How to Drift front wheel car


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Автор King Turk ( назад)
Only real fwd drift (power slide) tutorial on YouTube.

Автор 비머 ( назад)
It is just a spin turn

Автор Ryan Resendez ( назад)
I used some of these maneuvers when my wife was in labor, The force it out
on her belly forced the little tyke out. When i realized what color it was
i used the same force to remove them both from the car.

Автор VX97 ( назад)
This is how teens drive their FWD cars in my area lol

Автор Luis Chavez (64 года назад)
whats it called

Автор Luis Chavez (91 год назад)
what the move that he did were the car was in reverse then he made go front
at 3:54

Автор LolomaticaStyle ( назад)
Instructions unclear. Accidentally pulled my friends dick instead of the
handbreak and ended up in an awkward crash.

Автор TheMarshall92 ( назад)
automatic gear + foot brakingbrake = my camry = no drift

Автор Joseph Ang ( назад)
Instructions unclear, prius totalled.

Автор yamaha94O ( назад)
he didn't mention the lift off part on the Scandinavian flick. in order to
get the tail out be on the gas when you steer the wrong way and let off the
gas when you throw the car into the turn. the engine will try to cut to
idle resulting in what's called compression braking, the causes the cars
weight to all shift forward, allowing the real wheels to loose traction and
oversteer. if you don't let off the throttle, you'll just understeer.

Автор CaptainShadowGaming ( назад)
I did the handbrake technique and my rear tire exploded then I went off
road and my engine said "fuck you I wont start up again" what should I do?

Автор Jake Pratt (1508 лет назад)
try doing that in a van see how that works out

Автор Mustafa Khan ( назад)
drifting includes countersteering.

Автор metallicwafflez ( назад)
How to properly drift a front wheel drive car. *You can't*

Автор Babar Hiraj ( назад)
love it

Автор Cavalier Convoy ( назад)
How to tray slide longer with metal trays on my channel

Автор TheAppMedia ( назад)
Enjoy this car drifting game

Автор sonu kharab ( назад)
what was your car speed in first gare ? plz reply. 0:28

Автор justin bouy ( назад)
Come to try in my scion tc

Автор MyBluePlanet ( назад)
swing wheel pull hanhfrjhwbfhrfwkfbkjk to the clutch...

Автор Keenan Walker ( назад)
haha this is great

Автор SalveMonesvol ( назад)
He must be the best driver presenting a car show.

Автор PlugBunny ( назад)
What ep and season of fith gear it this

Автор MLG420 Mcswaggerten ( назад)
Ok i did this in my truck and it flipped now i cannot get to work help

Автор Transport Rutier de Marfuri ( назад)
This it's not a drift.

Автор fahood al.mzeoon ( назад)
Type the search for drift Saudi Arabia you will know how to drift in front

Автор Arek Brzyszcz ( назад)
This isn't drift, its powersliding the reason the host says drift is
because he could give two dunks about what its called it looks the same and
there both pretty awesome to do and I just don't really see why it matters,
and if people feel offended that some say drift then you really need a
life. Either way drift or powersliding both take traction away from a car
and time away from the lap so im not sure why its being debatable if its
actually a BAD thing TO DO car race wise anyways.

Автор DopedBarbie ( назад)
*This isn't drift*

Автор Rares67 ( назад)
scandinavian flick = dangerous if your car roll over :P

Автор Anish Somawar (148 лет назад)
Last day of my friends car was fun... Lots of Scandinavian flick and
handbrake turns

Автор CamryXLE ( назад)
Tried this stuff in my 2000 Acura TL, minus the handbrake-turn to reverse,
then back to forwards trick, because my car's 5AT would explode.
Scamdinavian Flick is fun as hell, though.

Автор Heaven Earth ( назад)
He tearing that little got dammn car the fuck up. LMAO!!!

Автор CoolStoryBroWhoCares ( назад)
Question. It's really icy in Texas and I have a 06 accord coupe v6. Will
drifting mess up my car even if I try to drift on ice?

