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enjoy !


Автор pieces02 paloma (6 месяцев)
tinamaan aq sah part 5

Автор d4cnf (5 лет)
masakit sa una yan... lalo't sabi mu nga lagi kaung nagkikita... habang mas
maaga ikaw na ang umiwas... ngaung sariwa pa ung sakit jan sa dibdib mu
habang maaga pa ikaw na ang umiwas... kasi hindi ka makakapag move on..
pwede rin namang dedmahin mu sya... hindi naman mawawala agada ung sakit
eh... u just have to deal with it in a way to lessen the pain...

Автор lovelygurl9625 (5 лет)
AnG gNdA nmn p0h nG mGa q0uteS!

Автор chelz1808 (5 лет)
..Hmmmm niCE guD anE uiE!!!ehehhehe

Автор thedonut214 (4 года)
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my gosh im sooooooo freakin confused!!!

Автор d4cnf (5 лет)
well kung ganun then mas lalong kelangan mung mag move on kasi maski yung
tinuring mung kaibigan sinaktan ka na din... kung hindi mu tutulungan yang
sarili mu walang ibang makakatulong sau.. ipakita mu sa kanila na hindi ka
BITTER sa ex mu at sa kaibigan mu... ipakita mu sa kanila na parehas silang
hindi kawalan sa buhay mu.. and im sure pag ginawa mu yun, sinung lalabas
na talunan? dba sila din...

Автор JestersBakery (5 лет)

Автор emOtera143 (5 лет)
yeah eheheh u inspired me to do so prob q lang ung audio q my copyright
prob aq dun sna lang accept nila ung letter q miss u too

Автор emOtera143 (5 лет)
hurt kb? T_T

Автор MyCatenaccio (1 год)
Yes dude.. it doesnt need to go on that thing cause it even make it worst
instead. I think what you need is guidance to win her back. Try this
program ive used before: GettingBackTheEx.info It was 100% effective. And
im sure you will be able to cope things with her.:) goodluck ^.^

Автор bh0o21 (5 лет)
l0ve ko lng mag read ng mga quotes^_^

Автор emOtera143 (5 лет)

Автор d4cnf (5 лет)
hey... ang tanung mahal ka ba nya gaya ng pagmamahal mu sa kanya? hindi rin
ba nya kayang mawala ka kagaya ng hindi mu kaya pag nawala sya?

Автор gffreaks (5 лет)
wow ganda nang mga quotes mo ha infernezzzz...

Автор d4cnf (5 лет)
ung bestfreind mu bang yun alam nya ang nararamdaman mu towards your ex? If
so then she aint really your bestfriend. bestfriends don't hurt each
other.. bestfriends understands each other... walang sulutan.. kung alam ng
best friend mu na hindi mu pa kayang mag move on sa lalaking un ndi nya na
dapat muna sana sinagaot irregardless na nanliligaw sa kanya ung ex mu..
pero kung hindi alam ng bestfriend mu yung nararamdaman mu sa ex mu then
tell her... im sure as ur bestfriend she will understand.

Автор d4cnf (5 лет)
ndi mu sya matatanggal sa sistema mu kung patuloy mung papaniwalain ang
sarili mu na hindi mu kayang mag move on... go out and enjoy yourself.. as
much as possible try not to think about him often. im sure kaya mu yan...
speak to some friends... give yoursel a chance to find a new love... but
then nobody can help you kung mismong sarili mu hindi mu kayang tulungan..
isipin mu na lng maybe you two are not really meant for each other...

Автор hurtlyangel01 (5 лет)
ang nice nmn,,ng mga quotes,,, kakaiyak..0_0

Автор cryingdoll17 (5 лет)
grabe nman to .. hurt to d max .. o_0

Автор Mody Abo Dia (1 год)
I've read all the comments. I reckon that is a decent video. My sibling
just wishes to become outstanding with gals. He figured out a fuck load
from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The recommendations with regards to
seducing women at nightclubs in the emails coming from that website got got
him his very first fucks in 2 long yrs. I was really bothered though coz I
heard them all.

Автор Armando Elardo (2 года)
Ilove it

Автор Rowela Laweh (5 лет)
hm hbang bnabasa qoh to, my isang guy na pumapasok sa isip qoh..
hehe..naalala qoh sya tuloy..

Автор AnQi Zhao (4 года)
i lov the music

Автор d4cnf (5 лет)
anu ba yan... ang gawin mu nga eh mag move on na... uu nga masakit pero
hindi nman habang panahon ka na lang ganyan... hindi ka nman cguro panget
para magngangangawa sa lalaking manloloko anu?? makakalimutan mu din
sila... start ka na ngayung mag hanap hanap... collect and collect then
select the best nga diba?? bata ka pa... madami pang lalaking darating
sayo.... hindi ka mauubusan...

Автор d4cnf (5 лет)
take it from me... i've been into that situation before.. kaya
naiintindihan kita... but then you can't move on if you wont let go. wag
mung hawakan ang isang bagay na hindi dapat hawakan. kagaya ng apoy... baka
masunog ka... dba napaso ka nun una? hahayaan mu bang lamunin ng apoy yang
buong katwan mu bago ka magsisi? o dva? kaya mu yan gurl!! ang mga babae
hindi nagpapakatanga sa isang taong hindi kayang magpahalaga sa kanila...

