Princes William and Harry ignoring Kate Middleton at Zara's wedding..

Princes William, Harry and Kate Middleton at Zara and Mike Tindall's wedding.

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Автор Marisa Vosloo ( назад)
Ignoring Kate?? What nonsense! Harry gave her a smile, and William put his
hand on her back.

Автор geordielassie1 ( назад)
I love kate but dear me! That hat looks like a giant poppadom!

Автор englishforeverr ( назад)
Someone seems to have it in for or Kate all your vids are really nit picky
spiteful and finding fault where there is none, She married William and
their happy with a child move on.

Автор Bob Sit ( назад)
Ahh what's the big deal?

Автор Claira Grace ( назад)
They are not ignoring her they are wondering their order of going in. In
this case they can't usually go in before the Queen or someone else they
are trying to see if it is there entrance time. Good picture of the hat.
Glad that Americans don't have to wear any hats I would be lost on the
money thing I can't afford a new hat at the drop of a lot of money. But
nice video tapes close. Betting pictures then you could get of the Royals
in the last 300 years around the world. 

Автор chris anthony ( назад)
a fox is a fox no matter WHAT she has on her head.. she's gorgeous people,
so get a life. If some of your remarks are indicative of the total amount
of intellect between your ears, your heads would be small enough to use a
coffee cup for YOUR hat! Good show Royals.. jolly Good Show!!

Автор Dorothy G. Tyas ( назад)
Um, lose the icky hats pls. And, get smthg. that doesn't resemble paper
plates on the sides of your heads girls! Other than that, it's all good &
mama Kate's coat is lovely.

Автор Purplemetall007 ( назад)
What's with the Satellite Dish on Kate's head? Does it really need to be
this big and disturbing? JC!

Автор Bhodisatvas ( назад)

Автор christina slay ( назад)
kate is like/ i am bored anybody i know i can talk too here/another boring
event. lol 

Автор David Wright ( назад)
How could anyone say anything derogative about this couple? They represent
all that is wholesome, good & pure, & set a standard that all young people
would do well to emulate... Thant-you God... "Allah'u'Abha"...

Автор Alien Chris ( назад)
Shoot them no loss stupid hat stupid royal two@T's

Автор jeremy dixon ( назад)
They didn't ignore her.....wanker

Автор Pier Antoni ( назад)
What a stupid thing to say that they are ignoring her..... Bollocks!
They're chatting and then Willliam sweetly ushers Kate into the
Abby/Cathedral. Where is the F.... ignoring part in all this. And by the
way....... those of you who found Kate's hat absurd... my comment is that
you are all obviously absurdly stupid because she looked fabulous, hat and
all....... And the nut who said the Royals have no sense of fashion. What
is it that you zombies are missing? From what planet do you hail? From the
late Queen Mother, to the Queen, the late Princess Margaret, Princess
Michael, DIANA, now KATE.....and all the women...... And the men, don't
forget the men...... super dapper, from Charles himself, whom I don't like,
to his awesome sons William and Harry and to brothers Andrew and Edward who
are always impeccable. God! Even in casual wear any man would kill for the
look of a William or Harry.

LOOK at THINGS as THEY ARE! Stop being so hyper-critical! I suppose most of
you critics look like a double bag lady...... that's usually the reality!

Автор Milton754 ( назад)
The British Royals have never been known for their sense of fashion, except
maybe the Queen. Princess Michael of Kent tops all the royals when it
comes to fashion. She rocks like know other. If you don't believe me,
look her up. 

Автор Kristie Lewis ( назад)
Catholic Git! The Duchess of Cambridge ROCKS!!

Автор Zac Quinn ( назад)
Maybe if the left side of her face hadn't been replaced by a poppadom it
would have helped.

Автор Eva Rosová ( назад)
oh, so her hair COULD be worn in another way than just plain.... how
interesting, I thought, it´s impossible to change hairstyle at all...

Автор Selena Makamure ( назад)
She probably said... "You both look fucking gay". Hence the grin.

Автор tubebitch12 ( назад)
Is that thing on her head pulling in HBO or Cinamax?

Автор Anon A. Mouse ( назад)
Has anyone else noticed that 'Princess Kate' is wearing a Satelite Dish? 

Автор Stephanie Wilson ( назад)
I didn't see it actually he put his hand on the small of Kate's back to
lead her in.

Автор eva Veva ( назад)
you wish....too???

Автор michel7773 ( назад)
Bizarre how slaves adore their masters.

Автор Nina Z. ( назад)
and I guess none of us had ever been ignored in life (grin). 

