February 1994 Ice Storm Memphis, TN

A devastating ice storm struck the southeastern US on February 12, 1994. Here are some scenes shot around the Memphis TN area.

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Автор Alden R. Davis ( назад)
I was 8 years old at the time when Memphis was struck by a massive Ice
Storm back in 1994. It was a living nightmare.

Автор Southern Fried Media (SFG) ( назад)
I had so much fun during those two weeks without power or school. I love

Автор toodlum48 ( назад)
If they had iPhones back in 1994, the detail of the ice would be so much

Автор Travis Gray (224 года назад)
I was 3 years old when this happen. That's crazy because I can still
remember the 90s like it was yesterday lol.

Автор joycloud ( назад)
I remember this, the water was seeping down into the cracks of the trees,
freezing instantly and it sounded like the trees were exploding. I moved
to Missouri a couple of days after this.

Автор Jason Scallorn ( назад)
Two weeks without power at park and highland!

Автор ChevyGuy566 ( назад)
inb4 the Memphis Ice Storm of 2013 coming tomorrow

Автор ktfx5 ( назад)
It's about to happen again tomorrow

Автор Patrick Lofton ( назад)
I remember we had to go to school on a saturday to make up for days missed.

Автор dada117angel ( назад)
Appears driver was driving too fast for the filming of this tragic event.
Also the music is totally wrong. Even though it's dramatic music, it's
still just wrong for the scenes and event, and time-1994. There were many
things I would've liked to have been able to see better, but they were just
too shaky &/ or blurry. MS suffered great damage. We know what that storm
was like. No power, no water except some bottled thank God, and a gas stove
for heat. Camped out in kitchen & running out of food.

Автор kingovharts ( назад)
I remember this storm growing up. I recall the day before this storm hit
the temperatures reached 70 degrees and then plummeted. It began as we were
dismissing school and continued for two days.

Автор boomer3133 ( назад)
OK - can someone tell me the name of the music with this video? 

Автор ohmywhyamIsofly ( назад)
I remember this. We lived in south Memphis and were the last ones to have
our power restored. Thank goodness for a gas powered stove. But, we were
kids and we made the most of it. 

Автор rogergrims ( назад)
I remember waking up on that day--I lived near Highland and I heard "boom"
several times--thought that we were being invaded--it was electric
transformers going out. 

Автор motorheadbelinda ( назад)
no... it wasnt sleet it was actually rain/freezing rain.it rained really
hard and froze as it hit.

Автор Jean1juan ( назад)
in an icestorm, how come the roads don't get as ice covered or white as
everything else? do they only get slippery during a sleet storm

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