How To Make A Electric Ignition System

This is an old video that I never got around to putting on youtube. The information is still vary accurate. I have built these things for my own personal use. PLEASE BE CARFUL. Remote detonators can be a great tool but can also turn very dangerous. DON'T ACCIDENTALLY BLOW OFF YOUR HANDS! have fun be creative but be safe. THIS DESIGN IS WATERPROOF A SIMPLE OUTER LAYER LIKE A FILM CANISTER OR SEALD CONTAINER CAN BE ADDED FOR COMPLETELY SUBMERGED DETONATIONS. As long as a fuel and an oxidizing agent are present it will fire nearly anywhere, just be sure to cover the wire ends to prevent shorting.

- For a fuse or flammable material ignition I would suggest using a slow burning material like mach heads.

- for a flash band effect I recommend gun powder or flash powder.



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Автор Dani Nielen ( назад)
fuck you

Автор norm card ( назад)
no diodes in there

Автор Will Hook ( назад)
guys do not do this with a car battery, they are dangerous. if you do this
with a car battery there is a 90% chance of the car battery to explode

Автор boycot gugle ( назад)
03:25 NOT TO CAUSE ANARCHY? You gotta be kidding me, really? What kind of
pussy shit is this then? I thought we were gonna light people on fire.

Автор Untitled ( назад)
and I wraped small paper around the straw so a small bit of fire is still
left on.

Автор Untitled ( назад)
I put a saftey switch on the wire. But I used gunpowder as my ignitor.

Автор Untitled ( назад)
I put a saftey switch on the wire. But I used gunpowder as my ignitor.

Автор lucky mellenium ( назад)
i like your ideas

Автор Woodsman ( назад)
Hope you didnt burn down your mom and dads house !

Автор Jake Guard ( назад)
That was a joke about the "losing of fingers" due to flaming glue sticks
Because I have never had this issue.

Автор Maddie Bonham ( назад)
Cool beans man.

Автор Givdalerud “xlefanx” Staf ( назад)
the face when he said *blow up a house or a car*

Автор Amazing TRAP3Z 69 ( назад)
He said remote explosive and the first thing to come in mind was they were
gon throw him in prison 

Автор Хороший Человек (1193 года назад)
Хохлятская рожа тупорылая.

Автор George W. Bush ( назад)
Why not just use a spark plug. It is probably more reliable. :/

Автор Tornadocraver ( назад)
2nd definition of anarchy: Total absence of government... 

Автор theRPGmaster domestic software and game improvements ( назад)
Stupid kid, not for DIY fireworks huh..
And you tought we could take a car battery with you when detonating

Автор Jonny Humbert (1191 год назад)
I love these videos !! It's like do you really think this is a new idea !?
I was doing this 30 years ago when I was 10 !! lmao !! Original thought
,,, er not !! 

Автор Dunceman (reptilian132) (230 лет назад)
is this an electric ignition or is it a explosive... tey are two different
tings.... and also is this safe or do i need to be careful

Автор Harold Smith ( назад)
One day this kid will have to hire someone to wipe his ass for him, because
he will blow his hands off a some point. It is very dumb to make home aid

Автор ferrariteddy ( назад)
I'm just going to use this on 2000lb of tannerite. :)

Автор g00k guy ( назад)
Will you show me how to make my banana explode?

Автор fidel catsro ( назад)
I assume the diode arrangement is to prevent oneself from burning fingers
while shorting the 12 volt terminals? hows about adding some fertilizer and
gasoil to the stack of matches in plastic tube? (just kidding).. ingenious
young man you are!..study hard and be a good scientist on the right side of
the law!

Автор alexander grandbell (362 года назад)
safe explosives. 

Автор Douchebag Studios ( назад)
that intro XD

Автор Zac Gautney ( назад)
how do you hook it up to a firework that doesn't have a fuse?

Автор killer Pulse ( назад)

A car battery can not kill you trust me it wont

Автор Mark Cook ( назад)
not quite what i thought i'd see here (you made it sound dramatic) I'm
used to disarming car bombs.

Автор Aguila59 ( назад)
Ladies , pick up your skirts and scream, OMG, he is lighting a match with
12 volts !!!!!! Ladies and faggots, keep screaming " he must be a
terrorist"!!! Shut the F up!

Автор Ron Brown ( назад)
Smart kid I'm impressed.

