Great People Saving Animals Lives

Heroic people rescuing and saving animals from uncommon troubles, giving them new lives.
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Автор David Lapuz ( назад)
I don't like the part when he's cutting the horn of the goat the is painful

Автор sasubabemusiclover 03 ( назад)
I thank those people who sacrifice their lives to save the animals.

Автор rik winder ( назад)
For those 213 who disliked, i hate you!

Автор Makayla Berg ( назад)
when i watched this video i cryed the whole time

Автор LDgirlfan1221 ( назад)
#Animals lives matter

Автор The Molly Moo Kingdom ( назад)
There were 9 baby squirrels who got abandoned my their mother and I saved
all of them and they are back into the wild! None of them died. I also
helped a coyote cross the road. I saved 32 birds throughout my life. When I
get out of school I wanna be an animal rescuer

Автор kylie .mynizzle ( назад)
all I these people deserve to go to heaven

Автор Mika's youtube. ( назад)

Автор G4mer Jamx ( назад)

Автор Andrea Goodwin ( назад)
Poor animals

Автор Eric Camacho ( назад)
I am crying right now

Автор Landonb75 ( назад)
I feel so sad for those animals

Автор Gracie Thogmartin ( назад)
I think the worst one was the goats horns growing into it's neck😔

Автор Mega Charizard ( назад)
The first one was absolutely adorable.

Автор Queen_Maddie_Llama c; ( назад)
This breaks my heart that animals get stuck or hurt like this

Автор Sylwia Walenta ( назад)
pomagać to nie tylko wyciągnąć z problemu ślę i pokazać że zależy

Автор Peg Leg ( назад)
That bear video was truly amazing. They risked their lives and gave up
their ladder.

Автор itsSunshine ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ( назад)
I don't believe in superman or spiderman, but I believe in them, those
everyday heroes

Автор summer paradise ( назад)
5:17 Kinda Looks Like The Man's Hurting The Animal? These People Are Great
For Saving These Animals Though :)

Автор Julia Kirk ( назад)
I was crying it was so so sad

Автор Maria De La Cruz ( назад)
this is nice of the humans to save the animals

Автор Mckayla Holtz ( назад)
Thank everyone who is saving animals

Автор James Albertyn ( назад)

Автор Farida Maher ( назад)
Most of these things would not happen if we weren't there

Автор TheEagleWisp ( назад)
Why are there always invisible ninjas cutting onions when i watch this?

Автор Eilis Medina ( назад)
the 207 ppl who disliked this has no soul and no heart

Автор Nub Bun ( назад)
This doesn't make me cry it makes me feel warm and happy inside because all
these people are saving animals life's and some of these animals can hurt
them but they still save them

Автор Jillian Garcia ( назад)
This video made me cry with the clips and music

Автор Jose Juan Ramirez ( назад)
1 of those kittens look like my

Автор Bacon Snax ( назад)
First one down and my eyes are already watering. OH SHIT THE SECOND ONE OH

Автор Shadowpixel ( назад)
who else was in physical pain when all these animals were trapped or in
whatever situation?

Автор game gamer ( назад)
Much respect to all the animal savers!
This made me cry!

Автор glamor Nina ( назад)
I nearly cried.This is bueatuful:)

Автор Fascinating Friesland ( назад)
i have respekt vor tis jhumans

Автор Lauryn Solorza ( назад)
I cryed for every signal animal😢😭😭😭😭😭😢😢💔💔💔💔💔

Автор Ciara Sharp ( назад)
this is so sad as well as happy it almost made me cry

Автор Wolfy Productions ( назад)
#animallivesmatter #rescuetheanimals #foxes #cats #pigs #elephants #frogs
#badgers #cows #deer #jaguiers #panther #cheetah #dolphins #dogs #fish
#ducks #chickens #bobcats #lynx #lemur #birds #lions No matter what animal
u should always save it when u see it no matter if ur in a rush or anything
save that animal if u don't it can die plz take time to just rescue a poor
animal it doesn't know what's happening so it doesn't do anything plz help
we all need u :3

Автор Jada Enkels ( назад)
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭keep saving animels

Автор Mareta Ostojić ( назад)
they put a chetah in a cage not saving?

Автор Laura Shinn ( назад)
OMG i almost cried

Автор LEGO studio ( назад)
What's with the cheetah one?? It's cool and all that they got it out, but
just to keep it in captivity?😔😔

Автор Emma Olsen ( назад)
Is there something wrong with me? I didnt cry😂

Автор w Cb ( назад)
I've saved a few animals before

Автор Dewa Pratama ( назад)
50.000 like if you cry every time....

Автор Darkwolfpie ( назад)
A Animal life is not less important than a humanlife!!!!

