Economics of Education: Crash Course Economics #23

How does education work? Where does the money come from? Who pays for it? Is going to college a good investment? Adriene and Jacob are talking today about the economics of education. Most countries require that their citizens get some education, and most countries pay for basic education, but the quality of education can vary widely. And in the US, post-secondary education can come with a lot of costs.

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Автор ThePansexualPiano ( назад)
The two best things a parent can do for their child is encourage their
child to work in school and to invest in their child's education.

Автор ALADDIN22091978 ( назад)
The cost of tuition fees is variable in the European Union. I think it
maybe that the current tuition fees in the UK - England are as high as the
USA, It is currently around £9000/year (around $11000/year). I think the
cap has been lifted. It has been rising at a faster pace than any other
country in the Western World. I think the returns on the US degrees are
higher than in England. In England, most of the good jobs are in London, a
very expensive city, outside London there is much less. In the USA, there
is San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City etc. I have reservations about
the USA, I think it is a very tough country. I think lots of graduates
struggle to great jobs, to pay off their debts !!!

Автор FirstRisingSouI ( назад)
Don't you know that equality of outcome is not true equality? The people
who do better should get better grades. Maybe there is a case to be made
for unfair grading, but an unequal outcome is not a sufficient case.

Автор Feynstein 100 ( назад)
So why does Europe have free education? And why don't lots of Americans go
there for higher studies?

Автор Sparsh Agrawal ( назад)
College is really expensive for many reasons, but also because of
government funded college loans, which encourage universities to raise

Автор Дархан Ермекбай ( назад)
Thanks a lot!!! it's cool.

Автор vestererer ( назад)
Thank you for distracting me from my college homework...

Автор Zane ( назад)
Thank you crash course for this amazing program. Without you guys It
would've been more harder for me to understand and more expensive. I've
really learned a lot from you guys and really enjoyed your videos.

Автор abraham5361 ( назад)
We Could build taller schools to promote higher education

Автор Poliphodiles UniteI ( назад)
Haven't watched the video yet, but I'm going to take a guess:
Everyone should have college education
Without the government "investing" in education nobody would receive any
Cost in the US are so expensive because our government doesn't completely
control it, like in other countries where it's "free", therefore, the
government should take control of education....

Yup I was pretty much right

Автор James Adams ( назад)
If education were private, it would be much cheaper and much more
effective. The notion that poor people would be left out is not only
non-sequitur but also a double standard: the government leaves out poor
people now by forcing them into public schools with poor standards. This
was also acknowledged in the video, though. However, the problem is NOT
funding. We pay WAY too much for education as it is.

Автор andydidyouhear ( назад)
Here in Poland the tuition is $0.

Автор starbury64 ( назад)
Great video. I wish others could see the economic, social and psychological
benefits of education. Despite the recession, I still believe that it is a
sound investment for an individual's future.

Автор Viljai ( назад)
Sitting here in Finland being grateful of my country giving me all
education free, even the university

Автор Isaac Boates ( назад)
i can't believe i just saw a workaholics reference in a crash course video

Автор Alden Rodzik ( назад)
Say that there is a population that is 100% college graduates. We would
still need someone to work at McDonald's. Say the government paid for all
of this with tax dollars from the people living state/country. They would
have to increase the tax rates to pay for this or go into dangerous
debt(like the students are now). Why should I have to pay the person who
gives me a Mcflurry to have a liberal arts degree?

Автор Ben Needleman ( назад)
I'm just wondering as to why two things weren't mentioned. The first being
that the Federal Government chips in money to public colleges which does
account for the rise in college costs. The second thing I'm surprised was
not mentioned was the Military option to pay for college.

