Mistresses Alex & Jessica Spanish 1x03 (1)

Alex & Jessica en Mistresses subtitulado en español

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Длительность: 9:26
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Автор mcyrus27 ( назад)
This storyline is sooo much better than US

Автор Duha Abdel. ( назад)
which episode is this?

Автор asha oujar ( назад)
its the uk version of misstress 

Автор Perse Polis ( назад)

Автор goofy e ( назад)
Omg the blond girl is Gorgeous :-)

Автор MsPrada28 ( назад)
hawt! ;)

Автор Johanita Sanchez ( назад)
que cancion es la que suena? 

Автор Belcar Lennon ( назад)
Two of from Fringe. Just saying.

Автор andromeda1980actual ( назад)
Is film o serie???

Автор rammas2 ( назад)
i totally agree. Can't blame Jess to respond the way she did. Alex
should've been more clear and understanding jess had no clue! ARGH!

Автор Paula R.F. ( назад)
in my chanel lesbian videos 

Автор Lizberth Ibarra ( назад)

Автор missy loves ( назад)
ya seriously

Автор ArlieArt ( назад)
Thank you

Автор stella kirstan ( назад)
I love the way anna torv says quickly

Автор Chris Acworth ( назад)
thoughs 2 girls making love r they lesbians

Автор Ryan “xLuiKangx007” Howell ( назад)
Jessica's smoking hot

Автор stella kirstan ( назад)
Anna torv is so beautiful. Im happily married and I thought 100% straight
but something about her excites me. Id go home with her if she asked me to
I couldnt resist

Автор mzzzhedison ( назад)
The British like to recycle songs in shows, don't they? Lol

Автор Warrior T ( назад)
what the hell are you doing here? and if you don't like it why are you
watching? get out freak. 

Автор Patty GD ( назад)
Alex, juice with fire and will burn

Автор hobbitta ( назад)
nouvelle vague again in a lesbian scene :P

Автор 786Nazama ( назад)
Between 8.40 & 9.00 (A massive Ouch!) That was not the respond she was
waiting for, (nor was i to be honest lol) bless Anna

Автор Vikas Sheth ( назад)
Damn! She was about to ditch her own wedding for her! LOL!

Автор billJean06 ( назад)
Nouvelle Vague 

Автор honky canuk ( назад)
omg anna torv! speechless! monogamy is bullshit!

Автор lee volkkova ( назад)
it's by nouvelle vague

Автор logitech1966 ( назад)
who is playing this version of i´ll stop the world and melt with you????

Автор ballershanelle ( назад)
Alex is unhappy buy does love her Gfriend. People can and do Settle and

Автор ballershanelle ( назад)
Jess didn't understand her emotions or wants, yet so she did what she
always had: slouch it off..dismiss it

Автор GhanaMamba ( назад)
Lol. They all call Jess when it has to do with sex. 

Автор JaNeT .BlueGirl ( назад)
7:28 ... oh lala very hot

Автор robert quintana ( назад)
me gusta esta serie mucho 

Автор powerketty ( назад)
best music for first time sex!!! brilliant choice :) 

Автор shaurora26 ( назад)
@Darianka7565 we all do or have done stupid things ..sometimes

Автор tiwertew ( назад)

Автор Antonia G ( назад)
@OtakuGamer01 tv show call mistresses, is in the description ;)

Автор Cynthia G. ( назад)
Jessica is so stupid!!! Alex told her "well, I don't have to get married",
and Jessica just blew it!! She should've stopped her right there. Oh

Автор misssandwichartist ( назад)
i'll stop the world and melt with you....<3

Автор EuphoriaLacrymosa ( назад)
anna torv's voice + eyes = devastatingly gorgeous goosebump generators

Автор LetMoi ( назад)
Pfiouuuu ... Anna's gaze is devastating! I find it hard not to be

Автор hiawatha1991 ( назад)
Oh my God Anna Torv's eyes are insanely amazing, I find myself getting
sucked into them. She expresses everything through her eyes I understand
even though no words are spoken...its truly amazing. She has to be one of
the most natural beauties i've ever seen and she is so extremely talented I
can't help but love her. I wish Fringe would do more close-ups of her

Автор JuneBGabriel ( назад)
this series is so much better in showing off Anna Torv's amazing eyes than
Fringe. Gotta love it alone for that. And seeing what became of Jessica in
the second season pretty much alone for that...

Автор Daniela Petiton ( назад)
grax x el subtitulo es presiosa esta serie

Автор Sweevil Reycryn ( назад)
who would have thought Jess'll go head over heel when she just want to do
'Camilla Parker Bowles' at the wedding

Автор Antonia G ( назад)
@lorena4925 si hablas de la escena del departamento es Nouvelle Vague I´ll
Melt With you

Автор Antonia G ( назад)
@Scorpioneoles Nouvelle Vague - I´ll Melt With you

Автор Antonia G ( назад)
@gailfreckles Nouvelle Vague - I´ll Melt With you... ;)

Автор monin417 ( назад)
there is no Mistresses here, so why say so in the title. This stinks!!!!

Автор gailfreckles ( назад)
Anybody know the song when they get to her appartment and start making out?

Автор Cam Ikaze ( назад)
@381125 calm the fuck down! I'm sure you get some form of sex too.

