How to Fix a KitchenAid Stand Mixer That Is Leaking Oil

When a KitchenAid stand mixer leaks oil, replacing the old grease in its gearbox with new grease is the way to solve the problem. In this video, Mark demonstrates exactly how to replace the grease in a KitchenAid mixer.

Get KitchenAid grease at this link!:

For KitchenAid mixer parts, visit:


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Автор ThriftyWitch (4 месяца)
I watched the how its made video on the work that goes in to these mixers
and now if mine breaks down due to grease I can fix it my self. Thank you
so very much for taking the time to do this video. You did so and tell
amazingly. I give you ##### 5 hash tags. hehe

Автор Justin Brown (3 месяца)
the retaining pin is stuck on mine...

Автор antoniodoss (1 месяц)
Hi I have a question, mine is leaking a little bit of oil form the middle
front and back. How much leaking must be in order to change the grease?.
The mixer has 2+ year with a medium usage. There is other symptom?. Thx a

Автор Kevin Coburn (1 месяц)
Worked like a charm. Thanks for the cheap fix!

Автор Laura Doubek-Kraft (2 месяца)
I have a 30-year-old Hobart Kitchen Aid mixer that has been well used and
never leaks oil, but I found this very helpful for taking it apart and
greasing it. Which is something that has not been done in 30 years. Thanks
for sharing!

Автор Eduardo Ramírez (1 месяц)
GRACIAS , Eduardo Ramirez, de México.

Автор snackinallday (1 месяц)
Great tutorial - thank you!

Автор Terry Whitaker (4 месяца)
A very useful video. I've noticed recently that the planetary shaft (to
which you attach the mixing pieces) has a golden/yellow oil on it. It's
not leaking from the beauty ring, but coming straight down the shaft. It's
extremely slow, perhaps one drop per month. If mine is the same problem
you describe here, is it possible to get a smaller container of grease?
Yours appears to be 2 lbs, but you seemed to use only a fraction of that.
The rest would just go to waste if I bought a big tub like that. Do you
package it in single-use quantities (i.e. exactly enough for one grease

Автор Keshav Ambuga (1 месяц)
Hey, The tilt head on my KitchenAid Artisan is really tight. And I see the
metal rubbing on one side every time I lift the head up. Could you please
help out! Thanks

Автор Sean Upton (5 месяцев)
I replaced my worm-follower gear about one year ago, cleaned well, new
grease. Last time was first tear-down, only saw dirty grease and stripped
gear. One year later, stripped worm-follower gear, four problems I don't
remember seeing last time: liquified grease/oil leaking, very
congealed/rubbery oil stuck in bevel gear grooves, and some oxidization of
some kind of metal in the grease (turquose color at each tip end of the
worm-gear shaft), and gear housing screws looser than I remember tightening
them. I used a food-safe bio-based "food machinery grease." Is it
possible that the separation of the grease is symptomatic of the metalic
components introduced into the grease, not my choice of grease itself?

Автор Thomas Shellabarger (5 месяцев)
Great help! but.... the speed of the mixer since I've 'fixed' it is fast
and nonadjustable. what to do?

Автор Jeffrey Jackson (5 месяцев)
Thanks for the great video! Never would have tackled this without some

Автор Portamer Marketing (2 месяца)
Is there a way to repair the power lever? When I turn on the stand mixer,
on the low speed, it mixes very fast. Please help. I have flour everywhere.

Автор Jax Sargent (3 месяца)
Thank you for this detailed and thorough video!!! I was able to follow it
and I'm mixing again. Keep up the great work.

Автор Gilles Morin (2 месяца)
Many thanks Mark,
Your instructions are excellent and so easy to follow. You saved me time
and money. 

Автор Mike King (1 месяц)
Thanks for this. My mixer is nearly 50 years old and a treasured member of
the family. Minor differences but mostly the same. After re-greasing I put
15# of pork shoulder through the grinder attachment and worked great.
Before was heating up ... hot to the touch. This time a little warm but
nothing to speak of. I did need to get some grease ASAP so am trying ultra
4X white lithium in a tube. Hopefully I won't need to redo soon. A guy at
Lowe's said he used to fix mixers and says it works. Quality of video
and explanations are first rate and appreciated. 

Автор Alice Tisthammer (3 месяца)
Used your video yesterday to clean and repack the grease in my Kitchen Aid
mixer. LOVED your step-by-step approach. I watched and paused as I
worked. WHAT A MESSY JOB, though! I was glad I wore gloves! Your video
was a HUGE help!

I also used a small, flat wooden stick (like a popsicle stick) to get the
grease out of the areas that were too small for the putty knife. Worked

Also had a little difficulty getting the hole for the pin (on the planetary
gear) to come down, so used a pointed tool to work it down to where I could
line it up. 

Автор Nick Messina (3 месяца)
Thanks for the video, Mark !!!

Автор paladine9797 (5 месяцев)
How do we properly dispose of the old grease?

Автор Mr Miller (4 месяца)
Just did this, thanks: great tutorial, no probs!!

Автор Mike Howeth (4 месяца)
I did this repair and now I plug it in and it won't turn on. Please help!! 