Автор Maria F ( назад)
William's body language is actually quite attentive at the end of this
video when he guides her into the church before him. Just because he isn't
clinging onto her and he's having a chat with his brother doesn't mean he's
'ignoring' her. Absurd 

Автор monjiaitaly ( назад)
It's all about the hat with that bunch, isn't it. :)

Автор JoshLo3340 ( назад)
Okay, you're gonna need muuuuch more evidence than that to make the case.

Автор starlite556 ( назад)
The so called royals and there stupid hats.

Автор AnandaLunaBlue ( назад)
beautiful hat... at least!!!lol!!! not more than Harry!

Автор Julie Roberts ( назад)
31 seconds of my life I will never get back

Автор Valkyrie Sardo ( назад)
I expect that for many more years there will be trashy females eager to
throw themselves at either William or Harry (or both) regardless of marital
status. These creatures will forever seek flaws in Kate, real or imagined.
Envy renders them pathetic.

Автор Michele Mele ( назад)
I love fascinators for one... People need to stop taking themselves for
seriously. And no where do I see her being ignored.

Автор Lily Harvey ( назад)
where is the "ignoring" part? 

Автор Maria Ahmad ( назад)
Wtf is she wearing on her head

Автор Lakshmi Promodh ( назад)
this youtube does not have any other work apart from finding fault

Автор PinkOcean ( назад)
Monkeys dont know refined fashion..its ok! give em fubu lol

Автор PinkOcean ( назад)
ayee her hat is bad ass! fuck what you heard! lol

Автор Vozvrashchenie ( назад)
Of course, the bagpipes are loud as fuck... (so why did I watch this

Автор Ladykofnyc2 ( назад)
why does she have satellite dish on her head? 

Автор paul martin ( назад)
bunch of wankers 

Автор Kevin Richards ( назад)
It is what is inside the hat that is bad, the people he has decided to

Автор Snivy MusiqueHD ( назад)
The hat is beautiful its you you are stupid ^^

Автор eva Veva ( назад)
if only 'mericans would acquire the class...... but....here's hoping!!

Автор hixx acex ( назад)
OMG,thos are the stupidest hats I've ever seen!!!!

Автор MYHOLLANDGIRL ( назад)
The Brit Shitz wear the worst designed hats! As if they were
attractive!!!!! Its the worst habit they took on for fashion, really stupid

Автор martin ditlevsen ( назад)

Автор Debbie Underfinger ( назад)
This clip is too short to determine if Kate was being ignored. I didn't see
any indications where she was ignored, especially with Prince William
guiding her to the church. 

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
There's how important grammar is. 'The Queen' you typed, instead of 'the
Queen'; it places your intended meaning differently. Thanks for explaining.

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
I'm sure Elizabeth did not want to leave her children when they were young.
Remember that she too was very young when she ascended the throne, and
nations and norms were 'not' what they are today. Yes I think Charles did
look for a mother figure, but then what man doesn't really.. whether young
or older men still like to be mothered at heart. Do not be too harsh on
Elizabeth II, sadly that role was thrust upon her with the untimely death
of her father. 

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
I do not see anything wrong with what happened here, and I think the author
is making something out of nothing. 

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
Look at Albert and Charlene of Monaco; there is love from her but not from
him. Albert was under pressure to marry for a long time, just as Charles
was. There was love from Diana, but not from Charles. That is not the case
with Wills and Kate. You can see it was for love and not duty. 

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
O for God's sake.. if you can't tell that they really do care for one
another then you are blind. They are still human beings lol Go view some of
the Scandinavian royal weddings to give you an idea of the difference
between Charles and Diana, and William and Kate. Look at Mary and Frederik
of Denmark, and Haakon and Mette-Marit of Norway and you will see the deep
affection there. You can see it with William and Kate too. Charles married
Diana for an heir. 

Автор GravityBoy72 ( назад)
Whatever, time will tell. They are Windsors, they were brought up as
Windsors and the normal relationship rules don't apply at that level. We'll

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
but it was too late

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
Actually, Camilla is NOT a lady lol she hardly kept her legs closed of
rmost of her life. They had to wait for so long? Yes.. lets hurry up and
get Diana out of the way now that she's provided two heirs. let's just
FORGET that Camilla treated her husband like crap and Charles did same to
his wife. It's such a damn shame that Diana was so naive and didn't wait
til she knew Charles longer before tying the knot, b'cos she would never
have married him. Even by the time of the wedding she knew

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
not necessarily old lol.. could be very young also :P 

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
haha! lol another idiot!

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
She is NOT another Diana. William and Kate knew one another for a long time
before they married. Diana and Charles barely knew one another as a couple
before they were engaged. 