Автор kings0fmen ( назад)
Good work man. Cutie too..

Автор backspacesquare ( назад)
anyone could make a thousand nukes or bombs and know how to detonate each
one, but until they start actually TERRORIZING, no one's a terrorist.
stupid people

Автор Aranak Asulis ( назад)
I dont know why people would call him a terroist. You dont even know him

Автор Jesse M ( назад)
Must been scary uploading this vid

Автор Snup Doge ( назад)
demn kid your one hell of a terrorist

Автор ForFREEDOM13 ( назад)
...or smash a christmas light bulb and wala ignition system


Автор antiswattt3 ( назад)
your eyes looks manically and toxically blue o: pretty simple system tho...
i might try this.. just seems weird to me that copper wire works.. thought
you would need something with more resistance in..?!

Автор yf ( назад)
Would 9 volt be enough?

Автор metalman661001 ( назад)
Nobody cares what age you could make gunpowder. Especially me. So fuck off.

Автор jorge armando ( назад)
excelente daniel

Автор jorge armando ( назад)
como marica yo alos 12 tenia un arma de fuego y sabia hacer polvora seguro
eres una niña mimada que no te dejaban divertir

Автор D Seidens ( назад)
Only if you wish to greatly decrease the life of your battery that is a
short that he's causing kipkay had a great electronic match that is not a

Автор CoolAs ( назад)
wow how old are u now?

Автор Maskulinism ( назад)

Автор Firem1nded ( назад)

Автор Vladislav Andrejevic ( назад)
I did everything you did and it didn't work ... The 12 V Battery is Hot but
no explosion :( Can you help me ?

Автор Wolf shamil ( назад)
You litlle terorist...lol.

Автор metalman661001 ( назад)
I dont think a 10 year old would keep a can of butane on his dresser.

Автор j58bear ( назад)
This is basically an "e-match" which takes a good ole class 54 ATF
fireworks license like mine, I would recommend buying consumer igniters
like some falcon 2's. they are much safer thn a straw segment full of match
heads lol

Автор YORDLESABER95 ( назад)
tf2 pyro? add me drhax52 lol

Автор rollthelosingdice ( назад)
What you are making is called a Squib, not much for a explosive device but
more for a detonator. These smaller charges are used for igniting larger
explosives such as Semtex or Ballistic gelatin. Squibs are usually used for
3500 to 9500 m/s explosives, not for kids. But thats why they don't sell
blasting caps or squibs to the general public. Be safe.

Автор dinges anderedingens ( назад)
my dick stucked into a paper plane, what did i wrong?

Автор goldenbiohazard ( назад)
holy crap ur chuck norris u melt the straw and pinch it if i did that i
woould swear and yell but u dident even flinch ur awsome

Автор Big Zeke ( назад)
Be sure and record it when it happens. Put it up on YouTube and link me.

Автор reinis955 ( назад)
Thanks-i was going to blow up my school with a homemade bomb of amonium
nitrate, but i couldn't make a working ignition system, so tanks dude ;-)

Автор Suvad Badic ( назад)
ejejejej i am not aa fucking gay i just say you are ugly xDDD

Автор dizrack ( назад)
what are you gay? judgin dudes?

Автор Dominic Victoria ( назад)
I thought you'll say "once you put gunpowder inside the pipe, you take the
lighter then light the other end of the pipe and OOOOOH!! WTF!" then
everthing will go wrong. and the end!

Автор Suvad Badic ( назад)
you ugly but you smart good job

Автор powerline574 (884 года назад)
dude you have the lego crane,i envy you lol, nice vid

Автор Dhon Romero ( назад)
blasting powder with lighter?later your dead buddy

Автор kade roach ( назад)
Where did you get the lighter

Автор AcesWild037 ( назад)
diodes? I think you mean leads.

Автор nickalisse1 ( назад)
Absolutely right, 1 of my brothers is a designer & the other is an engineer
n both of them are usin legos in there jobs. For an exemple, #1 use it to
built the prototype of a starwars starship & one for a 3D starwars wrebbit

Автор Jack Moses ( назад)
nice vid, and thanks this system is so much better than just lighting a
fuse straight up.

Автор nicoud ( назад)
wow thanks man you were a big help. easy and effective.

Автор TheKnobdayShow ( назад)
shit i meant nichrome..