Автор Brent Huggins ( назад)
There should be a crash course music

Автор TheRapper10000 ( назад)
We have lowered our educational standards just to get those low income
students from different backgrounds to enroll at those schools all in the
name of diversity. What is the price of lowering our education just for a
select few to succeed. As a matter of fact half of the student population
at high schools and colleges are there for entirely different reasons: You
got students who are serious enough to pursue with their education, whereas
others are just there partying and wanting to slide by with life. Why
should we the majority of the student body suffer because of a few of our
classmates are not dedicated enough with their studies let alone to do any
reading. Maybe for the educational budget should be cut back on
recreational activities and other problems that shows little progress with
values and educational ones. Like Frats, Sororities, and other programs
that are a waste of time.

Автор Jason Waite ( назад)
An educated population outside of working class institutions benefit
everyone, as they are less likely to vote for Bernie Sanders.

Автор Jason Waite ( назад)
"Education" system in the United States is a working class serf funnel. If
you want a REAL education w/ROI in the school system, go where the money
goes. Stay away from where the 99.99%rs go. If you "can't." Education your
kids like the .001% would. #Invest

Автор Anuar Tussupbekov ( назад)
What about making education interesting, huh?

Автор Tala Mare ( назад)
College is CHEAP, but they charge you a shit ton so they can make money.

Автор Aaron Brooks ( назад)
Can you please expand on the benefits of government investment in
education. Should governments spend more? Do we get a good return on

Автор Birgilios Marmaroglou ( назад)
So much money means that education is expesive. However, the nature of
education as good is such that will always be expensive.

Автор Juan ( назад)
I don”t like the word “education”, is sounds like “indoctrination”, which
is a means of limit people’s thinking, and not opening it. I like better
the word LEARNING. How can we improve learning? Does learning need to be
expensive? I don’t think so. Projects like Khan Academy and CrashCourse
provide a more efficient learning than most schools.
I think “self-taught” is not a word reserved for “geniuses”, I think
everyone can read a book or watch a video like the above and learn.
Additionally, you can use forums, chats and now video chats like Blab and
what not... it is instantaneous way of asking questions to real people.
If we have videos that start in very very baby steps so really ANY human
being can understand, and provide a path anyone can follow, and have online
active communities when students help one another, that is much cheaper, it
only requires an internet connection.
So, I think internet is the definitive alternative for the educational
system, and it educates not only the US, but the whole world. There is a
language gap, but look at how khan academy is translating their videos!
So, I think we don’t need to pay for teachers to be present before
classes!! We don't need to pay for those buildings!! A lecture is basically
a guy or woman reading a text book!! Even MIT or Harvard, it’s the same
stupid format. But people's problem with learning is not about that, it is
about encouragement. I very often see how successful people had fathers,
uncles or someone close who turned them into something and they ended up
falling in love with it, learning by themselves with books, getting wealthy
and adding value to society. Today we have much more than books, which
makes it much easier. The educational system is trash in my opinion, it's a
joke. We have an encouragement gap, that is our real problem.

Автор GregTom2 ( назад)
From an individual perspective, is higher education worth it working with
this hypothesis:
- The student may get university education (H1) or go straight to school
- If he goes to university, his course choice is unknown. He may pass
university, and have the average salary for someone who passed university,
or he may try university, and fail, resulting in the average salary of
those who have 7 semesters of university credits, but no diploma.
- He can also decide to start working straight after school. Working on the
hypothesis that the student is smart enough to be capable of going to
university, he/she will work at the same salary as those who have
university credits, but no diploma. (basically, we work on the assumption
that this is one student making the choice, and that the human capital will
not change. He can self-teach using wikipedia and crash course on his free
time. The only difference will be the signaling).
- The student receives a grant equal to the average grant obtained by a
- The student will work a 35 year carreer if he goes to university, but 40
years if he doesn't.
- The student will spend y% of his carrer unemployed if he goes to
university, and yy% of his carrer unemployed if he doesn't, corresponding
to the unemployment rates for each category.
- The probability that the student eventually finishes his studies is
average. "Only a little over half % chance he finishes it within 6 years,
and X% chance he never actually finishes".
- The student is estimated to never get raises other than ajustement for
inflation, but to start working at the average salary in the first place.
- Factor in predictable interest rates on the loan, as well as inflation,
and say that the stuent worsk a frugal lifestyle and puts all his extra
revenue to pay back his debt or put money on the side in a portfolio that
improves at a normal rate (morgage payment?).
At the end of his carreer, considering the probability for university
failure, does H1>H0?
And you mentionned that wether or not university is profitable depends on
the area you study in. Which ones are the top 10 most profitable, and which
ones are the top 10 least profitable?
And! Hm. What's the gender ratio in this winning / losing classes.
And for the losing classes, is it even fair for universities to offer them?
That's literally a cash grab, no?

