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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 2:11
Комментарии: 2006

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Car Audio..Very good for an bass test


Автор PadiyatorPlus1 (20 дней)
i haven't even heard bass on my speakers.

Автор Blake Hollingsworth (16 дней)
RIP beats 😭😭😭

Автор Batman (4 месяца)
not enough bass

Автор Tehrin Olson (1 месяц)
With the intro I'm s a red to listen to this with 8 12'' JBL Subwoofers
with 3 1500 amps

Автор Bradley Nicholson (2 месяца)
turned up on my beats solo hd and they can handle it all the way baby!!!

Автор Luis Antonio Santiago (1 месяц)
didnt even know that this is soft bass
(for me)

Автор Game Mania (3 месяца)
There's like no bass

Автор mrgreiferable . (1 месяц)
i put two subwoofers next to my head and now one of my ears are bleeding

Автор Jordan 'Dingus'Jones (5 месяцев)
I got cheapy £17 headphones and the bass is hurting my ears! FUCK YOU

Автор Olav Skar (4 месяца)
Sounds good on my 10" Pioneer subwoofer ;)

Автор catalin dan (22 часа)
Razer kraken pro...my teeth are shaking

Автор LetThereBeRock1996 (1 день)
Logitech Z906 10'' Subwoofer <3

Автор Delvin Elvin (1 день)
wow this is the real world bass song this song was the bassiest than the

Автор notbookpage9 (4 месяца)
Feel what bass

Автор Caden Choate (2 дня)
Apple earpods fucking rock bass all the way they can handle all of it

Автор Dillon Micallef (3 дня)
wow love it 

Автор satish algoe (4 дня)
Full song please :D

Автор The Tactical Taco (6 дней)
using my skullcandy crushers for this song... O_O

Автор kc bedel (6 дней)
I have the older version of logitech z-5300 5.1, has a 12" cone, this song
got the cops called on me.

Автор giannis tsako (8 дней)
i feel it in my mouth :D

Автор Dagnija Stopiņa (10 дней)
ko taaa?

Автор DEX-Modz♥ (10 дней)
2 12"s Comp CVRs Sounds Nice 

Автор Daniela Yordanowa (10 дней)
Not enought bass ;)

Автор Mitko Dimitrov (11 дней)
can somone say to me the real song name ?

Автор Jacob Disher (11 дней)
Crazy bass on my DNA by monster

Автор mytrape (12 дней)
My headset is awesome with this! My God my ears are bleeding!

Автор Noble Poptart (12 дней)
Using my astro a40s and it's killing it 👌

Автор david davis (13 дней)
My ears vibrate lol

Автор GamingHD AnDy (14 дней)
My name song? :)

Автор ITecUrDevice (15 дней)
MY EARS ARE BLEADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Ryan Seymour (15 дней)
Get a 10" woofer? Thats cute. Rig up 15" 10" and 2 12" then u get bass 

Автор NasumiRayne (16 дней)
Does a great job testing the heatsinking distribution on a fresh built
class-A amplifier running close to its' max possible voltage. ^.^

Автор Maurice Franklin (17 дней)
Sounds good on my samsung headset lol

Автор vittor segovia (4 месяца)
name music 

Автор Geo GForce (18 дней)
My 2+1 Genius is a ventilator .

Автор Kaylon Morris (18 дней)
My JVC are doing pretty awesome

Автор Matthew Kane (19 дней)
My razer kraken pro didn't even feel anything :P

Автор Mihail-Andrei Jipa (20 дней)
Wow! This bass was amazing even on my tablet's speakers! I have a samsung
galaxy tab 3 with 2 little speakers, they are not plastic, I can feel it,
but anyways, this was amazing up to now, cuz' now I have one speaker alive,
and one smoking and smelling really bad!!! LOL. But even with one speaker,
the song still sounds good

Автор Cosmin Pana (21 день)
no big bass is small bass

Автор Tony Lawson (21 день)
What song

Автор Kaylin Ives (21 день)

Автор Kole Howard (23 дня)
Don't really hit that hard on skullcandy crushers :(

Автор James Ferguson (24 дня)
Skull candy crushers!!!

Автор Abe Peterson (24 дня)
I am a Semi pro DJ, and I bought a new pare of Speakers 1000w each and they
have 1400inch subs in them and this song us banging!

Автор Keshaan Hoolasie (26 дней)
My powerbeats took it

Автор Apsaphires55 Gaming (27 дней)
Turtle Beach P11'S shake

Автор Probyron (3 месяца)
Klips 10 sub+this song=house vibration 

Автор cvx PVP (28 дней)
my ears :( i may use it :D in the future :( :D

Автор seamus mckee (28 дней)
it is shit

Автор dylan gordon (29 дней)
Sounds wonderful on my jvc xx headset

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