Cody Garbrandt Earns UFC Contract By Knocking Out Charles Stanford!

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Автор Isaac ( назад)
this the equivalent of the great value brand of UFC

Автор Steve A ( назад)
"technically a tko"

Автор Gato ( назад)
he stopped himself before the ref stopped him...I do like that he didn't go after him after he was down and obviously finished, that shows class

Автор Gato ( назад)
are they saving on electricity?

Автор StigmaSeven ( назад)
black people are superior

Автор eric cam ( назад)
cody is not 5'9 he's 5'7. why are the constantly getting height and weight wrong its their only job for fucks sake. somebody fire those dumbass text writers

Автор Joshua Cole ( назад)
wow that ref sucked dick cody stopping true sportsmanship

Автор Orly J ( назад)
Cody just ran through his dude. Cracking up when commentator said "body shots!!...and Cody is head hunting"!! 32-1 as an amateur boxer. Great background to have going into pro MMA as well as an all american wrestler. Dude is a terror.

Автор Josh Roberts ( назад)
Definitely one of my favorite fighters. The way he picked apart Cruz was magical. I love knockout artist but he played a point fighters game and won by a landslide. Let's go No Love!

Автор Анна Бунигина ( назад)
какой на хуй Коннор?? Детвора блядь

he has real clean boxing.

Автор Orcen222 ( назад)
I love watching Cody fight, he has a very entertaining style of fighting!

Автор Darin Hilbern ( назад)
he whooped that guys ass straight up

Автор John Compton ( назад)
That ref needs to do his job. He should have stopped that fight... Cody had to stop and walk away.

Автор Kevin Do bs ( назад)
Cody is a goofball! He wishes he was Connor Mcgregor, he will never be.

Автор X Factor ( назад)
I like how he didn't keep pounding the guy when he noticed he was done...class act, gonna be a hell of a champ

Автор Shon M ( назад)
The mat looks way too.. mat-y.. too soft

Автор Maury Sall ( назад)
Terrible ref

Автор jeremy sella ( назад)
Greeaaaat sportsmanship by the loser. Sorry playa

Автор soma hani ( назад)
wtf is wrong with that guy ear 7:05

Автор YoSoyDeWehPamBeash ( назад)
Why was that a TKO?? He dropped the guy, walked away, and the guy never got back up again. Ref didn't need to stop it. Straight KO

Автор AcctNo4 ( назад)
what a shitty ref. Herb Dean puts him to shame.

Автор Doug C ( назад)
no love baby!

Автор alantmac ( назад)
5' 9" on skates

Автор David Kendall ( назад)
Cody has the best scramble in MMA and I might even argue the best hands. I don't see anyone beating him right now. If he had a solid muay thai base he would be a better version of Aldo, but Aldo has the kick game on him. Aldo could beat him if he took out his legs and dragged it into the later rounds.

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)


Автор Johnbobon ( назад)
Why can't they turn some lights on in that arena? Are they trying for a romantic mood? Promotion can't afford the electricity bill? What gives?

Автор MrShivshank ( назад)
dudes way to slow for that weight class.

Автор Blackman Hulk ( назад)
My man TJ Dillashaw will beat him

Автор jeremy p ( назад)
would be so good cody vs mcgregor

Автор Luke ( назад)
Horrible reffing lol

Автор Gabe Bencomo ( назад)
He got a fucking contract from the ultimate fighter you fucking idiot

Автор vhulksantos ( назад)
And now he just became champ ;)

Автор blackrose soldier ( назад)
He was extremely high on adrenaline at the end.

Автор Rax Lex ( назад)
Lol Hahahahaha Garbrandt is 5'6

Автор Stephen Clayton ( назад)
i weighed 130 lbs in the 7th grade lol

Автор edison ( назад)
Awful ref.

Автор closinginonclosure ( назад)
7:46 Dudes tie is hanging down to his knees. Must be his first time wearing one

Автор Philip Murray ( назад)
terrible ref

Автор Carlos Padilla ( назад)
5'9 my ass

Автор Scott Tomes ( назад)
4:10 Look at the woman behind the rail

Автор Elmo Blatch ( назад)
Paper Champion

Автор doobtubes ( назад)
Im still not a fan. Just doing more research

Автор వి.పి కృష్ణ విసం ( назад)
Bantamweight World champ!!

Автор Marcus Carter ( назад)
Conor McGregor would dismantle Cody.

Автор C James ( назад)
Who the fuck is Charles Stanford

Автор Lost ( назад)
black boy was paid to lose. fuck him

Автор FreeDa Green ( назад)
this was not a knock out... fuck you.

