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Автор Michael Hayward (3 месяца)
When it all ended...

Автор Atom (6 месяцев)
Title should be Battlefield Heroes gets bad

Автор Corteslatinodude (1 год)
1:31 I couldn't stop laughing when that national gunner threw TNT xD

Автор D.C.V. (10 месяцев)
And then the downfall started....

Автор Phil1998able (6 месяцев)
This was the last very good update. Then, the Downfall began.

Автор Chirayu Rana (7 месяцев)
i wanna play this game but the download stops at StaticObject_servers.zip
plz help me

Автор werknemerful (1 год)
This started the pay2win 'Project'

Автор FunkyBrad (10 месяцев)

Автор Zielin665 (6 месяцев)
http://www.battlefieldheroes.com/pl/ref/1000224790331 wbijcie this link
zrubcie account Do registrations and when I dig 7lvl to have any form will
get 6000funts (chack which is provided for zemnie was spotted running at
100%) and when you buy in within one month you buy it you get 15000 funts
m-16 ak-74 and a laser free.
Reply ·

Автор Bunny Raptor (7 месяцев)
How about BFBC3?

Автор lolz4everish (1 год)
I remember the times (3-4 years ago) where this was one of the best looking
sets and weapons and then you had to bring these ugly alien sets and other
stuff to bfh-.-" 

Автор swaggersaroundme (2 года)
the begining was so scary xD

Автор tieme Brom (1 год)
the planes got trol'd

Автор Daniel Derpinson (2 года)
the haggard set is incorrect needs to be fixed and they should had added
the face masked assualt for the royals...

Автор Youri Wiersma (2 года)

Автор Dingdongpo (3 года)
@tenten9003 Nobody ever forced you to pay, and it isn't even that expensive.

Автор lazaros papadopoulos (1 год)

Автор Ninjaboi321 (3 года)
this trailer lies, most of the people on this game don't work as a team

Автор riilhiiro (2 года)
But other thing - Why not included mi-24 hind and uh-60 blackhawk with
rockets and miniguns on sides?

Автор TheLuuxoR (2 года)
why man that's just mean

Автор Daniel Derpinson (3 года)
@MrJoe7646 and fucking billions of dollars!

Автор Illuminati (3 года)
it relly sux when new outfits and weaps comes, then the good old stuff
smells. damn this is annoying and has anyone just bring to stop playing
this game.

Автор Mastertnt100 (2 года)
Looks like team fortress

Автор Erro Senn (2 года)

Автор TahoeSouthShore (2 года)
1:12 Like a classic royal IDIOT

Автор Kipper (3 года)
Pay* to win

Автор logartopwns (3 года)
If only multiplayer was exciting as that...

Автор Mixail Boshovski (3 года)
yea but u saw pay t owin in the last comment ... pay

Автор Valentin Lubimov (2 года)
Why Nationals have skill with russian man?! I'm from Russia and I think
it's terrible! You meen russian are as bad as nationals?!!

Автор κωστις φουριουσ (2 года)
best of character

Автор Turner Lewis (3 года)

Автор koreansushininja (3 года)
@logartopwns It is, if ur good and NOT a noob

Автор Tayphon (2 года)
Royals:65 Nationals:66 Unbalance teams trying to balance :P

Автор Spen nox (2 года)

Автор Yourraxus (2 года)
nobody like nationals.. royals are the best .. u noob

Автор Kastelvani (3 года)
Best of them all :)

Автор Orestis Lyras (2 года)
Actually both sides are pretty awesome.

Автор jafed2000 (2 года)
not you joke it

Автор Xspy70 (2 года)
Valve and EA don't like each other. In fact, they are almost the opposites.

Автор TahoeSouthShore (2 года)
Worry not! The game is *slowly* turning back around bugfixes and non
reskins are being cranked out!

Автор Erro Senn (2 года)
I am*

Автор Ja Ich Weiß (2 года)
free 2 play pay 2 win

Автор Ninten1997 (2 года)
Thumbs up if you think this should be released on Steam for free.

Автор splashdunk (3 года)
andrei kirilenko?

Автор hhpelit84 (2 года)
This is so epic

Автор GreenBlueClouds (2 года)
Half of the video was just white text over a black background.

Автор Zee Kusa (2 года)
Then why is there a F ton of Royals eh? Im jus pretty sure pepole dont
watch this video any more Look the most recent comments before me was 4
weeks ago :P

Автор Risi (2 года)
Tumps... I don't want to be a royal at the moment :C What a shame.

Автор Yourraxus (2 года)
hahaa i are funny kid! nationals are bitches royals are the best U ARE THE

Автор Fillisel (2 года)
that old days...

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