Mistresses Alex & Jessica Spanish 1x03 (1)

Alex & Jessica en Mistresses subtitulado en español

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Длительность: 9:26
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Автор Duha Abdel. (1 год)
which episode is this?

Автор mcyrus27 (1 год)
This storyline is sooo much better than US

Автор Johanita Sanchez (1 год)
que cancion es la que suena?

Автор Antonia G (3 года)
@Scorpioneoles Nouvelle Vague - I´ll Melt With you

Автор mokonamodokiclamp (5 лет)
hola oie una preguntota cmo c llama la cancion k ponen en este cap?? ya vi
k lo pones pero no lo vi bn jejejex fas pasam ese dato no?

Автор stella kirstan (1 год)
I love the way anna torv says quickly

Автор ana1882mex (6 лет)
no puedo encontrar la cancion alguien me puede ayudar?

Автор MydeusD (4 года)
@FringeLatino Haha, quite everything about her is gay anyway ! x) Her
clothes, her hair, the way she walks, the way she talks... I think she
isn't outta the closet yet, but one day we'll find out she really is a
lesbian ! :D (someone just needs to open the closet for her ;D)

Автор lee volkkova (2 года)
it's by nouvelle vague

Автор justyfied (5 лет)
@slchandl I think she could wear her hair more open in fringe, but that
isn't that much implicated for her role as olivia ^^ and the thing is that
obviously her eyes are her perfect weapon :)

Автор Fringe Latino (4 года)
@73barras Right? it would make sense if the third Olivia is les and have no
interest in any Peter's :) lool

Автор barbaraflul (6 лет)
Does anyone know who sings this version of "I melt with you"? (at 6.50)?

Автор anaisnen3 (6 лет)
Nouvelle Vague

Автор 786Nazama (2 года)
Between 8.40 & 9.00 (A massive Ouch!) That was not the respond she was
waiting for, (nor was i to be honest lol) bless Anna

Автор Patty GD (2 года)
Alex, juice with fire and will burn

Автор Antonia G (3 года)
@OtakuGamer01 tv show call mistresses, is in the description ;)

Автор gailfreckles (3 года)
Anybody know the song when they get to her appartment and start making out?

Автор Regina Amber (3 года)
Anna Torv *__* anyway I'm a little bit dissapointed by the making out
scene... but it doesn't metter as long as I can see Anna don't go after
Joshua Jackson I'm happy xD

Автор XULTED1 (5 лет)
I can't stop watching this damn video!!! Every time the do a close up on
Anna's face when she is speaking, I just melt. The woman is gorgeous no
doubt about it... those eyes, that smile, that accent... *k, back to
watching it again, lol*

Автор OtakuGamer01 (3 года)
dumb question but is this a tv show or movie, and if so what's the name?

Автор captainswansmulders (4 года)
@FringeLatino oh. if only i were on twitter enough to spread the word!! xD
We can casually drop the word out wherever/whenever we can.

Автор scenieXstiletto (6 лет)
4:44 - i love how Alex pouted a little, it's sexy, Alex got a very sexy
voice, and she's really gorgeous, and i'd omg if i was Jessica i would run
away with Alex.

Автор Fringe Latino (4 года)
@lorena4925 es melt with you by Nouvelle Vague :)

Автор greys9238 (4 года)
i luv this couple , they're so gorgeous ! i was so sad for the 6th episod
:'( but the 3 rd is my favorite , you guess why :p

Автор Fringe Latino (4 года)
@altliviadunham Too bad but maybe the writers are thinkin in this
possibility :)

Автор billJean06 (2 года)
Nouvelle Vague

Автор DKRDeath1 (2 года)
Love anna torv but "fringe" is better

Автор Michi Barmaymon (5 лет)
anna torv is so hot i love her in fringe

Автор iWalkAloneBitch (5 лет)
wats the song at the begining plz?

Автор Cynthia G. (3 года)
Jessica is so stupid!!! Alex told her "well, I don't have to get married",
and Jessica just blew it!! She should've stopped her right there. Oh well!!!

Автор Serafer (5 лет)
I want them to be my mommies!

Автор tiwertew (3 года)

Автор Nofarsh (6 лет)
Thanks for uploading! lol I love Alex's walk at the end..! she looks
so..Aristocratic and noble! xD Anna Torv rules<3

Автор queenofhearts73 (5 лет)
i so wish Alex will come back in season 3, really miss her:(

Автор Fringe Latino (4 года)
@MydeusD hahahhaha, that's so true, maybe Astrid should open the door, or
Peter cuz he loves to kick on doors :) hahahahhaha

Автор Fringe Latino (4 года)
Maybe Alex it's the third Olivia from the yellow Universe :), I guess only
truly cortexi's understand what am saying :) right? lol

Автор LetMoi (3 года)
Pfiouuuu ... Anna's gaze is devastating! I find it hard not to be

Автор fudge64 (6 лет)
...I don't know, maybe it's just me, but the way Alex says, "Yep" when Jess
asks her about cheating is kinda...sexy? In a weird way?

Автор Nix89 (4 года)
anna torv is amazin! this was a bit strange to watch tho it was the first
time ive seen her in anythin other than fringe!

Автор Fringe Latino (4 года)
@MydeusD Yeah that was my first tought, cuz the way she dressed it's pretty
les :) ahahahhaha

Автор fazirra zawawi (5 лет)
what is the song that play when alex and jessica make love..

Автор 73barras (4 года)
I'll go for the no interest in any Peter's ...

Автор TheLonginuspear (4 года)
7:23 que cara de placer

Автор MydeusD (4 года)
@FringeLatino Honestly, they should have made Bolivia gay. She's just so
dykey, it looks way too weird when she kisses Frank or Peter ! x) (and when
she swaggers her hips, ouch... Can she be any sexier ? ;D)

Автор goofy e (1 год)
Omg the blond girl is Gorgeous :-)

Автор Antonia G (3 года)
@lorena4925 si hablas de la escena del departamento es Nouvelle Vague I´ll
Melt With you

Автор LuKeuAngel (5 лет)
Eu amo Shelley Conn...Mas ver Anna Torv com outra mulher é como ter um
sonho realizado. Ela é muito linda....quer dizer,as duas são!!

Автор Gar Bage (5 лет)
Nouvelle Vague - I melt with you

Автор MaraIsa86 (5 лет)
It's 'I melt with you' by Nouvelle Vague (the original is by Modern

Автор claraj1968 (5 лет)
Anna Torv could make butter melt, She doesn't even have to do nothing but
give that sexy look and she would have me on my knees,now I am going to
have to get this show on DVD so I can watch her part in it over and over
again.She does lesbian so well, too bad shes strait in real life,shes
married to Mark Valley from Fringe, I think she could do better, And I do
mean males not females, I like Joshua Jackson better, this guy will
probably hurt her,too struck on himself, he'll fool around on her.

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