Автор Andy M. ( назад)
And now he's UFC champ! Everything is possible... Congrats Cody

Автор TheCommanderoe ( назад)
"I tried to brake her arms with my face"
-Ronda Rousey

Автор ummm... ( назад)
And a legend was born on this day

Автор Dogon Backwards ( назад)
Where does the nickname "No Love" come from?

Автор Edwin Aveado ( назад)
that was horrible the UFC may as well give everyone a ufc contract since they gonna give this dude a contract ive seen better knockouts and fights in local fight championships then this...

Автор Daniel Rodriguez ( назад)
That ref was shit the dude isnt swinging back almost in the standing fetal position takin blows and the ref decides to keep backing up. Cody was basically his own fuckin ref look how much time it took for ref to come after he knocked him out

Автор Rodrigo Caiano Música ( назад)
please look at the blonde woman at 5:09

Автор The Don Shraify ( назад)
garbrant is a monnnnster

Автор Blackman Hulk ( назад)
White trash for real,Icant wait to see him and other fags like die slowly

Автор Bleach - ( назад)
he's now champ

Автор Ronnie Parsons ( назад)
Fucking wanna be nigger

Автор Poe Keepsie ( назад)

Автор Anta Jr ( назад)

Автор Ask The Pro DJ ( назад)
Dom was a threat to Conor and they did not want the Money Cow down yet, so they set it up where Cody would win and that is how the Illuminati Mob works, you did not know that?

Автор ronnie castro ( назад)
Cody is the best in the wrold

Автор Truth Seeker ( назад)

Автор Ask The Pro DJ ( назад)
Look everybody it was a fluke, Dom is still the champ

Автор IamHueGraves ( назад)
Stanford has a really odd (bad) stance, he's using bladed hips and legs with forward torso... who taught him to fight that way? :P

Автор Lakeshow ( назад)
And new.

Автор Young Shrine ( назад)
Gayest part of this all was when Cody Gardbrandt had the ground game under control and the announcer says "Cody rides him and he stays on top"

Автор DVN ( назад)
Should I make the first racially motivated comment? Nah fuck it, I'm feeling like letting a certain race think they're superior today.

Автор FCBrock 101 ( назад)
5'9 is bullshit, all the alphamidgets are atleast 5'4 or shorter

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
Why is his name no love

Автор Nico Montinola ( назад)
OMG what a lousy ref. Cody stopped hitting him before the ref

Автор Coogi King ( назад)
Why is the video speeded up

Автор Joshoowaclay ( назад)
there's always that one super loud annoying bitch screaming whaaaooooooo

Автор Christopher Gish ( назад)
I didn't think I would ever see a man fight his own shadow.

Автор Z3PHLAR ( назад)
Patient accurate shots. Great technique.

Автор Sursion ( назад)
2:45 Fight Starts

Автор Homer Simpson ( назад)
Cody isn't 5.9

Автор TheNoChillGuy ( назад)
Lol @ 5'9 for Cody Garbrandt. Dude is 5'7 maximum, probably 5'6.5.

Автор ViTRTor BelfoTRT ( назад)
Fireplace and more fighting championship

Автор Zane Urbahns ( назад)
Gotta respect Cody for not wailing on the guy when he was clearly done.

Автор Steven Seagal ( назад)
5 ft. 9? Lol sure

Автор Mark McKinney ( назад)
that dude just quit.

Автор Musabe009 ( назад)
NoLove has similar striking tech as Conor! I hope he breaks Diaz eye sockets!

Автор Devin Hall ( назад)
was this fight held in the shire?

Автор Sm0kaCS ( назад)
Can't wait to see Cruz run circles around this clown

Автор Jericho Green ( назад)

Автор Bob Sanchez ( назад)
Commentators are hilariously terrible

Автор delet this ( назад)
He's probably finna get his ass whooped but fuck it #teamnolove I hope he KOs dominic

Автор Cool Story Bro ( назад)

Автор Sam Duffy ( назад)
h ow can they even see the lighting is horrible in there

Автор Jesse Carrion ( назад)
What fight was the ref looking at?

Автор MVP MVP ( назад)
Garbrandt really shrunk in height lol.

Автор david lee ( назад)
And new

Автор Dr Bin Laden ( назад)
wheres his nipples

Автор Luis Calvillo ( назад)
swinging a bunch of underhands leaving that chin wide open

Автор Eddie Adams ( назад)
Cody isn't 5'9 he's maybe 5'7 if that

Автор Jonny Tan ( назад)
I thought rape was illegal...

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