Amazing Double 'A' Battery Trick

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Автор nayoumi Iratni ( назад)
in the near future there will be no engines

Автор Sebastian Mouser ( назад)
Thank you so much , you gave me the best solution EVER!!!

Автор boowonder888 ( назад)
will thus work with a square magnet?

Автор aaron evans ( назад)
that's a cell not a battery -_-

Автор Todd Reeder ( назад)
Leave it on for too long and the battery will get hot and explode.

Автор Fazbear 61636 ( назад)
I wonder if this works with any battery.

*grabs car battery* *explosion*

Автор TheFather homunculus ( назад)
now i know how helicopter works :D

Автор NicktheGamer321 ( назад)

Автор SideNiggaPaul .713 ( назад)
I typed in Chris hanses and somehow I ended up here...

Автор Brute912 ( назад)

Автор Darryl Edington ( назад)
A homopolar motor? Well, I guess it's not really my business what the motor
prefers... to each his own.

Автор AbyssmalAngel ( назад)
Thats Cool as fuck.

Автор Fluffy21802 J.S ( назад)
you are all stupid

Автор Madethis Togoogle ( назад)
i tried for three hours trying to get this to work. and now i question it's

Автор Nick Nack TV ( назад)
Lol your basically short circuiting the battey with the wires not going
into a load like a light bulb. Your gunna drain the fuck outta the battery.

Автор Ranzer ( назад)
Sir , will that work on a drained battery?....please inform us...many

Автор supermotardmario ( назад)
wow THANKS ALLOT MAN, i did every step you said perfectly, and i got my
dick stuck in the wall`s power socket. bad tutorial

Автор Jourmand1r ( назад)
Jesus made this possible right after he put fake dinosaur bones everywhere.

Автор AwesomeSauce81 ( назад)
and the 12 year olds switch on the inter web..........

Автор Berhan Arslan ( назад)
thats soo cool!

Автор Justin Gibson (625 лет назад)
Holy shit that's awesome.. Who ever figured that out.. Haha

Автор Maximilian Imaging ( назад)

Автор ‫مشاهد يوتيوب‬‎ ( назад)
how much does it last this way

Автор Dan Williamson ( назад)
OK so whats impressive about this? you can get a battery to do things??

Автор Robert Barto ( назад)
Great... Now I can power my house!

Автор VAALSKAALUUMS ( назад)
Hey Munson....good sex makes me want to shit.................

Автор Ilmc57 ( назад)

Автор Kevin Stearns ( назад)

Автор Ghosts Gamer ( назад)
thats sick

Автор Ngood Ravens ( назад)
is there any danger to doing this, that is freaken cool man thanks for

Автор OmgRisky ( назад)
This trick got me laid.

Автор PAUL CRABTREE ( назад)
Nothing amazing about this. My class learn this in early 60's

Автор Tony England ( назад)
I did this with the wife's vibrator. She's currently orbitting Pluto.

Fucking Awesome! Amazing,the extra terrestrials show humans new tricks,

Автор Pierre Paul ( назад)
it is cool but a simple prank. Search people and you'll see that i am
right. In fact he could tell you all that it is a prank.

Автор supercellonova ( назад)
Might explain a part in the force which rotates he earth.

Автор verbaledge ( назад)
i think i seen tesla or some weirdo do this shit...does it drain the
battery? i know nothing about science

Автор Sean Villaruel ( назад)
Humanity saved by this invention 👎

Автор Jonathan Peden ( назад)
That is so cool...I am going to be such a hit at parties...

Автор aricars6263 ( назад)
Thats about the power of a dodge ram.

Автор nukemonk ( назад)
Haha it said homo!!! Just kidding nice video man.

Автор Emman Emman (214 года назад)
i will use any type of magnet?

Автор Emman Emman (231 год назад)
i dont have NEODYIUM MAGNET ? what i can do?

Автор Andrew Bright ( назад)
so cool 

Автор themadmailler ( назад)
Super cool! a coworker of mine made something similar, except the wire was
made into a coil. when dropped on the magnet/battery, the wire coil bounced
up and down.

