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Автор MAKAVELI ( назад)
JOEYD25 is 'not a valid coupon' on Bulk Powders??

Автор Peter Wallace ( назад)
I'll tune into the podcast guv

Автор Kypri ( назад)
Not been to the gym in about 3 months, seen this and went straight away.
Here's to getting back in a routine, cheers Joey D

Автор omaima rezq ( назад)
can you do a workout series. where you just show us your full workout.

Автор Luke Byrne ( назад)
I wouldn't leave the fuckin' house...

Автор sebownz ( назад)
Heavily approve of a Delaney Podcast.

Автор Nick Bennett ( назад)
What dates you going to Budapest? Heading there the end of Jan

Автор pryunk patel ( назад)
Can you lift and have a normal life at the same time

Автор Tiago Leitão ( назад)
Where's your green jacket from?

Автор Jake Bailey ( назад)
C O R N W A L L !

Автор itsZukka ( назад)
Just hit 20k almost at the 30

Автор Fred Lloyd ( назад)
I want a massive fuckin wand, hahaha

Автор Alfie Armstrong ( назад)
Joey D podcast yessir

Автор Conor Macdonald ( назад)
Video update on your morning routine please Joe, probably changed since you
included one in a blog ages ago.

Автор DJS fitness ( назад)
wheres his grey sweatshirt from???? at 1:47

Автор mark ( назад)
No one else would have the balls to say that their not actually fit, and
would collapse after a light jog. Fair play mate

Автор Theo ( назад)
whats your opinion on (party) drugs on body/mind health? i.e.
psychologically etc.
Would be cool to see a topic like that covered in your new series -
considering the type of nights/music you're into x

Автор Calgray ( назад)
Idea for the Sunday Sessions: How life changes when you discover macros

Автор Roisín ( назад)
Looking forward to the chatty vids 👌🏻

Автор Alexander Sutherland ( назад)
Come to Melbourne, Australia in March for the Arnold Classic!!

Автор MrStevie57 ( назад)
Yes, I often notice the very big guys are short of breath just talking

Автор Cagnazzo ( назад)
Damn, this is one beautiful motherfucker.

Автор matthew treacy ( назад)
Will you be doing a video on mobility work bro?✌🏻️

Автор LEN90 ( назад)
That 'athlete' point is so true, literally no fitness/YouTube 'athlete'
(eg. Alfalete) are actually athletes. Run a fukin marathon bro. 👍

Автор Jacob Ward ( назад)
Get to Big Sur while you're in california. Lived there for a year... scenes
are unreal

Автор Jakub Napierski ( назад)
Man, come to Poland around August/September. i'll host u ;-)

Автор Ciaran Cahill ( назад)
set up a gofundme page and we will contribute to you buyin a go pro cos the
travel footage will be fuckin sick

Автор Odie ( назад)
"The last time I sweated... sweat? swoot? swat?" 😂😂😂😂

Автор Owen Thomas ( назад)
Hit up Iceland, haven't been there yet but keep hearing good things!

Автор Louis Mascari ( назад)
"Appreciate that we all woke up this morning...some people didn't...look at
this goose!"

Автор roblrocks ( назад)
defo do a podcast on iTunes so I can listen to it on my commute

Q:what would you say is the biggest influence to your unique out look on
life and your honest opinion to fitness and have you always had an
intelligent out look or is it learned from your travellers

also you liked one of my insta pics ans it made my day does that make me
weird Haha

Автор roblrocks ( назад)
YES do an iTunes podcast so I can listen to it on my commute lol legend

Q: you seem like a really cool down to earth guy that's a complete change
to the rest of the fake fitness community what do you think is the reason
for your unique accepting honest point of view on life

also you liked my insta pic ans it made my day does that make me a looser?

Автор Jason O'Grady ( назад)
Thoughts on living a life with a 9-5 job and comfortable living, nice
house, nice car and all that towards experiencing the world and living off
little but happy as fuck man. I think people get told as young adults to
grow up and presue the so called "normal" life without taking into account
what life is about.

