Welcome to "How to Use Snapchat". This is going to be your day one crash course and everything you need to know for your first few days with this application. Don't be intimidated and let me know of any questions you may have! Have a great day and keep snapping!

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HOW TO USE SNAPCHAT - Snapchat Tricks and Tips
HOW TO USE SNAPCHAT - Snapchat Tricks and Tips
HOW TO USE SNAPCHAT - Snapchat Tricks and Tips

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Автор Daniel Williams (Need help) ( назад)
Still have this man trying to kill me his name is John Martin Cuth date of
birth/6/9/1950who's working for the government doing everything he can to
make sure I'm not around anymore and my no good Piece of shit family is
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Автор Sumaiya Abdi ( назад)
Lmfao i just downloaded Now. I hv no idea how it works

Автор Sou Yang ( назад)
Add me on snapchat ObeyySouu

Автор Malik Arnold Viray ( назад)
5:24 cristiano ronaldo!!!!!!!!

Автор Qaishaun White ( назад)
Snapchat kingqai00

Автор Gwendolyn Lubinda ( назад)
hey guys please add me tbertuzzi234
i'll add you back

Автор Gush 35z ( назад)
how do I views someone's post's?

Автор Sara Ellez ( назад)
snap : aya.dyar

Автор Summus Saer ( назад)
Fuckin iphone user😂😂😂😁👍🏼

Автор julian55321 ( назад)
Amos for score: likeano

Автор Anonymous ( назад)
slow down bro

Автор The Awesome Gamers ( назад)
I love Snapchat this helped me a lot! Thanks

Автор Vitor Fogaco ( назад)
i got it today to get some nudes but i have no idea what i'm doing

Автор Victor Martinez ( назад)
Slow down a little please. Need time to absorb info.

Автор The James Anderson ( назад)
A snapchat god? What a STUPID idiot.

Автор Ddede DWe ( назад)
U r annoying u talk too much

Автор It's Jordan ( назад)
This video was super helpful to me! thankyou! :)

Автор Emmett Coen ( назад)
"emmettcoen" aka Emy Bear 😂Hey peeps.. Join me in Ireland for some
wonderful funny, not so funny, hilarious not so hilarious snaps.... I just
be myself enjoy! You won't be disappointed and I chat to all my people and
will help you out anyway o can.. With new look and ways of utilizing snap
for your benefit, but mostly me being an ass and enjoying life on the snap

Автор Emily Kay ( назад)
Anyone be friends @fancybarbie2005

Автор Andrew Toala ( назад)
thankz mate..now i can load snapchat ✌

Автор otterlover95 ( назад)

Автор tyler pearson ( назад)

Автор CVC Chewie's Video Club ( назад)
Thanks for sharing! Snapchat has always been a bit confusing, so we haven't
used it other than the filters.

Автор Rachel Cunningham ( назад)
Please add me on snapchat👻; Rachelkusjex

Thank you!😘💖

Автор Rajesh Kumar (yogawithrajesh) ( назад)
wow god bless you

Автор Degree Gaming ( назад)
yoooo check this girl out


Автор PrettyAngel 111 ( назад)
Ohh now I know !!!

Автор ghazal ranjbar ( назад)
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Автор Ariyonna Huizar ( назад)
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Автор emma . macdonald ( назад)
how do u get filters

Автор Quynh H. ( назад)
my snap thesavageho

Автор juan jose ramos ( назад)
Snapchat: Juanjoseramos1 Agrega y agrego!

Автор Sam W ( назад)
I'm officially old. Had to check a YouTube video to master this app lol

Автор superfly1200 ( назад)

Автор Magnus Ødegård ( назад)
I like the video ;) But is it world Championship in speak fast??

Автор Priyonath Dhara ( назад)
thanks man I was so confused!

Автор RGkong ( назад)
Everyone comment your Snapchat or Instagram right now! 😏👌🔥💯💪😂👍

Автор Chloe Stuart ( назад)
Happy new 2017 is here 20lq6 2 hours ago I got Snapchat for xmas I'm
British just telling you and I don't know how to get Snapchat filters

Автор anne campbell ( назад)
Great help for me thanks

Автор republic1001 ( назад)
Tutorial not clear phone up my ass.

Автор Cherry Pop ( назад)
you talk too much about nothing in the beginning. just please get straight
to the key points!

Автор Jasmine Perez ( назад)
add my snapchat: luvv2003
get me 100 names / people who add me

Автор Snapchat Hack ( назад)
Snapchat is kind of hard getting started if you are new. But this video
should help a lot of new people out!

