How to Fix a KitchenAid Stand Mixer That Is Leaking Oil

When a KitchenAid stand mixer leaks oil, replacing the old grease in its gearbox with new grease is the way to solve the problem. In this video, Mark demonstrates exactly how to replace the grease in a KitchenAid mixer.

Get KitchenAid grease at this link!:

For KitchenAid mixer parts, visit:


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Автор Elena Kaczorowski ( назад)
What grease do I use to replace the old grease?

Автор anna biagetti ( назад)
hi, thanks for your video!! can you link where I can buy any grease for
food machine ?

Автор Efrain Palacios ( назад)
Hi, I have a KitchenAid Artisan and when the shaft rotates of the whisk
makes an internal noise as if he lacks lubrication, What should I review?

Автор Timothy Orion ( назад)
Awesome! Thank you so much! : )

Автор Dan Bonacum ( назад)
He never replaced the gasket so the leak will still be there. Mending Shed
has the parts as well as Ebay but I'm going to use silicone gasket maker
because I'm cheap.

Автор Maui 777 ( назад)
Hi Mark- Thank you very much for the video. It was great help and we are
now up and running perfect. Great job!!!

Автор dulcimiel1 ( назад)
We were trying but the retaining pin would not come off. Any suggestions.
We have the exact model. Thanks!

Автор Leesa White ( назад)
Do you have a video to show how to disassemble a KA Professional 5? It does
not appear to have the same screw pattern that the 6 has. Do the four large
phillips-head screws that bolt the top to the base have to be removed? Your
videos have been very clear and helpful.

Автор pjsundlie ( назад)
I also would like to know the appropriate grease to be using.. Thank you
for the video. Just pulled mine out of storage after a few years..

Автор André Lemaire ( назад)
Wow ! this video his very helpful. Thank you Mark !

Автор Nancy Rodgers ( назад)
I replaced the grease from the gear box put it back together and now it
does not have power at all. What area of the machine should I trouble shoot
to find out why their is not power now.

Автор Spud Martin ( назад)
OOPS! My mixer is a Kitchenaid/Hobart K5SS lift bowl from 1985 .

Автор Spud Martin ( назад)
I replaced the brushes, which as you know, is a very easy job. When
removing the brush cap with a flat head screwdriver, the plastic type
female part that the brush cap screws into broke. It was not even stuck and
it broke with no force. I super glued it back and it is holding up for now.
I would like to order to order a new part but I do not know what the part
is called and how to replace it. Can you help?

Автор Papa Steve ( назад)
What type or weight of grease is required

Автор Brent Cummings ( назад)
Excellent easy step by step instructions. Thank you!

Автор Ann Z ( назад)
Where can you get the new gasket? Kitchenaid doesn't sell it :(

Автор Liz B ( назад)
Thank you so much for posting this video. While following this easy to
understand video, I re-greased my 15 year old Kitchen Aid Classic with no
issues. It runs like a dream now.

Автор Kristal Powell ( назад)
My mixer is leaking oil or grease at the bottom where it spins. So is mine
the same thing just needs grease replaced or does it need more?

Автор Caroline Badgett ( назад)
Thank you so much. I was able to follow your video and fix my mixer. Thank
you, Thank you, Thank you.

Автор Rod M ( назад)
Awesome video. Always love watching your stuff. Very clear and concise
without a bunch of extra jibber jabber.

Автор Don Bouchard ( назад)
That was very helpful! Thank you! We have had our Kitchenaid over
twenty-five years. It's been growling, and I think it needs grease.

Автор sharon love (658 лет назад)
Thank you. I will try this and let you know how I did.

Автор Cindy Duim ( назад)
My daughter and I just replaced the lubricant in my OLD Kitchen Aid Mixer.
We set everything up on the dining room table covered by newspapers. Our
mixer is older than this one but we modified the instructions just a bit
and all was well. Setting the head back on the base after cleaning and
lubing turned out to be a bit challenging since the axle thingy had shifted
a bit and we had to figure this out to get it to rotate and thus align
correctly. Great instructions and now the mixer is in great shape. Oatmeal
bread coming up!

