Battlefield Heroes gets Bad Company

What would Haggard and Kirilenko look like in Battlefield Heroes?
Try it out yourself now on www.battlefieldheroes.com

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Автор Avro - Agario ( назад)
best one in my opinion

Автор Ethaniel Yeo ( назад)

Автор VerPixelt ( назад)
Play 4 free!

If i can...

Автор OMEGA'S THRONE ( назад)
damn you ea

Автор Michael Hayward ( назад)
When it all ended...

Автор Phil1998able ( назад)
This was the last very good update. Then, the Downfall began.

Автор Zielin665 ( назад)
http://www.battlefieldheroes.com/pl/ref/1000224790331 wbijcie this link
zrubcie account Do registrations and when I dig 7lvl to have any form will
get 6000funts (chack which is provided for zemnie was spotted running at
100%) and when you buy in within one month you buy it you get 15000 funts
m-16 ak-74 and a laser free.
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Автор Atom ( назад)
Title should be Battlefield Heroes gets bad

Автор Critz Gaming ( назад)
i wanna play this game but the download stops at StaticObject_servers.zip
plz help me

Автор Funny Bunny ( назад)
How about BFBC3?

Автор FunkyBrad ( назад)

Автор D.C.V. (927 лет назад)
And then the downfall started....

Автор Soap ( назад)
I remember the times (3-4 years ago) where this was one of the best looking
sets and weapons and then you had to bring these ugly alien sets and other
stuff to bfh-.-" 

Автор Corteslatinodude ( назад)
1:31 I couldn't stop laughing when that national gunner threw TNT xD

Автор werknemerful ( назад)
This started the pay2win 'Project'

Автор TheGugor ( назад)
How about hot chickens??

Автор lazaros papadopoulos ( назад)

Автор RedictaleProject ( назад)
Free funds bit .ly/15igMJx

Автор Resetgaming ( назад)
Love this vid,started playing at this time :)

Автор Martin Mägi ( назад)
i like runescape beacause i am not playing it

Автор tieme Brom ( назад)
the planes got trol'd

Автор A7XIvan ( назад)
I prefer hot chickens.

Автор tieme Brom ( назад)
good old Times

Автор Paolo ( назад)
Old BFH :>

Автор Rushing Razor ( назад)
Back when the game was awesome..

Автор jeremyde1ste ( назад)
I like trains

Автор men in black ( назад)
Battlefield Heros best gamer ever [iminent=rezfLBgUWfOB] my hero is
superlolig [iminent=zkwbgAgUWfOB]

Автор NomedWords ( назад)
nope not at all, these are nothing compared to those lazer shit..

Автор 秋山克子 ( назад)
Me too!

Автор yourraxus ( назад)
these sets rocks especially kirilenko

Автор XxX-WeaselHDVideo's-XxX ( назад)

Автор Squib ( назад)
Dont Capitalize Every Word

Автор Visorku ( назад)
more like P2W but anyway you lose if your a noob :P

Автор TheEyePain ( назад)
The day it all went wrong

Автор kenny saintil ( назад)
More Like Pay For Fun :D

Автор Erro Senn ( назад)

Автор Spennox ( назад)

Автор Spennox ( назад)

Автор Psychotic Burrito ( назад)
More like Pay4Free

Автор A7XIvan ( назад)
I Bought the m249! :D I love it!

Автор Zee Kusa ( назад)
I like how in the trailer they refuse to show the M95 at all

Автор KornelTheGamer ( назад)
that's the same shit bearded baby XD

Автор YTITTYxFanX ( назад)
Ahhh..Old but gold...We miss you old bfh time :( :))

Автор Orestis Lyras ( назад)
Actually both sides are pretty awesome.

Автор jafed2000 ( назад)
hoe gad bfh

Автор TheLuuxoR ( назад)
why man that's just mean

Автор jafed2000 ( назад)
not you joke it

Автор jafed2000 ( назад)
ken you gif me one m16 for a siprise mi email is pdp@gmail.nl and mijn
pasword is j7d7j7 please

Автор Erro Senn ( назад)

Автор ericstranne ( назад)
Thumbs up for spelling "Thumbs" right...

Автор ___iSynT. ( назад)
After those patch we lost BFH... Now with lasers gun is impossible to

Автор TahoeSouthShore ( назад)
1:12 Like a classic royal IDIOT

Автор TahoeSouthShore ( назад)
Worry not! The game is *slowly* turning back around bugfixes and non
reskins are being cranked out!

