pivot spiderman vs venom

saw one of the vids ancd decided to give it a try...

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Автор sigal nagar ( назад)

Автор Данил Надолько ( назад)
You animation no sense

Автор rosaura pedraza ( назад)
friend venom atacks spiderman in the end

Автор Puppet 2.0 ( назад)

Автор Diogo Casarin ( назад)
melhor que o meu

Автор Douglas Nícolas ( назад)
Antes de vc falar mal, faça melhor!

Автор Daniel Brás ( назад)
venom estava mal feito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор kylen mathews ( назад)
Dude this was awesome.

Автор Coolblox Thayzen ( назад)
Where did you get the spiderman stick?

Автор sb13cv (87 лет назад)
Not bad!

Автор Movimiento Underground Rap ( назад)
Preety cool! need to improve a little bit in the movements. Check out mine!

Автор ThyPheerus ( назад)
umm venom doesn't activate spidermans spider sense

Автор Bearcomestotea ( назад)
I made them in pivot

Автор Hamza Usman ( назад)
Please reply! I love your video but i need to know, where did you get the

Автор murderface 2002 ( назад)

Автор jdda14 ( назад)
nice anim pls look at my channel

Автор RoyalPivot ( назад)
download hypercam and you can record the video on your computer without
using a camera! also can u check out my channel? I made a batman and
spiderman series

Автор 3manjay ( назад)
Can I have a spiderman

Автор Dustinhiphop ( назад)
Orrivel é apelido

Автор matt fox ( назад)
can u send me the web

Автор gabriel santos ( назад)

Автор pivotdbzspidey129 ( назад)
Cool nice stks can I have 1

Автор Luke32141 ( назад)
Low beginner.

Автор spidermanzayne ( назад)
How did you make Spiderman

Автор blastburn700 ( назад)
@Johnnybear1954 sense is spelled like this s-e-n-s-e sense

Автор Kazi Kabir ( назад)
u need a screen recorder

Автор MrBlackholeguy ( назад)
ok i stand corrected: THIS is the BEST spiderman vs venom pivot ever!

Автор Paul Trott ( назад)
Eh, med beg.

Автор Henrypivot ( назад)
you suckkkkk

Автор Diana Mejia - Lugo ( назад)
this is copyed :(

Автор asus gamer ( назад)

Автор Joao Toksom ( назад)
onde baixa esse negosio

Автор hurnzful ( назад)

Автор Idaten001 ( назад)
probrably about veteran or elite

Автор Tiffany Pratt ( назад)
were did you do this

Автор RSGaming ( назад)
dude that was cool! can you please send me your venom stick pls ?

Автор Cameron Garrick ( назад)
Awesome Video Ich mag die Animation. what i said was awsome video i like
the animation

Автор The MIghty Bim ( назад)
that is really good

Автор Bearcomestotea ( назад)
@thales19able: i made the backgrounds myself using paint and a pivot city

Автор Thales Ferreira ( назад)
Where did you find this background? Can you tell me? Thanks.

Автор barineter ( назад)
rank: Low beg. but its good. nice background anyways. but i saw you comment
about i cant change the background.. but you can anyway...gj

Автор infamous426 ( назад)
wrong all wrong spidey can't detect venom with spider sence.

Автор ctt61999 ( назад)
venmon cant turn dissapper like that and wtf was spiderman drinking

Автор sp1derfan90 ( назад)
@redtomatoes21 dude, I'm makin a spiderman pivot right now and I do the
same thing!

Автор FunnyClubExtrem33 ( назад)
Cool Animation !!!!!!!!!

Автор Spanner Fonst ( назад)
I can't tell you what rank you are, but that was some nice work.

Автор CarnageX ( назад)
how do you make then eyes

Автор tono247 ( назад)
its weird b/c before spiderman came out in a movie and even before the
commercial i had a dream of spiderman and venom fighting and i never heard
of the comics back then

Автор MrJyoshi ( назад)
i like this! cool the best animation ive ever seen!

Автор ThePivotRR ( назад)
good animastion good backround good strick bad recording

Автор Kromwell ( назад)

Автор Wilder Castro ( назад)
esta chiido muy chidoooo

Автор lady123121 ( назад)
Where did you get that cool software ........i have but it is
stikz.....please tell me i want that,,,,i shall be very bthankful to you..

Автор nonu485 ( назад)
best youtube video 5/5

Автор blastednoob1 ( назад)
yo dude nize animation plz can you tell me how to dowload beta 3 idk when i
donwload it it goes away when i closed it plz help

Автор ThePivotCinema ( назад)
Its pretty cool butt try easing a little and it would be great

Автор Floris de Graaf ( назад)
cool cool and cool

Автор rodrigo araujo ferreira ( назад)
put the download of spidre man and venon please

Автор Cutting Edge Studios ( назад)
great! but look up some spiderman info cuz the sence to the syboite is
killing your vid

Автор Bunkyz ( назад)

Автор ArTaeH ( назад)
Good quality but hold the camrea still.

Автор Bearcomestotea ( назад)
its pivot 3 beta which is why i can change the backgrounds. but its
difficult to make it smooth because u need a lot of backgrounds if you want
movement between them, i made the eyes by starting with a blank head and
filling it in bit by bit shaping the eyes as i went.

Автор Idaten001 ( назад)
how did you change the background on every frame.

Автор Idaten001 ( назад)
totally awesome! sweet! yeah! cool! make more!

Автор Idaten001 ( назад)
how did you make the eyes.

Автор TDakotaW ( назад)
That was WICKEEDDD!!!!make more plse

Автор Kylo Ren ( назад)
there is a fault in the 1:23 time spider man ua his spider sense and can
not use poison because it blocks the symbiont

Автор cardbaron ( назад)
it is good but next time when you make pivot try useing camstudio -.-

Автор marcgable2 ( назад)
oh yea i know another spider move

Автор marcgable2 ( назад)
save it as a gif file then go to widows movie maker then import it then put
it in the timeline add sounds or music if u want title or credits too after
that click save to computer name click next then next again then it will
start loading when finished u know the rest

Автор marcgable2 ( назад)

Автор Bearcomestotea ( назад)
fair enough, i just tried to get as much of spideys actions as possible,
including the spider sense. thanks for the rating tho. btw do u know how to
change the format of pivot files to be able to upload it directly

Автор Doweis ( назад)
Really good MUCH MUCH MUCH better than mine. But I agree with Meganimanic
about that. I also give it 5 stars.

Автор Meganimanic ( назад)
Here's the thing with venom: he doesn't pick up on Spidey's Spider Sense.
So when he's invisible, he shouldn't do that backflip or when that symbiote
arm goes through the web. But other than that, Awesome! I liked how you
made them so flexible! Nice job, five stars =)

Автор guccidre ( назад)

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