Make sure you guys check out MY song World Bass

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 2:11
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super bass song 2013
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yo check your woofer with this incredible bass................


Автор PadiyatorPlus1 (2 месяца)
i haven't even heard bass on my speakers.

Автор CentralCoastBoyz (1 месяц)
Logitech Z906 10'' Subwoofer <3

Автор Batman (6 месяцев)
not enough bass

Автор Blake Hollingsworth (2 месяца)
RIP beats 😭😭😭

Автор Colton Kid (15 дней)
Triton sterio's white edition with basic hookup

Автор Tehrin Olson (3 месяца)
With the intro I'm s a red to listen to this with 8 12'' JBL Subwoofers
with 3 1500 amps

Автор NINJAWALRUS (12 дней)
The bass.. It's killing m-

Автор getsacked4 (1 месяц)
Song name?

Автор SirS3mt3x (1 месяц)
WTF disabilities?! OH, wait my ear just exploloded in an eargasm, ok. 

Автор Brenden Duso (1 месяц)
i like it ....i have a new 4 sub 6 tweeker set up and i used this and it
sounds clean

Автор mrgreiferable . (3 месяца)
i put two subwoofers next to my head and now one of my ears are bleeding

Автор Jordan 'Dingus'Jones (6 месяцев)
I got cheapy £17 headphones and the bass is hurting my ears! FUCK YOU

Автор Bear Grooms (1 месяц)
What does it mean by it could do something in the future?

Автор Olav Skar (6 месяцев)
Sounds good on my 10" Pioneer subwoofer ;)

Автор giannis tsako (2 месяца)
i feel it in my mouth :D

Автор mincraft player (1 день)
Love song bro

Автор Maurice Franklin (2 месяца)
Sounds good on my samsung headset lol

Автор vittor segovia (6 месяцев)
name music 

Автор Geo GForce (2 месяца)
My 2+1 Genius is a ventilator .

Автор InFamous14k (3 дня)
I'm paused at 0:36 and I'm too scared to go on...

Автор Abe Peterson (2 месяца)
I am a Semi pro DJ, and I bought a new pare of Speakers 1000w each and they
have 1400inch subs in them and this song us banging!

Автор Liam Tidwell (6 дней)
Bose earbuds killed it

Автор downloaderbyproxy93 (3 дня)
Twat did you say i cunt hear you lol

Автор Probyron (5 месяцев)
Klips 10 sub+this song=house vibration 

Автор Federico Campadello™ (14 дней)

Автор Jellybeangamer Minecraft (9 дней)
my sound is up all the way...B)

Автор Giorgos Kondilaros (5 дней)
is the best bass

Автор Zack Cox (6 дней)
speakers stopped working after this and they costed 2000p

Автор Cris prokops (11 дней)
dowland give me

Автор Mineboy let's play (3 месяца)
woooooow my basss is crazy

Автор Bradley Nicholson (4 месяца)
turned up on my beats solo hd and they can handle it all the way baby!!!

Автор Anuj Thakur (14 дней)
that intro. ...

Автор Ευθύμης Κρητικός (17 дней)
you kill 2 of my bass speakers on my home sinema
it wass amazing , it was super

Автор TheDestro500 (20 дней)
Vmoda m100s :) dayumm

Автор Atomic Ws6 (18 дней)
Ooooo I have more bass than you! My headphones are better!! Oooo!! Fuckin

Автор Cory Waterman (21 день)
I got a pair of soul headphones there awsome

Автор Junior Lock (15 дней)
Rip Razer Kraken 7.1 x2 of them....

Автор jayman32438 (14 дней)
Beats Mixrs handled it like a champ :)

Автор braydn dunham (17 дней)
Head phones suck dick 😅

Автор brad franks (1 месяц)
Lol on my iPhone i can't evan hear the bass, but when I plug it into my

Автор Luis Antonio Santiago (3 месяца)
didnt even know that this is soft bass
(for me)

Автор SquadGoonGamersHD (22 дня)
Half volume with beats and my head body and sofa cushions are shaking

Автор Lars Sandberg (24 дня)
CLove it

Автор Raresh Gamer (25 дней)
NOT BAD!! Super bass!!!

Автор Natalie Challis (1 месяц)
soooo much bassss with my speakers

Автор Jaksika Z (1 месяц)
Rip my mirror

Автор A Purple Kiwi (1 месяц)
this song is hench on my headphones
if anyone genuinely cares about what i use then its

Автор pavel vulpe (1 месяц)
name of the melody ?

Автор Jellybeangamer Minecraft (9 дней)
the biginning of the video... O_O I'm scared...

Автор RoadToBasics (1 месяц)
Anyone else listen to this with beat studios?

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