How to Drift front wheel car


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Автор Cavalier Convoy ( назад)
How to tray slide longer with metal trays on my channel

Автор TheAppMedia ( назад)
Enjoy this car drifting game

Автор sonu kharab ( назад)
what was your car speed in first gare ? plz reply. 0:28

Автор justin bouy ( назад)
Come to try in my scion tc

Автор MyBluePlanet ( назад)
swing wheel pull hanhfrjhwbfhrfwkfbkjk to the clutch...

Автор Keenan Walker ( назад)
haha this is great

Автор SalveMonesvol ( назад)
He must be the best driver presenting a car show.

Автор PARADOX ( назад)
What ep and season of fith gear it this

Автор Salatsoße ( назад)
This car has a cool "Sound" ... :p 0:50

Автор MLG420 Mcswaggerten ( назад)
Ok i did this in my truck and it flipped now i cannot get to work help

Автор Transport Rutier de Marfuri ( назад)
This it's not a drift.

Автор fahood al.mzeoon ( назад)
Type the search for drift Saudi Arabia you will know how to drift in front

Автор Arek Brzyszcz ( назад)
This isn't drift, its powersliding the reason the host says drift is
because he could give two dunks about what its called it looks the same and
there both pretty awesome to do and I just don't really see why it matters,
and if people feel offended that some say drift then you really need a
life. Either way drift or powersliding both take traction away from a car
and time away from the lap so im not sure why its being debatable if its
actually a BAD thing TO DO car race wise anyways.

Автор ︿ CARLA ︿ ( назад)
*This isn't drift*

Автор Nafiz Haque (529 лет назад)

Автор Rares67 ( назад)
scandinavian flick = dangerous if your car roll over :P

Автор Anish Somawar (147 лет назад)
Last day of my friends car was fun... Lots of Scandinavian flick and
handbrake turns

Автор Richard Wachtel ( назад)
Tried this stuff in my 2000 Acura TL, minus the handbrake-turn to reverse,
then back to forwards trick, because my car's 5AT would explode.
Scamdinavian Flick is fun as hell, though.

Автор Heaven Earth ( назад)
He tearing that little got dammn car the fuck up. LMAO!!!

Автор CoolStoryBroWhoCares ( назад)
Question. It's really icy in Texas and I have a 06 accord coupe v6. Will
drifting mess up my car even if I try to drift on ice?

Автор Gijz ( назад)
this is not drifting....... its just sliding..

Автор Mr. Polo ( назад)
works well in snow ;)

Автор Benji Nicholas ( назад)
is this really considered drifting? they call it handbrakeys where im from

Автор Ge7 0u7 ( назад)
Drifting with handbrake in winter is actually pretty cool.

Автор Whoi WanaBe ( назад)
i did this without help of any hand break or breaks or any shit, i was just
driving through a junction (traffic light was on green) and a drunk driver
from my left came in and kissed my left rear side. and surpriiiisee, i
drifted like a boss :D

Автор Violetta ( назад)
I do this in my 2005 Hyundai Sonata V6 in the winter. FWD is amazing in the
snow if you don't have an AWD. Hella forgiving.

You don't need to handbrake a FWD to get it into a slide, you need to get
off and then get on the throttle while flicking the wheel opposite to the
corner quickly and then back into the corner; Scandy-flick.

What's really nice with FWD drifting is so long as you keep the front
wheels pointed in the direction you want to go you'll never spin out.
Unless you're on snow, which I've done today having some fun lol.

Автор yow ( назад)
i wish i have a car to try

Автор Liam Connellan ( назад)
My ford meteor would probably die if I tried the reverse one.

Автор lahmamamia ( назад)
LOL, my car's tranmission has a hard time going into reverse at a full
stop, so going into reverse while moving at those speed would be
impossible, at least not without destroying the tranny. the two first ones
are cool though

Автор Alza7f1 ( назад)
Yes they can saudis did it

Автор saad dolare ( назад)

Автор flyboypuoi ( назад)
I unintentionally did a Scandinavian Flick this morning..!

Автор Francisco Moreno ( назад)
I love it and i am going to try that whrn i grow

Автор Jordan “Fast N Furious” Carpenter ( назад)
FWD cars can't drift.