Автор emOtera143 (5 лет)
naku wag poh

Автор d4cnf (5 лет)
shopping is the best therapy girl... maghanap ka ng bagong crowd. a new
circle of friends... occupy your mind with something... as much as possible
iwasan mu yung mga makakasakit sau...

Автор 3eskosesas2 (5 лет)
Oy 5/5 ang sakit eh!! GANDA NG UNANG QOUTE MO!

Автор d4cnf (5 лет)
and correct me if im wrong according to your profile you're only 13...
you're still young... madami pang iba jan... dont waste your time sa isang
taong hindi ka na nman kayang pahalagahan... its good to be emotional but
don't make a fool of yourself than you're already are... ok... hope i
helped you in some ways... anyway im just here...

Автор iluvuA1 (5 лет)
naiiyak aq:(

Автор redhood232 (3 года)
==> ganda poe...

Автор 55pochie (4 года)
hayyy....kasad naman!

Автор joy121195 (4 года)
ahayyyyyy!!!cute qoutes nakaka-iyak ha!!!!!

Автор bdprofessional (1 год)
I want to discover ways to attract women. My buddy has started going out
with a ten as 60 days back he joined a site called Master Attraction
(Google it if you'd like to know more.) I'm so green with envy because I
would like to fall madly in love as well. I'm going to take a look at this
Jake Ayres man's stuff and see if it will help a person like me. Crazy
thing is, he once had Zero good fortune with women. How could you change
that rapidly? His girl's like a model...

Автор oliver bernal (5 лет)
this song is for you

Автор mzleadzgurl (5 лет)
ano ba to so sad nmn na alala q toloy yung x q jujuju iniwan lng q sa iri
naka 2lala so bad, tas sabi pa nya sa tx can u plz substitute my "x"
without asking "y" so flirt nmn kapal nya! hmmm...

Автор emOtera143 (5 лет)
san ka naiyak ekhang kew?

Автор TheEfiram (5 лет)
nasa ganito aqng sitwasyon ngaun!!!!

Автор prilwhun22 (5 лет)
waaa bat ganun lagi na lang aq naiitsapwera pag bc sia...ahai...lagi na
lang alang tym hai buhay...

Автор Jean Evangelista (3 года)
.. AW ! paTama ba Saken TO!??

Автор d4cnf (5 лет)
and believe me... give it 2-3 years time... baka pagtawanan mu na lang yung
mga katangahan mu sa kanya... kasi super duper moved on ka na sa kanya...
carry mu yan... determination lang to move on ang kelangan mu...

Автор d4cnf (5 лет)
isa pa, kahit how many times akong mag advise sau hija kung hindi mu rin
nman ginagawa or wala ka rin nmang sinusunod mahihirapan ka lang talaga...
HELP YOURSELF!! kaya mu yan... bata ka pa... madami pang iba jan... hindi
ka mauubusan ng lalaki... kumbaga puppy love pa lng yan... magandang
experience yan... at least sa susunod na magmamahal ka ulit alam mu na kung
paanu timbangin ang iibibigay mung pagmamahal sa taong yun...

Автор d4cnf (5 лет)
kami ng best friend ko nuon pag may mga ganyang problema ang isa sa amin,
nag iiyakan lang kami taz nagtutulungan to move on.. kung parehas kaming
may gusto sa iisang lalake mag momove out ung isa na hindi ganun katindi
ang gusto... napag uusapan nman yan eh... basta anuman ang kahihinatnan
nyan for sure one day you'll undertsand why i wanted you so much to move
on... kasi you dont deserve to be treated that way... you deserve much
better friends and a much better man...

Автор d4cnf (5 лет)
then that only means one thing... MOVE ON! sa una masakit... but you have
to get use to it... lalo na sa sitwasyon mu... you were just his rebound...
sampal na sa pagkababae mu yun... you deserve better that that... deserve
mu ring makahanp ng isang taong kaya kang mahalin at suklian ung pagmamahal
na binibigay mu sa kanya....

Автор rasheed plazo (4 года)
haayy alver kailan pa ba kta mging akin sorry mnahal kita now i'm letting
you go goodbye!!

Автор emOtera143 (5 лет)
@gconelie hindi mo maaalis sa iba ung magkaroon ng takot.. pero kung
paiiralin lang nila un hanggang sa huli.... puro na lang pagsisisi ang

Автор Wachan sano (5 лет)
haizzt ouch nhamern sna nga lab na ko ni jeff

Автор emOtera143 (5 лет)
tnx poh.... ok ka lang?

Автор ann guiveces (5 лет)

Автор AnQi Zhao (4 года)
i lov the music oh and y do it alwayset stuck

Автор markvincentmanit (4 года)
firiemark!!!!!!4.ever!!!!i love you brod!!!ull 4.ever here n my heart...i
will always love u till my last breath!@!!!!.,.,.

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