Автор Jim Hoskins ( назад)
Simple as can be, if I can follow the instructions. Thanks, great video.

Автор jersstuff ( назад)
Thank you, you saved me from buying my wife another mixer. Great video.

Автор Guille091305 ( назад)
i just used this video to replace the grease, gasket and the O-ring and it
worked. Mark did an outstanding job explaining each step. I will use their
tutorials again if I ever have to!

Автор C Smith ( назад)
That's a very informative video, but I'm surprised you don't recommend
replacing the gasket.
It's only about five bucks more and then it will be like new.

Автор Greg DeLozier ( назад)
Thanks! This was a big help!

Автор Eric Robinson ( назад)
Thank you -- that was a really helpful video!!

Автор Leigh Ann Howard ( назад)
Easy to follow! Thanks for the helpful video.

Автор Bob Purdy ( назад)
thanks so much for your very informative video. God bless youtube, and
people like you. My mixer was dripping, what looked to be, hot chocolate
into my mixing bowl. I followed your instructions, added new grease,
cleaned it up, and is now purring like a kitten. I wonder how much I saved
had I taken it back to Williams Sonoma? I wonder how many mixers have been
thrown out over a 60 min $10. fix, thanks again its now running like new.

Автор Sandra Nelson ( назад)
Help.... I have a plastice gasget left over.... Can't remember where it
went..... but I think it wasfrom the gear in the front..... because I took
it out and washed it........ Also looking for a place to put the new O ring
I ordered. This was a bit scary doing it the first time. I also took out
twice as much grease as I could put back in. It was everywhere in the
bottom of the head, and I certainly did not want to put it back there.
Thanks for any help

Автор Emanuel ben ( назад)
Any clue on how to remove the retaining pin when stuck or frozen?

Автор Karma's B1tch ( назад)
Great tutorial, thanks a lot, I think you just saved my Kitchen Aid!!

Very well explained, simple step by step, very calm: perfect!

Автор Dan Wing ( назад)
I guess I don't need a new mixer! Glad this issue is a "simple" fix!!
Thanks very much!!

Автор Kelly Morrison ( назад)
Very helpful. Thank you.

Автор harry hughes ( назад)
What if you have the non tilting kitchen aid mixer?

Автор Doug Sisk ( назад)
This was as well done as any video That I have seen. Thanks for your help!

Автор Les Hile ( назад)
Awesome video... My mechanical skills are below average and I was able to
do this with the great step by step directions. Thanks, Mark!

Автор Valerie Muir ( назад)
Hi,I have noticed a brown oily substance underneath my mixer. It has been
particularly hot here [42 C] and we were mixing royal icing which was very
stiff. There is no sign of grease on the beauty ring area. Thanks for your
very informative and user friendly videos.

Автор Kris Clerk ( назад)
great video! I removed all gears to clean them thoroughly, have added the
grease and am reassembling. The housing is fitting tightly back into place.
I am putting the planetary back on. The problem is that the shaft with the
pin holes in it is moving back up into the machine with the pressure from
the planetary fitting back on. So even when I've pushed the planetary on
and into place, the holes in the shaft are too high to align with the
planetary holes.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Автор Holger Haas ( назад)
Really Great video - thanks a lot for this guide! Mixer is running als good
als new :)

Автор Karri or David Jasperse ( назад)
when I tried reassembling my mixer the post that you're supposed to line up
the holes to reinsert the pin doesn't come down far enough to even see the
post hole let alone line it up to reinsert the pin. Any help would be
appreciated as right now I have a very expensive paperweight.

Автор callmemrtidbitts ( назад)
Any help on getting the pin out? It's not coming out witha few taps on the
punch like it does in the video. thanks!

