Noun Song from Grammaropolis - "Noun Town"

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Nouns! Step right up and show me what you got for me this morning
I give common sounds to common nouns, I try to give 'em names unboring
That's an ostrich -- next!
That's a toy store -- next!
That's a snorkel -- next!
That's a -- Seriously? Mt. Rushmore?
How'd you even get that in here?
That's a proper noun -- Next!

A common noun names a general person, place, thing, or idea.
A proper noun names an actual person, place, thing, or idea.

Common nouns
Make 'em sound
Common nouns
All around

A lady -- who?
A planet -- zoom!
Volcano -- boom!
Declaration -- Woo hoo!

And proper nouns
Make 'em sound
Proper nouns
Let's get down with

And the Declaration Of Independence


Noun Town
What's that sound?
A person, place or thing is found in
Noun Town
So profound
Name ideas, mess around with
Who is that guy?
What is that thing?
What is that place?
I'll name and you sing

'Cause I'm a noun noun noun noun
Noun noun noun noun


Announcer: Now serving concrete and abstract nouns...

I suppose you want me to explain what those are.
Listen up, I'm only sayin' this once

A concrete noun is somethin' I believe I oughtta mention
A concrete noun is somethin' you perceive with your five senses

You can see -- the beach!
You can hear -- the drums!
You can taste -- a peach!
You can smell -- rotten eggs!
Yuck! -- better not eat those now
Or you can touch a concrete noun

An abstract noun's a complicated nounified idea
You simply cannot hear or taste or smell or touch or see an

Abstract noun
What's that sound?
Well it ain't an abstract noun
Examples please
Yes sirree
An abstract noun could always be:

Love, honor, loyalty, friendship, hatred
That's not very nice
Well, abstract nouns can add some spice
Now we'll sing the Chorus twice


Noun Town
What's that sound?
A person, place or thing is found in
Noun Town
So profound
Name ideas, mess around with
Who is that guy?
What is that thing?
What is that place?
I'll name and you sing

'Cause I'm a noun noun noun noun
Noun noun noun noun
Noun noun noun noun
Noun noun noun noun


Are you a lonely Noun? Looking to mix it up with other Nouns?
Then you'll LOVE becoming a Compound Noun!
Dial this number now...

Compound nouns are fun to make in clear or stormy weather
You take more than one noun and you simply smash 'em all together

Like a knucklehead -- Check!
Or a shortcake -- Yeah!
Or an eggplant -- Yek!
Or a bellyache -- Waa!

Or a bellyflop, windshield
Football, ironman
Jack-o'-lantern, horseshoe
Grasshopper, suntan

Collective nouns are groups of things I'll help you understand
A family or assembly or Doctor Noize's Band

A flock of seagulls with a gaggle of geese
A team of players or a squad of police
A pod of whales beside a school of sharks
I saw a pride of lions chase an armory of aardvarks

Seriously, I did
I saw 'em in the dark
On a lark in the park

Collective nouns
They're all around
And compound nouns
Now let's get down in...


Noun Town
What's that sound?
A person, place or thing is found in
Noun Town
So profound
Name ideas, mess around with
Who is that guy?
What is that thing?
What is that place?
I'll name and you sing

'Cause I'm a noun noun noun noun
Noun noun noun noun
Noun noun noun noun
Noun noun, let's get down with

℗ & © 2012 by Grammaropolis Music
Music by Doctor Noize
Lyrics by Doctor Noize and the Mayor of Grammaropolis
Animation by Powerhouse Animation
Based on characters created by the Mayor of Grammaropolis

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Автор MikeyMan X ( назад)

Автор Mohammad Mahir ( назад)
it had to be Mt.Rushmore

Автор rachel Seamark ( назад)
Lol I'm on ma mom's acc wen ma teacher showed us this in yr5 ma hole class
is still absesed with dis were all dabbin 2 it and wre in yr 6 😂❤ love

Автор neveah jackson ( назад)
a good idea

Автор Mandy Chasteen ( назад)
I remember seeing this in my Read 180 class in early February.

Автор Gamer Theo ( назад)
like this

Автор Gamer Daniel (DGTV) ( назад)
nice song

Автор Joselyn Alas ( назад)
my teacher showed us that. my friends in school love it 💓. so do

Автор P.ansah@gmail .com P.ansah@gmail.com ( назад)
my teacher showed me this soo i will know them but now its just stuck in my

Автор Carl Johnson CJ ( назад)
I'm a grade 4 and they is guy that is in 7th grade and does not know how to
spell LOL XD learn!!!!

Автор Eva Glucina-Young ( назад)
i actually have the app

Автор VideosWithJada ( назад)
anyone here from school? 😂

Автор Hayden Wasnesky ( назад)
Who IS that guy?!

Автор Tuxedodude 23 ( назад)
Wish my teacher never found this. Now i have had it stuck in my head for
over 2 weeks.