Автор Naudious ( назад)
They explain that college prices are going up due to expansion of the
college system. They don't bother to ask why that expansion of the college
system has happened. Asking WHY? is a pivotal part of solving a problem,
and the answer to 'why?' is quite clear. The implementation of cheap credit
for college students has made college more accessible to more people; and
this in turn has led to expansion of the college system because it is able
to expand (and charge more money) with much fewer people then choosing
alternatives. i.e. Cheap Credit Loans have shifted the Demand Curve for
college to the right, hence a rise in price,. Cheap Credit Loans create the
illusion of massively increased incomes. The problem is, of course, that
incomes have not actually increased, and it is actually untenable debt. A
terrible trade-off when any knowledge available in Higher Education is
available for free on Wikipedia, and you really just need verification of
having learned the material; not a constantly expanding Educational Country

But screw Economic Considerations, make College Free. #FeeltheBern

Автор David M. ( назад)
What is the difference between education and indoctrination? I know a
friend who is educated.

Автор Jake Morrison ( назад)
Children from lower income families tend to score lower on math and
science...Could it be that the bearers of low income children are low
income because they lack the intellectual skills, for example in math or
science, that would facilitate a higher income? And then this lack of
intellectual skills is passed hereditarily to the children, therefore, the
children have lower scores than peers of high income families?I have no
idea. I've done no research on the topic, and I don't know if any has been
done. It's just a thought that came to mind.

Автор jackgoldman1 ( назад)
If an educated public benefits everyone, send me the $500,000 my college
education cost me. K-12 is $15,000 per year, 12 x $15,000 is $180,000.
Should I pay for four Mexican immigrants to have 4 x $180,000 or $720,000?
College is just education segregation, and gender bias. College is now 60%
women, 40% men, due to ethnic cleansing affirmative action bias. College is
$160,000 for four years, subsidized by half or $80,000 for public schools.
Colleges are expensive to subsidize affirmative action ethnic cleansing. I
was a teacher and quit after four years, building houses. Never used my
degree. Never benefited. I want a refund. Education is grossly over priced.
Women are taking over college and government, biased by quotas. My native
America room mate got a free four year ride. I paid. I was a white male. No
scholarships for "whites only" but plenty for Jews only, blacks only, women
only to subsidize affirmative action ethnic cleansing of white males in
education and government. Education segregation has replaced race
segregation. It's a tragedy. Only vouchers can correct the intentional

Автор HiddenAdept ( назад)
Find it kind of difficult to stick with a major when it's hard to know what
knowledge & skills will be in demand in 10, 20 or 30 years. I would feel
like a sack of shit if I studied something and then couldn't make money at
it in the long term.

Автор Jordan Munroe ( назад)
Improving education? Well, we could actually start following the science
rather than ignoring it. ::shrugs::

Автор Laihsun Chan ( назад)
I dont get it, so if you didn't finish your free education is your own
fault right, how is it related to inequality?

Автор Will Burke ( назад)
KONY FOR PRESIDENT 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Last First (1957 лет назад)
make your parents react to this it would be great

Автор Al ( назад)
3:16 wassup UT

Автор Justin Dixon ( назад)
I hope you will be addressing a couple issues related to this topic in a
future episode.
1. If someone does not have the means to stop working long enough to go to
college it does not matter how statistically better it would be for them to
do so. They still need to be able to cover their basic needs.
2. Please go into the opportunity cost of both the loss of higher tax
revenue and the potential loss of innovation by limiting the portion of the
population that even have college as a viable option.