Автор Adas Rudowski ( назад)
How to Drift front wheel car: http://youtu.be/8QP23IWQx0A

Автор Gijz ( назад)
this is not drifting....... its just sliding..

Автор Mr. Polo ( назад)
works well in snow ;)

Автор Benji Nicholas ( назад)
is this really considered drifting? they call it handbrakeys where im from

Автор Ge7 0u7 ( назад)
Drifting with handbrake in winter is actually pretty cool.

Автор Whoi WanaBe ( назад)
i did this without help of any hand break or breaks or any shit, i was just
driving through a junction (traffic light was on green) and a drunk driver
from my left came in and kissed my left rear side. and surpriiiisee, i
drifted like a boss :D

Автор Violetta ( назад)
I do this in my 2005 Hyundai Sonata V6 in the winter. FWD is amazing in the
snow if you don't have an AWD. Hella forgiving.

You don't need to handbrake a FWD to get it into a slide, you need to get
off and then get on the throttle while flicking the wheel opposite to the
corner quickly and then back into the corner; Scandy-flick.

What's really nice with FWD drifting is so long as you keep the front
wheels pointed in the direction you want to go you'll never spin out.
Unless you're on snow, which I've done today having some fun lol.

Автор yow ( назад)
i wish i have a car to try

Автор Liam Connellan ( назад)
My ford meteor would probably die if I tried the reverse one.

Автор lahmamamia ( назад)
LOL, my car's tranmission has a hard time going into reverse at a full
stop, so going into reverse while moving at those speed would be
impossible, at least not without destroying the tranny. the two first ones
are cool though

Автор Alza7f1 ( назад)
Yes they can saudis did it

Автор saad dolare ( назад)

Автор flyboypuoi ( назад)
I unintentionally did a Scandinavian Flick this morning..!

Автор Francisco Moreno ( назад)
I love it and i am going to try that whrn i grow

Автор Jordan “Fast N Furious” Carpenter ( назад)
FWD cars can't drift.

Автор lolley1100 ( назад)
How to destroy your transmission for dummies. Lol cool stuff 'till your out
a grand or two!

Автор Dimitrius Hale ( назад)
couuuuuuu pay

Автор CAMAR0kid93 ( назад)
how to get flat spots on your tires

Автор Scott Dann ( назад)
I feel my merc will always work against me in that respect. 'Always on'
traction control, automatic and with a pedal operated parking brake. Don't
get me wrong it's very safe! But so many wet roundabouts I've encountered
with no happy exits

Автор Scott Dann ( назад)
He had the wrong car for this... The most fun I ever had with handbrake
turns and drifting was a 90s 1ltr micra ally. My mercedes clk will never
chuck itself around like that little whipper snapper did. I miss it fondly.

Автор zebba zebadee ( назад)
so much better than top gear

Автор Gugu DJ ( назад)
I wish I do that but can't,,,, my car is very weak to do that shit 

Автор DJ Shuffle ( назад)
So on the Scandinavian Flick, if you use the hand brake lightly when the
back end wants to swing back in, then in theory it should be kept swung
out, although it will probably affect the speed. I guess I'll just have to
give it a go.

Автор yudi wibowo ( назад)
I'll try in my small charade.... ;)

Автор Sam Russell ( назад)
scandanavian flick donuts in a corolla...hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

Автор Kenneth Antonio ( назад)
I recommend trying this only if you have a lot of spare cash on you and a
second vehicle. Practicing this will ruin your gearbox and tires.

Автор Yassine Ben Hamida ( назад)
RIP Tires 

Автор Unkwon Malaysian Guy ( назад)
for a hot rod fanboy,
this molested my brain ....................

Автор voyageur04 ( назад)
this is gonna mess up the gear box 

Автор IdarKP60 ( назад)
Drift requires RWD CAR!!!!!!!! this is bullshit

Автор VW Jetta drift ( назад)
watch my videos... You might learn some more tricks ;)

Автор Derrick ( назад)
You can't drift a front wheel car!

