Super Double Dragon - Mission 4

A cover of "Mission 4" from the Super Nintendo game Super Double Dragon.

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My first redo of a cover I did pre Pod HD. I wanted to do this song again for awhile. After a few requests, noticing the old version is one of my top viewed videos, and just being one of my personal favorites of my old covers I gave in. Crazy how much better it sounds and I changed up tiny bits of the second half like adding some palm muting. I've known how to play this song since 2004 so it is still very natural to play.

If you guys have never played this game I highly recommend it. For some reason there has yet to be a beat em up game with mechanics as advanced as this game like the counter moves you can do if you grab a bad guys punch at the right time. Amazing music, not that hard for a Double Dragon game, and just one of my all time favorite games to play! Next cover will be a new song from a Nintendo game and the next will be another remake of an older song I've done.

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Автор Eiji Ezaki ( назад)
Too fast lower the tempo it would be perfect

Автор kforcer ( назад)
Would I be able to use this for an MMA/submission-grappling highlight I made? I love Super NES and I love your cover!

Автор Retrobution ( назад)
damn, this gets me amped for punchin on

Автор JIMMY ANDREWS ( назад)

Автор severeoutcome ( назад)
Best song in that game and you honored it so well. Billy and Jimmy would be so proud :-)

Автор john m ( назад)
thats fuckin awesome

Автор khaos renegade ( назад)
yo you killed this bitch! salute!

Автор Steakneggs Hernandez ( назад)
dude are you on facebook?

Автор David Robinson Jr. ( назад)
You got skillz, Man!!

Автор Virus Megamanx ( назад)

Автор Adriano Manhaes ( назад)
Fantastic 5 stars !

Автор V Guyver ( назад)
awesome choice. This one came out fantastic.

Автор Luís Dias ( назад)
very nice!

Автор htxtexans 713 ( назад)
Damn that sweet bro. Great job.

Автор Gilberto Rocha ( назад)
Nice version you Rock man !

Автор Kunta Kinte ( назад)
this shit rocks!!! double dragon had the best music

Автор jakers2693 quakers ( назад)
Awesome dude!

Автор Alex Bozza ( назад)
bicho esquisito rsrs

Автор SDS Overfiend ( назад)
Just incredible.......

Автор MotherKojiro ( назад)
I wouldn't think that a hard rock version of this song would work, because it's a totally different feel, but it does; I really like this!

Автор MR.JUBAL ( назад)
aguante double dragón men , saludos de un uruguayo gamer

Автор Slang Yung ( назад)
1:08 is on forever loop for me!!!

Автор Chris G ( назад)
Good Job thank You!

Автор juan villamr ( назад)
Good job

Автор HowlingMoonCinemas (1577 лет назад)
Look up "darkultra's" version for reference. It should be right next to your version on the browser.

Автор HowlingMoonCinemas (2009 лет назад)
Dude. That sounds way too monotone. You need to add way more vibrato and dynamics to it. Put your heart into it.

Автор roquejr83 ( назад)
Good job man, regards from Brazil

Автор eraser101YT ( назад)
JMHO to this day there hasn't been a co-op fighting game that has lived up to the fun that was had playing Super Double Dragon on the SNES, they got everything right, especially the soundtrack.

Автор Kristian Thomsen ( назад)
If I ever drive a truck, similar to the one in the stage, I will put this song on and imagine the guys fighting on top of the back.

Автор Sébastien lemay ( назад)
The only thing i hate about all the snes . nes cover is people play TOO FUCKING HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im not saying he did bad but i feel everyone tries to make it ''METAL'' it's not how it should be

Автор Jorge ( назад)

Автор Chinedum Ahanotu ( назад)
Nice stuff. Keep up the good work!

Автор Chinedum Ahanotu (610 лет назад)
Yeah, I guess you're right. I feel like I learned how to play the bass section in this song. You're playing your bass in Drop D right? I learned the bass section in E Standard but I found that playing in Drop D is easier and also matches your hand playing in the video.

Автор Chinedum Ahanotu ( назад)
Love the song! Can you do an all Bass guitar video?

Автор Proto Legacy ( назад)
Tremendous job.Perhaps some Journey to Silius?