Автор lolley1100 ( назад)
How to destroy your transmission for dummies. Lol cool stuff 'till your out
a grand or two!

Автор Dimitrius Hale ( назад)
couuuuuuu pay

Автор lwzheng23 ( назад)

Автор ivmurk21 ( назад)
Idk why you think its not real drifting. I've personally beat plenty of RWD
cars in my FWD..Only downside is I've had the e-brake replaced three times
so far and it creates flat spots on the tires instead of cross-wear so they
need to be replaced more frequently.

Автор Kyle smith ( назад)
You can't drift fwd (front wheel drive) it's called power sliding it's
commen sense come on i'm 13 and i know this.

Автор devin martin ( назад)
tis guy is what i like to call old school modest thug LOLZ

Автор Nathan Dance ( назад)
what if you're just lazy?

Автор The Magic Potato ( назад)
Don't talk to Jesus that way!

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
I'm not English, so yea, you are sitting there being ignorant. Pretty
ignorant to think only English men insult your country.

Автор PandaMcTanda ( назад)
You couldn't have written that comment if it wasn't for an American. Now go
smoke some cigarettes and interrupt everyone's sentences like English
people do. I'm just gonna sit here being fat and ignorant.

Автор Michael L ( назад)
Now lets see how my volkswagen caddy does it

Автор Kukkeli Crazeh ( назад)
What is that "hp" short for? Only thing I could think of is "horsepower"
but it makes no sense :o

Автор ozzbalz ( назад)
I wish I knew these techniques when I was showing my 16 year old how to

Автор Marcel Jungbluth ( назад)
Voll der Hurensohn :-D

Автор Putbroekerpwnage ( назад)
It's Tiff Needell. Former racing driver, old Top Ggear presenter and
current Fifth Gear presenter. Judging from the video quality I assume this
is from the old Top Gear series but I'm not sure. You'll have to figure
that out for yourself I'm afraid.

Автор DrunkMouse2030 ( назад)
that car is so ugly it looks like it has been crashed lol

Автор Issac Abraham ( назад)
How can i get more of this guy's videos? Please help me. I also need the
continuation of this video.

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
You're* idiot.

Автор Annony mos ( назад)
Wow, did I actually just read this? Do you have nothing better to do with
your time than make incredibly stupid remarks on YouTube and pick fights
with people. You are an ignorant, uneducated loser. You are the one who is
speaking with ignorance. In fact, your the one who probably drives an

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
Your ability to use capitalization is questionable.

Автор sun fre ( назад)
Its hilarious when it is assumed that people can be a certain way just
because they are from a certain country.

Автор ahouyearno ( назад)
Most hot chicks I know are neither into excess muscle nor sports cars. To
really impress a lady, you merely need a comfortable hatchback and a
healthy body. Anything more is interpreted as compensating, something which
I don't need to do =)

Автор Robin H ( назад)
Drifting a FWD is SICK

Автор Caleb Gottschalk ( назад)
No nononnnono. If it's FWD, it's not drifting, period.

Автор johnatan palacio ( назад)
bahhhh que caspa mi abuelita lo haria mejor!

Автор megaspeed2v2 ( назад)
if you can slide with a big angle, hold it and with the need to use
countersteer then it is drifting, not only did that avensis video do it bug
even in this video which was on a DRY track he did it...

Автор Erwin Schrödinger ( назад)
okay i watched it, impressive for fwd but its still not drifting. 1. he can
only do that because its wet. 2. its not actually drifting, technically its
sliding because its wet. i used to have a mazda 3 mps, used to think i
could drift that, no i couldnt. now i have a 180sx and realise what
drifting actually is.

Автор megaspeed2v2 ( назад)
a powerslide is just a small uncontrolled slide with a small angle and no
countersteer, you can see from this video that he got a large angle with
countersteer and so that justifies drifting. search for drifting avensis
and youll see a front wheel drive car linking corners, lapping roundabouts
and just allround generally drifting.

