Clannad - Okazaki is a Lolicon

Just a short video of how Mei make Okazaki flustered just by the word "Onii-chan" & Okazaki's lolicon reactions

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Автор Minh Huy Ngu ( назад)
Clannad: After Story, Ep3 (16:08)

Автор Rumu Rito ( назад)
1:13 "Actually, I take that back" dat straight face... hahaha

Автор Big Boss ( назад)

Автор Ariel Jersey Jr ( назад)
This is where Kousaka Kyousuke was born.

Автор Tsunahide Minamoto ( назад)
I didn't notice until now. You can see the other three at 0:36 in the far
background, behind Tomoya.

Автор Pedo Bear ( назад)
She looks so adorable. Especially at 1:18 I wish I had her with me right

Автор anthony brady ( назад)
Why is he reacting like that, the cuteness, the fact that he loves her like
a sister, he is turnes on!? Plzz reply, I don't know what it means, I would
be very gratefull. ;)

Автор trion traion ( назад)
WHAT THE ACTUAL FKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! XD i cant stop laughing

Автор aurely caron-parent ( назад)
From witch anime is this

Автор Handsome Squidward ( назад)
if her age is not on the clock she isn't too young for the cock

Автор KawaiiNeko ( назад)
I thought it should be more of siscon....

Автор UFOANAUT ( назад)
fucking incest pedophiles 

Автор Dreigonix ( назад)

Автор Hurtado Raffo Tito ( назад)
Oh.. Clannad. This anime made me cry and laugh. Definitely one of my
favourite animes ever.

Автор supershawnodeseninja ( назад)
Lol tough choice.

Автор 𝑷𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒔𝒂𝒍𝒆𝒏𝒆 𝑻𝒂𝒐 ( назад)
Reminds me of when my little sis calls me big-bwother or onii-chan super
cutely and forces me to do random tasks (she's so lazy). Ugh, I just melt
like butter and have to do w/e it is she tells me at that point.

Автор Joe tommy ( назад)
the cuteness is over 9000

Автор ヤンギレGaWd ( назад)
How can you say no to that face? xD

Автор Vape Nation ( назад)
nice one!

Автор kimihiro111 ( назад)

Автор Teemo The Yordleward ( назад)

Автор aded ( назад)
iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa heavy SANDWICH

Автор ElTee842 ( назад)
'Big brother.' The -chan suffix makes it a term of endearment.

Автор A Nony Mouse ( назад)
What does Onichan mean?

Автор kiomaru1 ( назад)
they actually really looks like slibings

Автор Shade Serende ( назад)
Mei-chan and Fu-chan are my favorite girls... does that make me a lolicon?
-__- How can I help it if they act sooo cute like that? I wanna take them
home with me! O-MO-CHI-KA-E-RII~

Автор Shade Serende ( назад)
HEY! I wuz gonna say that!

Автор Borinater3 ( назад)
same thing really

Автор AngelUrbanoJLZ ( назад)

Автор Alex Stradivarius ( назад)
after story, but i dont know, maybe one of the first chapters.

Автор Mike Skrub ( назад)
From what episode is this clip?

Автор Melancholy ( назад)
oni-chan =3

Автор Jeam ( назад)
Sounds like you're in denial Nothing wrong with liking lolis buddy

Автор Darkmiku ( назад)

Автор LoliconHunter ( назад)
Thank you, I guess. ^ ^

Автор Darkmiku ( назад)
i'm proud of your name.

Автор FatPieROFL ( назад)
Dat pic matches your statement and name.

Автор LoliconHunter ( назад)
Heh heh ..... i would love her to call me that anyday

Автор ash0787 ( назад)
Not necessarily lolicon, just that its moe.

Автор ssjespada9tail ( назад)
Basically your saying that you rape a lolicon which means your a rapist to
a person who likes little girls

Автор ssjespada9tail ( назад)
Previous comment wtf is up with your name O.o

Автор Lloyd Styles ( назад)

Автор killingspeerx ( назад)
somewhere between the 2nd and the 4th episodes in the 2nd season of Clannad
(Clannad: After Story)

Автор GOUJARDpvp ( назад)
What episode is this?

Автор GOUJARDpvp ( назад)
hahah xD

Автор zaberfang ( назад)
Okazaki's reaction reminds me of a certain cartoon dog's reaction once he
got his cookies. XD as well a Pepe le Pew. XD

Автор clayton sinclair ( назад)

Автор stavroulathebest ( назад)
after having watched so much hentai "onii-chan" creates dirty thoughts in
my mind

Автор DalisDL ( назад)

Автор maruryuu15 ( назад)
Lolicon is short for lolita complex. If you call someone a lolicon, you're
saying he or she is attracted to girls who are, or appear to be, adolescent.

Автор narcissus ( назад)
Loli girls are basicly a young looking person which is older then u think.

Автор DaMrStormTrooper Harrison ( назад)

Автор Doriko san ( назад)
Wait what's a lolicon I forgot

Автор Alex Stradivarius ( назад)
no, he is a siscon.

