10 Best Survival Games Of All Time

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Since the early days of the Day Z mod and, of course, Minecraft, gamers felt a need to survive… in video games of course. We all enjoyed the thrill of either being the hunter in search of some food or, in some cases, the prey, running from various bloodthirsty enemies.
Now we are going to take a quick look at 10 survival games that may be worth your time.


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Автор BooBerryJam ( назад)
Ark should be #1, how dare u

Автор Rambo Gamezz ( назад)
How's 7 days to die not on this list

Автор Shadow Heart ( назад)
8:06 "Maybe that's what they wanted all along".
Who's 'they'?

Автор Stevil935 ( назад)
no 7 days to die? fail

Автор TheFailSquad ( назад)
Ark doesn't deserve a spot on this list

Автор BenTheArmy ( назад)
The gameplay of ark you showed made me download it again...

Автор MrChaos211 ( назад)
Empyrion Galatic Suvival

Автор Larry Lauzon ( назад)
i always liked aftermath for steam

Автор imaturtle clan ( назад)
why didnt you add 7 days to die its a survalal game.

Автор FuckYouGoogle ( назад)
Why is space engineers not on this list? It should have at least gotten an
honorable mention.

Автор Gil Origin ( назад)
If Fallout isn't allowed on this list because it's a "RPG with a survival
Then something is seriously wrong with the world.

Автор Wolfebane ( назад)
Just going to put this here so people actually KNOW what a Survival game

Survival games are a subgenre of action video games that generally start
the player off with minimal resources, in a hostile, open-world
environment, and require them to collect resources, craft tools, weapons,
and shelter, and survive as long as possible. Many survival games are based
on randomly or procedurally-generated persistent environments, with more
recently created games often playable online, with multiple players on a
single persistent world. Survival games are generally open-ended, with no
set goals, and are often closely related to the survival horror genre, in
which the player must survive within a supernatural setting, such as a
zombie apocalypse.

Автор Umair Zia ( назад)
eat a dick cunt monkey

Автор Mike Van IJzendoorn ( назад)
how about no man's sky ?

Автор Lane Gascoigne ( назад)
7 Days to Die? Hell of a game

Автор Zachary Yazell ( назад)

Автор Aylex Plays ( назад)
Unturned is also a very good survival game

Автор Cheryl Adams ( назад)
00:6 is that a cross Steve is standing on

Автор Budliky CZ ( назад)
really fucking garbage like Dont starve is numero Uno? Fuck Me

Автор Tactical TrashPanda ( назад)

Автор Danny Brewer ( назад)
7days ?

Автор Oscar Aasen ( назад)
Arena curriculum suffering gate.

Автор Album Interpretations ( назад)
I'm certain you've never played most of these. You used basically only
Trailer footage and nothing from yourself. Rust is way better than what you
showed. And probably the same with most of these games.

Still well done vid regardless though.

Автор Alex Cruz ( назад)
y is don't starve 1 ark is 10 times better

Автор Zachary L ( назад)
Oh my days, that Stranded Deep looks like my ideal game. The tragedy of
being a console casual..

Автор Dave Cena ( назад)
7 Days to Die

Автор Grim Reaper ( назад)
pricey= piracy

Автор Joseph Stott ( назад)
(Prices in AUD, Steam) DayZ is $35, Sir You are being hunted $20, Minecraft
$35, Ark $30, Long Dark $20, The Forest $15, Subnautica $20, Stranded Deep
$20, Don't Starve mega pack (SP & MP) $26. And Ark got singled out for
being particularly expensive? FragHero has lost the plot again...

Автор TheSith101 ( назад)
7 days to die?

Автор Benyamin Dewantara Manullang ( назад)
I have a real-life world to survive in. Why should I bother surviving in
some imaginary digital world.

Автор EvilNecroid ( назад)
i still crave something better then all these games

Автор Allan Survo ( назад)
Dayz isn't really a survival game ...it's a running simulator ..and its
been on alpha since 2013 xD

Автор Edrian Joaquin Dagohoy ( назад)
No love for Unturned? It's free

Автор Pennywise ( назад)
I want Stranded deep, Forest and Subnatica, thanks bro.

Автор Alain Tremblay ( назад)
Hurtworl (a game similar to rust but its for the people who like cartoons
graphic.) its not same as Rust but just similar... there is Reign of King
too, not that bad, I tested it, the list of craft is short but it will have
some update and the game will be better.

Автор SUP society ( назад)
Dont starve made it to 1? jesus christ i never knew the game i funded back
in the day would go so far! Amazing game for people who have not tried it

Автор KudroshCZ KudroshCZ ( назад)
life is feudal is one of my favorited games :) i recomende it :)) (
hardcore, mediaval, crafting survival game )

Автор Liamrups ( назад)
Is rust going to get single player?

Автор CrAZY SkULL ( назад)
NO MAN"S SKY. thats a really good survival game!