Автор TheKnobdayShow ( назад)
you can do it without all the straw shit, just have a low resistance wire
such as nickel or something that'll get hot enough to ignite whatever you
want, or a fuse.

Автор Leandro Andrade ( назад)
your eye ir too blue ;)

Автор Graham Freeman ( назад)
that's a nisssssssssssssssssssse house u have there

Автор TheMightyMagic ( назад)
It really depends on how long and how thin the wire is. I tried it and I
used around 4 AA's with about 3 or 4 inches of wire. I have no idea what
guage (thickness) the wire was. Basically, you'll just have to experiment.
First of all, do you want it to stay red hot or do you want it to just get
really hot and then vaporize? Either way, start with one AA and keep adding
batteries one by one in series (+ to -) until you get the desired result.
You can get 100ft of wire on ebay for very cheap.

Автор TheMightyMagic ( назад)
Was that just an Mg + KNO3 flash mixture?

Автор TheMightyMagic ( назад)
Amps, not volts. A bunch of AAs should work, or a C or D battery would also
work. This is the order of batteries: 9volt = 0.5 amps, AAA = 1 amp, AA = 2
amps C = 4 amps, D = 8 amps.

Автор willfulsprite ( назад)
Just realized how scary youtube users can be...going back under my rock.

Автор oogle boogle ( назад)
Does not work

Автор Ricardo Saldivar ( назад)
asking someone not to do something stupid with this is like asking a kid
not eat a Cooke

Автор Nerf2658 ( назад)
You are awesome!!!

Автор noia jpg ( назад)

Автор Cody Standingwater ( назад)
Do you have a design for a wireless detonator? I have one, but the
materials are expensive.

Автор paritosh bk ( назад)
your video was awesome did u use only copper wire and straw and sealed
their ends or you used anything else like match head please tell me the
whole description of how to make it

Автор candyman975 ( назад)
TF2 <3

Автор austinblake55 ( назад)
Great video. Great stuff

Автор WiegerSimonMovies ( назад)
Dear MrGarret49, you just got pwnd :)

Автор Ninad Rathod ( назад)
really great video.....

Автор Miles ( назад)
@danielthesard no problem dude! you deserve it.

Автор Daniel Sardachuk ( назад)
At the time I shot this video I was 16 actually. I assume your talking
about the lego and picture in the background. feel free to have your own
opinion about lego but it can be a great prototyping tool. Simple
components that serve many functional purposes. I'm 20 I still tinker with
lego because it is so much less expensive than actually producing
components. Take it from someone who knows what is costs to machine parts,
I am going to school for it LOL.

Автор Daniel Sardachuk ( назад)
thanks for the very positive comment. I was actually 16 when I shot this
video, I made my first electric match at age 12 lol. I am 20 now and
unfortunately since I have moved out I lack a place to test improvements on
my design.

Автор Miles ( назад)
@Mrgarret49 Excuse me but i guarantee this kid is way smarter and more
innovative than you will ever be so get the fuck out and stop harrasing
people with better videos than you. Ps: Your channel blows. oh by the way
daniel great video! ^

Автор Patrick King ( назад)
nice bedroom what are you 10

Автор wmalongboaring o ( назад)
Mom: Dan, wucha up to Dan: I'm making explosives mom Mom: good job honey

Автор Alexander Benitez ( назад)
errertfghyjnuhb b bfdfvgtr fhj ( you dont need hands to light fire works)

Автор yoyosRawesome ( назад)
It's not foolproof if it involves a razor/pocket knife of a lighter

Автор MrMas4 ( назад)
Cool Video !! but on 1:50 ther's an ORGASM XD. Just kidding, awesome video

Автор Daniel Sardachuk ( назад)
@theunknown117 belive it or not that was shot without contacts. the
lighting or something just brought out the blue in my eyes. :)

Автор fourwheeler4life2 ( назад)
I just shocked the hell out of myself

Автор Jason Smith ( назад)
@AnarchistKid1 you shouldnt have to run if your far enough away connecting
those wires ;)

Автор TheBlake152 ( назад)
I fucking burnt my hand with the glue stick

Автор JoshyXD01 ( назад)
@gunyounoob1 me too

Автор TheEpson8 ( назад)
12V battery? or plug it in the mains! DISCLAIMER: do not do this!(just
joking knock yourself out...)

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