Автор Anison Abba ( назад)
when they say education they mean liberalism

Автор Andrei Gurau ( назад)
says "gourmet dining" shows an omelette being cooked

Автор Georgina Lewry ( назад)
I'm really happy I live in Australia at the moment

Автор Jordan Russell ( назад)
small problem with "competition" the schools often blow their funding on
dumb things like a new stadium instead of their curriculum, which actually
needs work, looking at you Marcus highschool

Автор IndyThought ( назад)
If anyone wants to see more about education in America (Although it seems
to apply in general) check out John Stossel's old 20/20 Special "Stupid in
America." It takes a pretty thorough look at the school
privatization/competition idea. It was here on Youtube last time I checked.

Автор Mathias Thomsen ( назад)
And man I'm glad I'm a European now. Getting paid to go to Universities
instead of paying to go to Universities makes a BIG difference.

Автор ProGamerNot ( назад)
And this is where youtube comes into play as channels like crash course,
etc; give free education to ppl who cant go to school. :) U rock utube!!!

Автор Rejean Rivard ( назад)
Is it just me, or do Americans think college and university are synonyms?
Sounds like someone needs more "college".... :P

Автор gobighdgames ( назад)
can i please have a small loan of a million dollars?

Автор Chloe Bryan ( назад)
I want to see the source for these statistics pleaseeeee.

Автор Drew Gilmore (SocialisIustitiaBellator) ( назад)
tell them how because of affirmative action, democrats are having black
students be accepted into colleges and universities they were not
academically qualified to attend, so only 42% of blacks nationwide actually
graduate college. Talk about that CrashCourse... god fucking dammit it its
like sitting in high school all over again. One sided economics, one sided
politics, join or die education.


Автор why-so-petty-officer ( назад)
LOVE YOU GUYS . Very excited to see each episode each week, you all have
helped convince me to pursue a degree in economics (I am currently serving
active duty and half-way through my enlistment). Very interesting stuff and
you all present it very well. Thank you very much again and keep up the
great work.

Автор YsoSerious ( назад)
Trump: "I love the poorly educated"

All the more reason to be well-educated.

Автор Talha Bedir ( назад)
u should also make "education of economics"

Автор Michael Robinson ( назад)
Can you guys please redo 'Capitalism'? It's dated. 2.0? 4.0? Lost track:p
(Anotole Koletzky's book)

Автор UnashamedlyHentai ( назад)
I went to college for comp sci. I have ~100K in debt, but make ~80K
annually. My parents were not educated, but I received some encouragement
(but no financial assistance). It was totally worth it.

Автор Anon ymous ( назад)
kind of modest?

i expect numbers in an economics video

Автор Martin Bittencourt ( назад)
I didn't get that Human Capital vs. SIgnaling theories trying to explain
why high graduated people earn more; isn't that just supposed to be the old
offer vs. demand? I mean, someone could have a ton of education (human
capital) a a ton of degree certificates but if he is specialized in
something that the market doesn't want, "boom" for this salary (like
nuclear physicists expert in the middle of australians aboriginals)

Автор FirePikachu 123 ( назад)
Just saying what do you need education for I mean like sure you get more
knowledge ,but how about survival skills.Teaching survival skills to middle
schoolers is better than a learning how clouds form.Here's a situation
maybe you went on a cruise and the ship crashed into a rock causing a
Titanic like situation.Now would it be better to know about convection
currents or is it better to know how to swim and survive.Another situation
is that World War III happens and the war dies because no country has the
money or materials to fight or provide support.Now that a new start has
happened [meaning that no technology is left only nature] would it be
better to know how to treat cancer or know what fruits or plants can be
used as medicine. And if you still disagree with me ,perhaps your in a
zombie apocalypse would it be better to know HOW TO FIGHT or be able to
know how to cure the zombies.And the answer is KNOWING HOW TO FIGHT because
you would be dead if you didn't.

