Why Should We Vote For You?

An explanation as to why a particular answer to a question is wrong.

Question: Why should we vote for an insider?
Person Asked: Hillary Clinton
Answer: I'm a woman, therefore, I'm not an insider.
Why It's Wrong: It's a non-sequitur.

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Автор Crocoshark ( назад)
No wonder she lost

I mean, I don't like the victor any more than her but . . . Seriously?

Автор Poots McToots ( назад)
and this is why we ended up with trump

Автор OG Slumzy ( назад)
hillary clinton is a dumbass.

Автор godonlyknows13 ( назад)
Hillary is just so out of touch with politics these days. :/
When people say "we want an outsider" they dont mean a woman. Thats not the kind of "outsider" we were looking for. I think people just wanted someone who wasnt going to sell out to corporate interests like right away lol.
Obama, bless his heart, he did the best he could... But he sold out almost instantly. Now, you can argue he still fought for what he thought was right, and I think you'd mostly be correct in that. But it is a pure and simple fact that he was given A LOT of money by a lot of very rich people and corporations. And they got a return on their investment.

Автор omer shaik ( назад)
her argument is though that a woman would bring to the table a new way of governing that we haven't seen in a male dominated presidency, she would bring a different prespective, which is one of the main reasons people want an outsider. she's saying that someone who had lived her entire life as a woman in the political map will bring more new things to the table than a person who had never been on the political map. sure there are some flaws to that argument, but adress it.

Автор Rio ( назад)
great video

Автор Servo Dav ( назад)
a wonderful video!

Автор Ethan McDonald ( назад)
Well, the question was a little more jaded than the one you proposed. Scratch that, the question you said was asked was not the question that was asked. The question was: "How are you an outsider?" Which has a few flaws in it I'm sure you can find.

Автор TierX_Apti ( назад)
woman woman woman. f this shit

Автор conrad artchannel ( назад)
Omg this bitch! I'm a woman vote for me because I'm a woman. Smh! Just shut up already!

Автор Catherine3385 ( назад)
So glad she lost

Автор Chad B ( назад)
It's eTcetera, not eXcetera.

Автор Jayspock myworld ( назад)
Should've fuckin been Bernie Sanders

Автор noah roberts ( назад)
I didn't want Hillary as president because she saw herself as being the first woman president, not the 45th president. I don't want biased candidates in my government, I want efficient, trustable, and obligated to serve the public candidates that don't revel in their own desires or traits. Moreso, I don't like Hillary because of her pious policies, versus those of Donald Trump, whom of which _can_ actually benefit the country, racist/misogynist or not.

Автор Garrett Walsh ( назад)
Hillary could've cited how being an insider is good because she knows the system and is experienced. Could've created a better standpoint for the insider perspective.

Автор Spentont H. ( назад)
The questions were more on the lines of "What sets you apart from other candidates?" I think when asked the differences in policies, she would have responded appropriately. Her policies in economics and healthcare actually differed from Obama in a lot of ways. Not to mention the fact that she was not the only candidate dodging such questions...

Автор owen alioto ( назад)
Also, she was SECRETARY OF STATE! Hardly an outsider, that's basically an awesome promotion.

Автор Kora Pupper ( назад)
If I was the age to vote I would have voted for Hillary and not Donald but Donald won

Автор Alex Kaplan ( назад)

Автор thedeadlypacifist ( назад)
Take that people who said he was just being against trump XD

Автор Left4d3adfreak1 ( назад)
This is why she lost

Автор Pepins Spot ( назад)
I felt her campaign was doomed from the moment she chose her slogan "Stronger together". It lack, ironically, strength. It didn't say anything of what the party wanted to accomplish. Unlike "Let's make America great again" (which now I really hate by the way).

Автор jackkennedy98 ( назад)
I cannot believe she actually said that I thought it was a joke.

Автор Michael Langoni ( назад)
You shifted the question. The questions compared her to other politicians(Why vote for an INSIDER, and How would your presidency be different than Obama's 3rd term would be). Her answer was meant to separate herself from those labels and not provide a comprehensive list of reasons to vote for her.

Автор Sorzin ( назад)
Should have run a better candidate.