Автор Torrakay (5 месяцев)
Would it be necessary to replace the gasket if the mixer is leaking oil?
I'm being told yes, but your video doesn't illustrate this. Just
wondering if I need to repair the gasket or if replacing the grease will
suffice. Thanks for any advice and great video!

Автор bath room (4 месяца)
I'm not able to get the pin out. Is there a trick to this? Is the pin

Автор Mike Sullivan (3 месяца)
This video was really helpful, a perfect guide for grease replacement!

HowTo fix a latch which doesn't catch:
My latch wasn't catching, so the mixer would pop up even after trying to
lock it. Put the lid in the up position, you'll see a set screw on the lid
where it hinges to the base. Screw that in some more, put the lid down and
re-test the lock. If it still won't catch, tighten a bit more and re-test.

Автор Tessa Rollins (8 месяцев)
Here's my Tuesday night excitement. Hopefully it will do the trick!

Автор Beth Ravel (5 месяцев)
Thank you so much for this video, it was a tremendous help. However, I'm
trying to reassemble the mixer and cannot get the motor housing down no
matter what I do. The housing sits about an inch off the base. I tried
turning the planetary gear, but it won't go down. I tried removing some of
the new grease thinking maybe there was too much and the gears couldn't
match up because of it, still nothing. Any ideas of what else to do without
taking it to get serviced? Please help!

Автор Justin Brown (4 месяца)
on your site you have Grease, Planetary is it compatible with model KSM90??

Автор Justin Brown (4 месяца)
the color of the grease used in this video is different from the one you
sell, if it different?

Автор jim noyb (3 месяца)
I wish every self help video was this good, But even more, I would like you
working at the appliance shop down the block. You are a real pro.

Автор chris319 (4 месяца)
Great video! Very helpful. Thanks for making it.

Автор dubreg61 (5 месяцев)
Excellent video brother... I had the issues myself and didn't know what was
going to be involved in fixing it... BUT, you have answered my questions
and I will now save about $350 by not buying a new mixer! Thanks!

Автор eReplacementParts.com (10 месяцев)
Thank you for watching our video and leaving a comment! We are glad that
our video has helped you so much! This strain relief that is on your mixer
is shaped like a circle with cut off sides. Using a pair of blunt nosed
pliers, turn the strain relief to the left. This should bring the retainer
to the opening on the housing allowing you to pull it out. To reinstall
just go in reverse.Thanks again for watching!

Автор infringinator (2 года)
Is this pretty much what kitchenaid would do if I sent it to them? And
should I replace the grease after so many years, or just when it leaks?

Автор Peggy Schnurr (1 год)
Very helpful, thank you so much. When this happened, yesterday, as I was
about to begin my Christmas baking my first feeling was one of "panic" -
thanks for helping.

Автор Cadistra (10 месяцев)
Thank you so much for this video! I inherited a mixer from my parents, and
noticed it started leaking. I was so worried I'd have to get a new one...!
:s I'll order some grease online and take an afternoon to do this. Thanks
again for saving a much beloved $350+ mixer!

Автор Archimedes Bakes (2 года)
This video was very helpful.....my KitchenAid is leaking a little bit of
oil...probably (as you said) I haven't been using it as much...more
cookies! Thanks for the information! :)

Автор ashleyharliescooby (1 год)
Worked like a charm!

Автор Jeffrey Lebowski (1 год)
Just wanted to say thanks again for a helpful video. I replaced the grease
in mine about two years ago but I used high temp wheel bearing grease
instead of the OEM grease. I actually posted a link to your video today for
a forum member who needed help with his leaking mixer. Thanks!

Автор Scott Wellman (1 год)
Thank you so much! Was able to fix my wife's mixer in no time and made her
extremely happy! Great instructions!

Автор wjbean (1 год)
Excellent. Just what I was looking for.

Автор paremphasis (2 года)
You, sir, are a GOD. I started taking mine apart and thought, mayyyybe I
should find out how to do this.

Автор Edie Fields (2 года)
thank you for answering my question on the color of the grease, I will be
happy to do my mixer now instead of being fearful because it's a different
color than in the video.

Автор eReplacementParts.com (1 год)
In our "How to Fix a KitchenAid Mixer That Isn't Spinning" video, you will
learn helpful tips that can determine which gear is giving you problems.

Автор Buster33065 (2 года)
Thank You Excelent Job

Автор Ryan Norton (1 год)
Great video thanks!

Автор Nicholas Mancini (6 месяцев)
I have my Kitchen aid for 25 years it make noise when I'm mixing dough
should I repack it with grease?

Автор Dan Compton (2 года)
great video man! I thought I was going to have to jump through all kinds of
hoops to address this issue but I can see how easily I can fix this myself
thanks to you. Kudos!

Автор Aristocob (2 года)
Excellent video! This is just what I came to YT tonight to find. Thanks!

Автор Marek Zywolewski (6 месяцев)
I loved this video,it safe me money and my mixer

Автор ea6bflyr (1 год)
Great video, but instead of replacing the OEM grease that will eventually
separate again, I've chosen to use TRI-FLOW Food Grade PTFE Grease that
will not separate over time...and I will not have to replace separated
grease in a few years.

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