Автор Stripetail4EV ( назад)
How is it that this anime can make you laugh your ass off one second and
cry your heart out the next?

Автор Glorious ( назад)
Great job girls, leave the little girl with the lolicon...

Автор Masaru Daimon ( назад)
Normally, one can resist the 'Onii-chan' with enough willpower. But when
it's Yukari Tamura saying it...

Автор chaoticparadoxx ( назад)

Автор melovepeas ( назад)
0:37 Kotomi and Ryou are in the background :D

Автор John Titor ( назад)
1:14 supper manly look xD

Автор nuuuvox ( назад)
Press 9 to have your heart explode.

Автор matomchan ( назад)
Ore no imoto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai!!!!

Автор Joe Firdaus ( назад)
Okazaki : No more "Onii-chan" after all! Mei : Ehhh? *saying with cute face
Okazaki : Actually, I take that back Yappa lolicon da~~.... xD

Автор pervysage35 (1072 года назад)
0:27 Mei used Onii-chan. It's super effective!

Автор UsernameMadeNChina ( назад)
It's all right, friend. I'm glad you get the reference! :)

Автор ExileTheOutcast ( назад)
@teubert2 Because she says it in a tiny voice, kinda like the one here, but
she speaks english, she's american, not japanese!

Автор teubert2 ( назад)
Why would you hate your little sister calling you "Onii-chan?"

Автор teubert2 ( назад)
I see what you did there. I know where that comes from lol. Why did I reply
to a comment made 10 months ago though? Sorry lol.

Автор ExileTheOutcast ( назад)
Oh god. Anime girls are so in a dream world. Everything can be potentially
dangerous. Even saying "Onii-chan". Which I hate when my little sister says
it when she can speak normal english. -_-

Автор Alex Stradivarius ( назад)
he is not a lolicon, actually he is a siscon.

Автор zeratul7975 ( назад)

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
Mei-Chan, call me Onii-Chan. ( ಠ _ಠ)

Автор PandaParty643 ( назад)

Автор forinner ( назад)
how can you even type if you can't even read?

Автор Kristian Tatsuya ( назад)
Wht show is this?

Автор Cosmic Sans ( назад)
0:22 - 0:34 those faces are adorable

Автор OmegaTaishu ( назад)

Автор ricardo bravo ( назад)
loli alert !(◎_◎)

Автор SakuyaFM ( назад)
LOL. Ryou JUST had to cry, didn't she?

Автор DazarGaidin ( назад)
at :46 he senses killing intent from Kyou lol

Автор TheUltimateOtaku1850 ( назад)

Автор aquawarrior12E ( назад)
0:38 if you look very close in the backround, you can see the 3 of them

Автор rdw2008 ( назад)
[PART 2] It is also commonly used when referring to lolicon manga or
lolicon anime, a genre of manga and anime wherein childlike female
characters are often depicted in an erotic manner, in an art style
reminiscent of the shōjo manga (girls' comics) style. Outside Japan,
"lolicon" is in less common usage and usually refers to the genre.

Автор rdw2008 ( назад)
[PART 1] lol googles you're best friend on the internet bro. Just so that I
wouldn't leave any details out, I googled it for you. Here is Wikipedia's
answer:"lolicon" is a Japanese portmanteau of the phrase "Lolita complex".
In Japan, the term describes an attraction to underage girls (whether
prepubescent, pubescent, or post-pubescent)[2][3] or an individual with
such an attraction.

Автор AxzenStarcraft ( назад)
whats a lolicon? Yes, im old enough to hear it... I just want to be
accurate rather than assume.

Автор Radicalrich34 ( назад)
shes cute, see thats kinda where lolicon comes from also its an attraction
to cuteness also.

Автор Shadow Scizor ( назад)
stop the vidoe at 109 and look to the left to see her face

Автор xSRGDarknessx ( назад)
Lol! I have to watch this show now! It looks hillarious!!!! XDD

Автор JACOB ( назад)
@UsernameMadeNChina lucky star dad epicness

Автор legefy ( назад)
My cousin pulls this off on me so often in public that people have began to
cross the street when they see me.

Автор AxolotlSally ( назад)
@UsernameMadeNChina LOL Konata's dad quote x'D

Автор John Smith ( назад)
@bugypad A Pair of Idiots (Memento remix album)

Автор bugypad ( назад)
Whats the name of the music in the background?

Автор hikuro14 ( назад)
1:13 *dies*

Автор Kinome ( назад)
@UsernameMadeNChina well he did marry Nagisa... and she's pretty flat
chested lol

Автор Cham Coppola ( назад)
What's wrong with being a Lolicon? :)

Автор gfgfhjk1 (678 лет назад)
lol is just one letter away from loli if you know what i mean.

Автор Samuel_Castellanos ( назад)
Those girls had the right idea running away.

Автор Maso ( назад)
Cuteness Overload. Enough sa- *thud*

Автор 90socram ( назад)
sunohara is a lucky bastard to have a cute little sister like mei

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