Автор tabgho ( назад)
Right now, this countdown is nearly a year old.. but I'm going to bash it

1)I would categorize SYBH as a stealth game -- an awesome stealth game --
but not survival per se.

2) Although you make good points on the initial stages of any "survival"
mode gameplay, Minecraft is pretty safely outside the realm of meaningful
survival whatsoever.

3)DayZ mod: an amazing concept, but just like anarchy or world peace...
well, suffice to say it takes a utopian to think that servers wouldn't
become flooded with "shoot-on-sight" types, killing their fellow survivor
instead of zombos... And for that reason alone this arma ii mod is not
really a good candidate to be in the list.

4)Agreed. The Long Dark is a very solid freeze-your-ballz-off experience
(lel) of a survival game. It'll be even better the moment the devs decided
to dump the Project Zomboid policy of programing, that is quit milking the
proverbial cash cow and actually make the damn story mode already.

5) Played The Forest, didn't like it. Just like Rust, it's minecraft with
less squares and more shiny polys with a pinch of bethesda-esque
mechanics.. so no.

6)Subnautica, Stranded Deep and Ark: SE all seem to be taffies from the
same tin as The Forest. Never actually played any of these (my pc is sorta
low-medium-end now) but I've seen enough let's-plays to see the
similarities: pwetty-pwetty-gwafiks with little to no substance in terms of
survival. Never understood the appeal of sh*t magically
appearing/constructed out of thin air like you're some reality-bending
wizard-mechanic-carpenter on roids.

7)I got, perhaps, the worst survival experience from "Don't Starve". Just
as Star Wars, it's advertising and pandering to the masses got it to where
it is now: not a single "respected" survival game list misses an
opportunity to mention it. I dare say that if it wasn't for the likes of
Markiplier and steam promotions, this game would be firmly in the realm of
"queer, but enjoyable indie titles" with a small dedicated group of fans --
nothing more.
Honestly, I don't even need to explain why this game is so wrongfully
rated: just get the demo (or pirate it) and play for 15 minutes or so. THAT
IS IN ESSENCE WHAT THAT GAME IS ABOUT. Just running around gathering the
most basic materials and not starving (hehe) until the game decides to fry
your ass with the wild assortment of dangerous encounters that have no
timing, nor reason to them. This is so fundamentally wrong for a survival
Aside from the survival options being as simplistically nonsensical as the
worst Rust has to offer, Don't Starve seems to have a permanent teen-style
identity crisis where it's not sure whether to stay a whimsically dark
adventure with some crafting elements, or to go full grit mode with
unforgiving (but realistic) survival horror. Because of that it's avidly
promoted perma-death mechanic is a huge blight on gameplay, where in this
enchanted world things might pop out that you haven't the power/knowledge
to fight/beat/triumph over.
This game's overall goofiness does not go in hand with any desire to
survive either: soon you will find that it's better to act erratically than
to plan out things carefully (which, again, is terrible for a survival
game) but once you settle in with that notion -*BAM!* -- it's winter and
all the randomness and availability of wild food is suddenly gone and you
freeze to death.

Автор Donna Lee ( назад)
Whaaaaat Miscreated didnt even make the cut 😥

Автор Max Otto ( назад)
I know it is in Alpha... but Escape from Tarkov?

Автор I am LANDSHARK ( назад)
I like the way he says dayz standalone get updated 'frequently' devs said
it would be out of alpah in 2014 they just added cars -.-

Автор Nearbyninja87 ( назад)
What about GTA online lobby's with hydra squeakers.

Автор TheSoldier702 ( назад)
the best sounding guns/weapons when fired. (gunshots)

Автор Dox Gaming ( назад)
I think the 'This war of mine' should be on this list, that shits hard

Автор thatgirldjsami ( назад)
7 days to die you plank

Автор Nihilus ( назад)
Newest Forest build is pretty damn beautiful... and quite scary fighting
against cannibals.

My current house is safe from cannibals from what I've seen. It's near a
cliff above the beach. A short distance from a tribal camp but on the
outside of the island where they seem to be unwilling to go.

Автор Automatic No Static ( назад)
You don't even have one Fallout Game! The best of the best.

Автор Marko Stevanovic ( назад)
Far Cry Primal?!

Автор RemainingTech66 Gaming ( назад)
No fallout deadrising or farcry seriously

Автор RemainingTech66 Gaming ( назад)
Was fallout here spoil it

Автор Mass Destruction ( назад)
Arma 3 Exile is the best in my opinion

Автор Amanda Rose ( назад)
7 Days to Die!!!!!!!

Автор oldnotweak ( назад)
ark is an extremely unoptimized shitstorm. game demands a hundred times
what it should

Автор Ryverend Plague ( назад)
Of all time? Some of these games aren't even complete. The Long Dark is
STILL an alpha game, how can it possibly be one of the best survival games
OF ALL TIME. Stupid, lazy list.

