TB303 tutorial with Audiorealism bassline

A short tutorial for beginner to understand the TB303 background. More article on www.vincentchoqueuse.com

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Автор qazcde480 ( назад)
I need this program wheres it from 

Автор Sheepskin Mcgrue (723 года назад)
There's this fantastic Website called Google..

Автор Andi Holm ( назад)
Never say never ;)

Автор chemicalBR0 ( назад)
they really have nothing more than the name Roland and the number "303" in
common. TB-303 is a monophonic analogue bass synthesizer while the MC-303
is a sample playback groovebox with a sequencer. You'll never get the
classic 303 sound out from the MC-303 that's for sure

Автор the1log ( назад)
How can I edit the events of the knobs on this, right blick doen't work for
me on ths program

Автор Jimmy Burke ( назад)
whats the difference between tb and mc?

Автор Jimmy Burke ( назад)
how do u get it to screech like the 303 in higher state of conciousness? i
just got this plug in and love it!

Автор Billy Batson ( назад)
@SimonSayzMusic the 303 is good enough, lol. Roland is good enough also. I
was just thinking how BassLine 2 remind me of a Korg type product. I was
just thinking out loud, how cool it would be for a hardware company to
emulate a Plug-in Instrument. ;-)

Автор SimonSayzMusic ( назад)
@BillyBatsonMarvel lol Roland 303 not good enough for ya?

Автор Floater ( назад)
Thanks for the tutorial ime new to this and need all the help i can get

Автор Billy Batson ( назад)
@Funkmastabuzz Your right, but this Roland TB 303 clone has a Korg'ish
(electribe series) vibe to it. I just think Korg should do a clone in
hardware and Audiorealism product should be the model for such a product. I
would love for Roland to bring the TB303 back, they brought back the Juno
series but Roland could care less. Well just a thought buddy, no biggie.

Автор Funkmastabuzz ( назад)
@BillyBatsonMarvel Why? this is a softwear copy of a Roland TB303.

Автор DownFlex ( назад)
this thing is shit. try using sylenth1

Автор Billy Batson ( назад)
Korg should make a hardware version of BassLine. 

Автор Vee pee ( назад)
waste of time....

Автор KaslarProductions ( назад)
better than ReBirth's clone

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