Автор George Plagianos ( назад)
I think any wire that conducts electricity will do. Copper wire is the
easiness to bend that's for posting this its so cool:>)

Автор JefersonRV3 (362 года назад)

Автор David Lench ( назад)

Автор Erica McGhee ( назад)
That is so cool

Автор Kegan Holler ( назад)
That have to be copper wire or can Justin be metal wire

Автор tryzombie502 ( назад)

Автор Sean Wheeler (1339 лет назад)
Lol that is seriously cool.

Автор Abel`s ghost ( назад)

Автор Donavan Cochran ( назад)
Wow wa wow

Автор nattemirror ( назад)
electromagnetic induction.... John Fleming.... Right-hand rule.

Автор diamondacn ( назад)
I just sharted. Vomit

Автор Jose Perez Diaz ( назад)
COOOL!!! :-)

Автор notmyrealname ( назад)
Great way to demonstrate the principle of motors

Автор notmyrealname ( назад)
Great way to demonstrate the principle of motors

Автор ‫الى يقدر يعمل‬‎ ( назад)
هازا المقتع جميل

Автор nick cheng ( назад)
does this remind anyone of the zombie chopper from hl2?

Автор Brian M ( назад)
did you know most, if not all newer batteries that size are now made with
nothing but those small ones inside stacked on top of each other?, ok,
maybe not all, but a lot of brands.. :)

Автор ED BONA ( назад)
Applied science 101.

Автор CHOPERUS23 ( назад)
Wow amazing shows electromagnetism coils next please!

Автор skiddy8619 ( назад)
That's pretty damn cool.

Автор bonnie bianco ( назад)
I wouldn't need a wii u if I had that.

Автор General Boss ( назад)
That's Cool

Автор slowFriedchicken .T ( назад)
Take a seat.

Автор imthefrogman1 ( назад)

Автор bigbadnad ( назад)
congrats!! you just re-invented the basic electric motor!!

Автор Jack hoef ( назад)
its the same way a electric fan works.

Автор getfamousonutube6 ( назад)
Get Paid To Share Photos on Social Media http://youtu.be/st5vL3pPiNc

Автор phillyflash43 (250 лет назад)
witchcraft! begone ye devils!

Автор Luis E. Batres ( назад)
Nice trick, but i loved your Avatar even more. Mr. O as Moe. Hilarious!

Автор Hazel Sugiyama ( назад)
ano yum magnet yung nasa baba?

Автор xtruguy ( назад)
What size magnet is that?

Автор cpK054L ( назад)
fastest way to kill a battery :(

Автор Joe Dai ( назад)

Автор Mark M ( назад)
Sweet. Great teaching aid. 

Автор Michael son of God (771 год назад)
Please come follow me on my journey. I'm the ArchAngel Michael in the

Автор The Tyttuutface ( назад)
AA? ._,

Автор Homer Setsule ( назад)
Oh my goodness, I've been carrying Linda Ding Dong across these little
tiggy back song woogy doo, or was it mother goose flying this whole world?

Автор Nikhil Kashyap ( назад)
Power of electromagnetism. Principle of an electric motor.!! great. 

Автор dominic alvarado ( назад)
really cool

Автор streeteats ( назад)
cool, great to do with kids

Автор Fcb Puerto ( назад)

Автор AtotehZ ( назад)
+Peter Bromberg's Programming Blog We had a rather powerful electromagnet
at home when I was a kid. It was fun to put something on top of it and then
reverse the polarity.

I removed the BIOS password on my fathers computer with it once. What I
didn't think of was as you said earlier, it affects storage devices like
HDD's and other discs as well.. He wasn't happy.

Автор КОМ ( назад)
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As a citizen of the US I am deeply ashamed for my govt and my people; the
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Автор Redline R6 ( назад)
Why does it spin??

Автор Keiser Wolfblitzer ( назад)
can you get it to spin either direction?

Автор John-n-Lori Gwizdak ( назад)
Very cool. They are experimenting with this concept to come up with an
energy source to power vehicles, motor homes and eventually homes and
businesses. Very cool with the spinning of the copper wires.

Автор phillipbweaver ( назад)
1) Hold your breath. 2) Copy all of these steps. 3) Go to two other video.
4) Paste it in the comments. If you can do all of this without breathing
you're a god

Автор CrazyTaco245 ( назад)

Автор Craig Westbrook ( назад)
+brokenlegz . head done..

Автор jonathon brim ( назад)
I'm easily amused. 

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