Shia Labeouf Pulls Man Off Camera

He pulled the man into a corner away from the view of the camera. It is unknown what he did then. He was later arrested

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Автор Bog 1 ( назад)
What did he mean by this?

Автор Jim Blane ( назад)
I would fuck that little pussy the fuck up.

Автор Carlos Serrano ( назад)

Автор Mariqn Todorov ( назад)

Автор SiriusLightning02 ( назад)
I don't understand how people can find nazis and hitler fucking funny. Either you have to be extremely uneducated, or mentally ill. I just do not understand. It is the same thing as finding slavery and KKK amusing. Shia did nothing but defend his pride and culture.

Автор Anastasia Breshears ( назад)
Haha Shia divided that bitch's chestplate!

Автор Penis Vs Vagina ( назад)
How the fuck is standing in the street helping them protest lol

Автор Ryan ( назад)
That's how you get knocked the fuck out you little punk bitch

Автор CalvinIsHere ( назад)
Sometimes i like to bend my erection down towards the ground while rubbing the head to achieve a more swift and intense orgasm.

Автор HALFRATS PS4 ( назад)
Pulls a Nazi sympathizer off camera. Fix the title.

Автор Devin Grooms ( назад)
I cannot wait until the day that I check my YouTube and it says Shia LaBeouf has been stomped to sleep I will subscribe to that channel as soon as I see it

Автор Voice of Truth ( назад)
Would have loved to see him get his ass kicked....

Автор Chris Dwaynes ( назад)
shit i wouldve socked him

Автор Bub ( назад)
he just did it

Автор akadroopy1 ( назад)
Why did Shia have to "divide" that man from the rest of the group?

Автор Majik Merza ( назад)
Hey everyone, let's argue about this video!

Random people telling strangers their personal opinions on everything. Because the world will be a better place after reading your angry comment on a Shia Labeouf video.

Автор Jackal Unleashed ( назад)
Bog's top comment has 666 likes lol

Автор DrDavenstein ( назад)
Jeez... What a goon. lol

Автор Duke The ( назад)
Shia is part of the Fifth Column

Автор M VGA ( назад)
Shia Labeouf... I am beginning to like this fucker!

Автор A1sausie ( назад)

Автор flora quint ( назад)
So everyone loves Nazis nowadays jeez. And all your the same people that say everyone else is over reacting. All these alt right bitches are crawling out of their fucking Reddit and 4chan because we now have a nationwide safe space for them. Nazis and pussies.

Автор Stephen Drake ( назад)
Cannibal killer Shia LaBeouf

Автор danny porras ( назад)
is that woolie?

Автор RQ MRN ( назад)
Labeouf is a crazy Bolshevik... scary.

Автор trabant66666 ( назад)
Shia Le Shit is a millionaire hollywood idiot warrior

Автор hightechhippie ( назад)
Dude is such a complete tool and awantabe , grow up and find some of that enlightenment you front.

Автор May Gonza ( назад)
Shia you do you....Nuff said drop the mic on top these negative bitches....

Автор Vigilant Stoner ( назад)
God I want to go there just so I can kick his ass

Автор Anthony Sanders ( назад)
what iz a nigger

Автор soukupb ( назад)
Actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf!!!

Автор hardwire ( назад)
can someone man up and make this 2 bit starlet swallow his teeth please. getting real tired of the fucking left getting to be violent with 0 reprocution.

Автор The Son of Suns ( назад)
What did he mean by this.

Автор Rob Haseth ( назад)
We give these actors and musicians to much power and influence . Either act or be a politician . You cant be both at the same time . We can think for ourselves we don't need you telling us what to believe and think .

Автор Grow Tacoma ( назад)
TЯUMP stans get upset when people are literally punching nazis. 🎼 You see the true colors, shining through 🎼

Автор Rpp Wing ( назад)
Meh I won't lose sleep over someone like that getting lightly hit. I bet he did Nazi that coming ;)

Автор Nathan Freeman ( назад)
He got arrested for tapping a guy?

Автор Chaotic Scott ( назад)
Shit LaBarf needs his ass beat!

Автор World Guest ( назад)
Fuck Shia you snap at me like that I would have beat the fuck out of anyone who comes at me like he did there. I might get beat up from time to time but trust me 6'2 234 pounds of muscle he wouldnt touch me like that - before I recognize it was him I would had beat the shit out of his ass lol

Автор Timoor Khan ( назад)
shia is a wimp guy shouldve knocked him out. shia cant fight for crap there is a video of him getting his ass handed to him on youtube.

Автор HashSmoking Ninja ( назад)
Lil libtard midget acting poor

Автор Clayton Bigsby ( назад)
Shia Labouf
Sure is a douche.

Автор Down Range Film ( назад)
Only a slack-jawed trumptard would call that assault. Fkn snowflakes

Автор Christopher Huber ( назад)
Shia La Douche, go make some more shitty movies.

Автор Tulum Tellez ( назад)
That's non-sypryzing, hmmm, there are more dislikes than there are likes

Автор Paul Gomez ( назад)
Wish he'd pull hat shit on me.....I'd pound that little punk into a pile of bloody goo...

