (18 дней)
I have sol republic master tracks xc and this song Damn near shakes them
off my head

Автор My Toon Obsession (3 месяца)
This works well on Tritton headphones. I was listening to this on crappy
earphones yesterday, it's a huge improvement!

Автор Him Downstairs (1 месяц)
Actually this sounds good on my end. Seems others have too much volume and
distorts the bass. I like TRUE BASS and you seem to loose some of the
quality due to distortion. I recommend also.. get SUBS and leave the
headphones to the kids.

Автор Rafael Moreno (23 дня)
I have expensive BASS headphones so I turned this song on high and the were

Автор TheGameingCracker (11 дней)
I think it just blew my speaker 👌👌👌👌

Автор RaRa Vidivicivini (24 дня)
Heard more bass off the a fatties hip movement in McDonalds man. 

Автор zak (21 день)
Sony bassboost headphones.. My heads still ringing hahahah

Автор SpeakerDude24 (1 месяц)
I like songs that have bass deeper than 40 FUCKING HERTZ! goddamn this bass
ain't the real bass

Автор John Marston (21 день)
I think he was right about the disorder... i keep haring zzz with
everything omg

Автор Matt Winchester (23 дня)
Just a copy of another video wiht different shitty picture

Автор Jake Wootton (9 дней)
I love this song it's EPIC

Автор Stan-lei Stephen Ferdinand (26 дней)
This sound awesome with my new beats studio wireless matte black version!!!

Автор Robe Guy (23 дня)
Oh my lusifur try it with bose speakers!

Автор Lee Coupland (2 месяца)
sounds good on my two pioneer ts-w3002d4's

Автор Jess Payne (1 месяц)
Its funny how he says if it damages your equipment he isnt held
responsible. Lol my wires smelt like smoke and it isnt as bassey now
lol.... owell. 

Автор Blake Hollingsworth (5 месяцев)
RIP beats 😭😭😭

Автор EpicGaming Sweden (1 месяц)
No Lil wayne Song hits from other people are Better Bass Than This song!
Sorry MercifiesProductions

Автор Incessant Wake (2 месяца)
woah lol this could make you go def haha

Автор Agatka C. (1 месяц)
Pretty sick beats u got there Bro my ear is Killin me

Автор Mark Villegas (1 месяц)
Three re audio re12d4s on 600 watts and i bassgasmed. Lol

Автор CentralCoastBoyz (5 месяцев)
Logitech Z906 10'' Subwoofer <3

Автор M. Abbas (25 дней)
Lol..great bass I have ever heard 

Автор MJO TE (1 день)
like it 

Автор Ryan Fountain (1 месяц)
That sounds so cool with my ear phones

Автор Flex Man (1 месяц)
Tested on Razer Kraken Neon, nice and clear bass !

Автор karl Watson (2 месяца)
This song was not modified at all it is actually called big bass the song
is suppose to have that much bass so it was there for not modified and if
it was it was very very little

Автор jack feast (2 месяца)
Panasonic dvd home theater sound system SA-HT530 👌

Автор Jay Jackson (19 дней)
What's this song called 

Автор Sutikno Tikno (1 месяц)
Sangat menghibur sekali

Автор Christian Cang (29 дней)
This has alot of bass, My volume was at 20% and it went Crazeeeeeeeehh

Автор Rezan Kadro (1 месяц)
Can you give me the name of the song please

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