Автор Jeff Hall ( назад)
"Anything that doesn't have to do with a candidates policy is not a valid reason... " Given that any President will inevitably be confronted with situations that are unexpected, it seems naive to constrain our debates simply to policies related to issues of the day.

Exercising discernment based on character and judgment are as, if not more, important than their in place policies. Given today's political climate, I suspect a large number of people want a "good person who's going to do what they think is best".. in fact, that's the core thesis of a representative democracy over a direct one.

In that context, a person's gender, religion, work history and basically entire biography represents valid (or at least semi valid) input into the equation. We could argue that people have their internal calculations wrongly calibrated, but the idea that gender is a non zero entry into the equation isn't automatically invalid.

Автор Thue Morse ( назад)
The question is not why should we vote for you, it is why are you different, not part of the establishment. She is arguing that the establishment is men, and so being a woman makes her a change. Although it is clearly false that just being a woman makes one not a puppet, or a continuation of old trends, being a woman being is a change to the status quo vs being a reason to be elected president are different arguments.

Автор writerconsidered ( назад)
well post election one year later she can now claim to be an outsider.

Автор limitbreak32 ( назад)
"Year of the outsider" indeed!

Автор Vietnam ( назад)
Rip HRC.

Автор Preston Garvey ( назад)
This is why she lost

Автор CipherEnigma ( назад)
You should vote for me, because I'm an attack helicopter

Автор James Sunderland ( назад)
Vote for me, because I'm a woman. One of my merits, is that I'm a woman.

Автор Itzhak Eretz Kdosha ( назад)
more people need to see this guy's video

Автор HugeFanOfNOFX ( назад)
She's not a woman...she's a lizard alien monster!

Автор Byzantanium ( назад)
so happy she lost

Автор Pikkin Lau ( назад)
Insightful. Now we know in part why she lost election, not convincing at all.

Автор Oncus2 ( назад)
Clinton policy: I'm a woman.
Trump: I will have the best policies. Just you wait.

I guess people were satisfied with simple rhetoric.

Автор Last Dinosaur ( назад)
Oh 2015 Counter Arguments.
So hopeful. So naive.

Автор Reece McDude ( назад)
who could be more of an outsider than the first meme president?

kill me

Автор TAnimation channel ( назад)
Way to avoid the question.

Автор Steven Clarke ( назад)

Автор Wayne Hong ( назад)
And this is why she lost. Fucking liberals.

Автор robert williams ( назад)
A lot of Hillary Supporters don't get that they're actually sexist and racist.

Автор GenericFakeName ( назад)
When people asked Hillary why they should vote for her, she said "because I'm a woman and not Trump" when people asked Trump why they should vote for him, he said "I'll build a wall, crack down on illegal immigrants, bomb the shit out of ISIS, and so on so forth" is it any wonder why he won?

Автор Albert Chen ( назад)
Anyone wait until 3:14?

Автор BlueDragon257 ( назад)
Trump won

Автор Viran Invictus ( назад)
We shouldnt have. Not because she is an outsider. Its because she was a disaster during her last administration. Most of the country is still suffering because of the things SHE was directly responsible for in the 1990s. Giving her the keys to the castle would have been like writing her a blank check for culturally pile driving this country into oblivion.

Should anyone voted for trump? Only if they are legally institutionalized. But just because She bought the Dem nomination to make it to the national two party ticket never meant that the American people should just lie down and accept a choice between two absolute disasters. The American People should have rose up, forced the process to be put on hold until LEGITIMATE candidates could be selected... only after the massive amounts of fraudulent nonsense that renders the current system nothing but a mockery of democracy could be fixed, and replaced with a new system, devoid of the electoral college, Devoid of Super delegates, Devoid of the insider garbage that ensures this is the furthest thing from a government of the people, for the people and by the people.

Автор Frost Burn ( назад)
Can't wait til we get a trans veganist demiqueer muslim for president

Автор Siji X ( назад)
The makers of this video think this is smart. It's not.

Автор Andrés Caraballo ( назад)
Well they should have choosen bernie. Trump won because of hillary.

Автор theMoporter ( назад)
Did you misspeak when you said we should only select a president on policy?

Автор Jon Roland ( назад)
This "first woman" president campaign rhetoric is as poor as the "first black" president. It's retarded and liberals need to stop :/

Автор Jason Chatto ( назад)
Imagine if a guy said one of my strong points is I am not a Woman?