Автор htxtexans713 ( назад)
Good job man

Автор jmi84 ( назад)
Great job man I love it. 👍

Автор Kobaltzky ( назад)
I didn't want it to stop! Please make more! Can you make the Shadow boss theme if you didn't do it already? :)

Автор davi Dave ( назад)
nice  done man

Автор Niko Pavlidis ( назад)
love it! great job!

Автор DisAccountIsDed (1601 год назад)
Dude, this is SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE THIS OST SO MUCH!!!! Why can't I find so many good remixes of it like these!? That's such a shame....

Автор Strange Reality 2 ( назад)
Having to press play all the time gets annoying, and youtuberepeat still cuts out the track, so.... extended upload?

Автор Dre ( назад)
this is so badass ......... awesome 

Автор lynchjuk ( назад)
Best version of this track on youtube.  Excellent job

Автор guelma2006 ( назад)
probably the best beat'em up ever, im so gald i still have the cartridge, thanks for this amazing cover.

Автор Bones98 ( назад)

Автор Edinson Suarez ( назад)
muy bueno

Автор Carlos Ferreira ( назад)
Sempre gostei de Double Dragon, é incrível quando se descobre que tantas pessoas no mundo gostem de um jogo da época dos " arcades " .Double Dragon fez parte da minha história no " Videogames " desde pequeno gastei muita fichas !!! As músicas marcantes difíceis de se encontrar em jogos atuais estão muito bem representadas !!!

Автор Carlos Ferreira ( назад)
Que isso cara perfeito demais !!!

Автор SpongbobCleve17 ( назад)
My son found this video, I watch it almost every day! Also this was my favorite song and mission! Great job bro!

Автор indigo1384 (1276 лет назад)
this officially my new theme song when i walk into work! lol

Автор jmi84 ( назад)
Great job!

Автор YouGotJEWD ( назад)
Just wanna let you know I listen to your cover at work everyday, its amazing.  Can you do some Double Dragon 2 or 3?  You would kick ass at that.

Автор Shadows666 ( назад)
Fuck yeah! thanks for making sega music sound they it was ment to man awsome!!

Автор たこらいす ( назад)
Thank you for the wonderful music!
I like a Super Double Dragon. 
And this music is also favorite!

Автор jordan joe nonalaya rivera ( назад)
que gran cancion bro! es una de mis favoritas entre los soundtracks de snes

Автор Dethraxx ( назад)
Ok wtf I wasnt subscribed to you yet? I thought I was... meh. Must be that buggy youtube again -.- Or it was just me XD.
So long ago that I played  Super Double Dragon! But I can definitely remember this song! Great job!

Автор SrightryAmiss ( назад)
Hellz yes, an epic guitar cover of my favorite double dragon tune. You sir, have made my day.

Автор TheOnlyDeerAlive ( назад)
Hell yeah! It sounds so much better. 

Автор Dann Link ( назад)
Amazing! :D This track is awesome, this contains a lot of nostalgia ^^ I loved your tones! good work :)

Автор BlackearacheXD ( назад)
Your palm mutes are always fierce bro! Nice cover mate

Автор bboynoe ( назад)
Great track! Never played super double dragon but this track is awesome. Your tone reminds me of rise against in this vid. Just need them octave chords lol

Автор 0ZeroDL ( назад)
Hell yeah man!!! such an awesome cover and I can't wait for the next one :)

Автор 94Stones ( назад)
Damn! You've improved a lot with everything! Everything sounds really damn awesome now!

Автор RexBanterProject ( назад)
I think this maybe your best work yet, every part of this remix is solid

Автор Ravetheguitarist ( назад)
0:56 always loved that part in the songs, good job on this Genesis!!!! 2:39 dude are those all yours?!?! And this song always reminded me of the 70s/80s haha!

Автор Hyde209 ( назад)
Great stuff bro! As always ^^

Автор NintendoCore Duo ( назад)
Wow this one really sounds awesome. I've never played the game and now I have to give it a shot :D

Автор MooseheadStudios ( назад)
Good Work!!

Автор RichaadEB ( назад)
unf that snare hits so hard, great cover dood! always a pleasure to hear you rock some jams out!

Автор SwigglesRP ( назад)
Dem palm mutes :)) 

Автор TheGuitarHero198 ( назад)
Heck yea man!!! You rocked it!

Автор insaneintherainmusic ( назад)
Groovy, bro!

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