Автор TheStickofWar ( назад)
too bad the person I share my car with can only drive auto :/ I'd love to
do this xP

Автор Erwin Schrödinger ( назад)
fuck youre a loser.fwd is just powersliding. does not compare to proper

Автор megaspeed2v2 ( назад)
get some plastic tires then maybe you can do it! :D

Автор megaspeed2v2 ( назад)
Drift : a driving technique where the driver intentionally or
unintentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels or
all tires, while maintaining control from entry to exit of a corner. A car
is drifting when the rear slip angle is greater than the front slip angle,
to such an extent that often the front wheels are pointing in the opposite
direction to the turn (countersteer) Even in the pretty small drift tiff
needell did in this video that definition was fulfilled.

Автор Oscar Ljungberg ( назад)
if you're a swede, then i'm not surprised that you have no hope for
anything and doesen't have big dreams. you can drift with a FWD, you can
link corners and lap a roundabout if you just got the skills.

Автор Erwin Schrödinger ( назад)
cant drift fwd. cant link corners, cant lap a roundabout etc etc

Автор Vert Wheeler ( назад)
Click on comment to go on a little adventure

Автор rushiil ( назад)
Man in the video : Tiff Needell . hot shot in the TV show fifth gear

Автор NortromElf ( назад)
real man use 3 pedals sir

Автор Momentimum ( назад)
ideally you would want manual. But I have been drifting with my auto '99
sunfire on dirt roads and snow quite easily.

Автор FordRoadRunner ( назад)
Buy a saxo vtr or vts and put skinny tyres on the rear makes it loads of

Автор LockNload ( назад)
wasnt hearing what he sayin so i thought why not turn the captions on HAHA

Автор aming dalora ( назад)
thank dude

Автор SnowManSteez ( назад)
I think im going to buy a 1000 Honda tmrw and learn how to drive and do
cool little tricks and not risk destroying my sti. ill keep my subi on the
track, but defentely want a car to fuck around in and have fun

Автор Woodzy ( назад)
Remake this video in 4 seconds: How to drift a FWD car? You don't, sell it
and go buy a RWD.

Автор Leonael kenny ( назад)
i'm using mini bus but it's all original materials

Автор Garrffy ( назад)
clutch kick

Автор Ryan Yamamoto ( назад)
Sorry, noob question, but what does he mean by "dip" the clutch in the
first maneuver?

Автор andrewphillips1990 ( назад)
yes I agree cant even believe it. you can make your workout sessions much
more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly.
btw!but ye I heard that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill
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Автор Gregory Gadai ( назад)
i know how you feel...my car is like that too

Автор Eddy G ( назад)
it´s an alternative for FF cars, BUT real drifting is ONLY with
rear-propulsion or 4x4

Автор X Blocky ( назад)
Can I use handbrake for scandavian drift

Автор Vitárius László ( назад)
yeah dude, and prepare to loose some hp for that, its not wort it i mean
probably get more chicks if u work out, they not really in to drifting
front wheel drive hatchbacks... xd

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
That's about it. You win this one, sir.

Автор Cape Flims ( назад)
Ok so fucking tell me why ..... Theres a corner road is wet my friend
floors wen he is out of the corner the tail kicks out and then the car just
went to the other direction into the sidewalk lmao

Автор Geri V ( назад)
nice men

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
Now take a poll. Auto will be on top.

Автор Betcha Sorrie ( назад)

Автор jman rocks ( назад)
I can drift better I my Chevy pickip

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
Okay you win that one, try your other neighbor.

Автор Anthony Buscemi ( назад)
This looks like an old dude in an old drivers ed vid, but he can drift. My
older teggy is an auto and I can pull most of this off in a similar style,
manual rsx is much easier tho.

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
Have you not read this full conversation? Did you not see what i first
replied to? It is true that only an American would reply with such
ignorance by the way. I don't have a grudge against Americans, i live right
fucking above you lol. Go do some research, most NA cars are automatic. How
you think i'm ignorant by saying that is beyond me. You asking if i found
that out on wikipedia was ignorant, when you could simply walk over to your
neighbors car, it will be automatic.

Автор Equinoxsniper ( назад)
Oh hey Jesus

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
No shit. Only an American would reply in such ignorance.

Автор Leo Garcia ( назад)
Actually that's called a Scandinavian flick. Powersliding is different.

Автор Zach Hansen ( назад)
Thats called power sliding.

Автор Jason Mann ( назад)
I can do this.. here, hold my beer

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