Автор dyndo101 ( назад)
This is why you lost Hillary

Автор greg77389 ( назад)
And what's sad is there are STILL so many idiots voting for Shillary...

Автор Tony Boy ( назад)
Firstly, I totally agree with the video. Totally.

But just as a side note (and this is different from the point of the video), why is/was Bernie Sanders considered an outsider? He's been in Congress for over 25 years. Out of all of Democratic candidates he has been in public office longer than anyone else. Is it simply because he's not a Democrat?

Автор Holly Totallyarealname ( назад)
If you want an outsider, how about Joe Biden? He's outside peeping in your window right now.

Автор Laura Henriques ( назад)
Well, I don't believe she's the best choice to vote for, she doesn't have good answers and she doesn't seem to have any plans.
She also doesn't seem to take this seriously, no, she can't be a good president!
Let's analyse the other options:
*Sees xenophobic orange wall-building scarecrow*
Hillary it is *nervous laughing*

Автор uiuy1uyui ( назад)
0:54 "I has vagina please vote for me because vagina."

Автор donotoperateoncrack ( назад)
yes hilary clinton is an insider but that doesn't mean having a women president doesn't give her a different perspective then it would a man. women are a minority in politics. the question was not should we vote for you but are you an insider and she pivoted and said im not an insider because Im a women. however she is less of an insider because she is a women because there are very few women senators. This doesn't mean hilary clinton has had opportunities that very few women have had in recent memory. however she started as a president wife and became a minority senator and then became a secretary of state so she worked to become an experienced politician.

Автор Tamara Wilhite ( назад)
Christopher Hitchens ends Hillary Clinton

Автор Struggling ( назад)
Thats pretty sound advice.

Автор Taber McFarlin ( назад)
"I'm a woman" = "there is no actual valid answer"

Автор zachary borodkin ( назад)
"They're not taking the democratic process very seriously" of course they aren't! The debates are control by Commission on Presidential Debates. Candidates are fed the questions and answers from the start.

Автор Sirius ( назад)
Lying and Criminal Vagina for President 2016.

Автор DreamingFlurry ( назад)
Royal families indeed - the Bushes, the Clintons, the Kennedys etc. - really are like that, hell even Obama kind of is in that club now (hell, I could say that all politicians who went to an Ivy League University are...it's time for a president who didn't go to such a school and truly comes from humble roots, a person who's more like the average Joe than part of the elite!)

How can a woman be an "outsider" if she's been in business for years (first lady, senator, secretary of state - enough said!) - I would support her claim to be an outsider if there were no other women in US-Politics, but there are! Condoleeza Rice for example!

Also: She's a crook/criminal (those E-Mails!), a cheater (DNC and leaked debate questions), a liar (she for example uses the fact that she's a woman to make women vote for her, despite the fact that elections should be about policy not about the person of the candidate, but sadly the US always had a problem with that!) and a war hawk!

Автор Nick Johnson ( назад)
Jesus this was a year ago and it's still so true.

Автор gg no re ( назад)
"Who can be more of an outsider than a woman president."

The orange wall builder man.

Автор rjcme ( назад)
Trump is not a politician. Just a narcisist businessman who decided to become President. Who can be more of an outsider than he?

Автор Hannodb1961 ( назад)
Actually, religious affiliation is a valid reason to accept/reject a candidate, since religion determines ones values, and your values influences your values.

Then again, many political candidates knows this, and pretends to be religious in order to gather votes. The most desperate attempt I've seen for this is Donald Trump... I agree with a lot of the things Donald Trump says, but if he so blatantly lie about his religious believes in order to win votes, I have to ask: what else is he lying about? (And no, by no means do I think Hillary will be a better candidate. I think America is pretty much screwed over in this election, no matter who wins.)

Автор BadgerCheese94 ( назад)
I'm Cuban so logically I should vote for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

I should also vote for either of them because Ted Cruz is from Texas, where I live, and Marco Rubio is from Florida, where I grew up. Logic.

Автор Yokoasso ( назад)
I'm would be the first retarded president, vote for me!

Автор The Lich King MK ( назад)
And now she could become the USA president. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Автор TheQuazz ( назад)
RIP Bernie Sanders. We could really use you running for president right now.

