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Make sure you guys check out MY song World Bass

Просмотров: 5221880
Длительность: 2:11
Комментарии: 2894

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Автор Brick Swenson ( назад)
more more more!!!!!!!!!

Автор Din Nguyen ( назад)
sounds similar to Allahu trap bar

Автор Rajps Chhetri ( назад)
this is what i am looking...awesome...

Автор Random Channel ( назад)
The bass is so good wait


Автор Tyler Marchetti ( назад)
nice songs

Автор Rayan Al ( назад)
not enough bass

Автор Cole Bradley ( назад)
using scull cany crushers amazing

Автор Austin Fryman ( назад)
this ain't doing shit

Автор Ivan Perez ( назад)
this is guna mal my neighbors bitch at me lmao

Автор Ivan Perez ( назад)
this is guna mal my neighbors bitch at me lmao

Автор Abdullah Siddiqui ( назад)
I'm shocking. ..wonderful

Автор Savage ( назад)
trick you win a free incradable intro that say trick stay tuned on my
channel if anyone else want a GiveAway soooo!!!!

Автор Cube It With InYeah ( назад)
My 12s are lit!!!

Автор SRAVAN S ( назад)

Автор Lewis Thomson ( назад)
the can you hear me is creepy XD

Автор Dont ask ( назад)
$100 radio with speakers and no sub :) still shakin the house

Автор jordy955 ( назад)
think felt brain bounce up down to bass on head phones

Автор reem meshal ( назад)
Oh damn NOW its here, I'm shakin

Автор reem meshal ( назад)
how does it change the minds state

Автор ben Hays ( назад)
when this beat droped my moniter did to

Автор FlashBoth ( назад)
63 style fon müzik jsjs

Автор FootBaller04 ( назад)
I played this song on my speakers all the base was up it all most broke my

Автор akshay singhania ( назад)
Superb bass👌

Автор Random Sandbox ( назад)
rip 7$ earbuds you broke my sound eh its just 7 bucks i have better

Автор Chase Dement ( назад)
My dick bursted

Автор bass pro ( назад)

Автор Brock Gleason ( назад)
I have bass headphones on shit

Автор outlaw mills ( назад)
rip 500 watt amp

Автор Alexis Bills ( назад)
I have it on my radio and I have it at 30

Автор Mad_ Mike54 ( назад)
Nothing fucking happend I hooked this up to my amp this sucks it
disentangle even shake the house

Автор defman54 YT ( назад)
this song broke my old pair of headphones but new set made it

Автор Milad Worldwide ( назад)
The song is awesome can you tell me name of the song? With high quality

Автор adrian mixit ( назад)
I have a better song

Автор John Earley ( назад)
get sms street by 50 cent and you'll hear the bass

Автор PC Toplama Rehberim ( назад)
63 style fonu la bu :D

Автор Mp7Master 12 ( назад)
it's still so catchy! (gg)

Автор Cain Noe Chavez Villalba ( назад)
chingones los sonidos

Автор Mp7Master 12 ( назад)
"disability" lol not enouh bass

Автор P40Gaming ( назад)
Wasnt very bassy
*puts on bass boost*
fish exploded and now i have to clean it up be-
*Bass drops*
Oh the bass cleaned the fish up how aw-
*Bass drops mega mlg x10*

Автор Mp7Master 12 ( назад)
I, dont know what to do now, ima go bleach my ears.....

Автор pdawg ( назад)
how does this harm you

Автор Pokechannel101 ( назад)
my leg hair is tingling

Автор Antonio Green ( назад)
The original version of this song belongs to Beat Dominator. it's called
bass can you hear me.

Автор Mustafa Shafiyee ( назад)
holy shit my apple headphones exploded

Автор Trump Lover ( назад)
I put my dads competition 15' in my room and it sounds so good

Автор ae86miami ( назад)
This dude sounds like a burnout

Автор Valacc ( назад)
using a monster headset and it turns my noggin into a vibrator....
ummm and gives my eardrums the ultimate massage....

