Welcome to "How to Use Snapchat". This is going to be your day one crash course and everything you need to know for your first few days with this application. Don't be intimidated and let me know of any questions you may have! Have a great day and keep snapping!

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HOW TO USE SNAPCHAT - Snapchat Tricks and Tips
HOW TO USE SNAPCHAT - Snapchat Tricks and Tips
HOW TO USE SNAPCHAT - Snapchat Tricks and Tips

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Автор Bruce Thomson ( назад)
Thanks, Aaron, very useful for me starting out. Didn't waste a second. =) Bruce Thomson in New Zealand.

Автор Riri Glam ( назад)
I have snapchat for almost a year now and still dont know how to use it lol.

Автор Mai MaiMai ( назад)
I just downloaded this last night and I don't know what I'm doing or what to do with it

Автор aundra roberts ( назад)
She's not going to reply dude.

Автор austinuk100 ( назад)
Add me on sc ravenflock

Автор Sour Gaming ( назад)
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Автор army cadet advice ( назад)
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Автор Zayn Blaze ( назад)

Автор Sour Gaming ( назад)
Add my snapchat- jaiksen
I'll watch all your stories

Автор Re: Thinker ( назад)
Photoshop for idiots

Автор I am a spoon ( назад)
so if I take a picture it wont upload it to me story? I have to manually do that?

Автор Yovel Iracheta ( назад)
Sc: yovel_iracheta5

Автор Le Agee ( назад)
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Автор Cassandra Lorona ( назад)
Add me on sc: omgitscassie22

Автор Florut alexandru ( назад)
esti praf baiatule nai explicat de urechi dislike pace.

Автор George Eberhart ( назад)
Awesome video for beginning Snap chatters. Awesome commentary by the presenter.

Автор The Schmieder Family ( назад)
Thank you this is the first video I watched by you and it helped me SO MUCH So You Gained Another Subscriber!

Автор Thomas Franklin ( назад)
lord mercy you are ugly!

Автор Mims E ( назад)
Im 13 and im still not allowed snapchat because my parents are protective when it comes to social media and talking/ viewing things from people you do not know. Im the only one in the 7th grade who does not have it. Is there anyway where I could just access filters?

Автор ProteanView ( назад)
LMAO! I wish I would watch a 10 minute video... for SnapChat. If they want to keep growing, it's on them to make an intuitive experience. It isn't worth time researching when there are a dozen other venues. I was curious, but I can't imagine caring enough to watch at 10 minute video. This is where I bow out. Kids... it's all yours.

Автор Cecily Seidel ( назад)
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Автор LostStripes ( назад)
add me on Snapchat: Asvp_swisher

Автор Josph Rivera ( назад)
Anyone have Snapchat add me jrivera2244 I add back

Автор AKASH SINGH ( назад)
useless and pointless app

Автор AKASH SINGH ( назад)
all radical left fake media are present to brainwash the young generations especially teens

Автор Emmaleigh Migneron ( назад)
I don't like

Автор Jose 17 ( назад)
Add me Pure_Icy

Автор Victoria Lynn ( назад)
Can you text movie linkroum

Автор Samantha Pofahl ( назад)
Did anyone realise Christiano Ronaldo was texting him on sc 😂😂😂

Автор Soko Ro ( назад)
Thanks dude you're a saviour.

Автор Ryan Hanson ( назад)
are you in virginia beach, va?

Автор Alex Barberena ( назад)
i'm ready!!

Автор Blanca Acosta ( назад)

Автор Jesstitch ( назад)
I feel like a grandma watching this

Автор Jay ( назад)
add me on snachat  xjay757x

Автор wellofbeersheba ( назад)
I feel like I am listening to a used car salesman.

Автор anon _rah ( назад)
What do those two Intercepting arrows mean when I post out a picture? I see some friends under the two intercepting arrows whenever a usually post a picture, but what does that mean ? Does it mean they've screenshot my picture?

Автор Jackson Silva ( назад)
If it was not for a girl I would not even try to use this crap

Автор Michael Cornman ( назад)
can you explain the part where you get friends

Автор rishabh bhatia ( назад)
add me>>>>>>rbhatia1658<<<<<<<
Автор pavonna young ( назад)
how do you download your moving snapchat photo to facebook

Автор Josh Phillips ( назад)
Great video

Автор Josh Phillips ( назад)

Автор Zack Sellars ( назад)
Add zack23hi Let's start a streak

Автор Cloudy ( назад)
add spamcode for spam and streaks

Автор Priesty 456 ( назад)
Add my sc

Автор alberto mejia ( назад)
Sc: tucholo.11 add and ill add u back

Автор Josh Aniello ( назад)
Love the vid keep up the good work

Автор spica rodriguez ( назад)
If u have a kindle fire but all u have is amozon can u still download Snapchat??????