Tell me your opinion I want to know

Автор DataCab1e ( назад)
"Every year in the US, 60% of high-school graduates enroll in college, but
only a little over half actually graduate within 6 years."

Half of high-school graduates, or half of the 60% who enroll in college?

Автор superleggera ( назад)
Here’s a story of personal experience. My little sister took the hardest
public education courses possible. She finished high school with an average
of 104% and graduated third out of over 350 people (top 1%). With that
performance, on top of many hours of volunteering, she gets less than 5
grand a semester in scholarships (she applied to dozens).

I know an african american, who didn’t volunteer or participate in sports,
who graduated outside the top 10% and got a full academic scholarship to
the same university, from the same graduation class, for the same degree in
biomedical engineering.

Автор Tony Torres ( назад)
what happen with guy that talks really fast?

Автор starrychloe ( назад)
No mention on how non-dischargeable easy government money inflates the
price of college as schools chase the easy money. Dislike.

Автор Christian Kunert ( назад)
Interestingly Education does not help the Republican Party. If you look at
the red states they have worse Universities and less graduates than the
hard core liberal states like MA and CA. Feel free to draw your own

Автор Mole Downunder ( назад)
How does that show human capital theory is valid? Even you had said that it
takes a certain amount of intelligence and hard work to even get into
college. The reason they earn more is because they are smarter. 

Автор mantrasx123 ( назад)
I believe that this is incomplete, you should see the graphics in Latin
America in where College is not a guaranty of a good salary or a job.

Автор Kafi Shabbir ( назад)
Long live crash Course

Автор Dante Cammz ( назад)
isnt it funny how steve job drop out if college but builded apple company I
wonder if he had ever asked people for people college degree during an

Автор Jacob Feldman ( назад)
marx on the tale behind? ((((

Автор AJEC 1930 ( назад)
more education = more productivity is a terrible assumption to make. in the
UK we have record levels of people going to university along with record
highs in the grades achieved at a level and gcse. This means jack shit
since we have record levels of graduates who are either unemployed or
working in crap jobs (nice padding for unemployment statistics). More
education means nothing for productivity unless the things that you learned
are actually useful skills within the workplace which again thanks to shite
public education they arent. Also any moron can get good grades or a degree
if you lower the bar. Also college isnt free in Europe it is also funded
through subsidies which come from ridiculous taxes. Teachers and their
ridiculous special interest unions only hold the taxpayer hostage and have
zero incentive to cut costs and improve the standard of teaching. In Europe
they lobby to reduce the harshness of standards in tests. They also lobby
against any potential inroads to reform the education system to make it
more competitive and make teachers face competition over their jobs.

The signalling theory only became prominent recently. Before people didnt
need to go to university to learn these skills. They could go straight into
the workforce and gain much more valuable experiences from apprenticeship
when the economy was deregulated these opportunities were available. Now
government has created another barrier to entry for people by setting an
even higher (not higher at all and pretty unjustified) benchmark for labour
being you need a terrible degree and other useless qualifications to even
be considered and even then it means nothing since the bar is so low.
However this trend is changing as public education continues to sink,
companies are increasingly setting their own tests, attempting to expand
their own apprenticeship schemes and are even funding courses in
universities to make up for the huge skill shortages in stem fields, dyson
is a perfect example of a company doing this.

The reason public education is so expensive is because of government
guaranteed student loans. Its quite simple supply and demand, if you
guarantee demand why do universities have to cut costs, and provide better
services. The answer it that it isnt, costs will go through the roof.

Автор Shay Neal ( назад)
2:17....such lies where did you get your stats from??

Автор Kyle D ( назад)
what about a mandatory financial management class for all high schools
across the nation? like you dont get a high school diploma unless you are
capable of taking care of your own shit

Автор Joyce G ( назад)
How many people (old, young and in between) going to college actually
receive assistance? I don't think it's fair to count something that is not
guaranteed in the calculations in the final cost of school. There are A LOT
of people who compete for those scholarships, grants and etc. and only a
few to go around. For the lucky few many of those "gift aids" aren't for
large amounts and don't really reduce the amount of the total cost. Not to
mention if you're an older individual going back to school for further
education, you may not qualify for MOST of those financial gifts because
you aren't a teenager.