Автор Jaculacap ( назад)
When I first started playing The Forest I had a heart attack every time I
encountered a cannibal, now I'm just annoyed.

Автор Marcelo Fontenele ( назад)
Great video, thanks.

Автор Mike Christodoulou ( назад)
what about 7 days to die?

Автор Michael Biadatz ( назад)
7 days 2 die?

Автор Some guy you don't need to know ( назад)
I had a suspicion that mainly children play these survival games. Reading
this comment section confirms that.

Автор leyla usw ( назад)
7 days to die?

Автор Andreiutu05 ( назад)
i just finished playing the forest with my friend....and what can i
say.......20 hours in one day.....killed over 30 cannibals.....got better
tools...and then....defeat virginia

Автор Paulo Martins ( назад)
I agree with Don't Starve in 1st place, one of my favourites also. Would
like to see Unreal World also on the list, because it is the oldest
survival game in development (15 years and going) made with great passion.
Dwarf Fortress is also interesting, but it is a mix of a lot of stuff, not
sure if survival game fits.

Автор Theo Apos ( назад)
Don't Starve also won't charge you for any dlc or expansions they come for
free, they will though sell multiplayer version separately. plus that game
is for iOS too and it kicks ass!

Автор Joshua Maine ( назад)
Sweet jesus... is that Rust footage from the 1800s? C'mon man, at least
show the world TODAYS Rust.

Автор Jacques Lewis ( назад)
Stranded Deep looks good, but how far is it in development?

Автор Carl Johnson ( назад)
Ark is the best in my eyes. The game shows a lot of good survival
stratagied and other good things

Автор Josh S ( назад)
Stranded deep you run out of things to do after one night of playing... do
not recommend. There's literally no point to it. It's fuckin' easy.

Автор Liam Albright Pranks ( назад)
I can't believe you forgot FALLOUT 4

Автор Marazmus Coolathon ( назад)
Just saying but I think that 7 days to die should at least be an honourable

Автор iMagic ( назад)
don't starve is a really bad game it doesnt deserve that spot

Автор berrlett ( назад)
And by the way you can buy all of them on steam for 10 dollars, this is how
great these games are, pffff.

Автор KARL DER KARTON ( назад)
Miscreated is cheaper and way better than DayZ
Just check Miscreated out on Steam

Автор Tony 115 ( назад)
I want day z on console platforms

Автор athul menon ( назад)
Is this pc gamed

Автор nba 2k171292#55 ( назад)
my fav game is ark right now

Автор Fearless gamer ( назад)
you mised miscreated

Автор Misteriozni Gamer ( назад)
if you sub me you will have billion dollars in bed next day

Автор CabooseEcho ( назад)
Why don't you use a pop filter? When u say words with "P" in it, it
destroys my ears :/ Love this vid btw

Автор StronkiTube ( назад)
Oh wow, this is a joke, right?
Only 3 actual finished games on this list.
2 on last and second last place, and the third one on first place?
Don't Starve definitely deserves the number one spot, since it's an actual
good, finished, survival game.

Don't understand how unfinished games are placed higher than actual
finished games.
Butyeah, an actual finished survival game is rare and almost impossible to
execute properly at the moment.

Автор Женя Потапенко ( назад)

Автор Hambone4815 ( назад)
Who is John Ra?

Автор Minecraft Vadder ( назад)
Why is the Minecraft Video in Classic? :D

Автор Noah Berg ( назад)
Hey frag u used Old fotage of stranded deep they fucked it up

Автор yeng vang ( назад)
I would have though fallout would be on the list and left 4 dead. But the
title should be changed into top ten open world survival games

Автор Killerskull465 ( назад)
ark is a 10 out of 10

Автор Monkey Fly ( назад)
what about tomb raider 2013 and rise of the tomb raider?

Автор Troy _boyy ( назад)
Dayz standalone being frequently updated?!?
What is this a fucking joke?

Автор TwoScoops ( назад)
8:00 DON'T REMIND ME. Hours of trying to feed my friends like they were
toddlers in high chairs... I couldn't prepare for the winter alone.... I

Автор Jonathan Kreitler ( назад)
I think prey will be a good survive game

Автор Radiation Gaming ( назад)
That rust footage is super old like 2013 rust now we're 2016 rust best
graphics ever.

Автор Joseph Caskey ( назад)

Автор Xterminator_ 920 ( назад)
7 days to die is one of my favorite games same with don't stare I was happy
to see that one on the list great video

Автор Willy Mammoth ( назад)
Should I make some survival game vids?

Автор Gamer King GK ( назад)
where is far cry primal
I'm going to unsubscribe

Ark is kind of a rip off cause sometimes if you buy it it won't work the
lag will continue even if you did every thing write and this happens to me
a lot so I just say fuck it I'm playing tf2

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