Автор Salah Khalifa ( назад)

Автор Bg boy Moh ( назад)

Автор B345713 ( назад)
the original song is: technotronic hey yoh here we go

Автор Xander Laval ( назад)
last time somthing dropped this hard Japan surrendered

Автор Gwendoline F ( назад)
GOOOD !!!👍👍👍👍👍👍🎼🎶🎵🎤🎧

Автор Zak Knudsen ( назад)
damn with a 8 inch my room is shaking

Автор bass booster ( назад)
this song is sick good job with the bass boost bro

Автор Troll Boy ( назад)
bu disk bay mardinli serseri ve tayfası tarafından ananızın amına arvar
olsun orospu çoçukları diye başlıcak sandım

Автор EddiePlays ( назад)
My ears are feeling to pop even if I don't think that this is very loud

Автор BullDog Highway ( назад)
My Head Phones Are Really Banging .... Hmm :? ;) :P Audio-Technica anyone ?

Автор Capsulefire ( назад)
this isn't real bass

Автор NoneOfYourBusiness m8 ( назад)
How would this cause mental damage?

Автор KeepCalmAnd HobbitOn ( назад)
fhisisibsbebdid what the fook did u do to my brain

Автор Hallelujah Halo Gaming Tv ( назад)
I'm listening to this on my phone using Xbox one headphones halo 5 astros
and it's great bass for me makes my head rattle I love this it gives me the
ultimate anal orgasm

Автор Brownie Dog ( назад)
well i guess i should have listened to him cause now my friend is brain

Автор MattDoes MC ( назад)
i want my speakers to explode so badly :/

Автор I'mEnergyEclipse ( назад)
I'm rely pushing my £10 Somy earphones to there limit, great vocals though
no bass at all just noise xD

Автор Kaderr Dak ( назад)
basss in do pay

Автор jamarr cooper ( назад)
if you put it aginst a paper food cuterner it is loud

Автор Ezra Carr ( назад)
0 bass

Автор torio mapsele ( назад)
r.i.p ear phone

Автор Aycan Güdücüer ( назад)
kulaklarm sikildi

Автор MLG. Foxy999 ( назад)

Автор Techno Fox ( назад)
my headphones are literally at 200% volume
there the. good ones that allow you to twice amp you're volume
thank god they can withstand the same amount of bass as a sub woffer but
dam that was some hella deep bass in my ears I promis you

Автор MEVLANA ALICI ( назад)
63 styla sandım ama deilmiş ful ses baslı kulaklıkla dinledim kulaklarım

Автор Billy Eder ( назад)
shitty bass

Автор humid bird ( назад)
viewer discretion is advised?!?! more like everybody get inside the shelter
now a bombs going off!

Автор Ömer Faruk EKER (AriR-EfLuD) ( назад)
63 style sandım laya

Автор Strm Ssssdd ( назад)
is not originale song

Автор Awrp Tsudan ( назад)
If you really want the most bass, watch my video.

Автор dat boi ( назад)
listened to this in the car with skullcandy crushers with my head to the
window and my parents asked why the window was shaking

Автор R3ktGFX OğuzY. ( назад)
63 stayla :d

Автор flair99 ( назад)
wtf is this shit? listen to some old hardstyle if u wanna hear a real hard
fucking bass

Автор Maria Zuniga ( назад)
Puro diesiocho, I todo mexico entero. Al mil.

Автор jouhki anttonen ( назад)
what is original song?

Автор is boss ( назад)

Автор is boss ( назад)

Автор Cian Nix ( назад)
yo make it have a 300,000 watt bass limit man my speakers can handle
500,000 watts so bring it on

Автор oDevo oD3VO ( назад)
this bitch burnt my house down I'm taking legal action

Автор Gabriel Hudson ( назад)
my little I home speaker be vibrating so much it falls

Автор Gabriel Hudson ( назад)
my phone screen shaterd 😩

Автор Og Mulllahh ( назад)
I hooked this to my 4 15s and 1 22s and my one of my windows in my car

Автор Twentyonesquirtle's ( назад)
this made me feal sick

Автор FinDream_GT ( назад)
that bass cant destroy my subwoofer

Автор Alex Martinez ( назад)
Warning by neron

Автор Alex Martinez ( назад)
I did int like it much depper bass will sound better

Автор Cz Alpoz ( назад)
when it stopped I was reading the comments and I thought my headset broke
or something

Автор FlyingShark ( назад)

Автор Austins Vids ( назад)
It feels good in my skull candy crushers

Автор Mohammed Mahdi ( назад)

Автор Edgar Emanuel ( назад)
chidote va romper los vidrios

My neighbours hate me for bass

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