Samosa Indian Recipe

Samosa is a very popular Indian appetizer. Watch details recipe on http://madhurasrecipe.com

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Автор sha ten ( назад)
nice recipe madhu

Автор Taslima Hafiz (98 лет назад)
I tried this recipe at home and my eid festival. it's taste so
good😄😄😄😄😄 every body liked it. thanks for sharing recipe.

Автор harini vani ( назад)
madhura, i tried the samosa ,it really came out well...thanks 4 the
samosa..are u marathi?

Автор khan zaid ( назад)

Автор madhurasrecipe ( назад)
Sorry, it could be some connection problem. I just tried and its playing
good for me.

Автор jaya iyer ( назад)
i could not see ur receipe of the above. it is not coming properly it
states an error has occurred...

Автор madhurasrecipe ( назад)
Sure, I hope it turns out good for you. Thanks and Keep watching

Автор Em Nonoo ( назад)
thank you so much for uploading this ! I had never heard of a samosa until
Aarti on food network spoke of them. Can't wait to make them !

Автор madhurasrecipe ( назад)
I am so glad to hear. Thanks for sharing your experience. Enjoy cooking!!

Автор Radha Chatterjee ( назад)
or you can use all purpose flour and pie crust flour combined...with all
the other ingredients..the crust comes out real good!

Автор Babs Hunt ( назад)
What is the lovely sauce/chutney you serve with them in the picture at the
end please?

Автор Shaziyeh Faghirzadeh ( назад)
thanks ! 

Автор gahirs ( назад)
good job!! explanation is very nice .. slow and clear . thanks . m going to
try it .

Автор chelle bella ( назад)
Looks great! 

Автор lxmzhg ( назад)
In the video It looked like you used a lot more than the 3 tsp of oil
specified in the ingredients.

Автор madhurasrecipe ( назад)
Thanks so much for feedback....

Автор Jaya Sree ( назад)
Clear instructions and video. It came out super! Thank you Madhura for
making my day.

Автор hadi z ( назад)
reall somasa is from persian 

Автор ramyaiyer07 ( назад)
@eneth26 that is turmeric powder

Автор ramyaiyer07 ( назад)
absolutely beautiful recipe.. so nicely done! 

Автор madhurasrecipe ( назад)
@Squarechica209 Thanks :D

Автор TheUnkownMexican ( назад)
I love how you showed every step and listed all the ingredients.

Автор pitbullowner4 ( назад)
You made me hungry! very nicely done! I am a huge samosa fan :) thank you
very much!

Автор madhurasrecipe (371 год назад)
@eneth26 you will find text version on my website under snacks column.
Thanks for asking :D

Автор madhurasrecipe (408 лет назад)
@TheBlueSkyFairy Thanks so much for a kind feedback. I truly appreciate
that. It always encourages me to go on. Thanks and keep watching :D

Автор jasz N' jett ( назад)
where can i get the recipe list? sorry, I don't understand well the powders
name. I want to try this one. please. thank you:-)

Автор jasz N' jett ( назад)
I love samosa. Thank you for sharing this video. after onion what did you
put the yellow powder?

Автор madhurasrecipe ( назад)
@TheXRayy1 you are most welcome, Samosa is our favorite too :D

Автор TheXRayy1 ( назад)
I love samosa's thank you for the video and recipe.

Автор TheXRayy1 ( назад)
I love samosa's thank you for the video and recipe.

Автор madhurasrecipe ( назад)
@MundaPunjabi83 Thanks so much for feedback, I truly appreciate that. I
would love to receive some authentic Punjabi recipes from you :D Thanks,
have a great day! Keep watching :D 

Автор madhurasrecipe ( назад)
@azizataurus you are welcome...

Автор Azizataurus Taurus ( назад)
thank you madhura

Автор Grime Daily ( назад)
@AztecMichael I was probably under the influence when I made such comment..
no Idea myself why..

Автор AztecMichael ( назад)
@GrimeDaiIy why would you make such a comment? 

Автор Grime Daily ( назад)
I have a hard on.. don't worry it was before I clicked this link.. I'm now

Автор alok verma ( назад)
hmmm... i love samosas very much ...ill sure try this ...thnx :)

Автор Raihana M ( назад)
making these today will let u know how they go..., and ur such a sweet lady

Автор Sabria K ( назад)
Now that is how to make samosa yum yum lol x

Автор Jigar Pur ( назад)
nice recipes,i am going to make today thank you. 

Автор Vineet Shukla ( назад)
thanks for uploading samosa recipe.

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