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Автор John Jamison (27 дней)
I think that your painting demonstration is essentialy dishonest. Radical
changes take place without your brush ever touching the canvas. I wanted to
see how the buildings are developed. It is hard to learn much when the
painting is developed secretly.

Автор M Ridza (2 месяца)
Any relation with David Willis..?

Автор CHRIS B. (6 месяцев)
I learned more here than i did in an 8 week long intro to oil painting
class i just took. 

Автор Matt Hughes (26 дней)

Автор SportyTracy (4 месяца)
James is AWSOME! I love all your tutor videos. 

Автор WoodWurks (6 месяцев)
I too learned a lot of pointers no one ever told me, despite attending
courses and buying a bookshop! Thank you Mr Willis.

Автор Philip Pilkington (7 месяцев)
very good, loved the easy to follow demo.

Автор DSGriever (6 месяцев)
He's flipping good...

Автор Derp 6408 (11 месяцев)
What is that palette looking tool called?:-)

Автор AnArdentChemist (8 месяцев)
This is superb!!

Автор bugisami (7 месяцев)
Colour TVs have been around for decades, yet not one network has EVER
dedicated even 30 minutes to show an artist at work.

Автор Josue Soto (8 месяцев)

Автор Kirk Wickizer Art (8 месяцев)
Like your technique..

Автор 7Purplebox (1 год)
You're one of the best tutor on YouTube. Thank you!

Автор Jeromepsy001 (1 год)
I love your accent mate. :D

Автор Brindley Jayatunga (1 год)
Excellent demonstration. Learnt so much Thank you

Автор Dhananjai Singh (1 год)
u r the best sir..i am from india,,and varanasi theme catch my

Автор Atelier unter der Teck (1 год)
Very interesting

Автор Tulika Mitra (1 год)
How did you get that background so perfectly done? Please share with us
too.. U r so talented.. God bless!

Автор jeraldsrestoration (1 год)
You remind me of Bob Ross my friend. Great painting. Cheers

Автор vijay diels (1 год)
excellent! thank you!

Автор xxrobodave (1 год)
Easily the best explanations I've heard from any painting tuition. You
present like a scientific lecturer - clear and concise and no waffle.

Автор Samantha Feldman (1 год)
This has been an unbelievable help. The process makes so much sense.

Автор Z Rhett Akers (1 год)
This guy is a little odd... I like this guy... I'm interested in watching
him more... I'mma look into where I can get some videos with this guy... 

Автор Bryan Shaw (1 год)

Автор sausagemike (1 год)
He has hard nipples..... He likes painting. 

Автор carol Mc Intyre (1 год)
Great video !Thanks so much for sharing .excellent tutorial..I have learned
a lot .

Автор 43tober (11 месяцев)
How can anyone give this a thumbs down? Extraordinarily good instructions.
Thank you. 

Автор Alex Fonewn (1 год)
Thanks for the excellent tutorial. It is the first I watch from you. I am
impressed by the really interesting explanations.

Автор Jeff Cooper (1 год)
First class instruction ! Thanks for sharing your well educated lessons

Автор Jim Barrie (1 год)
Great video

Автор Ray Naso (1 год)
How to paint oil ....
By James Willis

Автор Terry Strathman (1 год)
Thank you for an extremely detailed and informative tutorial. One of the
very best! Wish I had seen this a couple of years ago. Learned things I
should've learned in my painting classes.

Автор TTundragrizzly (1 год)
no offense meant here. but you sound sorta like that computer voice in the
movie "War Games" with Matthew Broderick. But love the painting.

Автор ArtTutor.com (1 год)
Hi, we'll be putting part 2 up in a couple of weeks :)

Автор Raymondo Passero (1 год)
Oh you are a terrific teacher. Please, more.

Автор ashmash dragongurl (1 год)

Автор Olivia Renea (1 год)
This tutorial is fantastic!

Автор Pictoralizer (1 год)
Great Demonstration! I have always painted with Acrylic mostly. But that
slight bit of transparency that you can get with oils, and the prism effect
you can get on the canvas is not duplicatable with the Acryllic paints.

Автор David Morgan (1 год)
really terrific tutorial - thankyou!

Автор TheTinidril (1 год)
Jame Willis could play Doctor Who - he is that awesome :D This is
brilliant, thank you so much for explaining as you go along, too many ppl
just want you to watch them paint.

Автор mem.art maria (1 год)

Автор Louisa Sculptress (1 год)
wonderful, cannot wait until the second part arrives!

Автор jolanta omari (1 год)
Great teacher and artist. One can learn a lot from this video. Thanks for
posting it.

Автор Naima coach of change and success (1 год)
i have been watching so many tutorials , but James you are the best , i
produce nice oil paintings but its hard to paint with oil and your
techniques are just what i needed, thanks , from Saudi Arabia .

Автор itwoka4 (1 год)
good vedio.looking forward to part 2.but this is very tough painting to
learn for newcomer like me.teach some easy landscape.

Автор lupegaru2 (1 год)
I have been watching many, many oil painting tutorials on youtube and I
must say this is one of the very best I have seen yet! Thank you and
looking forward to part 2.

Автор Pete J Carney (1 год)
Thank you for posting this. it is so informative, I can see that I'm going
to learn a lot from you. Going straight onto Part 2 now.

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