Автор RUTHLESS GAMING ( назад)
Guys how do you start a streak??

Автор M.N. Smith ( назад)
this helps

Автор Aliah Vallejo ( назад)
My snap: aliahvellejo

Автор Jennifer Magutra ( назад)
👻 Bitemycuteass snap me!

Автор Independent Queen ( назад)
why do you have snap if u ain't gun add back or reply

Автор DON LEGACY ( назад)
Needed this... Thanks!

Автор Lahnee Rome G Major Gaming ( назад)
If I use my real birth in snapchat it won't work. I guess I'm way too young
for it, can you tell me how to get snapchat to work for me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Автор possessed Pidigon ( назад)
what does it mean when someone opend a message and someone els has recieved

Автор Nujaymah Hossain ( назад)
is it weird that I think he looks like Joe Jonas?

Автор Jayden Kaptein ( назад)
does anyone know how to delete an image that's been cut and added to the

Автор hope abela the best ( назад)
watch my videos

Автор Davis Gloff ( назад)
Thank you! I downloaded snap chat and was stuck... I'll give it try now.!

Автор Pizza Pete ( назад)
Fully expected a 15 year old white girl to do this vid

Автор CrazehGhost ( назад)
Add me for streaks or to spam me, SC: nothingghost

Автор Faiz Pathaan ( назад)
thanks for helping me...., 😅😇😉😉

Автор DynneUploads ( назад)
you forgot the filters! or maybe ios doesn't have filters

Автор Carmela Carreon ( назад)
i download snapchat today i have no idea im doing

Автор Steven Hog ( назад)
Follow me buddy2612

Автор MeargleSchmeargle ( назад)
I admit for (almost) the first time, I am a noob at something. I am no
stranger to social media, but my GOD snapchat took forever to get used to.
Still a noob at it.

Автор Leticiaa Fajardoo ( назад)
Wat i wanna know is if people going to se my pictures the ones i save in

Автор Christine Angermeier ( назад)
WOW this helped me so much. Thanks for making this video :)

Автор Marycell Florentino ( назад)
i only wasted my 10 min watching this video.

Автор Marycell Florentino ( назад)
nonsense -_-

Автор K Man ( назад)
iPhone 6s+

Автор Susie Mcdonald ( назад)
my daughter has this app she's is a pro at it I downloaded I have no idea
Just watched the 1st great I'm on my way thanks fingers crossed for me
please & merry Xmas everybody hope yus all have a great day 🎅🎅🎄🎄

Автор Susie Mcdonald ( назад)
my daughter has this app she's is a pro at it I downloaded I have no idea
Just watched the 1st great I'm on my way thanks fingers crossed for me
please & merry Xmas everybody hope yus all have a great day 🎅🎅🎄🎄

Автор puck jonsen ( назад)
Heyy follow my buddy on snap she post everything and every day puck.geluk

Автор Rutwik's Vlog ( назад)
does it wait till your account verified

Автор Reid La Deau ( назад)
lol, just downloaded again today.👍

Автор Meriem Anar ( назад)
You talk a lot

Автор Deja Renee ( назад)
this did not help at all😥

Автор Willem tupou ( назад)
how do you save photo on Snapchat. i know how to save it but how do you
find your own story

Автор Bobbi Jennette ( назад)

Автор L Y D I A C A R A M E L ( назад)

Автор Marie Dwynwen ( назад)
It helps me a lot! Thanks!

Автор Kiran Kumar R ( назад)
I felt sleepy watching this video

Автор the best Justine ( назад)
Dont you dare i use it to recieve nudes

Автор David Song ( назад)
thanks for making this video

Автор Izzy Weekley ( назад)

Автор Tashell Moore ( назад)
Amosc: Tashell18

Автор Melbin Philipose ( назад)
New to snap😂 idk what im doing @mel.philips97

Автор Most Popular Clip ( назад)

Автор Rich Beeach ( назад)
add me ä moneholic snapchat

Автор Samuel Gurbhoo ( назад)
for have chat at the place of the little add

Автор phillip ruiz ( назад)

Автор MyFluffyUnicorn ( назад)
One question; what does the number in your main menu thing next to your
name mean ?

Автор Michael Green ( назад)
How do I take a landscape photo and put text on it ? Text only comes up in
portrait mode. I have Samsung S5 phone.

Автор Miikaa Givenchy ( назад)
Add me and let's start a streak 🔥@miikaa.singlee

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