XE-A207/A407/A507 & XE-A23S/A43S: Setting Time/Date, Tax, PLU, Department on Cash Register

Learn how-to: Set the Time/Date, Tax, PLU, Department on your cash register models XE-A207,XE-A407, XE-A507,XE-A23S, XE-A43S. Visit http://www.sharp-register.com for more support options for your Sharp Register.

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Автор Taylor White ( назад)
"Is there a way to organize PLUs into sub-departments? For example, if I
have a Clothing Department, can I divide it further by men's, women's
children’s so that the X1 PLU by Dept Report shows sub-totals for Mens
Clothing, Womens Clothing and Childrens Clothing as well as a Clothing
Department Total?"

Автор Neki Rana ( назад)
Hi I got sharp XE-A507 cash register, can anyone let me know how to setup
an snap EBT department in the register with a shortcut key or any please
let me know ASAP cause I m loosing business please

Автор Elizabeth Barber ( назад)
I has the Sharp XE-A23S and there is no "bottle return" option in the
department set up section. Help?

Автор O QUE ( назад)
My friend register sharp XE-A207 Caught so does the button discharging
paper, the display appeared a letter "R" the other buttons do just beep.
It is to reset or something.
sorry if errors in writing because I am in Brazil

Автор mmboanerges ( назад)
How do I perform a no tax sale?

Автор Chin Michaud ( назад)
How to enter two different % rate for one transaction. Example $100.00
purchase with 50% off and another item $50.00 with 20% off.

Автор Zainab Alhassani ( назад)
Can I have two departments for food? For example, if I scan a bottle of oil
can it go to either EBT department or regular food department because with
EBT there's no tax but regular payment with cash/credit/debit there's tax
on food. How do I do that?

Автор Jose Reyes ( назад)
Can you add tips on it ?

Автор Jose Reyes ( назад)
haii i need to add 2 tax and 1 service how can i do that and all need to
come in one sale

service charge 15%
tax 1%
tax 3%

and when i print the coupon i dont see how much is the tax
i need help pls

Автор vinnieboy504 ( назад)
Anyone knows how to set up a food stamp key for sharp xe-507?

Автор Alex Garcia ( назад)
How do I change the price of an existing item?

Автор Douglas Stern ( назад)
how can I add a 10% service charge only for table service. Take away
orders (using the same PLUs) and merchandise sales would not pay that extra

Автор angel k ( назад)

Автор Douglas Stern ( назад)
How can I change to a foreign currency instead of US$s? 

Автор MrMnj1193 ( назад)
Can you use the SD card to copy settings...PLU's, Taxes, etc... to another

Автор BradLee Jones ( назад)
My printer is shot! Where can get a new one?

Автор SENT JAZZEN ( назад)

Автор elkherfih mohamed amine ( назад)
how can i delete a sale?

Автор Linda Gilreath ( назад)
Why is the sound so low and can it be turned up 

Автор Ray Moreno ( назад)
once I set the date and time ,how do I go back and make any corrections ?

Автор Fayanne Alvarado (1237 лет назад)
Why do you need 2 classics of tax what happens if i own a mini market. Also
how do i create a button for tax and then another button for no tax how do
i do that? Please help i will appreciate a lot thank you :)

Автор Ömer Faruk BATAN (‫عمر فاروق باتن‬‎) ( назад)
How do I master reset it? (To bring it back to factory settings?)

Автор Jonathan Jimenez ( назад)
cash register to customer.

Автор Amanda Denis ( назад)
we need to know how to set up tax for dine in only and beverages only any
help will be appreiated

Автор DIRTYPRODiGY ( назад)
The sound is so low.... 

Автор YADIRA SANTOS ( назад)
im stuck on plu 50

Автор Kenisha Sappington ( назад)
How can I pull a report to see all transactions for the entire month?

Автор nahyan20 ( назад)
Every time the register is pulged out it reset evrything what can I do to
keep saved

Автор Aweys Cade ( назад)
u're doing a great job!!!

Автор MARIANA HUGHES ( назад)
Can you help me figure out how to set up a key for paid out?

Автор JL MA ( назад)
how do I stop my Sharp XE-A43S from printing costumer's receipts? It even
prints when I open the drawer and it's just a waist of paper. 

Автор Liz Callow ( назад)
How to I assign on to a sharp er a470 cash register serial number 7800025??

Автор Angel Xochimitl ( назад)
There is any key whit out tax.

Автор sulee0928 ( назад)
Can u tell me how to set up the foreign currency, please?

Автор wylykyotys ( назад)
really cool...

Автор Victoria Hernandez ( назад)
how do you go back to be able to start all over again and re-start the

Автор Lynda Kinnunen ( назад)
Andre, I figured it out...feel silly now. You just have to put the PLU
number in and hit CA/etc and it fills it, it is just not there like thge
first 20, you have to put them in. So when you get to 20, the curser is at
the bottom left, type in 21, enter and it will be there, etc.

Автор Andre Tuwan ( назад)
Hello, I'm stuck PLU in 20 too, How to continue it until 2500??

Автор Lynda Kinnunen ( назад)
This was very helpful, other then I put in my PLU's and it stops at 20,
though it says it has 2500 available. I am stuck.

Автор Sonia Russell ( назад)
what is the difference between the department and and the PLU?? by the way
this video is very helpful.

Автор alex saldana ( назад)
great vid! if wanted to charge ebt/food stamps on the xe-a507 what would be
my best option on going about doing that? will tax delete give me a non
taxed subtotal?

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