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
haha!! you and those infamous 4 beheaded servants XD 

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
omg are you for real? 

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
You are an idiot LOL 

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
What 4 servants.. name them lol. 

Автор SuperMoofie ( назад)
Like who.. name someone.. what a ridiculous statement to make. 

Автор Kevin Richards ( назад)
No perhaps not, but he does behead people.

Автор Kevin Richards ( назад)
He is not a gentleman he has had four servants beheaded.

Автор Kevin Richards ( назад)
Yeah him, and I am not surprised he treats his wife badly. If you think
that is bad he treats the servants worse by having them beheaded.

Автор Kevin Richards ( назад)
I would not be surprised he pushed his own wife around. He thinks he is
doing her a favor by having her marry him. After finding out he beheaded
four servants of his I am not surprised.

Автор Zack FirstBornTriplet ( назад)
All couple's fight from time to time. They are no different.

Автор mitch Lee ( назад)
you have no idea what you are talking about 

Автор Lauren Loves you ( назад)
Princess William??

Автор ciao614 ( назад)
Stoopid ass hats. What's on Camilla's head??...a birds nest?

Автор being122753 ( назад)
I didn't see anyone being 'grabbed by the arm' here...watch it again & you
will see that Prince William gestures with his left hand for her to go
ahead of him & he places his hand at the small of her back but does NOT
push or pull her ANYWHERE!!!...I saw a gentleman graciously respecting his
wife...his Chosen Queen by putting her before himself. Before they were
married, she had to stay a bit behind him & he definitely led the way.
Nobody ignored or abused her....c'mon ppl, really!? 

Автор Stephanie Winder ( назад)
They wernt ignoring her, nd william doesn't boss her around u need 2 get ur
facts straight

Автор GravityBoy72 ( назад)
Another Diana. Actually.. Diana wised up... eventually. 

Автор smdsa35 ( назад)
I did not get that impression.

Автор cubomania3 ( назад)
LOL. He pulled her into the church, like a dog on a leash.

Автор cubomania3 ( назад)
No, he treats her like that. He also points to where he wants her to go or
to stand. He's a real bossy dude. She puts up with it like she always put
up with his crap, because all she cared about was finally getting a
marriage to get the titles and prestige. He positively bitched her out at a
ceremony on a boat, some anniversary for the Queen. It was nasty - she was
in red with a red umbrella. Forgot the name of it - but certain versions
show the anger and awkwardness. 

Автор MiniMia Barbuto ( назад)
I did not see anything William harry having a chat William is seeing if
Kate is alright and then he put his arm aound her to protect her

Автор Renee Pigeon ( назад)
Wills even holds out his hand to protectively guide her inside! A lot of
women would love such attention from hubby!

Автор Renee Pigeon ( назад)
I don't think matildasoblue even knows what the word 'ignore' means! LOL!

Автор Emily Johnson ( назад)

Автор Lucy Ellis ( назад)
I couldn't see for the massive pan on her head!!

Автор MsSlucyna ( назад)
How on earth do they stick onto their majesties heads? 

Автор twintron4 ( назад)
omg u got 2 much time on ur hands...

Автор cortez3jlb ( назад)
Wow, those hats look just like the cardboard that comes under frozen pizza!
One before and one AFTER you've burned it....geesh! (I wouldn't want to
even be buried in that...cremated maybe, but definitely NO public viewing.

Автор faithoffaith ( назад)
lol either I'm dumb or pissed..

Автор Based Okonma ( назад)
Who put Pringles on their head?

Автор Liz Brown ( назад)
Mmmmmm where was he ignoring her ????

Автор AnimeChan ( назад)
Least you could kiss behind that hat....I guess that's the only upside xD

Автор Jenna Hopkins ( назад)
well - that escalated quickly lol

Автор athenstar10 ( назад)
Do those hats have signal? Lol!

Автор CV SB ( назад)
those fucking hats

Автор maria pascua ( назад)
i couldnt see cuz theres a huge plate on her head

Автор Matt Little ( назад)
Oh yeah, so ignored, is that why Prince William pulled her into the church
with his arm, because he was ignoring her? 

Автор Nushin Youssefian ( назад)
i was there, it wasn't a great wedding.

Автор Grace Arias ( назад)
she was not ignored!! she is a gorgeus girl , i love her 

Автор Shannyn Tyler ( назад)
judging by your Obsession with Kate Middleton you're obviously one jealous
ugly old hag.

Автор Shannyn Tyler ( назад)
how old are you 12. Too much time on your hands.

Автор Acacia Bloom ( назад)
Matilda, you obviously either don't understand the word IGNORE, or you
hallucinate and see things we don't.

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