Автор Dan trash #0 ( назад)
why do you eat toast instead of bake beans

because I'm a woman

Автор Susan ( назад)
#NeverCorruptHillary #NoEvilVotes #IVoteWithMyMorals #BernieSanders #JillStein2016

Автор M_Faraday ( назад)
Thanks for another great video. I'm beginning to hope that reason really can give us a way of getting beyond all the hogwash that proliferates in the public sphere when identity is confused with rationality.

Автор Coffee Is your friend ( назад)
This video should just be renamed:

How Hillary Beat Bernie

Автор Zac Lobel ( назад)
Bernie Sanders being the first Jewish president is being more of an outsider than the first woman president.

Автор dazzasenchy ( назад)
although it does annoy me when people say that they are voting for Hillary because she is a woman and the fact that she uses it to claim she is an outsider when that's the farthest thing from the truth in my opinion, i think an argument can be made for it being a reason to vote for her. In Ireland our president has very little power, hes more of a representative of our country. He goes to meetings and announces things for us and so on and i think the same can be said somewhat for the president of the US. They do have a huge amount of power but an element of their job is also, in my opinion, to represent their country and to have a woman representing the US would represent that the US does not discriminate between men and women when it comes to being in a position of power

Автор Regular guy ( назад)
my god she's such h a tool

Автор MrMultiGamer ( назад)
I like your videos. They're very unbiased and you don't fear to engage in debate in the comments. Keep it up!

Автор Notorious Gamer ( назад)
Well It was rigged anyways and all this cunt has to say is vote for me cause im a woman.

Автор Benman29 ( назад)
2:25 "But you know what I'm asking."

Автор Bradatimrkonja ( назад)
A leftist channel that actually criticizes hilllary? Subscribe

Автор Eshajori ( назад)
Spooky ghost at 2:49

...I'm sorry. I just found this channel, it's almost 4am, and I don't know what I'm doing.

Автор Peter Smythe ( назад)
Religious affiliation ish-affects the candidate's policy. If you vote an atheist into office, you can be essentially certain that they will not bring up new policy issues revolving around, say, the war on Christmas. With a christian, particularly a conservative one, it is possible that they mainly talk about their secular policies on the campaign trail, and then suddenly, in response to a particular stimulus, react based on their christian upbringing. An atheist, meanwhile, will react based on whatever secular worldview they hold.

Автор ArcDuc ( назад)
Because im a little better then the other one and even though you can just not vote you still do.

Автор Mental Gymnastics ( назад)
Trump 2016! #hillaryforprison

Автор MonsterBoyAP ~ MBAP ( назад)
I don't think she was saying that's why you have to vote for her, she was saying that's why she's an outsider

Автор ChipArgyle ( назад)
Vagina and motherhood aren't policy platforms.

Автор Roger Antonio Pérez García ( назад)
Well, you may thnk that she means an outsider to the big time all boys club and, in that sense, she is both an outsider and a different choice to all the men elected before her.

Автор Yee Haw ( назад)
why shes an insider:
worked in the public eye for decades
knows many people in politics
lived in the white house

why shes an outsider:
has a vagina

Автор Gandalore Rathnos ( назад)
this seem similair to comercials always talking in such vague ways or in ways that imply something that is never said

Автор 30_Helens Agree ( назад)
It doesn't matter. The informed voter can't see any difference between Trump and Clinton. Remember who sided with the banks AGAINST the taxpayers in 2008-9? Remember who has always fought for one-man/one-woman marriage only? Remember who drafted laws that promoted racial profiling?

Trump only promises to do the things that CLinton has done for the last three decades. They are in bed together

Автор COME HERE WOLFY WOLF! ( назад)
yeah we havent had a woman pres yet why not her? we havent had a child pres yet why not that? we havent had no president before why not that? we havent had a robot as pres why not that?

Автор Trimmien ( назад)
1:30 Just another thing to add, it's important to distinguish eligible ages from all ages. For example, it shouldn't factor into voting between 42 and 64 year olds, but it should if there is a 21 year old illegitimately running.

Автор HateGovernment ( назад)
What are your policies?  "I am a woman".

Автор Jean-Claude Garcia ( назад)
I don't get the outsider question

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