Автор Joseph Millett ( назад)
Excellent video! Thanks so much!

Автор marc7491 ( назад)
As some other posters, my wife and I replace the old grease with new by
watching the video. The step by step explanation made it easy. It's one of
the best tutorial videos that I've seen! Thank you!

Автор Andrea Mackey ( назад)
Very easy to understand. I think as a dummy I can handle it.than k you

Автор Missy Ta ( назад)
Kitchen aid says that if you didn't lose at least 1/4 c of oil, just run it
on speed 10 for 3-5 minutes and you should be okay to continue use

Автор Alan Arango ( назад)
Thank you for the step by step instructions! Very helpful

Автор jstacy1131 ( назад)
The video was perfect. My wife and I just used your video to fix our mixer
that was leaking old grease. Everything was explained perfectly. Thanks

Автор FurnitureDoctorPlus ( назад)
I have the larger mixer from sams club that does not lift...does it work
similarly? Also there is a slight short in the switch...I am an
electrician, so I can test out the connections...after I get into the top,
but my question is...do you carry the parts for that if there should be an
issue? ..I think it really is a connection...since I can move the mixer and
it will start back up...etc...lol..

Автор Gennifer Scott ( назад)
My husband repacked the grease in our Kitchenaide using your You Tube
video. All went great, but now we cannot get it to work. Any suggestions/

Автор Gennifer Scott ( назад)
Excellent video, thank you!

Автор Jay P ( назад)
Thanks or the video. Was able to follow along and get this done in under
30 minutes.

Автор Patty Sprenger ( назад)
Thanks so much for the informative video. I bought a used Kitchen Aid mixer
at an estate sale and was disappointed to see it was leaking oil. Your
video and another one on replacing the worm gear walked me right through

Автор Rich Boehm ( назад)
This is a great video, but I ran into a problem that I haven't seen in the

When turning the gears to mesh them with the top cover, the gears wouldn't

It turned out that the shear pin that engages the exposed shaft with the
upper gears had become disengaged, preventing the gears from meshing. I
must have pushed the shaft up during dis-assembly and disengaged the shear
pin. It took me some time to find out where the problem was because
everything was covered in grease, which is the purpose of this repair.

If you run into this problem you just have to expose the shaft where it
comes up from the exterior and re-seat the shear pin.

Автор Kodiak Paulin ( назад)
I can't seem to get the pin out of the planetary housing no matter how much
I use the punch. Any suggestions?

Автор Mara ONeill ( назад)
Just fixed the leaky artisan kitchenaid mixer I bought at a yard sale,
thanks to your video. But now the mixer seems louder than I recall, and
definitely louder than my 30+ year old classic kitchenaid mixer. Is it
possible I did something wrong?

Автор John Swindlehurst ( назад)
Mark - Nice job on the video on how to replace the grease in the KitchenAid
mixer. The only comment that I would have is to make certain that you are
using food same grease - thus in case the grease leaks into the "cookie
dough" you can still eat the food without getting sick.

Автор juan zapata ( назад)
hi, i have a KitchenAid proline 2 Lts and, i don´t know how repair. it´s
the same machine?? i can´t uncover it.

Автор William Corcoran ( назад)
thank you very much, very helpful

Автор Karen Engel (188 лет назад)
It concerns/confuses me a bit that the video shows a light colored grease
being applied from a white plastic container with blue writing - yet the
"selling" link is a metal can with a paper label and black writing
(Benalene 930-2), and as far as I can tell from searching online this
grease is a dark brown. :-(

Автор Veronica Lee ( назад)
Got the grease and did all the work, but now I will never know if it
worked... when putting it back together, my husband got some of the wires
kinked and when we plugged it in,,,, the popped and spit sparks and now it
does not work at all.... :-(

Автор Ryan Finchum ( назад)
How often would this need done if used regularly? 

Автор Pierre Baillargeon ( назад)
Thanks for the video, much appreciated.