Автор Lol Lol ( назад)
Go Australia joey?

Автор Filip Holič ( назад)
come to Slovakia bro and share some vibes with us :)

Автор Sean O'Herlihy ( назад)
Come to cork , some big deep house acts to be announced at start of 2017
nice hotels and shit, cheap too!

Автор Riccardo Mearini ( назад)
oi...that first tune... perfection

Автор Nick Piscitello ( назад)
Funny stories with da birds

Автор Ivelin Ivanov ( назад)

Автор Jackson Barker ( назад)
You talk some shit, but I can't help like it😂

Автор Attila Baffi ( назад)
Let us know before u flying Budapest man. Probably i ll be there around the
end of January, i am from there we should hit some clubs.

Автор Court Rigby ( назад)
Would love to get a podcast from you man! something to listen to while on
my way to school, can't get enough Joey D!!

Автор David Harrison ( назад)
big fan of the music in the background, more of that! 👌

Автор Jaymie Moran ( назад)
What's the deal with music on youtube can you use anything or? Finally
manned up and made my first vlog

Автор David Chambers ( назад)
Any chance you could show the mobility in your videos?

Автор Andrew Gallagher ( назад)
yo where did you get that grey crew neck ?

Автор Poobalan Govindaraju ( назад)
come out to singapore man. 👍🏻

Автор Cam Bailey ( назад)
Get back down to Aus next summer, yes now.

Автор Ryan O'Flynn ( назад)
what size you take in those machine joggers and what size in these ripped
jeans pal

Автор Malcolm Braganza ( назад)
Yessa! hyped about a subscriber meet up in Dubai! :D

Автор Tyrian English ( назад)
Great video dude!!

Автор 1socalshocker ( назад)
only a 20yo can eat like this and get away with it. lol

Автор Sheldon Blythe ( назад)
sunday chats would be sick mate

Автор Michelle Kickham ( назад)
I think the white chocolate ones are WAY better! That cake tho.... hahaha
nokia 3310 vibes. love it.

Автор Mestafe Ameen ( назад)

Автор AesLetic Physiques ( назад)
You need to do more of these talks, they're such a laugh man 😂

Автор Marcus TV (MarcusTV) ( назад)
You should come to Latvia

Автор jim cliff ( назад)
All for it geezer! forward!
Are you on soundcloud?

Автор Matthew Ball ( назад)
them moody sky shots though

Автор James Brown ( назад)
You ever dealt with acne or bacne? Sucks

Автор Mike Barrow ( назад)
Please do that mobility video you were going to do.

Автор Zakk Colburn ( назад)
But for real come to San Diego

Автор Zakk Colburn ( назад)
Bro yes come to San Diego! San Diego gives you love! Even if you come to
LA. I'll be there

Автор Zakk Colburn ( назад)
Do you do anything to grow your channel? Or do you let it grow organically

Автор GeorgePFitness93 ( назад)
Yessaarr. Smashing bits mate, keep at it.
I'll just pie off Brendon Burchard and get involved with Joey D's Sunday
Coffee talks instead

Автор S Black ( назад)
Sick video again fam, can you put together a highlights video of 2016 to
end the year on?

Автор MystiquePhysique ( назад)
3200 maintenance calories?! No wonder that it's been tough to get all of
your food in

Автор StateOfArts ( назад)
Swear that lad videoing you in the gym was is another video i saw with the
gym shark crew? What's going on there then ;)

Автор montana of300 ( назад)

Автор Dylan Garlando ( назад)
Yeah podcast sound good!!!

Автор CurranAesthetics ( назад)
That talk at the end was absolute truth, mate. Life goals>Fitness goals. I
needed that. Thank you! Also, come to Texas!

Автор Nathan Gumbley ( назад)
Joe mate Dubai is great but I would stress that it isn't entirely the place
to go to on a budget, so to speak. Obviously you don't have to be living it
up in the 5* hotels but either way, the experience is made better if money
isn't too much of an issue. Just a heads up.