Автор Trais Varicose ( назад)
You dont need super powers to be a hero. You dont need to be known as a
hero around the globe. You dont need money as your reward. The animals you
save or the people you save is what makes you a hero and your reward is
that you know you saved a persons or animals life and trust me its way
better than being rich.

Автор Klly Klan C M ( назад)
2:30 like if u cry everytime

Автор Tanya Tanya ( назад)
great job done people

Автор Evie Wilce ( назад)
oh my god I feel so bad i was crying whaching this it is so kind of them
people to help them poor animals 😦😦😦😦😦😦😦😢😢😢😢😢

Автор Sarah Shadow ( назад)
Who else noticed that every time a person saved a cat the reason they do it
is usually because the cat got stuck to something or in something 😕😯😓

Автор Ruszt Camelia ( назад)

Автор Heli Cardell ( назад)
I'm so happy these people are saving the animals😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Jeff Palmer ( назад)
you are a livesaver

Автор shado f ( назад)
thank you to all people who are saving animals

Автор HeyImNutellaElla ( назад)
this no lie made me cry

Автор ADAM GAMING ( назад)
Who cried while watching this not gonna lie I did

Автор Jessie Uch ( назад)
did anybody else cry

Автор ELANA MICHAELS ( назад)
AWE this was soooooo AMAZING this makes me have hope for the world nowa

Автор Yudha Andreas ( назад)
still 203 dislikes, what were they thinking?

Автор stomper100 :D ( назад)
This almost made me cry because of how some people can be so life saving
for any animal in any situation :')

Автор Lucy Conger ( назад)
this made me cry because these people risked their lives to save animals

Автор Zerbus FH ( назад)
The goat one is gorey.......

Автор Eugene Krochta ( назад)
its so sad becuse u see all of the animals stuck there and its hard for
them i have a soft spot for animals and it so so sad that there stuck there
who knows how long they could where there ):

Автор Leilani Castelo ( назад)
THANK YOU! THANK YOU to those pepole what innocent animals

Автор Pangolin Fan ( назад)
I've saved a ladybug from drowning 🐞

Автор GracieB LAX ( назад)
All these people are life savers and true heroes! But the music makes me
anxious and sad.

Автор Rachel Zheng ( назад)

Автор Jessica Tran ( назад)
But It Is So Nice They Save Them

Автор Jessica Tran ( назад)
That Is So Sad

Автор Ezziej ( назад)

Автор Ballora Gaming ( назад)
All the people in this video have hearts. Im thankful for them. Were lucky
to have them.

Автор Hikazaya Nikushi ( назад)
It makes me really really happy When I see humans helping animals this is
the way it should be

Автор BabyKatlyn BabyBarbie ( назад)

Автор Pat Scott ( назад)
every animal deserve to live, too

Автор TheEKFgamer ( назад)

Автор TheEKFgamer ( назад)
i cryed at all of them because its so sweat

Автор Zoey hughs ( назад)
save the animals save the animals

Автор TheEKFgamer ( назад)
number one made me cry

Автор Doreen Martinez ( назад)
god bless these people

Автор Cool girls360 ( назад)
this makes me happy!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Tammy Mcgrath ( назад)
So sad I,m crying

Автор blue crisco ( назад)
this comment is to dedicate people who has ever saved a animal, pleas
comment down below your story

Автор joris andrejauskas ( назад)
i almost cried watching this video

Автор Joelis Hernandez ( назад)
This you made me cry

Автор Stephanie Mendez ( назад)
people who hated this i am disappointed at you

Автор Jamie Kincaid ( назад)
😪 I just love some people

Автор Camille williams ( назад)
this made me cry i did not know people care that much aboute animals i
loved it.It was real love from the heart😍😍❤❤

Автор seanetic ( назад)
That's illegal to have the please subscribe coming up for a split second

Автор Anam Shk ( назад)
such an amazing video everybody should learn rhat how to treat with animals

Автор jc gta ( назад)
so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔

Автор Montana Morris ( назад)
i am crying that is how sad it is

Автор miniature maker ( назад)
how put a dog into the hearth

Автор Random Cat ( назад)
So cute

Автор Mackenzie Roberts ( назад)
I cried through the whole thing but its a good thing that they saved the

Автор Tal Makover ( назад)
Lovely People!

Автор Ruth Garrett ( назад)
it made me cry

Автор Georgina Harden ( назад)
I'm glad they save them because if they didn't they would be dead this made
my heart grow bigger💗😭

Автор PinkEllie Studios ( назад)
The cat one when the cat was stcuk in the tube looked kinda cute at furst
but I felt very sad for the cat later on.

Автор Todd Mills ( назад)
Love dont kill, we needs animal, and the People that save them Thank you.

Автор Ava Cuevas ( назад)
thank god for these people... it breaks, my heart seeing what these animals
went through... amazing people

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