Автор Angela Richmond (Smil3ygirl) ( назад)
Thank you! This was so easy thanks you your step-by-step procedure! Good as
new and no grease dripping in my food!!

Автор Van Haley ( назад)

Автор Cheryll Katten ( назад)
Great video, contains all necessary instructions to carry out a successful
repair. One suggestion is to include a comment about not forgetting to put
the washer in the planetary section back in place before reassembly.

Автор blushingdragonfly ( назад)
Thank you for the videos. Do you have one on how to remove the paddles? I
purchased at garage sale. It took long time to remove bowl, but I can't get
the paddle off. I have tried all the suggestions online but no success.
Would taking planetary off, help with my issue?

Автор Jill Parks ( назад)
This was perfect! I am 63 years old and had no problems with fixing my
KitchenAid. Thank you so much for posting this! You are a gem.

Автор Michael Crane (603 года назад)
Thank you very much, extremely helpful!! 

Автор Alan Wilkinson ( назад)
Thanks to your video I was able to repair my mixer with ease. Straight
forward instructions, no surprises and simple tools made for a quick fix.

Автор Melissa Cartwright ( назад)
I have an older model kitchenaid that needs the cord replaced, but does not
have the snap in wiring tabs like the newer models. The wiring runs under
the motor. How do I replace this? I have looked all over the internet, with
no luck. It is a Hobart K45 model mixer. 

Автор Rosita Esgard ( назад)
Thanks a lot. I have a Professional 450, so it was a little different to
take it apart, but I knew what I was looking for, so this video is great!!!

Автор Kelsey CoCa ( назад)
thank you! this is so helpful!
excellent job

Автор Amanda (1150 лет назад)
Mine is leaking oil, but it's not coming out of the front as described in
the video, mine runs down the underside of the head and neck of the mixer.
Would you suggest the same repair? Thank you in advance.

Автор Dave B ( назад)
Hi Mark. Thanks for the video. Made for an easy fix. Just one
question/suggestion. With the unit open, wouldn't it be the ideal time to
(also) replace the gasket between the housings? Just a thought. Cheers.

Автор Angela Hester ( назад)
I cant get the pin out no matter what I do!!! Help please!!!!

Автор Swantown Inn Innkeepers ( назад)
This was fantastic. Helped us fix our mixer but for the life of us we cant
get the beauty/trim piece back on. It goes on and then falls back off. I
can feel grooves on the inside where the tabs on the machine were but it
doesnt seem to matter if we line those upnor not it just falls off. Any

Автор Stephen Garfield ( назад)
I just followed your easy instructions and it worked like I was a pro.
Thanks a bunch.

Автор Mike E ( назад)
Nice, thorough job. Someone suggested listing all the tools needed up
front - not a bad idea. I made a list while reviewing the video before
starting. It didn't take 20 minutes start to finish. Thank you.

Автор MOL ( назад)
Thanks for the DIY. Tuned up my mixer nicely.

Автор Terry Nelson (431 год назад)
Great video, I was wondering what I was going to do because I recently
became aware that this was happening with our kitchenaide mixer and thought
I was going to have to take it to a repair shop to fix it. This video
makes it look "simple" and straight forward as to how to fix it and as soon
as I can find a supply of appropriate grease I will take on this project

Автор susan sobon ( назад)
tools needed: phillips head screwdriver, 2 regular screwdriver, punch set,
mallet of some sort, putty knife, container to dispose of grease, latex
type gloves (a must!!!) and paper towels!!!!!

Автор Rogzo ( назад)
Great Video manual! With zero knowledge of a Aitchen Aid I was able to
review my unit and change the grease after the machine stood in a corner
unused for about 2 years. Some models may differ slightly regarding the
wiring. I got an Artisan 90yrs edition - which has shorter cables on the
inside and you have to disconnect 2 cables before you can remove the top
half of the mixer. You thus might need a 2nd person to lend a hand, build
yourself some kind of stand to plyce the top half or completely separate
the foot from the body before starting disassembly.