Автор Patrick McClelland ( назад)
....a "real job?!?" That's not condescending........ -_- ........just like
that statement isn't sarcasm..... so college students don't have real jobs?
Student work programs - what are those? The 9 to 5 that pays for night
classes or online classes - not real enough for you? 0.o

Автор 2109cory ( назад)
All you need is one "set it and forget it" boss and its enough to motivate
somebody for college.

Автор DOn Jon ( назад)
Private school really is an issue. The numbers are just insane, they charge
4-8 times tuition usually.

Автор DestinyQx (936 лет назад)
a friend and i once asked roughly 30 random people the question "why go to
college?" and the overall majority answered either "to make money" or "to
get a job" .. no one said the one answer I was hoping at least someone
would say eventually.. I wondered how many more people would it take for at
least one person to provide the response i was looking for.. this video
hinted at it.. but it still did not say it directly.. and that makes me
think that if such a response (the reason to attend college or improve the
mind) is not within the national consciousness.. no one will work for that
purpose.. the greatest of all positive externalities: To maintain and
promote a democratic society..

If no one ever thinks about attending college or improving the mind in
order to improve our society.. to participate in democratic process.. if
everyone is only concerned with a job and or money.. the cultural values we
hold will change from democratic values to monetary values.. it was written
that no form of government could survive without wise and virtuous voters..
if the reason everyone attends college (or improves their mind) is only to
get a job without any consideration about improving wisdom or virtue.. the
people may not have sufficient virtue and intelligence to come together to
maintain and improve our society.. to engage in meaningful dialogue that
would promote quality forms of schooling.. or be able to work together and
maintain bridges and roads.. or even provide clean water to the people..
hypothesis: if within the national consciousness.. the primary reason to
improve oneself in mind was to maintain and improve our democratic
society.. our democratic society would actually improve over time..

Автор TParis23 ( назад)
This episode was such a disappointment in a normally stellar series. For
three reasons: 1) Education is such a globally relevant topic. Education in
the developing world especially has so many interesting aspects: aid, the
for-profit sector, the role of technology, gender issues, and their impact
on a country or a region's economic development. But this was not examined
at all.
2) The mere passing reference to the existence of vocational education and
apprenticeships. If these are such a good alternative to college (and often
they are,) why was a thorough comparison not made?
3) There was no in-depth discussion of economic aspects of primary and
secondary education, aside from a little less than a minute spent on
Instead of looking at any of these three important topics, there was mostly
just the narrow focus on the cost to benefit analysis of college in the
U.S. And I find that a disservice to the CrashCourse viewers.

Автор David Williams ( назад)
Techno-libertarian VC king Peter Thiel just promised $2,000,000 to kids in
love with software. For scholarships? Nah—they get they ditch their
education and form startups instead.

Автор David Williams (196 лет назад)
I think that it's worth noting that with colleges with fund students and
with the k-12 we fund schools. In the US one system is the best in the
world and the other one isn't. It's not that hard to determine which one is

With K-12 we make conclusions that we would never make for our university
students. We would never require all students to go to a university based
on geography or because it was the closest to their home. We also don't say
well you have to go to the public school because if you don't the school
will result in a lack of funding that hurts other students, but that is the
conclusion we make to k-12 students.

Автор HiiPPi3 ( назад)
only half of those 60% or half of the highschool students?

Автор HiiPPi3 ( назад)
only half of those 60% or half of the highschool students?

Автор SubscribeToSyndicate ( назад)
Why didn't you mentioned the boatload of money Universities spend on

Автор witchsistah ( назад)
Yay, Data!

Автор Paul ( назад)
Undergraduate college is worth it(economically) if you are going for a
degree in Nursing, Engineering, Accounting, or any other hard, technical
Sorry English, Design, and quite ironically, most Econ Majors.

