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Автор Maddie Bonham (8 дней)
Cool beans man.

Автор Thomas Landry (2 месяца)
Why not just use a spark plug. It is probably more reliable. :/

Автор Tornadocraver (6 месяцев)
2nd definition of anarchy: Total absence of government... 

Автор Amazing TRAP3Z 69 (1 месяц)
He said remote explosive and the first thing to come in mind was they were
gon throw him in prison 

Автор theRPGmaster domestic software and game improvements (7 месяцев)
Stupid kid, not for DIY fireworks huh..
And you tought we could take a car battery with you when detonating

Автор Dunceman (reptilian132) (9 месяцев)
is this an electric ignition or is it a explosive... tey are two different
tings.... and also is this safe or do i need to be careful

Автор Jonny Humbert (7 месяцев)
I love these videos !! It's like do you really think this is a new idea !?
I was doing this 30 years ago when I was 10 !! lmao !! Original thought
,,, er not !! 

Автор . lozor (11 месяцев)
Will you show me how to make my banana explode?

Автор alexander grandbell (11 месяцев)
safe explosives. 

Автор fidel catsro (11 месяцев)
I assume the diode arrangement is to prevent oneself from burning fingers
while shorting the 12 volt terminals? hows about adding some fertilizer and
gasoil to the stack of matches in plastic tube? (just kidding).. ingenious
young man you are!..study hard and be a good scientist on the right side of
the law!

Автор Givdalerud Staf (27 дней)
the face when he said *blow up a house or a car*

Автор Хороший Человек (2 месяца)
Хохлятская рожа тупорылая.

Автор warmsoggyfire (1 год)
Thank you for helping america's terrorist :D

Автор Douchebag Studios (1 год)
that intro XD

Автор killer Pulse (1 год)

A car battery can not kill you trust me it wont

Автор Mark Cook (1 год)
not quite what i thought i'd see here (you made it sound dramatic) I'm
used to disarming car bombs.

Автор Harold Smith (10 месяцев)
One day this kid will have to hire someone to wipe his ass for him, because
he will blow his hands off a some point. It is very dumb to make home aid

Автор Zac Gautney (1 год)
how do you hook it up to a firework that doesn't have a fuse?

Автор ferrariteddy (11 месяцев)
I'm just going to use this on 2000lb of tannerite. :)

Автор Daniel Sardachuk (3 года)
At the time I shot this video I was 16 actually. I assume your talking
about the lego and picture in the background. feel free to have your own
opinion about lego but it can be a great prototyping tool. Simple
components that serve many functional purposes. I'm 20 I still tinker with
lego because it is so much less expensive than actually producing
components. Take it from someone who knows what is costs to machine parts,
I am going to school for it LOL.

Автор SurfingBubble78 (3 года)
i dont some one lost in the woods would e able to make his lol =D

Автор Vladislav Andrejevic (2 года)
I did everything you did and it didn't work ... The 12 V Battery is Hot but
no explosion :( Can you help me ?

Автор dirtbikesrule56 (3 года)
ummm, i like the vid but u said to feed the tube through the wire lol :P i
think it is the other way around.

Автор TheKnobdayShow (2 года)
shit i meant nichrome..

Автор gunyounoob1 (3 года)
ok im gana go blow up a car

Автор ThorsDiciple (4 года)
thanks i'll be sure to give you FULL credit for blowing up my school :D

Автор Vaiktorg (4 года)
ehhh dude, dont say explosive... why? Its a very powerful chemical material
that converst, transforms w/e into fire and gas, pretty much a material
that contains a huge amount of energy... THATS AN EXPLOSIVE, your showing
how to make an igniter... because sayin EXPLOSIVE while showing ur face its
dude, just a reminder! Before making stuff, learn ur stuff. Take care!...of
ur fingers lol

Автор D Seidens (2 года)
Only if you wish to greatly decrease the life of your battery that is a
short that he's causing kipkay had a great electronic match that is not a

Автор Trevor Hughes (3 года)
@aznricecannon To be safe, I would wire 2 in series for 3 volts and do that
in parallel with another set, so you have 4 batteries and 3 volts.

Автор xXxchipperchopperxXx (3 года)
@ThorsDiciple maybe you should read over your comment again dumbass

Автор ForFREEDOM13 (1 год)
...or smash a christmas light bulb and wala ignition system

Автор jorge armando (2 года)
excelente daniel

Автор fourwheeler4life2 (3 года)
I just shocked the hell out of myself

Автор SaintMichael82 (3 года)
You look familiar, and about a minute in to the video I realized your

Автор Maskulinism (2 года)

Автор TheMightyMagic (2 года)
Was that just an Mg + KNO3 flash mixture?

Автор Laying low (4 года)
Its just an electric match, nothing serious, why peoples think its for
things that goes boom, for example you can just set a camp fire with it
without beeing at the spot :D I find out a bit diferent way of this.
Instead of sraw, i use a binder, smokeless gunpowder or styrofoam disolved
in acetone, and mix it with match head powder, then it burns slower and
nice, without pop.

Автор butanelover (4 года)
nice ronson jetlite i have the same one

Автор candyman975 (2 года)
TF2 <3

Автор Trenton Salas (3 года)
@danielthesard Yeah..... So being the impatient person that I am, I set one
up yesterday. I actually just finished experimenting for tonight. I saw
your other video on how to make a separate channel box, and as it turns out
I have one thats 120 volt, 5 channel, with safety, and over 30 years old,
but it works like a charm! I made a directional explosive with gun powder I
just happened to have lying arround,

Автор Dhon Romero (2 года)
blasting powder with lighter?later your dead buddy

Автор goldenbiohazard (2 года)
holy crap ur chuck norris u melt the straw and pinch it if i did that i
woould swear and yell but u dident even flinch ur awsome

Автор ShinigamiRota (4 года)
If in need of fuse wire just go to any hardware store that sells wire by
the foot (choose how much you want in ft)Usually around 60 cent or so a
foot for really cheap wire. 4 gauge usually has around1862 strands and
8gauge about 735 just take a knife or razor and carefully cut off the
shielding = A bundle of fuses!!.Also never reuse any small battery in an
electronic device that's been used like this. It can damage the device due
to burnt electrode's within the battery.small idea.very few lettrs

Автор aznricecannon (3 года)
@randommscience117 How many D batteries are we talking about? about
2-4?Just making sure that I'd get enough to get this ignition down. and
thanks a bunch for this vid.

Автор Suvad Badic (2 года)
you ugly but you smart good job

Автор aznricecannon (3 года)
I saw you used a motorcycle battery in your other vid. I don't have the
type of money to just dedicate a car battery to this and I'm definitely not
gonna hook this stuff to the battery in my car. What alternate power supply
would you suggest If I was going to fill the charge with match heads. Would
I get desirable results with a couple 9 volts? PS: I tried reading the
comments to see if it was answered. I didn't find anything that helped

Автор Dylan M (4 года)
@mrwhitewolf94 no body gives a fuck, go ahead use a car battery

Автор ismaeel mohammed (3 года)
and you think muslims are terrorist lol:-)

Автор dinges anderedingens (2 года)
my dick stucked into a paper plane, what did i wrong?

Автор metalman661001 (2 года)
I dont think a 10 year old would keep a can of butane on his dresser.

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