Removing the grease is really a mess, you may need more than one size of
putty knife to reach all the crevices, and lots of paper towels to mop up
the separated oil (which was the reason for disassembly). I also took off
the small gearbox tower, so I could remove the grease more thoroughly.

My solution for the "retaining pin issue":

One frequently encountered problem (I read about this on several threads)
seems to be when the retaining pin of the planetary shaft will not budge
even after hammering it with the drift punch for a long time.

Here's a solution that worked for me: apply a few drops of penetrating oil
on both sides of the pin and at the center of the planetary shaft (where it
penetrates the cover). Let it sit for a while (to allow the oil to do its
job), maybe add some more and then pound the pin with just a few
deliberate, slow but forceful strikes to see if it will budge at all - if
it moves just for a hairs breadth and then no more - add some more
penetrating oil, let it sit... and repeat the process.

It does not matter from which side you remove the pin, it is symmetrical
and straight. This way the disassembly of the pin may take some time, but
this way you minimize the risk of damaging pin or coating by brute force
hammering away.

Автор tshowler11 ( назад)
I have a lift bowl style kitchenAid. My upper housing case only has 2
screws to remove. It appears to still be attached near the rear of the

Автор Stephen Fullerton ( назад)
Very handy info. Saved me lots of time hunting and figuring this out on my

Автор Kathleen Kalb ( назад)
Just did this to my 15 years old machine that had been leaking oil. It was
a messy job, but with rubber gloves and lots of paper towels, my machine is
working wonderfully again. Thank you!

Автор Midge Davis ( назад)
I have spent the last hour trying to remove the pin from the shaft out of
the planetary gear with no luck. I have even frozen it trying to reduce
the shrink fit. Any ideas?

Автор Dave Pearl ( назад)
Thanks that did help now I can fix mine

Автор buddenbo ( назад)
Thank you very much for this very clear and easy-to-understand tutorial. I
purchased a used mixer today and wanted to go through and totally refurbish
it. You made my job very easy. It's much appreciated! 

Автор Brian W ( назад)
Fantastic Video! Easy to follow. Q-tips are great for cleaning out
the hard to reach places. Thank you eReplacementParts.com!

Автор Angie Serritella ( назад)
Awesome video! Very helpful! Thank you:)

Автор Lisa Corbin ( назад)
Is the direction the same for the lift up mixer vs the tilt back?

Автор Christopher Krueger (1260 лет назад)
Fantastic. My wife wanted to replace it or send it back to the factory.
My only suggestion would be to put on disposable gloves to remove the
grease and then thoroughly pack the grease into the gears with your
fingers. Thanks!

Автор Mark Webb ( назад)
Does this demonstration work for Model RRK150???

Автор Rebecca Oprish ( назад)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! For less than $20, I have my mixer back!
And just in time for Christmas Eve cookie baking!

Автор TheMrGeisel ( назад)
Watched the video and have the mixer all apart. What kind of grease do I
use to replace the worn out stuff. Looked on your website but could not
find any. Thanks for your help.

Автор chris319 ( назад)
I greased my K5A and it started leaking oil about a year later. I figured
the grease was too new to have separated, so I replaced the rubber o-ring,
KitchenAid part #67500-55, as well as the pin people have trouble driving
out, part #9707223. Being a Hobart-era K5A it is at least 35 years old and
still purrs like a kitten. It is a worthwhile investment to get a 5/32" pin
punch to drive out the pin. It can be difficult to get out. I used some
Liquid Wrench and after a lot of banging it started to move and finally
came out.

Автор Henry Martinez ( назад)
great repair vid. followed your instructions and repaired my mixer that had
been out of commission for 2-3 years! saved a bunch of money and mixer is
back on line. not a huge deal but i agree that listing the tools required
in your text box or in the beginning of the vid would be...the icing on the
cake. (thaticannowmakethankstoyourvideo!)

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