Автор georgia lee ( назад)
In primary school we used to watch thease videos

Автор Laila Sanchez ( назад)
I like it because kids can start liking nouns

Автор Emmalee James ( назад)
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Автор Alexander Purgason ( назад)

Автор Destiny Taylor ( назад)

Автор Asami The Night Gard /strength ( назад)
i hade to show my little sister this for her homework im 17 and this song
is catchy XD

Автор Sarah Morgan ( назад)
Noun town what's that noun person place or thing is found in noun
town!!!!!! Wow so catchy xD

Автор maridash4ever ( назад)
I loved when Action Verb brought in Mt. Rushmore xD

Автор Cristal Ramirez ( назад)
I love it it helps you learn😉😉😂😂😀😀

Автор Kobe Dykes ( назад)
Why is this song so catchy now!?!? It's more catchy than "NyaNya" XD!!!

Автор Joy Felisa Manzano ( назад)
omg I remember my teacher in fourth grade showed us this

Автор Romie Aguilar ( назад)
I like it

Автор Jackson Stone ( назад)
this is funny

Автор Pretend -A-Bear ( назад)
ha ha ha nouns my teach funny she think we don't know what nouns are we in
7th grade lol XD

Автор Mary Woods ( назад)
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Автор J bug ( назад)
ilove IT!!!

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Автор george ragheb ( назад)
cool song

Автор Matilda Boateng ( назад)
We see this in my school,is my favourite!!!👍👏👌👊✋🙌🙋😃

Автор Maddie Light ( назад)

Автор Joshua Chernhoski (760 лет назад)
Awesome songs

Автор ofelia meza ( назад)
siempre me la ponen los sábados esta chida la canción podían hacerlo
subtitulado porfiis eske no le entiendo soy mexicana xd

Автор Sunset Lps ( назад)
we had to listen to this at school today

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Автор Ella Rose beauty&more ( назад)
Lol we watched this in school

Автор Alyssa MacDonald ( назад)
teacher put this on in class

Автор Linete Bicalho ( назад)
I love this song

Автор gamerboy ( назад)
Why.... how.... where....How did my teacher find this!? uh..... I'm done

Автор Living4 DickGrayson ( назад)
I started singing this during the test and got in trouble :/

Автор Cristian arias ( назад)
My teacher put it today and I loved it !!!!

Автор Diamond gαмιиg ( назад)
This song is awesome I listened to it in 6 grade and now I'm in 9th grade
and I still LOVE this song!

Автор crazykittygirl ( назад)
this is really cool but I saw this last year in 2 grade

Автор Rhea Malik ( назад)
Super cute

Автор Edward Elric ( назад)
we watched this for school...

Автор FeakBlaze ( назад)
better than eminem LOL best

Автор Enojator ( назад)

Автор Barry Hauge ( назад)
I should edit this ;)

Автор Rishbell Dizon ( назад)
Thank you Grammaropolis for that wonderful video

Автор Rishbell Dizon ( назад)
It's so nice my teacher tells us that video when it's English 

Автор lynn belt ( назад)
I got this reminds me of when I was in kindergarten and I was in the park

Автор lynn belt ( назад)
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have 11 for

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2:47 just turned into the pokemon rap.

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lol ive whatch that on my school at language time!
i like it and keep reapeating it!

Автор Yuliza Martinez ( назад)
my teacher shows us at school

Автор Elijah Taylor ( назад)
This is so cool

Автор Elijah Taylor ( назад)

Автор Liam Prudhoe ( назад)
We had to watch as well the teacher putted this song on during lesson at
secondary school 😆😆

Автор Maggie Adair ( назад)
I thank you

Автор Sue Gaming (1926 лет назад)
This men is singing better then Eminem. LOL.

Автор Takyla White ( назад)
Noun s

Автор x Izzeh x ( назад)
My Teacher Miss Smart Showed Us This Several Weeks Ago ;D
Me And My Bffs Are Now Addicted :D

Автор Karla Acosta ( назад)
I seen this on the first day of school

Автор Tessa Goring ( назад)

Автор Claeton Aparicio (1198 лет назад)
This sound like an epic rap

Автор Janine Domingo ( назад)
We watched this in class in English. Lol! Classmates are obsessed with it
now. And the duck song. 

Автор Breanna Borromeo ( назад)
Thanks For Making It Really LOVED it Helped me remember :3 it really was
annoying the first time I watched this :P

Автор Sherri Baskerville ( назад)
I watched this in school because this little boy in my class,Shane asked if
we can listen to it.(: ):

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I watched this at school with my class😂😂

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singing it. So stinken annoying xD. I loved these videos, still do. I feel
weird still listening to them but who cares. Im different.

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Автор Fun Mias Life ( назад)

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I watched this in school to day and I am british so to me this is very
American and cheesy I am in year 6 or in America grade 6 and we all love
this well done

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