Noun Song from Grammaropolis - "Noun Town"

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Nouns! Step right up and show me what you got for me this morning
I give common sounds to common nouns, I try to give 'em names unboring
That's an ostrich -- next!
That's a toy store -- next!
That's a snorkel -- next!
That's a -- Seriously? Mt. Rushmore?
How'd you even get that in here?
That's a proper noun -- Next!

A common noun names a general person, place, thing, or idea.
A proper noun names an actual person, place, thing, or idea.

Common nouns
Make 'em sound
Common nouns
All around

A lady -- who?
A planet -- zoom!
Volcano -- boom!
Declaration -- Woo hoo!

And proper nouns
Make 'em sound
Proper nouns
Let's get down with

And the Declaration Of Independence


Noun Town
What's that sound?
A person, place or thing is found in
Noun Town
So profound
Name ideas, mess around with
Who is that guy?
What is that thing?
What is that place?
I'll name and you sing

'Cause I'm a noun noun noun noun
Noun noun noun noun


Announcer: Now serving concrete and abstract nouns...

I suppose you want me to explain what those are.
Listen up, I'm only sayin' this once

A concrete noun is somethin' I believe I oughtta mention
A concrete noun is somethin' you perceive with your five senses

You can see -- the beach!
You can hear -- the drums!
You can taste -- a peach!
You can smell -- rotten eggs!
Yuck! -- better not eat those now
Or you can touch a concrete noun

An abstract noun's a complicated nounified idea
You simply cannot hear or taste or smell or touch or see an

Abstract noun
What's that sound?
Well it ain't an abstract noun
Examples please
Yes sirree
An abstract noun could always be:

Love, honor, loyalty, friendship, hatred
That's not very nice
Well, abstract nouns can add some spice
Now we'll sing the Chorus twice


Noun Town
What's that sound?
A person, place or thing is found in
Noun Town
So profound
Name ideas, mess around with
Who is that guy?
What is that thing?
What is that place?
I'll name and you sing

'Cause I'm a noun noun noun noun
Noun noun noun noun
Noun noun noun noun
Noun noun noun noun


Are you a lonely Noun? Looking to mix it up with other Nouns?
Then you'll LOVE becoming a Compound Noun!
Dial this number now...

Compound nouns are fun to make in clear or stormy weather
You take more than one noun and you simply smash 'em all together

Like a knucklehead -- Check!
Or a shortcake -- Yeah!
Or an eggplant -- Yek!
Or a bellyache -- Waa!

Or a bellyflop, windshield
Football, ironman
Jack-o'-lantern, horseshoe
Grasshopper, suntan

Collective nouns are groups of things I'll help you understand
A family or assembly or Doctor Noize's Band

A flock of seagulls with a gaggle of geese
A team of players or a squad of police
A pod of whales beside a school of sharks
I saw a pride of lions chase an armory of aardvarks

Seriously, I did
I saw 'em in the dark
On a lark in the park

Collective nouns
They're all around
And compound nouns
Now let's get down in...


Noun Town
What's that sound?
A person, place or thing is found in
Noun Town
So profound
Name ideas, mess around with
Who is that guy?
What is that thing?
What is that place?
I'll name and you sing

'Cause I'm a noun noun noun noun
Noun noun noun noun
Noun noun noun noun
Noun noun, let's get down with

℗ & © 2012 by Grammaropolis Music
Music by Doctor Noize
Lyrics by Doctor Noize and the Mayor of Grammaropolis
Animation by Powerhouse Animation
Based on characters created by the Mayor of Grammaropolis

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