Автор Dan ghhjl ( назад)
What shoes do you wear in the gym?

Автор Joel Scott ( назад)
Won't watch a 2 minute Guzman talk on life, will watch a 12 minute Joey D
talk on life 👌🏼

Автор Chris Morton ( назад)
yesnow to the podcast

Автор max9999 ( назад)
Budapest is awesome! my favourite place, been a few times!

Автор Josh W ( назад)
Joe, got a recommendation for a less peasent go pro. It's called an
activeon CX. 1080p filming, SD card slot works, waterproof case included.
You pay so much for GoPros cos they have the best image stabilization
across the board, the cheaper cameras lack in that respect. A factor to
take into account.

ACTIVEON CX HD Action Camera - Black

Автор mikibetina ( назад)
July/August - Croatian Coast...do it

Автор BigBanginRed ( назад)
Podcast sounds dope. Doesn't have to be fitness related. Get elder bro in
on it too

Автор SonicSyndicate ( назад)
I share the same thoughts as you. Like jeff cavaliere always says: "you
wanna be an athlete? Then you've got to train like one"

Автор Fize ( назад)
Come to dubai bro

Автор Henteey ( назад)
Where is your t-shirt from when reviewing no-pro? Loved the vid as usual

Автор Sam ( назад)
push the memory card in further with the corner of a debit card and it
should click in. Was an issue with some early action cams as the sd card
return spring bit was too strong made it difficult to 'get it in'

Автор Alex ( назад)
Joe when in January are you going to LA cause I know some really sick
places around there

Автор Alex ( назад)
How do people dislike this channel in any way

Автор aboodk ( назад)
ey yo hit me up with your plans in Dubai, Dubaian checkin' in

Автор Danny D ( назад)
"Panting like McGregor Diaz 1, round 2" hahahahahaha😂

Great idea to do a podcast like video series! Defo would tune in!

Автор Donal Ennis ( назад)
Ireland again pal

Автор Josh Magee ( назад)
yeeeees to the podcasts

Автор george fourtinas ( назад)
I ohh youll bulk with those cakes bro hahaha just joking. Dude train what
makes you happy Joe, Take 30min runs a day man. I do this for about 2 years
man, put some uplifting tunes in your phone and talk to yourself and clear
things up in your mind..it sounds crazy but it works dude. Do it for a week
and youll get hooked like its drugs. Um now about the travel part look up
Rhodes,Gr bro its one of the best destinations in Greece man. I live here
and love it but , everyone that comes here falls in love. It has everything
from mountains to beaches and great nightlife and its filled with English
people during the summer. Hope everything gose how you want bro. Remember
slow and concistanley (typo) wins the race ! Cheers dude

Автор Simon West ( назад)
Joe delaney is my hero

Автор Fitch ( назад)
Your take on the "fitness" industry and steriods

Автор mike burns ( назад)
New Zealand 🇳🇿 brah and you must head to Australia 🇦🇺 to see Freezma

Автор Luca Dumitru ( назад)
If Toronto's in the plan, we'll show ya some good festival vibes, different
than anything in europe

Автор Nath West ( назад)
usually when i come across channels like this it's usually self obsessed
dickheads, but i watched the whole video and was quite suprised when i
realised i sat through it all. seem like a sound lad and 100% agree with
what you were saying towards the end about eating/bulking i feel exactly
the same and respect that. I sometimes feel like i cant relax or enjoy
myself cause im constantly thinking about hitting my set calories and its
just hassle. dont usually comment on vids either but felt the need to write
something, on that note you earned a new sub :)

Автор Nickradosevic ( назад)
that mcgregor vs diaz reference lmao

Автор Kyle Baker ( назад)
Sounds cliché; but do stuff around tailoring workout splits to people.. I
understand it's your business but you'd get mad credit for giving huge tips
for people that work nights or long ass day shifts 👊 stay edgy

Автор HighVel0cityRS ( назад)
Another vlog from Joe D. Now that's ideal!

Автор George Fox ( назад)
went Vietnam was best thing I did, get you and your brother out there

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