Автор Amadeus l dean sorry car Joshua you he ( назад)
the the the the the today why up thoi

Автор Hijodeganas1 ( назад)
Geo-filters? Didn't see any of those.

Автор Phoenix ( назад)
Vid starts at 0:46

Автор arianna cappas ( назад)
Add me @oneandonlyarii
I will add back

Автор TheMafiaSaint ( назад)
How do you tell someone you wanna start a streak ? Do you just send a snap saying. Streaks

Автор samir khan ( назад)
Add me for STREAKS: Respace1

Автор Sy Eckbe ( назад)
Thax for the tips. What microphone do you use for voice work? Looks pretty nice.

Автор Polovin Ime ( назад)
My snapchat: alexanderatalah
Add me😊

Автор PinkCandies ( назад)
follow me on insta @ibeglamorous
add me on Snapchat @alwaysglamorous

Автор Fatma Mohd ( назад)
toooo much bucking

Автор Cornelius Cucumber Seat ( назад)
Im too drunk for this but bitches think im retarded for not knowing this shit so fuckit

Автор Jaime Nava ( назад)
Add me on snapchat @JN.XV say "spam" or "help" and I'll spam you with snaps to help increase your score

Автор Mulatto Beard Brand Est 2017 ( назад)
Thanks dude i used ur tips for my top 10 2017 snapchats (very helpfull!!!) 👊✌

Автор FEAR GAMING ( назад)
My snap is noah_van990

Автор Desi Television ( назад)
great video

Автор David Babula ( назад)
Add me on SNapchat DavidBabula5 for streaks or talking [no nudes]!

Автор Miguel Huertero ( назад)
Add my sc: miggs_jr

Great vid

Автор Destiny Osorio ( назад)
I have snapchat

Автор sharyville ibardolasa ( назад)
idk, how to work it lol

Автор best joker ( назад)
21 years old and I don't see the point in this app. I officially feel old.

Автор ThePurpleUFO ( назад)
I think you don't really understand what beginners actually need to know about Snapchat...this is no help at all.

Автор ParisSaysHai TV ( назад)
Do you live in Virginia or are you visiting? If you live here thats so cool! I don't see much youtubers from virginia

Автор Greenlandguy 333 ( назад)
me LG

Автор Pranay Goud ( назад)
iam not gtng my stories to uplode my story on snap chat can u pls say me why..? and wt have to do fr this

Автор Lucas Varverud ( назад)
I have been there many times

Автор Lucas Varverud ( назад)
Your from virgina beach

Автор חראא. مين بعرف السناب شات גברין ( назад)
كيف بدنا نعمل سناب شات

Автор IRunChips ( назад)
It's cool you get medals/trophies

Автор ado Ahmetovic ( назад)

Автор Booty ( назад)
Add me acork18

Автор llama ( назад)
Streaks anyone ?

Автор doris c ( назад)
add me on snapchat : dorisbabe1

Автор william mangrum ( назад)
add me on Snapchat willwill80

Автор Lightbulb Beverage ( назад)
I am soo sad, I am a young lady that doesn't know how to use the most popular app in the app store

Автор Suavee MacArthur ( назад)
add me on snap Suavee30

Автор janna de leon ( назад)
Let's start a streak🤙🏼🔥 : jannaa.x

Автор Tonya Scaturro ( назад)
I can see and hear them they can see me BUT cant hear me

Автор Tuba Butt ( назад)
hello :)

Автор SassyCat11111 ( назад)
thank u so much that was so helpful

Автор Schleich Lover XXX ( назад)

Автор JazmineXy ( назад)
thanks for the info. very helpful

Автор Emerson Houston ( назад)
ADD ME @emerson123890

Автор Emerson Houston ( назад)
ADD ME @emerson123890

Автор kana weste new ( назад)
thank for help as

Автор Alex Rodriguez ( назад)
Whats the difference between stories and send them as ur story. If i put a story, will everyone on my friend list would see it?

Автор Mea Patterson ( назад)
why didn't you tell them about the dog filters and stuff

Автор Daniel Williams ( назад)
Still have this man trying to kill me his name is John Martin Cuth date of birth/6/9/1950who's working for the government doing everything he can to make sure I'm not around anymore and my no good Piece of shit family is helping him

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