Автор Daddy Kaddin ( назад)
R.I.P BFH From this time on they started releasing shitty outfits and more
Uber,Super weapons.

Автор BFHCommand ( назад)
Wow. Why would you go sniping at a very short range?! (1:27)

Автор GreenBlueClouds ( назад)
Half of the video was just white text over a black background.

Автор Erro Senn ( назад)
I Prefer hot chicks

Автор κωστις φουριουσ ( назад)
best of character

Автор hannes lindblom ( назад)

Автор 2Wayne2bfh ( назад)
god old times. FUCK easy

Автор Erro Senn ( назад)
I am*

Автор Erro Senn ( назад)
old times..the time u didnt had to but for like... EVERYThing!!!!!

Автор Erro Senn ( назад)
....the nationals think royals are bad and the royal think the nationals
are bad.. let me guess u like the royal most?

Автор MrPcMcGamer1011 ( назад)
The nationals are more evil and the royals more good

Автор evilstr99 ( назад)
Whats the difference between the royals and nationals?

Автор LetsRock Gaming ( назад)
the old time of battlefield heroes...

Автор Fillisel ( назад)
that old days...

Автор Dox ( назад)
0:56 Kirilenko is black?

Автор Thundercracker ( назад)
Played this game for a long time, but its all about money...

Автор yourraxus ( назад)
hahaa i are funny kid! nationals are bitches royals are the best U ARE THE

Автор yourraxus ( назад)
nobody like nationals.. royals are the best .. u noob

Автор Zee Kusa ( назад)
Then why is there a F ton of Royals eh? Im jus pretty sure pepole dont
watch this video any more Look the most recent comments before me was 4
weeks ago :P

Автор Zee Kusa ( назад)
Thumbs up for Royals

Автор FunOrange ( назад)
Hot-Dogs are disgusting. I prefer hot dogs.

Автор Lord Angmar ( назад)
And thus began the stupidity.

Автор Daniel Derpinson ( назад)
the haggard set is incorrect needs to be fixed and they should had added
the face masked assualt for the royals...

Автор Cem Yildiz ( назад)
They Need To Mack Chuck Norris In This Game!

Автор çelikhan savaş ( назад)
i got kirilenko outfit too it it looks cool :d

Автор çelikhan savaş ( назад)
this game is awesome :D

Автор Zopo26 (1733 года назад)
Thumbs up for Kirilenko outfit :)

Автор sonicadx ( назад)
Thats a stereotypical American, not all americans... and Anyway The royals
are actually the NATO, the nationals are the Warsaw pact countries.

Автор Minkais ( назад)
fuck nationals, THUMBS UP FOR ROYALS!!!

Автор YATVZ ( назад)
screw royals there fats all about food

Автор bready1998 ( назад)
No pegy 16

Автор william alaric widjaya ( назад)
i wish i can play BFH like this video. have a good teamwork

Автор kiper1666 ( назад)
Swd - one shot and frag, Just 10$ for owning free players

Автор Mastertnt100 ( назад)
Looks like team fortress

Автор Daniel Derpinson ( назад)
uhmm thumbs up for PIZZA !

Автор kewin dabrowski ( назад)
You know what i like better krilenko outfit but i like better m95 And iść
that problem

Автор kewin dabrowski ( назад)
Aaahhh i want M95 And SVD pls of you have code on this guns send me on
facebook Eryk kewin dabrowski my mamę on facebook

Автор swaggersaroundme ( назад)
the begining was so scary xD

Автор HabboTimesTV ( назад)
Thumbs Up for Nationals and Royals!

Автор S0pker ( назад)
This set and Deead Space set, is the best :) .For me :).

Автор Misterbumm ( назад)
Tumps?,i got 2 thumbs!

Автор Sevj Mfkcng Foulke ( назад)
Thumbs up if you'r a mercenary, not royal, not national

Автор hhpelit84 ( назад)
This is so epic

Автор MultiVulture ( назад)
Thumbs Up For Haggard's Plane

Автор Ja Ich Weiß ( назад)
free 2 play pay 2 win

Автор MrXblacktiger ( назад)
Nationals 4 live bro.

Автор Risi ( назад)
Tumps... I don't want to be a royal at the moment :C What a shame.

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