Автор Fringe Latino ( назад)
@altliviadunham Too bad but maybe the writers are thinkin in this
possibility :)

Автор Fringe Latino ( назад)
@altliviadunham Oh yeah, we should start a campaing on twitter 4 this :)

Автор Fringe Latino ( назад)
@MydeusD Hhahaha let's hope so :)

Автор Fringe Latino ( назад)
@MydeusD hahahhaha, that's so true, maybe Astrid should open the door, or
Peter cuz he loves to kick on doors :) hahahahhaha

Автор Fringe Latino ( назад)
@MydeusD Yeah that was my first tought, cuz the way she dressed it's pretty
les :) ahahahhaha

Автор 73barras ( назад)
I'll go for the no interest in any Peter's ...

Автор Fringe Latino ( назад)
@73barras Right? it would make sense if the third Olivia is les and have no
interest in any Peter's :) lool

Автор 73barras ( назад)
@FringeLatino sould be fun... why not a total twist this time, I'll sign
for this third Olivia

Автор Fringe Latino ( назад)
@lorena4925 es melt with you by Nouvelle Vague :)

Автор Fringe Latino ( назад)
Maybe Alex it's the third Olivia from the yellow Universe :), I guess only
truly cortexi's understand what am saying :) right? lol

Автор Pulgosa09 ( назад)
Anna Torv seems to be a really good kisser :P

Автор fudge64 ( назад)
You know, Anna Torv looks really beautiful on this show. Totally different
on Fringe, but I still like her all the same. Maybe that's the real reason
why I'm hooked to that show...

Автор fudge64 ( назад)
@XKyivGirlX I thought it was just me. I noticed that a while back about a
good number of certain actresses.

Автор Laura20dm ( назад)

Автор Monju Meah ( назад)
wa wa we wa!!!

Автор Nix89 ( назад)
anna torv is amazin! this was a bit strange to watch tho it was the first
time ive seen her in anythin other than fringe!

Автор claraj1968 ( назад)
@maryjx Are you talking about Alex/Anna Torv or Jessica/ Shelley Conn? I
like both but my fave of all entertainers is Anna Torv, and if your talking
about her I agree totally!

Автор Michi Barmaymon ( назад)
anna torv is so hot i love her in fringe

Автор aidualc nerak. ( назад)
get a life

Автор aidualc nerak. ( назад)
That's OK, I'd rather be in the minority of good taste than the majority of

Автор claraj1968 ( назад)
Anna Torv could make butter melt, She doesn't even have to do nothing but
give that sexy look and she would have me on my knees,now I am going to
have to get this show on DVD so I can watch her part in it over and over
again.She does lesbian so well, too bad shes strait in real life,shes
married to Mark Valley from Fringe, I think she could do better, And I do
mean males not females, I like Joshua Jackson better, this guy will
probably hurt her,too struck on himself, he'll fool around on her.

Автор julieta lawrence ( назад)
es hermosa la rubia XD

Автор Serafer ( назад)
I want them to be my mommies!

Автор aidualc nerak. ( назад)
I don't think so, she looks even worse in Fringe...sorry...I'm just not a
fan....no matter which way you turn her....she's just plain jane at best

Автор naesse64 ( назад)
muchisimas gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Автор MegaEstupenda ( назад)
I melt with you de Nouvelle Vague

Автор aidualc nerak. ( назад)
no you're not

Автор naesse64 ( назад)
me gusta la cancion alguien sabe el nombre de la cancion que suena?

Автор SouthmeriKan ( назад)
I know I fully agree...she's soo sexy..i fall in love with her every
time..alluring indeed!

Автор aidualc nerak. ( назад)
I don't understand all the fuss over "alex" she is not good looking at allL
Jess is much more aluring and sultry...adorable

Автор maryjx ( назад)
I think she is hot, because she does not look like some barbiedoll

Автор thelaurels13 ( назад)
I wouldn't say she is ugly but she aint that pretty either, her forehead is
as big as my widescreen tv.

Автор Cristina Renois ( назад)
Whats the song in the min 7:03???

Автор XULTED1 ( назад)
I can't stop watching this damn video!!! Every time the do a close up on
Anna's face when she is speaking, I just melt. The woman is gorgeous no
doubt about it... those eyes, that smile, that accent... *k, back to
watching it again, lol*

Автор xXMadameButterflyXx ( назад)
Gosh, Anna Torv is gorgeous. Too bad she's straight in real life..

Автор mari munoz ( назад)
Sabe alguien quien canta y como se llama la canción que suena cuando están
en el apartamento?

Автор Sharon mkrn ( назад)
Nouvelle Vague - I melt with you

Автор fazirra zawawi ( назад)
what is the song that play when alex and jessica make love..

Автор Efrén Brambila ( назад)
oh my...! i love women kissing and crushing they're so hot and turns me on

Автор Cesar Nunja Astacio ( назад)
me pueden decir como se llama la musica

Автор itsmylife451 ( назад)
hmm anna torv :P one of the most gorgeous women ever

Автор boilerboy ( назад)
'Ripe old age'? I have learned one very simple constant fact: Women never
get old. They are eternally young long after they reach George Burns' age.

Автор fudge64 ( назад)
...I don't know, maybe it's just me, but the way Alex says, "Yep" when Jess
asks her about cheating is kinda...sexy? In a weird way?

Автор Nofarsh ( назад)
Thanks for uploading! lol I love Alex's walk at the end..! she looks
so..Aristocratic and noble! xD Anna Torv rules<3

Автор marie422 ( назад)
jesss!! what the hell!!!!

Автор tkcap2 ( назад)
The actress played Alex is excellent, I mean her acting; anyway she's
obviously gorgeous!

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