Автор Cold Coffee ( назад)

Автор HypnoToad ( назад)
Liberalism is a disease that needs to be eradicated.

Автор ali ameri ( назад)

Автор Devin the HIGH-RISH ( назад)
liberal party lost typical acts now all over the internet by entitled douche wds

Автор Dominic Cangemi ( назад)
Who is this channel owned by, can someone give me a quick rundown

Автор Impossibear ( назад)
Did he just guess he was a nazi just by his haircut?

Автор Mark Barry ( назад)
This washout actor needs to go back to mental institution

Автор John Baker ( назад)
I'll beat his ass if he ever pulled that shit on me. his money can fix his jaw after I relocate it

Автор Torva ( назад)
So what happened exactly? Can someone (unbiased) tell me?

Автор JayBell ( назад)
I like how you didn't include the audio of him screaming that Hitler did nothing wrong..

Автор SoundProdigy ( назад)
1000 dollars to whoever knocks outs shia

Автор Reid ( назад)

Автор txturbo930 ( назад)
Shia LaDouche /Fail

Автор Gregory Carr ( назад)
who gives a shit about shit labuff

Автор Justin McKee ( назад)
Thought he was a bum, it's the new bum fights

Автор MAGA 44 ( назад)
have the girls show their tits.

Автор Realestmothrfckr onutube ( назад)
As I take breaks from RE 7 it is good to know the SJW's are still pumping out the laugh tracks.

Автор Davide tobecomewhole ( назад)
Shia a douche look at he shift back and forth and as soon as the guy blocks him his tru EGO shows up... YOU Sir are a monkey actor "want a banana lil monkey" you act out to be seen no one cares ya paid chump/chimp

Автор Connie Connie ( назад)
I'm so confused. What's happening?!

Автор Joseph Shields ( назад)
give the man some credit. he is a man...doing his thing....staring up again disrespect....there's no law that says a man shouldn't behave like a man....even kick the ass of some gutless little shit monkeying around with him...I say go Shiah...go!

Автор Master Chef ( назад)

Автор TheMastergabe ( назад)
I want to know what's going thru this kids head in all theses videos

Автор Heterosexual White Male ( назад)
This chump Shia wtf ever really thinks he is tough. Tuh, what a fucking joke. Id slap 🔥out his mouth.

Автор A Bad Widowmaker ( назад)
I think they went to go fuck.

Автор bleach jokes are so funny ( назад)

Автор John M ( назад)
Fun to watch these wads self destruct.

Автор You Learned Something today ( назад)
Shia attacked him because that guy was blocking him(unintentionally) from camera

Автор andrew cadena ( назад)
America will never be great if we have these bible gripping conservatives trying to push their religious agenda on other people. America will never be great if we have these hypocritical liberals going against what they say they are for. Both sides are fucking stupid, how about you people think for your goddamn selves for once and stop labeling people as one thing just because they have qualities of that said side. Everyone is so damn stupid.

Автор Lombax ( назад)

Автор Russ Wong ( назад)
That would of been a perfect chance to fuck his bitch ass up!

Автор Anonymous Rated ( назад)
Just another prime example of liberal hypocrisy & hate.

Автор iZZyBVaPn ( назад)
shia needs stomped on by a crowd of people..he's a certified douche bag

Автор japple17 ( назад)
Shia labarf

Автор Enrique M ( назад)
I'm surprised no one has beat him up yet, the guy is so small!

Автор Ching-Chen Huang ( назад)
Was that a spell, like saying Beetlejuice 3 times to summon some evil thing?

Автор funnybot77 ( назад)
he was flexin' on camera, guy gets in way...

Автор Turgid Sturgeon ( назад)
Shia got hit by MK Ultra hard

Автор MishIshPee ! ( назад)
I think Shia is crazy now

Автор pmcpreston ( назад)
He's gonna get his ass beat

Автор Babygirl !! ( назад)

Автор Never a god ( назад)
michelle obama is a man.... look it up here on youtoob.....she has NUTS.

Автор Marco Polo ( назад)
Division successful

Автор James Fernandez ( назад)
Can someone please explain wtf is going on. All I see is comments about Trump and Nazis.

Автор Justin Sorensen ( назад)
What a nut

Автор Nunya Binness ( назад)
Another violent democrat who is also a "one percenter".
Democrats rally against one-percenters, yet they worship them at the same time. SMH

Автор FIFA Noob101 ( назад)
Shia surprise!!!

Автор Maxstarb ( назад)
We made it to trending
/pol/ 1
Normies 0

Автор TROLL HERO ( назад)
cant waite for the next video where he get knocked out.

Автор Satan's Diet Coke ( назад)
I am jewish, and i do not give a shit what Hitler, did.


Автор Morris Barrier ( назад)
"Sure man, you can use my live stream camera to express yourself, as long as you only say anti-Trump stuff." If there was an anti-Hillary live stream camera the left would hog it up, I guarantee it. Hypocrites.

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