Автор Zachary Atwood ( назад)
I don't need to pay for college, #crashcourse is free!

Автор mjturner916 (334 года назад)
$12,500 pales in comparison to more frivolous government expenses. The
dollar still being considered the bottom line is just mind control.
Interesting conversation integral to society? HA! Systematic education
thwarts, stunts and bastardizes innovation. Don't forget about clicks (self
interest groups) and how they help each other cheat to get into college
while hindering others along the way. Clearly CrashCourse lacks any
integrity to own up to what is reality. Depends... eventually end up being
full of shit just like politicians.

Автор Lauren Rocha (229 лет назад)
For profit colleges are so terrible you can rack up like $20,000 in debt
and end up working a job that barely earns more than minimum wage. Best way
to save money if you want to go to a four year college is to pay in state
tuition at a campus near you.

Автор TPRJones ( назад)
I work at a community college and it's so frustrating how the Tech Ed
fields are dismissed by both academics and the counselors. So many times
I've heard stories about students being told "no no you don't want to be a
welder, why don't you try philosophy?" or similar crap. Not every student
needs to go into academics, and pushing those students away from a
technical degree is a horrible disservice that often leads to students that
rack up debt working towards a four-year degree that will never get them a
job that's better than the ones they could have had with that technical
degree they were originally interested in.

Автор LibertyJava ( назад)
by subsidising student loans it has made students less sensitive to price
increases of tuition, if it wasn't so easy to get a loan colleges would
have to cut costs to remain competitive, if they are private of course.

Автор Coolidge Dollar ( назад)
I want to gather opinions on a model I've been thinking of:
What would happen if, instead of for-profit OR gov't-subsidized,
universities were entirely donor-funded? I believe they would operate more
meritocratically, make their students better off (to warrant their
gratitude as alumni), and deliberately cut unnecessary costs, because they
could not rely on the taxes of people who have no information about nor
convictions for that institution.

Автор Nino Dvoršak ( назад)
Shouldn't this video be in the Economics "subchannel"?

Автор David Ford ( назад)
Almost all primary government schools are terrible! Teach your own children
if possible.

Автор Coolidge Dollar ( назад)
I don't think many want education to be entirely privatized; however, there
are many people, namely unions and their backers, who want traditional
public schools to be the absolute law of the land. Instead they should be
the bare minimum, a fallback, as we pay much higher per student than Europe
yet get worse and worse results. Time to evolve.
Luckily, the Overton window has shifted and there's no going back on
charter schools, whether you're represented by Republicans (because they
like the freedom of choice) or Democrats (because they know it helps the
poor and disenfranchised). If you still oppose charter schools in this day
and age, you're probably some sort of unconstitutional bigot.

Автор sylvan47070 (214 года назад)
Advantaged="Grew up with a father married to their mother"
Disadvantaged="bastard" dumb people are going to have a hard life
regardless the amount of schooling you waste on them. World needs ditch
diggers, too. We wouldn't be demanding more illegal immigration and work
permits if we didn't have a need for unskilled labor. Stop paying stupid
people to not work. All of these problems are self correcting.

Автор Daniel Bryan ( назад)
I'm so glad I live in Scotland where we have free university, how can we
offer this with our economy but the largest economy in the world can't?
Mind boggling

Автор William Lennie ( назад)
Just wondering where you got your data for this episode?

Автор Speedy Thunder ( назад)
I say if you don't have enough money to go to a four year school you should
attend a community college for two years and you're last two years you
should go to a four year school.

Автор Makjnx ( назад)
I know this may sound dumb but I would like to hear about what is happening
with the emergent currencies right now around the world specially the MXN

Автор GemMine ( назад)
No its not especially if your a man, get out dont be stupid

Автор 92axelmaster ( назад)
The true source of a Nation's power and wealth is its Schools and Colleges,
not its government, Barracks, ports nor Natural resources. No matter what
Economic-Political system you have in place, no Nation will get anywhere
without proper education.

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