Автор Aleksandar Miskoski ( назад)
front wheel car can not be drifted with...u simply cant.even if u do pull
the e brake and spin it right u wont be able to power slide it.

Автор benanderson89 ( назад)
Technically, a RWD drift and a FWD slide use very similar techniques. You
don't have to use the handbrake like in this video if you're you've got
good throttle control.

To do a proper FWD "drift"/slide, you need to shift weight to the front
wheels to upset the rear axel, and you do that by quickly pulling off the
throttle then turning sharply (the opposite to RWD, where you keep hard on
full throttle). Weight transfers to the front axel and the back end flicks
out, you turn on opposite lock, back on the power to straighten and voila.

Автор Yuta Fidji ( назад)
И это дрифт??...пффф это порнуха какая-то.

Автор TheIVJackal ( назад)
What's the largest profile tire you can ride and still do this with,
without having the tire pop off the rim? Also, what's the risk of flipping
or does that only happen if you actually hit something? Thanks.

Автор AV8R ( назад)

Автор Mathew van Hevele ( назад)
this is not frifting, drifting i sliding into corners or whatever while
controlling the throttle so the REAR wheels spins, you cant drift whit
front wheel cars or its called sliping not drifting!

Автор RebornChiekoGaming ( назад)
will it destroy my tires?

Автор Roger Gaming ( назад)
90' turn that is not opposite lock 

Автор Christian Figueroa ( назад)
i would love to do this but im afraid that my car might flip.

Автор notabott ( назад)
that is not a drift... 

Автор Bronson Halvorson ( назад)
can any of these be done with an automatic fwd?

Автор H Moreira ( назад)
Good job!!! 

Автор Barry Allen ( назад)
my GTR would literally snap in half lol. 

Автор Matthew ( назад)
I wish i had a car to ruin... lol

Автор RandomGuy ( назад)
How to Drift front wheel car?
You don't, you don't drift front wheel car.

Автор Axum Amlak ( назад)
waw thanks alot but can it be don with any car??

Автор dmorg114 ( назад)
Title should be "How to Drive a Rental Car".

Автор Omar DmX ( назад)
On the handbrake reverse trick you forgot to mention releasing the
handbrake before changing gear to reverse. 

Автор Johannes Hyllested ( назад)
This is not drift!!!!

Автор nazeerah shaik ( назад)
dam you know how to drift

Автор Nelson basher ( назад)
i need a dis-used airfield. is there an app for that?

Автор AESCULAPTORmark3 ( назад)
I actually think this is a more pure form of drifting, as the rear of the
car is actually freely drifting across the tarmac. With RWD the back of the
car is actually being powered so its more power sliding than drifting,
unless you are liftoff drifting which would be the same as FWD can do. 

Автор AESCULAPTORmark3 ( назад)
I always end up over shooting. When it happens things can get a bit messy.

Автор Azzurro Dee Banjo' ( назад)
Try THIS WITH citroen Xantia ACTIVA 3.0 24V Hydraulic system !!!

Автор Tekken830 ( назад)
i wanna know how to drift in the start up

Автор MadlessBlue ( назад)
I would like to play GTA after that video

Автор anthonykim98 ( назад)
At the end I thought he was going to say The Stig :D

Автор Rookie leafes ( назад)
Can i shift to reverse gear while the car is still moving forward?

Автор Marcus Mclean ( назад)
Power slides not drifting lmfao

Автор Average Tuner ( назад)
The reverse hand brake thing and got pulled over

Автор Average Tuner ( назад)
Ok I live in California with high traffic roads and I did

Автор krazyd27 ( назад)
That's an excellent way to put flat spots on your rear tires. it's stupid

Автор lwzheng23 ( назад)

Автор ivmurk21 ( назад)
Idk why you think its not real drifting. I've personally beat plenty of RWD
cars in my FWD..Only downside is I've had the e-brake replaced three times
so far and it creates flat spots on the tires instead of cross-wear so they
need to be replaced more frequently.

Автор Kyle smith ( назад)
You can't drift fwd (front wheel drive) it's called power sliding it's
commen sense come on i'm 13 and i know this.

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